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The End (1x1, Female, Literate)

By Jwelsh

Replies: 7 / 10 years ago

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Face down on a river bank, covered in mud, Drell awakes, the red sky powering down on the earth.

No memory, No Reminiscent of what happened.....All he could see was a dark red, covering the land. The sun had turned red, he could hear creaking from above him, and behind him the slow rush of the river..coloured red from the sky.

Sorry for the shitty story, it will get better as we go along okay :3

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Violence - Yes
Creatures - However you imagine them to be
Romance - Possible
Swearing - Yes
Death - Pleanty

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Lust nodded not having tried to upset him like she obviously had. (#33FFAD "Sorry....") she mumbled under her breathe following him up to the house silently. It looked very old and was extremely dusty. Looking at it again she looked around the outside structure of it...sortof victorian. Following him inside the house she did as she was told and stayed in the front room looking about.

There were books on the booshelf and pictures of people sitting ontop of a grandpiano. A loveseat was in there along with a chair and this really old looking tv sitting on a small stand. The cofee table had a few mgazines on it all of them were old ones though. Then there was a cofee cup. Lust went to touch the cup...it was hot. (#33FFAD "The cofee cup in here is hot...so someone is here....I think.") she ccalled out to the guy hoping he could here her.
♥Lust♥ / delilah / 10y ago
Raimi nodded, "I know...I know...but right now, i think that being out in the open...after what's around us isn't better you think?" He said with a frustrated voice and then looked down as he walked. "Who knows what is out here...i mean...whatever did all this around us, is something that shouldn't be reckoned with at all, it's obviously poised to kill or attack." He said as he let out a low sigh, looking around and checking the surrounding grasslands agian.

After hearing her story of her brother, he nodded, "I remember....walking across this road, and suddenly there was just this ear splitting scream, and a flash of light...then it all just went black...and i woke up on the riverbed, covered in mud and not remembering what happened." He said as he looked back at lust as they started near the stairs, leading up to the house.

He looked at the door frame, it was riddled with dust..it hadn't been opened in a while now. He put his hand on the doorknob and twisted it, and it opened with a creak.

Inside was covered in dust, this was a house that had been out of use in a while. "I think it's safe for now....C'mon." he said and opened the door wide for her, and then when she entered, he shut it behind her...pressing the lock in.

"Alright....I'm going to look around, maybe there is something useful." He said as he walked towards the back room of the house.
Raimi Oshin / Jwelsh / 10y ago
Lust frowned as he said that no one was alive for now. As much as they knew no one was. Moving her sandy hair out her face she looked around also as he repepatedly did as if he expected somehting to attack them out of the blue. Though after what just happened there was no telling what would and wouldn't happen. When he told her his name she nodded looked down at the groudn that was now dirt stained with blood. (#33FFAD "I'm Lust.") she siad softly listening to what he remembereed of what happened.

It was alot like her memories really. Almost the same. (#33FFAD "I was with my brother...then he told me to get down in this thing and not ot make a sound no matter what...then I crawled out and saw this...I don't know where he is anymore.") she said softly looking down at the ground. What if the blood she stood on was her brothers?

Whne the he started walking she looked up following out of curiosity. Then something told her she shoudln't just go with anyone. What if he turne dout to be bad or something? Then again she had no other option really. Following him towards the old house she wondered. (#33FFAD "What if its not safe? I mena how likely is it that one house is left in good condition when everyhting else is burning and destoyed?) she inquired.
♥Lust♥ / delilah / 10y ago
He shook his head, and quickly scanned around the area, taking in what he could see, he gritted his teeth and looked back at her. "For now.....Nobody's alive." He said, a sentence ridden with fear and grief...everyone was dead....how...how did this happen.

Looking down at the girl, she seemed...so scared...she was about the same age as him, maybe younger.

"I-I'm Raimi...Raimi Oshin...I don't know what happened, i woke up in the bank of that river over there...and all i could see is that the world is painted red, and blood was everywhere...Shit...w-what about you?" He asked her, his eyes constanley on the area surrounding them, keeping aware...just in case...Just in case.

