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By LoneNeko

Replies: 64 / 9 years ago

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(font "comic sans ms" (b Russia's eyes see,ed glaze as Italy pulled away from the kiss. He rapidly took a breath of air, before pulling Italy into another kiss. This time, backing up onto the chair. Sitting himself down, then propping Italy down onto his lap. France was now asleep curled up in the corner. He had drank a few himself and was feeling the result of it. Russia grinned at the young Italian, whispering into his ear.) "Want me to make you feel good da?")
Italy smiled happy and rubbed his chin against his skin and said ''you really have'' Italy looked at France for a sec but looked at Russia when he got kissed hes eyes got wide but then seemed to relax again he seemed going with the flow and holding the kiss until he needed air and broke the kiss with a small gasp
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b Russia's cheeks hinted a small pink. Continuing to smile.) "No, never." (b He hugged back the small italian. France was covering his nose holing back a giant nosebleed. These two countries in this naked form brought him oddly much joy. "Ho hon~" Russia leaned his down, lifting Italy's face to his. Planting a heavy kiss onto Italy's lips. Surprisingly, Japan wasn't here for the perfect picture.))
Italy smiled happy seeing them all happy again he looked at Russia and said with a smile ''sure that sounds fun'' he gave Russia a big hug and said ''Hey Russia have anyone ever told you how smooth and soft your skin is'' he smiled still hugging the bigger country he smiled happy
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b France lifted his head to look up at his brother. Putting on a smile. Getting back up to his feet. Russia stood up straight, also with a smile. He was being shown affection from someone other than his cruel sister. Which in itself didn't seem caring at all.) "Italia, would you like to come to my house?")
Italy nodded blushing too Russia and smiled and said ''*hic* s-Si~<3'' he looked over too France who seemed sad he walked over to him and said happy ''Come on big brother *hic* Cheer up S-Si?'' he looked at him with a cheering smile and laughed happy as he looked at him with his innocent smile
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b Russia was also pulled into the kiss, his eyes closing simultaneously. Then reopening when Italy pulled away. The same smile on Russia's face, only he was sober.) "I believe that was a tie da?" (b France was now crying to himself in the corner. He believed it wasn't fair, since he was the one that had given Italy the drink.))
Italy smiled blushing but as their lips seemed to get closer going for the win but also showing small sign on affektion towards the big country Italy just didn't only win but kissed Russia holding the kiss Italy closed his eyes as he blushed but letted go when he needed air he looked at the large country with a smile
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b Russia nodded his head, bending down to reach Italy's height. Then placing the other end of the pocky into his mouth. Moving in closer to Italy's way. France picked up his head from the ground, watching in horror that his little brother was going to end up kissing, Russia. The largest,cruelest, country of all time. Not even his own heart can stay in his chest at times.))
Italy clapped happy his hands like a small kid and said ''yay cool we won *hic*'' he smiled and looked at the two of them with a smile and took a pocky and looked at Russia and asked ''wanna try with me'' he smiled sweetly as his drunken state not knowing he had asked the most feared country to play with him he looked at Russia nomming on the end of the pocky
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b France grew a devilish like grin across his face. Knowing his plan had worked, also, he had gotten a chance to kiss Italy.) "Perfect! You win! Now for rou-" (b Before he could continue, Russia placed his hand onto France's head. Making him fall face first into the ground. Being the Vodka addict he was, he knew exactly what was going on with Italy. But said anything, he also knew that the drunken state Italy was in wasn't going to last for long. He wanted a piece of it.) "My turn da?")
Italy seemed to blush and after a little while he pulled himself away from France he smiled and asked stupid ''did we win'' he looked at France and Russia with a smile still all gone in being drunk but seemed to being a little close to not being drunk anymore
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "comic sans ms" (b As soon as France's lips reached Italy's. He threw his arms around Italy. Pushing Italy even closer to him, as he deepened the kiss. His hand slowly sliding down. Russia watched with the smile that never seemed to leave him. Even as he watched Italy and France.) "Kol kol kol kol kol kol" (b Russia continued to whisper to himself.))
Italy did the same and watched how his and France's face get closer there was only a small part of the pocky holding their lips apart but Italy was headed for the win so he got the last small piece and felt his sweet smooth lips on Frances
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(font "Courier new" (b Russia stood to the side. Knowing it was true that Italy would have lost if them two had paired up. Though, he still wished. France took no time to waste. Immediately taking the other end of the pocky in his mouth. Nibbling rapidly to get to Italy's end. But slowed himself as not to brake it. Russia watched silently.))
Russia / LuluLelouch / 9y ago