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death to all (CLOSED)

By pinkbabygirl

Replies: 32 / 9 years ago

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"Hey sorry Ink can't rp tonight. She is going to be really busy."
*they shrug and nod, agreeing to his terms.*

{OOC Hey sorry, but I am going to head off, the twins are getting tired (or something because they don't seem as enthusiastic as usual). See you!}
Sniper -sighs- : FINE but this time I'm getting the victim
*they pout* "Yeah, that's true."
*they look on* "Aren't you bored yet?"
Sniper -shrugs- : I dunno I like to lure them into security but this game was fun...but the area is so small she didn't really get to scared -cuts up her chest through her stomach-
*Mina and Tina shrugged* "Do what you wish."
*Tina looked incredulously at him* Tina- "And hotter? Please."
Sniper smiled bowing his head: happy to oblige...now then this wasn't bad but don't you think it be hotter if she screamed?
*they stay back* "We prefer to watch you methods for now."
Sniper -nods grabs the girl and starts to slice up her stomach- : wanna play?
"Sorry. We tried our best."
Mina- "So anything else you'd like to do?"
Sniper -licks his lips- : Well she lost didn't scream much -frowns-
*The twins smile at each other before they casually throw one of their daggers it's impact makes a very nice sound.*
Sniper -watches from the shadows when she comes near him he slices her leg a bit but not much more but ripping a nice cut- : hehe
*Mina and Tina smile* "Of course you get to." *they turn towards her*
Tina- "We will give you one chance to escape. All you have to do is get down the hallway and through the doors."
*Mina whispered to Sniper about what was waiting for their victim, he smiled, she wouldn't get past the first few steps.*
Mina-*speaking up since she is done explaining to Sniper* "It will be like running the gauntlet of fire!"
Tina- "One, two, three go!" *She cuts the knots on the rope and gag*
*The girl runs out but as she passes the doorway she is sliced (but nothing vital) by razor wire. The twins just watch and grin*