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.:Stagnant Waters:. [Closed]

By vocalove

Replies: 7 / 10 years ago

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All his life Adam Quintessa, heir to the fifth aristocratic family, has wanted something exciting in his life. His life seemed to be still, hardly moving at all, it was beginning to sicken him. A stagnant soul, Adam felt as if his life was merely of unmoving water.
Everything was already planned out, everything set in his life. Already named the single heir to his family's name; being arranged into a marriage with some boring aristocrat; everything is set, but there's one problem, Adam will refuse to live such a life.

He was merely walking through town, to go have an interesting conversation on the economic dilemma of the kingdom, it wasn't until he met up with his friends, walking straight into a stranger. The figure was cloaked, until Adam bumped into her. A quick impulse to shout gripped him and quickly Adam released a shout of unjust anger towards the girl, blaming her as she dropped a basket of bread.
It was quick, but the girl did not shout at him, but she did however slap him.

This was the beginning of the stagnant waters in Adam's very soul, begin to ripple and something new was beginning. Adam cannot hold himself from returning to those parts of town, just to see this working class girl, it was admitted that she was quite pretty.

A sort of strange feeling of loathing turns out to be a vague feeling of admiration to the girl, soon evolving into love. Though this is only a flood of feelings he may or may not understand. Does this female fall for him as well? Or does she merely continue to keep their relationship as friends? Will Adam's own family allow the marriage of such a commoner? And what sort of trouble is brewing beneath the houses of the nobles?


Adam had the entire plan thought out as he laid down in his bed.
Find the girl.
Introduce himself.
Buy her something spectacular.
Leave without a word after getting a proper apology.

It was foolproof. Not only would he seem so amazingly gentlemanly, but he would receive that feeling of complete satisfaction, even if it meant spending an extra gold coin or so. He chuckled to himself to sleep and before he knew it, it was already a new day.

Adam rose from his bed earlier than usual, getting ready to approach the stranger girl. He dressed in an impressive attire, fixing himself up and looking at the mirror for a good five minutes, basking in his pride. He ate his breakfast in peace and was surprised that no one flocked to give their attention to him, everyone was attending to something or someone. Adam weaved in and out of the various rooms, as if it were somewhat of a miniature castle. It was time to "go" to the salon for the daily visit. It wasn't until he began to leave for the front of the estate was he stopped.

"Oh where might you be going my dear Adam?" The familiar tone of his mother's voice cutting through the day's quiet muffling. Adam, so surprised by the sudden stop by his mother, she never stopped him on his way towards the meeting, he turned awkwardly, "To the salon, mother." Adam raised a brow and his mother's soft tone turned into a questioning one. "Surely you remember what today is...." Adam stopped, beginning to think, "We've been preparing for this day for a month...." Adam was still stumped, "The day you will be meeting your fiance."

Adam coughed in shock. That was today? He stood stunned, his mother's expression a bit disappointed, "You've forgotten haven't you." Adam shook his head, "Not at all, it merely slipped my mind." He quickly cleared his throat, sighing out, his fantastic plan not going to be put to the test.... "We can't reschedule this, can we?" Adam asked a little hopefully, his mother shook her head with her normal smile again. Adam looked dejected, "Where do I have to meet her?"

Adam was standing alone in front of the Quintessa Estate, in front of the grand gates of the location, he sighed out as he adjusted his gloves. It was hardly noon until a carriage appeared in front of the estate. (i 'Finally.') Adam thought in his head, observing the carriage, it was nice and flashy, something he could afford of course. He stood up properly, watching a stout butler move to open to door, leading out a petite girl. Her perfectly combed blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders, she looked like a little doll with big eyes and dressed in a frilly white dress. The girl hardly made eye contact with Adam as she moved in front of him, gripping a parasol in her hands.

