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Hetalia Roleplay (Reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 3 / 9 years ago

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The other countrys began showing up one by one as they always did Italy looked around in the room and when all had sat down Germany was the first one to speak since he saw himself as the only ''Adult'' in the whole room Italy became tired and fell asleep the same did his brother Romano cause he didnt like Germany at any point and the other countrys began talking about ideas and stuff but when Germany had talked enough he looked at the clock and said they could have a break for now Italy woke said and muttered ''eh pasta?!??!?!'' and looked confused and Romano was alredy awake and made the usual ''Facepalm''
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago
Russia walked in the World Meeting room, and, like usual, he was alone. Even though he was always alone, though, he still had a huge smile on his face. Maybe he would make some friends today! Oh, he always wanted real friends! Most people are to stupid for him, though, so he just imagine squeezing the life out of them. It didn't matter if they hurt them, because all will become one with mother Russia anyways! He hadn't realized he had been standing there for a few minutes until another country, a small, insignificant one that he didn't bother to remember his name. Russia sat down next to China, still smiling, waiting for the meeting to begin. If it didn't begin soon, Russia would get bored, and if he got bored, he would have to choose his (i own) ways to get entertained that day. And that wouldn't be healthy for the other countries.
Russia / kolomori / 9y ago
Italy was on his way to the World meeting room when he walked in the room were there not many cause it was still early in the morning he looked around but decided to take a seat beside of his big brother Romano who was grumpy as always ''why do you not sit beside of your best friend HUH?'' he said with a loud voice that made Italy shiver ''uh i wanted to sit beside of my big brother and beside if i do that then he will notice if i fall asleep and that's no good'' he said it with a stupid smile that made Romano more angry than he was he hated his stupid face
Italy / LoneNeko / 9y ago