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Higurashi (Reserved)

By LoneNeko

Replies: 33 / 9 years ago

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(pic http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_lPhrhWaiaf0/TGC2XdzDvhI/AAAAAAAABQg/s_9ChrvS_2M/s1600/Hinamizawa.jpg)
Zero looked at her and said ''hey'' Keiichi smiled and said ''Hey shion'' he smiled over renembering who was who but only because Shion and Mion said hello on a different way Zero said ''you exited for the special event to happen'' he looked at them both Keiichi nodded and said ''Hey Zero can i ask of something'' he nodded and said ''sure what is it'' Keiichi said ''i were thinking why you chosen to move here'' Zero said ''yeah i went thinking about that too sometimes but i must say the village had got my interest ive never been here but i know i will live here for many years'' he smiled Rena and the others shown up
Shion saw Keiichi and walked over to him waving. "Hey Keiichi!!! How are...." Her voice trailed off as she saw the boy that Keiichi had talked about. She smiled and bowed to him. "Hello there."
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
she smiled the days passed quik to the festival Keiichi was waiting on the others Zero was walking againts Keiichi and said ''hey keiichi'' keiichi looked at him and said ''oh hey exited for the festival'' he said with a smirk ''sure waiting on your friends'' Keiichi nodded
Mion nodded in agreement. She wasn't sure how to react. What Rena was saying was true.
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
''not many have survived in town without dying im sure of it'' said Rena with a bright smile Zero was walking at the home to go home hes was alone
Mion nodded. "Even if he does leave, he'll probably just come back. Hey, maybe the curse will kill him off." Mion laughed a little.
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
Rena said ''you know what that means he wouldnt stay in town for long cause of the curse'' she looked at her
Mion looked at Rena and nodded. "Yea, I do. And yes, he is. Otherwise I would've known who he was instantly."
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
after the club Rena was on her way home with Mion and said ''renember that guy Keiichi was talking with his new in town is he?''
Shion stared at Keiichi for a minute and frowned. (i Is something wrong with him?) She asked herself. She sat down in her chair and looked at Mion. "Do you think he's okay?" Mion nodded. "Yeah. He's fine. You know how he is." Shion nodded.
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
Keiichi smiled and said ''well i cant wait either cause Rena always try to scare by the old curse'' the bell was ringing that meant they got early free Keiichi said ''that was odd'' he walked in the classroom Rena was putting the chairs to get redy for the club to start Keiichi took his bag and walked to the door and said ''im skipping the club today bye'' he took of Rena said but was too late ''Whyyyyy?''
Shion looked a littile uncomfortable but nodded. "Yeah. Just lovely. I can't wait!" She smiled, acting as if she were okay, when she herself knew she wasnt.
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
Keiichi nodded and said ''yeah he said he is new in town he moved early so he could come to the estival great huh'' Keiichi smiled
Shion tilted her head to the right a little bit and looked at the boy. She then looked at Keiichi and pointed to the boy. "Is that the boy you were talking about earlier?"
Shion Sonozaki / rena / 9y ago
The guy introduced himself as Zero and smiled Keiichi smiled and nodded and Zero saw Shion and it was true he had horns Keiichi dindt imagine it he walked and said ''goodbye'' to Keiichi who walked to her
''Its ok''