"Let's go now." Adam said, taking ahold of the matching parasol, opening it up for the female. She curtsied gently and fell into place as the two began to walk towards town. The awkward first meeting was accompanied with Adam's dread filled expression and with the girl's hesitancy. Adam was quite surprised his parents had got such a pretty girl to come meet him, but surely she was a year or two younger than he was, Adam sighed out, already bored with the walk as the two strolled into the lively streets of the earls and viscounts.

Adam was walking at a steady pace, having to almost guide the quiet girl under the parasol like a lost sheep, his eyebrow twitched nothing was happening and it was extremely dull. "As you probably know, I am Adam, I never caught your name...." He waited for the girl to speak up, "Victoria." Adam had to listen extremely closely, she abruptly stopped under a tree and bench, sitting down, "My name is Victoria Septieme. It's very nice to meet you Lord Adam." She bowed her head in respect. Adam frowned, "There isn't a need to use such formalities, please leave that for my father." Adam sat down next to her.

Up close Victoria looked extremely pale, almost sickly. Adam continued to closely observe her and she took no extreme notice to being so flustered as she looked at him occasionally, smiling lightly. Adam tilted his head, after the quick sit down, the two continued to walk, walking around the rich districts, meeting some occasional duchesses or busy dukes. Adam sighed out, they had already walked through the streets of the rich in about thirty minutes, they had nothing else planned and what's more, it didn't seem like Victoria was up to chatter with him much. Adam sighed out, he could swear that he heard a small huff of boredom escape Victoria's lips as well.

"It's a bit early, but shall we go back to my estate?" Adam asked, seemingly politely, but he was actually quite tired from being so disinterested in this walk. Victoria shook her head surprisingly enough, "If I remember correctly, there was a very pleasant looking meadow nearby the town." Victoria looked about, Adam had a slight idea on what she was talking about, but he never did exit his home to go tumble around in dirt and grass.... Without much being said the two began to make their way towards the meadow, Adam still looking very bored.

It wasn't until they had arrived, the great weather surrounding the two, did Adam open his eyes in slight shock. There she was, the girl that slapped him, laughing so gleefully, running so vividly around. Victoria gasped out in shock as well, but she was merely awestruck with the meadow's beauty, not having noticed Adam's gaping expression. She could only smile at the edge of the tall green grass next to Adam, whom was beginning to remove the shocked expression. The two had no plans to enter alone and it wasn't until Adam had noticed Victoria's longing to enter the fields did Adam move with her. His eyes did not remove themselves from the girl however, how hard he tried to stop feeling such loathing.
Elliana was surprised by the way the young man had acted. Never before had she seen a male of his ranking act the way that he did. It put her off guard and she stood there for a second longer than she wanted to, watching his friends grab a hold of him so he didn
Elliana / SmutherMe / 10y ago
It hurt, nothing seemed to hurt more than that very slap the girl connected with his face in his entire life. Being pampered by his parents, he never received physical discipline, and this was the first time in his life had Adam received a blow from another human being. It also felt as if the girl had gotten a club and swung it right across his face. He could feel blood rush to his face quicker than it ever had before, he felt a little dazed and it wasn't until the girl's eyes connected with his. A clear, stunning, almost maroon color that could reflect sunshine as any jewel possibly could. He caught himself from gasping out until he heard her cold voice.

Adam wasn't sure as to which hurt more, the girl's slap, her piercing eyes, or her tone. He choked on his words, too many things wanting to escape his mouth at one time as the initial shock wore off. True, Adam was also at blame at this, but the girl could have at least been a little more feminine, smile and move on. Before Adam could raise his hand to get ready to strike back, his companions gripped his arms and then grabbed his waist. It took three males around his age to fully subdue him, even then he still could swing about.

All could only watch the girl leave, picking up the fallen basket and leaving to take up more bread. Adam still felt a choking sensation, trying so hard to shout out and attack the girl, but nothing would allow him to. He couldn't stop looking at her, his scowl still stuck on his face, it wasn't until the girl left did his friends let him go reluctantly.