The red was growing darker, and more ominous as they continued to talk, and feeling a sense of dread, he stopped talking and looked around. "Shit....It's getting darker...." He muttered as he looked around, and looked into the distance, he saw...what was that...A Old Home, still standing, shrouded in the red that covered the earth, It had to be a safe place....Better then being outside in the dark world.

"C'Mon...let's head to that place...Before it get's to dark." He said and looked at her, and then turned around, and started to move towards the home with a hurried house.
Raimi Oshin / Jwelsh / 10y ago
Lust had just crawled out of the hole her brother had pushed her into just before (i it) happened. She could remember muc of anything anymore. Just him tellign her to go and not to make a sound. He said everything would be okay and no matter what she heard to make sure she didn't even breathe. Now as she looked around her everything was in ruins. ~And he was gone. Kaleb was the last family member she has left and now...she was the only family member she had left.

Moving her sandy hair out her face she started walking looking around her. Nothing seemed alive she couldn't see anything but a blury figure in the distance. (#33FFAD "Help!!") she called out to it still walking a little hesistantly wondering who it was. She heard a faint reply, but a reply. It sounded like I'm here.

Walking closer ot the figure she walked up to it until she was behind it. It was a man somewhat tall. Walking aroudn to the front of him to see if it was her brother maybe just in different clothing she sighed looking back down. It wasn't. He was really gone. She was all alone now. (#33FFAD "No one else survived?") she asked softly not really speaking to the man himself...just to the air. The open. Looking around agains he could see buildings still on fire. Cars flipped over. Everything was in a wild array of mess.

Then she wondered how that man had survived. Where did he come from? Was he a bad person? Did he know where anyone was or who had started all of this? How did this even happen? One second everything was fine the next...the end of the world. This was a dream. A nightmare. It couldn't be real. This was like in those movies where two people had to recreate the human race and try to have alot of children or somehting. None of this made ense to her. None of this was possible. Her about to seventeen year old mind couldn't sort if out and now she was alone with no family. No friends becaus ehs ewas sure they had to be dead too. ~And now the only person she could see that was alive was a man standing in the street in just as much awe as she who was wearing all blakc like a emo.
♥Lust♥ / delilah / 10y ago
The soft sound of water trickling down a river was close by, his hand was cold and wet. Prying open his eyes, the lymphetic glue that closed his eyes tore open, and a feeling of ominous dread flowed into his body as he kicked his brain into gear. Looking across from him, his hand was in a slow running river, stained in red. He thought it was just his vision until he looked further....and saw that the low lying country side was stained in a red...Dark....Ominous...Creeping.

He pushed himself off the ground, his silver hair falling down across his face, some stained in blood....where did that come from...he ran his fingers across the bloody hair flowing down the sides of his cheeks and groaned. 'What did i Do...how....what...what the hell is happening." He muttered as he rolled over and sat up, struggling to his feet....and he did...looking up to the sky and the sight...shocked him to his core....wishing he didn't look up. The clouds were red, bathing down the earth in red, unrelenting and ominous, and in the distance, a city in the distance....20km's by his thoughts....maybe he could get help there.....this wasn't normal, this couldn't be happening right now, this wasn't real, it must be...it must be a bad dream!

Slowly turning around, he saw a road....It was unusually quiet, and the barriers were broken, crashed through and the smell of fire and burning oil stung his nostrils. He walked forward slowly, his feet crushing the soft ground underneath as he climbed up the short hill.

The sight over the hill was disturbing...cars were overturned, some on fire, blood splattered the ground, darker then the red staining the earth. His thoughts were coming true...something serious had happened, and it wasn't for the better...

"Help!" He heard, and he jumped, turning around and trying to hear the sound of the voice. "Come to me...I'm here." he caleld back, hoping that...to god it wasn't a thing...or something that wanted him dead.
Raimi Oshin / Jwelsh / 10y ago