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Jinx (1x1)

By orange627

Replies: 10 / 10 years ago

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Jinx is that girl that almost every guy likes. ALMOST. ___ is one of the only guys that hasn't fallen for her yet. She gave him her number, but he won't call. Jinx sees him at school and at places like the mall but he is almost always with his girlfriend which Jinx keeps trying to get rid of, since she saw her cheating on him.

*Swearing is fine.
*Romance is a must
*Cybering is Time skipped or taken to PMS.
*Violence is ok.
Nash stopped looking though his things and sighed, "I do. Right." he said, not questioning why or how she knew it and closed his locker. He seen his girlfriend there, "okay, Calm down would you." he said as he took her hand and looked back to Jinx before he looked back forwards.
Jinx / orange627 / 10y ago
Nash put his book-bag up right on his two shoulders and then turned and looked to the other girl that was there, "Hi." he said as he looked to her and then went back to looking for a book in his locker he needed for his next class. It was gym, but he had a test after lunch break, so he needed to study.

(blue Ooc:) Sorry D= I was sick >.<
-Sorry it
Jinx / orange627 / 10y ago
(blue Ooc:) Alright. Sound's good.
-Anytime :). I'll start out with an intro.-
Jinx / orange627 / 10y ago
(blue Ooc:) Oh kay, thank you. ^^
-Thats fine, and real photos ^^.-
Jinx / orange627 / 10y ago
OOC: I would like to join
Hakira / 10y ago
(blue Ooc:) I will join if that's okay. What kinda photos? Anime or Real, if it's anime, I'll nee a moment to make a new character.