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By pinkbabygirl

Replies: 77 / 10 years ago

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Plot known!
Adam laughed "I'm not paying into his delusions, I gotta work in a few hours anyways, forget about it I think your all insane and I think I should leave..." he said yawning slightly as he got up ignoring there stares.
Leo sighed and looked at Stephanie, "She's standing right there...She has the same green eyes as you, it makes sense that she's your twin."

Amy smiled, "I have an idea. Adam you should tell me something that only your sister would know and if your sister is really standing there then she should be able to tell Leo. If Leo tells you something that only your sister would know then it has to be true. It works on Ghost Whisperer all of the time," she nodded.
Leo / FallenAngel16 / 10y ago
Adam glared at him "Twin sister..and besides that I know you don't, but there is no way...I mean I don't even believe in God...let alone spirits ...and ...I think your crazy...I think you need to really prove what your saying" Adam said.

Stephanie sighed rolling her eyes legs crossed "I don't get it, why are you guys so stupid and not listening to me or him...?" Stephanie asked pointedly rolling her bright green eyes.
Amy sighed, "Where's a ghost whisperer when you need one."

Leo glared at Adam, "Even I am not smart enough to come up with such a story...I never even knew you had a sister...Why would I come up with such a story if it wasn't true. I have a life you know."
"Well I don't know...from what I've gathered you need help" Adam said to Leo.
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago
When they were all together, Amy looked at the two guys and sighed. "So....What do we do?"
"Okay sure" Adam said and went inside and frowned a bit upset with Leo mentioning his sister (time skip...to Leo and Adam and Amy...?)
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago
Amy sighed, "You stay here...I'll go catch up with Leo and call you."
Adam nodded "Well her name...but he's delirious right now we need to ...should we just leaving him out there?" he asked.
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago
Amy sighed and followed Adam. "Adam...Adam what's wrong? Stephanie...Stephanie, that's her isn't it," she asked softly.
"Dude I think you lost your head all of a sudden..Stephanie..." he frowned as if the name caused him pain but then shrugged "Alright whatever dude but I think you're weeds been tampered with" Adam said walking into the house.
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago
Amy looked at both of them like they were crazy. "Stephanie? Who in the hell is that?"

Leo sighed, "Fine! Go ahead and don't believe me but that FUCKING house is haunted by a ghost named Stephanie who is stuck there after she used to live there," he said, walking away from them.
Leo / FallenAngel16 / 10y ago
Adam stared at him "What okay dude! That's not funny" he said in that tone he used before he got mad a calming one.
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago
Leo shook his head, "She's real...I normally don't believe in ghosts Adam but she's real. My weed was not tampered with, that house is haunted...by a ghost...named Stephanie."
Leo / FallenAngel16 / 10y ago
"What the hell are you talking about dude, are you okay...maybe there was something in your weed" he said.
ADAAM / pinkbabygirl / 10y ago