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Steins Hobby (Reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 112 / 9 years ago

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Shayla gave a little sigh, a she watched Stein walk away. Then she turned to face Nana. "I'm not really sure." she admitted to her. "He said something about going to the Pumpkin Forest." She looked back in the direction he had gone, and couldn't help but wonder what he had to do there. "Oh, and if it wouldn't be any trouble we were wondering if we could stay here for one more night." she said, while still looking in the direction Stein had gone.
Shayla / sana / 9y ago
Stein was thinking he said ''fine we stay another night only one night well i have something to do in the pumkin forest '' he took off the girl Nana walked out too Shayla and asked ''were is Stein going?'' she looked at her
Shayla looked in the direction he was pointing and nodded. "Well, I'm ready when you are." she said to him. She turned back to him, and gave a nervous smile. "Are you ready?" she asked him. "Or do you want to rest for another day? You were hurt pretty bad back there." she gestured her hand in the direction they had come from. "I'm fine staying here for another night if you need to." she admitted, and was a bit surprised by how much she meant it.
Shayla / sana / 9y ago
Stein looked at her and laughed and said ''yeah sorry'' but knew he didn't mean it as a joke he looked around and said ''just the best road to the pumkin forest'' he pointed and said ''not faar from here is there a village not faar from town we should head to the village when we can'' he looked at her
Shayla quickly batted his hands away and pulled the bottom of her shirt back down. "That isn't something you should joke about." she said to him. She looked out across the area that surrounded them. She wasn't exactly sure where they were, she hadn't really been paying attention on their way here. All she knew was that Stein had some sort of friend here, one that he trusted enough to come to when Medusa was after him. "Just where exactly are we?" she asked, as she looked back over to him.
Shayla / sana / 9y ago
Stein was thinking and said ''now kiddo be strong'' he sat a hand on her head and said ''dont worry i will think on something'' he smiled and said ''beside i havent even had the chance to dissect you yet'' he lifted up her shirt with a smile
When Shayla heard him, she couldn't help but feel sad. "Um, no." she explained. "All of the family that I know of, are dead." It took all of her willpower not to cry, but somehow she managed it. "I've been living alone for a while now, because of it."
Shayla / sana / 9y ago
Stein was thinking and asked ''do you have any family out there somewhere'' he looked at her waited for an answer as he blowed a small cloud of smoke up in the air
After Shayla finished washing all of her dishes she went out to Dr. Stein. "So, what's our next move?" she asked him.
Shayla / sana / 9y ago
Stein smiled a little and said ''no problem'' when he was done he walked to a cabinet and opend it and took a pack of smokes out and walked out side so he could smoke he took one and blowed a little cloud of smoke
Shayla walked out behind him, and sat down at the other side of the table. "Thanks for making breakfast she said, and startEd to eat. When she finished she put her dirty dishes in the sink and started to wash them. "Um, I'm glad you're feeling better." she said, while washing her plate.
Shayla / Sana / 9y ago
Stein made a small smile and replyed ''much better thank you...by the way i made some breakfast'' he petted her head a single time before leaving the room and sat down at the dining table in the kitchen and was drinking his coffee
Shayla felt something cold on her arm, and instantly opened her eyes. She sat up and saw Dr. Stein next to her. "Morning!" she said, cheerfully. "How are you feeling?" she asked him, as she got out of bed. 'I hope he's doing better.' she thought to herself.
Shayla / Sana / 9y ago
Stein was sleeping on the liveing room and when the sun began coming up Stein woke up and sat up and walked in the kitchen prepareing some breakfast he yawned and when he was done he walked in to Shayla and said ''hey wake up'' he sat his cold hand on her arm and looked down at her
"Ok, sure." Shayla said, and walked into the room Stein had pointed to. She shut the foot behind her, and sat down on the bed. After kicking her shoes off, she laid down on the bed and starred at the ceiling. "What have I gotten myself into?" she asked herself. Then she closed her eyes and went to sleep.
Shayla / Sana / 9y ago