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(Reserved for Scorch)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 3 / 9 years ago

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Yuuka smiled too her and said ''hello im Yuuka and yes i am my job is to help you settle in on the school'' she smiled and said ''come with me'' as they walked they came to a room she said ''this is your room there is everything you need and the school uniform on the bed there will be served breakfast in the dining room lunch and dinner here's your paper on when and were your classes will be hold'' she smiled and said ''any questions?''
Yuuka / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(i Walking into the new school Sarah nervously gripped her bag tightly to her body as she was stared at from the school girls. She was more than aware that she would be labled 'The new Girl'. Staring down at her shoes she flicked the hair strands that fell into her face behind her ears. Finally reaching the official front gate she noticed the school president waiting there. Smiling she politely put her hand out to shake the other girl's then speaking softly.)

(b Hello, I'm Sarah. The new student that moved here. I'm guessing your the President?)

(i Smiling she continued her long walk into the actual school, she was doing all the talking which made her feel slightly less comfortable as she still didn't know her that well or anyone at this school
Sarah Louise / Scorch / 9y ago
Yuuka was walking down the class hallway she was the school president and she was going to meet up with a new student the school was a clean girl school were only girls who could study in peace but they students were also liveing on the school since there were dorms it was a fine school and had a well known rumor for its smart and pretty girls

Yuuka waited outside the gate for the new girl to arrive Yuuka was the most popular girl on the school she fixed quik her hair and her school uniform so she was redy to meet the new girl
Yuuka / LoneNeko / 9y ago