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Faded (Closed)

By pinkbabygirl

Replies: 3 / 10 years ago

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Tiger is sure the accident never happened, he's home everything is okay but he is starting to have doubts. When did this girl/guy move into his house? He never remembered what had happened but they get along so he never thought about it ever and eventually forgot.

____ is the girl/guy who moved in he/she has a pretty good upbringing raised by nice people but something dramatic happens her/his father suffers from a serious heart attack and he/she goes to the funeral and while looking around she/he finds a particular grave stone that reads :

Tiger Baby

how weird that his/her room mate and the tomb stone have the same name? Will he/she be able to figure out Tiger's secret especially with romance starting to brew in the air?

We will See

Need guy or girl can be a yaoi
PM me too join
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a76FeV2-Dw&feature=BFa&list=WLC4DF7EFA1FF5D7D6&index=117
Tiger went to take her hand but seemed to miss it as he stuffed them in his pockets. Denial was a powerful thing, he gave out a small smile.

"Hey, there oh c'mon on in, sorry bout the mess I haven't had the energy to clean it all day but I promise I'm not super messy, so need some help with your bags?" he asked with a bright smile as he looked her over slowly not checking her out just out of curiosity "I don't think we met directly but ya I'm Tiger" he greeted then rolled his eyes.

"I know weird name my parents loved animals and such actually most of the boys have weird names in my family I think Dylan my half cousin was lucky to get away with that name" he said with a sparkle of comedy in his eye. "So do you work nights or days?" he asked slowly.
Lily had been so pleased when she had found a place to move into. She had needed a place to stay and he seemed like a nice guy. She gave a small wave when he opened the door. "Hey I'm Lily. You must be Tiger. I'm your new roommate." She was so excited for this. She bit her lip as she watched him. Things would be great she was sure of it.

She had a couple of bags with her. She hadn't brought much but it would do. She had her laptop and everything she really needed. She had found it weird that her new roommate's name had been on a tombstone when she was at her father's funeral. She had told herself that he was probably just named after his father or something.
Lily Fane / ProjectX / 9y ago
Tiger wondered his apartment as he waited for his new room mate to appear, he sighed as he looked around thinking he was hungry, but wasn't he found it harder to get an appetite these days, yet he never lost weight.

He couldn't remember the few months that had gone by like the sunrise, he wasn;t even sure what month it was he hadn't been working for awhile, not sure why he wasn't able to leave the apartment it seemed as if he got extremely dizzy when he did he had no idea what was wrong.

He heard a door bell and got up going to the door as he did he felt weightless and depressed but not like he usually did he hadn't taken his bi-polar medication since how long and didn't know why he couldn't leave or anything, this is why he asked for a room mate plus he had already began working at home so he was lonely. He got up and went to the door slowly pulling it open.

"Hello?" he asked slowly, softly almost sounding like he was a wind blowing through.