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Demon Contract (Reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 40 / 9 years ago

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after some hours Zero came back he walked in the room he seemed tired and just needed some sleep he pulled his vest off just letting it fall to the floor and the rest beside the bed and layed down and corvered himself he fell fast asleep sleeping soundless
Kori had buried herself under her covers and pillows when she thought she had still fallen asleep on the couch waking up quickly. "Wait...oh he must of moved me in here."She said plopping back down now looking up to the ceiling.
afte the his bath Zero took something new on and walked out he looked at her with a smile and took her up and helped her to bed when he was done he turned off the TV and smirked for himself looking out of the window he locked the front door and took off for the night since he had stuff to do
She blushed slightly and nodded. "Alright thank you Zero."She said putting a blanket over herself and flipped through channels. "He is really nice for a demon." She mumbled her blush going away. A few minutes she found a show and laughed at funny parts and soon after she began to doze off.
Zero smiled and said ''im happy to hear that'' he leaned up at the wall and said ''i will prepare the bed when you decide to get your beauty sleep'' he went in the bedroom and prepared the big bed and made it nice and warm he walked out and said ''well i will take a bath as well see you i a bit and if theres anything please don't be shy too go in and say it too me'' he walked in the bathroom and closed the door
She nodded, "Thank you Zero." She said with a small smile as she went into the bathroom. About an hour later she came out with baggy pink pjs and a towel on her head. "Ah that felt amazing." She mumbled as she plopped on the couch.
Zero was prepareing her bath the bathtub was really big he puted some special oils and soap in it and some other things in that was good for her skin he lighted some candels and when he was done he came out and said ''your bath is prepared and awaits you'' he smiled soft to her
She looked at him, "Um, Sure that would be nice."She said whipping her mouth with the napkin. She moved her hair from her face and watched as Zero left the room to go prepare her bath. It was nice to have someone take care of her and not have to do things herself.
he smiled lightly and said with a soft voice ''your welcome'' he smiled and sat down watching her eat since the food was at the highest quality perfect made and a flavor as nothing that had been tasted before Zero asked when she seemed to be soon done ''shall i make the bath redy for you''
She sat down again as she started to eat, (i I can't believe this is really happening.) "Thank you."She said quietly looking at him with a small smile. She went back to eating she didn't say too much.
he called after the room service and said before hanging up ''make it quik please'' he smiled and said ''its on its way now'' he walked and putted the phone back and after a small while it knocked on the door and sat the food on a table in the room and said ''dinner is served'' he smiled
She had found a seafood platter that she wanted and went by him. "Thats what I want."She said pointing to it with a small smile. She was still shocked at herself here she was in a room with a demon who she could control now and she wasn't scared like before. How could her reaction change that quick she wondered a little confused.
he nodded with a smile and waited for her to find out what she wanted he were thinking a little and walked to the window to see the view while she still was thinking he smiled cause he kinda liked the view
"It's fine if we share."She stated as they made it to the room her eyes growing big as they walked in. "This like a condo."She stated her eyes lighting up seeing him smile. She went to the huge windows looking at the gorgeous view before her. Her stomach growled and she blushed, "Alright."She said smiling as she sat on the couch in the room looking at the menu now.
''why not if you want too im your servant you are the master'' he said with a smile and was going to the desk and signed them in he walked to her and said our room shall be number 170 he took her there quik her bags was alredy in the room the room was the most expensive in the hotel he smilled and said ''are you hungry cause i can call room service and you can get anything you want'' he sat on a chair