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UKxUSA (reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 2 / 9 years ago

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ok i will post first

England was headed to the meeting room he was in a rush since he didn't hear the morning clock so he was almost running trough the long hallway trying to find the meeting room he stormed in the room and noticed only Russia sat there and said ''Oh! hello England you kinda early today'' ''EARLY WHAT DO YOU MEAN'' yelled England and saw on the clock but Russia was right he was too early he looked not in mood to be angry so he headed for the coffee machine he was still tired after a night with reading on a book called BLACK MAGIC he yawned and mumbled to himself ''why did i forget my watch was broken *sigh* oh well at least a cup of coffee will do me some good at least''
England / LoneNeko / 9y ago
{ A'ight, I'm here~

But I have to go to school in a little while. }
✫U S A✫ / heroism / 9y ago