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Hoenn (Reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 84 / 9 years ago

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(size11 "Drawing. Painting mostly" Gold said in a matter-of-fact voice, as he gave her a smile. "It's a thing I like to do during my private time, so keep it a secret" he said with a wink, as he quietly laughed. )
Lulu smiled and said ''so what do you like to do other things than gambling like a pro'' she giggled and looked at him with a big smile her Minum looked amazed around with big eyes while Lulu looked at Gold
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "Whatever you say" Gold said with a shrug, as he let his mind wander, wondering what was so messed up with her family. It couldn't be that bad, right?)
she smiled and nodded but said ''its okay im used too it i does bother me but i cant do anything about though.......i don't need them im happy off without them all'' she smiled warmly and poked minum with a giggle
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "That sucks!" Gold said with a pout, as he quietly thought, wondering what was so wrong with her family... after all, it really couldn't be that bad..)
Lulu looked at him she said ''well i would wish it not was but its true they don't care about me'' she looked down and her Minum looked up at her trying too make her smile
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "That's not true.." Gold said slowly, as he thought carefully, wondering what this girl could be thinking. Someone couldn't hate their daughter... could they?)
Lulu froze and looked down holding her Minum closer and said ''well.....not really im sure they don't think much about me its my big brother who is the favorite in my family.....i travel a lot and don't call much too them i guess they are better off without me'' she looked still down with a sad expression on her face
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "Really? Funny... doesn't your family get worried?" Gold said with a raised eyebrow, as he continued to look up, his black hair sweeping over his eyes. )
Lulu smiled happy and said ''okay'' she sat fine on the wing and said ''i never get tired of this way of traveling'' she smiled happy and looked at him with a smile holding her Minum close too her and looked away a little as she smiled
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "Why not?" Gold said with a grin, as he sent out his Togekiss, the tame one joining the rogue one, and he grinned. "Just hop on" he said with a smile, as he sat on one wing, pulling her onto the other one, as the Pokemon took flight. )
Lulu smiled and said ''and i wanna see the world'' she smiled and looked at the sights her eyes sparkled and said ''wooow what a pretty sight right Minum'' it nodded she smiled and looked at the sight day dreaming she looked at him with a smile and said ''wanna see the world with me'' she blushed a little
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
(size11 "Wherever you want!" he said with a smile, as he pointed to the sights before them. "The world is our limit of course" he said with a slight wink, as he heard a small cry in the distance, as a Togekiss flew at him. "Hey there" he said with a smile, as it circled around him, nuzzling his cheek. )
Lulu smiled blushing and said ''it feels better too be out again'' she looked down at her Minum that nodded and smiled she smiled and looked at him and said ''were shall we go now'' she looked one time around and then at him with a sweet smile
Lulu / LoneNeko / 9y ago
Gold grabbed her hand and made her run faster, until they were out of the cave. He could see his Sunflora following, nothing behind it. "Oh you took care of it?" he said cheerfully, as the flower nodded, and he let it return. "Easy as pie" he said with a smile to Lulu, as he gave her a grin.