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Searching for adventure RP's

By Assis_Thalere

Replies: 107 / 9 years ago

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I am searching for a good survival RP 1x1 with a girl. If you have any reply or pm me.

If anyone wants to advertise for adventure RP's you can do that here.
Yeah only a few are online, all of my friends are offline. I have to go now, going to eat lunch.Bye
your welcome

where is everybody at lol es is like dead
Thanks. (i Strokes over her ears and smiles.)
awsome and i added ya
Then you will be my pet. (i Pulls the old collar off and puts on her new one.) I will be a better master. (i Pulls her closer by the collar and strokes trough her hair.)
it does not matter your the owner lol
I added you then, now I wait untill you can accept.

Are you my pet then or my slave? (i Walks to her and holds a collar with her and his name on it.)
sure ya can be meh master

yeah it sould be this pic on there
Do you want me as your master?

I added you now, are you the first of the list there?
sure i havent had one 3 weeks

my facebook is jake wolf black
kana / matthardy / 9y ago
nope i ran off he suxs lol

all my pics are on my face book and im on my dsi
kana / matthardy / 9y ago
Don't you have a master now then?

I can help you if you want that?
Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y ago
my ex-master gave it meh xD

my pics wont work on here and i dont know i guess the camera i used
kana / matthardy / 9y ago
Do you want me to stop then? *stops and strokes over the collar* Who has given you this collar?

BTW why don't you make a character with your own picture?^^
Jari / Assis_Thalere / 9y ago