Adam brushed himself off angrily, ignoring the questions his friends asked cautiously, "I'm alright!" He lied loudly, beginning to continue on, kicking a loaf of bread furiously. Having been embarrassed, slapped in public by a female commoner, he felt as if this event would stain the rest of his life. He stomped, everything feeling numb and the mark left by the girl's powerful swing glowing a deep crimson. Suddenly he felt as if his body was alive with emotion, furious to lash at any that stood in his way. This feeling of an accelerating heartbeat was so unfamiliar, such rage being so novel. He continued to march angrily all the way to the salon without choking anyone, shoving a small server out of the way as he moved into the nicely scented building.

He moved to his usual seat, sitting down nearly one of the royal representatives, crossing his arms. Everyone stopped their lively conversations as Adam entered the salon, "Well? Are you going to start or not?" Adam raised a brow, looking at the older males in powdered wigs and the females fanning themselves with silly feather fans. They continued on with their conversations a bit quietly now. It seemed to take an eternity for the meeting to end and Adam was already sitting out in the private garden of the estate, gripping a cup of tea.

He couldn't stop thinking of that girl, the very girl that dared to slap him. Adam couldn't erase that image of bright eyes and rubbed his cheek. He felt a sort of phantom pain there, knowing it looked perfectly alright, it felt as if his shame was resonating the irritating pain. The overwhelming feelings that flooded his body and continued to bothered Adam greatly, so much that he hardly even noticed the sun setting down quickly as the cup of bitter tea got colder. He crossed his arms, replaying the scene once more. After an hour of silence, Adam seemed to finally realize how selfish he was with the stranger. The bread he had kicked after she had left coming back into his memory. She was a commoner so bread was probably her main diet. If it weren't for him and his carelessness he could have probably saved an extra dime or something. Now a small, a tiny, tiny, part of him felt a little guilty.

Well, Adam decided to go and apologize to the girl, redeem some points as a gentleman tomorrow, surely his talkative friends had spread word of his anger. Adam left the cold tea alone to retire into his room. The day had passed so quickly it startled him, all over one girl. That meeting only marked the moment Fate plunged a pebble into the still waters, causing a ripple to cut across his stagnant soul. Adam planned to get this girl guilty, so guilty that she'd apologize to him, but how would he manage to do that? He looked puzzled as he sat in his bed, would he get her something to make her see his wealth and "kindness."

Not only would Adam make himself look good, but he would even get an apology. It was foolproof. Only Fate would tell how well this plan would work out.

Adam had many things to learn about the human mind....
Elliana was stunned when she felt the weight of the body run against her. She stumbled and the basket dropped to the sidewalk at her feet, the bread rolling under the small market stand. She watched distantly and slowly balled her hands into tight fists at her side, her head bowed slightly.
(b "Watch where you're stepping commoner!")
Anger churned in the pit of Elliana
Elliana / SmutherMe / 10y ago
The thing about this kingdom was that it was obviously heavily divided with classes, one could have immense power that the king himself bested upon them and with that power usually came with wealth as only the richest businessmen or bankers would receive many of the titles they had received centuries ago. Many nobles were born to take the responsibility of family, properly educated, well-rounded most of the time, and mostly quite snobby.
Adam felt like he didn't deserve to be here. One made think he was just being modest, but on the contrary he was being as selfish as ever. He did not deserve to be there as he firmly believed he was much better as a young noble heir than the others, of course no one could read this, even as if it were written clearly upon his face. So in the end, Adam might have been worse than the youthful noblemen and noblewomen.

Moving back to what had happened in the poorer district, it was usually the job of a commoner to step out of the way of those above them in the rankings of money and whatnot, but there was occasionally a small bump in the town. Not that it had ever happened to Adam, but he also was not expect it to happen.
Adam had not noticed the cloaked figure, whether he wasn't paying any attention or anything had already led him to bump into the figure, a small muffled bump.

What exactly sparked in his mind? Maybe all the years of having to be silent, all those years of him just living life, or was it simply the angry outburst an aristocrat would have if anyone bumped into them? It was a mix of both, but not even Adam could have expected what would happen next. His lifeless cynical frown turned into a demon worthy scowl. Over such a small accident, he released a loud yell, not having to notice a basket fall towards the side, the scattered bread meaning nothing as he looked straight at the uncloaked figure.
"Watch where you're stepping commoner!" Adam screamed out selfishly, the dull pain already ceasing as he took an angry stance. His own companions looked from behind as he was leading the group, they looked mildly surprised, but were thinking that it was better to scold the commoner, until, that is, they saw what was underneath that cloak.

She was a beauty, no doubt about it, any commoner, noble, maybe even royalty, could fall for looks so sharp and so majestic, some might even believe she were a princess dressed in rags, but more importantly, Adam could not sense that beauty at that given moment. His heart was racing, yet it was not for a positive emotion, it was a very poisonous feeling that flooded his head, not even bothering to think out the situation.
He didn't know what to expect as his voice had echoed through the streets, a few people stopping to examine the commotion. The scowling young male gripped his hands into tight fists, waiting for the female to do something, apologize maybe, but of course that would not mirror the girl's sharp looks, she hardly looked like the docile type.
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Elliana untied the raggedy apron hanging loosely on her chest and places it on the hook behind the counter. She sighed with relief that work was over and she was able to go home. Her routine of the day stayed the same through out most of the years since her parents passed away. Return to the broken down house, cook up the little food she had for her ten-year-old brother, soak her feet, read one of the books lining the dirt streaked walls, and head to bed.
Nothing too exciting or eventful.

Elliana / SmutherMe / 10y ago
"Let me leave the estate for the afternoon." Exclaimed a deep voice in an echoing room. "Oh dear Adam, you know what the schedule states-" "Nothing is to be rearranged without the leading man's word." Replied the deep voice to the higher voice, "You're intelligent enough not to wander off and dilly dally aren't you Adam?" Asked the higher voice, a caring tone was held in the female's voice, but it held that edge as if it were almost robotic. The deep voice replied no further, but merely sighed.
Everyday was like this, Adam Quintessa, sporting dashing looks at the age of nineteen, he was the heir to the noble name and family of Quintessa. His life was reasonably easy, no troubles of starving or anything many commoner's had to worry about. Though the expression on the face of this aristocrat looked awfully apathetic most of the time, his normally good looks could possibly be magnified with the small upturn of the slight frown he perpetually held on his face. Everyday, slowly passed him by and everyday, Adam wished for something exciting to occur, but in such a sheltered environment, that didn't seem like it would happen anytime soon.....


The murmuring of local people was in the air, laughter from young vivid voices were quite audible.
"The pure madness of the man was simply hysterical-" "It did seem like he dug his own grave, seeing his occupation under the morgue." "Ahahaha!"
(i (#333333 'What useless chatter') Thought a deep voice, clearly bored in it's tone, Adam along with his friends were walking through town towards a meeting of other noblemen at a local salon. He was glad that he could move away from the estate and take in some fresh air, but this air was only smothered with the presence of his 'friends'. The three young males of nobility could hardly be considered Adam's friends, Adam might as well compare them to potatoes, but the ignorance of the wealthy brought his friends believe Adam was merely a silent person, taking in conversations quietly, but in reality, Adam could care less on what the three spouted on about.

The group of young males continued to walk through the town, the three of his friends now beginning to wrinkle their noses in displeasure, they dropped their voices and began to hold their breaths. "Be careful now, we're entering the much (i sadder) areas of the city." "I can almost feel the disgustingness crawl up my spine." "Horrid really." Commented Adam's companions, Adam however shrugged and walked through the considerably different area of the town. Nothing in particular was staying on his mind, no certain emotion riling up in his current state, he could hardly even sense the different stench in the air around the walking group of nobles. It couldn't be helped as this was the only path towards their destination.

It might have just been his bored mind and soul, but it didn't seem like anything exciting would happen that day, that is, until Fate decided to make a ripple in the still waters in his very soul. Either way, Adam was not expecting any change during this walk towards the salon.
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