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Falling apart in front of your face (Need guy)

By pinkbabygirl

Replies: 9 / 10 years ago

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The story:
Mikayla is the daughter of a dead drug user, who used to snorted crack and injected heroin Mikayla was always ignored by her mother, Mikayla was a really pretty girl and developed at an early age.

Being pretty, can sometimes be a dangerous or even a bad thing. Her mother began to date a rookie lawyer by the name of Jerry Simons, at the very beginning when Jerry met Mikayla he began to flirt with her. The drugs Shay took made her most of the time a space cadet, and Jerry’s shameless flirting continued at a fairly innocent level just kissing and hugging, but when Kayla turned nine years old she had her period. After that Jerry began to have sex with her, Kayla had no idea what he was doing to her and that it was wrong , she actually ENJOYED the flirting, Jerry was paying attention to her and giving her affection that Kayla had never received from her mother, Mikayla being a very naïve little girl fell in love with Jerry.

At twelve years old Kayla began to get a bit bigger and rounder and she found out very quickly she was PREGNANT, to anyone but Kayla this was a nightmare, Kayla did not know the differences between right or wrong and loved her baby. Kayla talked to her baby, Kayla rubbed her belly where she thought she might feel it kick, she even thought of a name ‘Hope’ if it was a girl ‘Jerry’ if it was a boy, she kissed her tummy whenever she could and she loved it even more because it was not only a part of her but it was a part of her crush Jerry, Kayla wanted to wait till school was over not wanting to spoil the surprise.

Well she told Jerry and when he found out his reaction was far from happy, in fact he was so upset he began to beat her up then when he was sure he was finished with taking out his rage out on Kayla, he took of towards a local bar. Kayla was very surprised by his reactions, cried over the fact he told her she could not keep her baby she cried and cried and cried when a thought hit her a crazy thought, well the thought bubbled and stirred the hatred and anger that she had towards her mother for along time and the anger stewed and flew through her veins and then her mind was made up.

That night armed with just a black glove and jerry’s favorite rifle she shot and killed her mother, Jerry was blamed and put into prison for a very, very, very, very long time.
Kayla was much to young to have a baby and Jerry had hit her so hard that her little baby (which would’ve been a girl) died from head injuries and had to be removed, the operation and abuse she had received messed up her only chance of having another baby ever.

Hiding behind a smiles and a ton of make up too hide the ugly scars, cuts and bruises you would hardly notice the nightmare that is behind the girl.

Sometimes Kayla even at seventeen forgets she had an operation and sometimes can be caught talking to her stomach, or it rubbing making cooing sounds to ‘Hope’ who she believes is still in there and just does not want to come out yet.

Mi-Kayla is looking for love but will she ever find it? With her broken heart? Broken mind and worse will she find him?

Literate rp say 700 limit
Need a guy
Drama, angst and serious.
As Mikayla sort of appeared in front of him be backed up and tripped on his shoe falling to the hard sidewalk landing on his butt. (b (i "Shit....S-Sorry Mikayla..it's just that we have not spoken for a long time. For almost two years I think." )) Starting to get up he pulled his hands out of his pockets revealing the burnt one. As he set it on the ground the burn of the straightener came back hotter then ever. (b (i "Son of a bitch!" ))

Andy looked up to her stunned that he had forgotten she was there... (b (i "Uhh...sorry Mikayla, I am just ruining our sort of reunion thing right now ain't I? God I am so fucking stupid." )) Sighing he stood up and quickly slipped his hand in his pocket hoping she wouldn't have seen. (b (i "I am sorry that I am making you uncomfortable....")) Andy looked to the ground in embarassment.... (i ' why am I so stupid?')
Mikayla looked up in surprise ‘is he talking to me?’ she wondered in a bit of surprise not many people really knew her name that she didn’t know she turned and smiled at him with a bow of her head “Good morning Andy-san” she said with a shy grin and nodded “Sure thing I don’t mind, how have you been?” she asked looking shyly at him.

He was cute that was for sure adorable even but she couldn’t think he liked her or anything, he probably didn’t so she stopped walking as he turned away and walked away from her.

“Oh where are you going, did you change your mind?” she called to him, slowly running in front so she was in front of him kind of blocking him from walking away but not completely.
(It was fine, I was just reminding you dear. sorry the Why just friends one begging is sorta the same >.<)

Andy smiled lightly as he looked towards a figure that was slim, tall, dark hair, and a dress....Mikayla. He knew it was her just by her figure. Smiling he stood up and started walking in her direction. His burnt hand stayed in his jeans pocket. Andy didn't want Mikayla or anyone else in the school to know about it. Though he knew he would forget and bring it out....

Getting close to Mikayla he waved with his non burnt hand and smiled. He ran up to her Andy smiled as a very soft blush came across his cheeks. (b (i "Hey Mikayla, Wanna walk with me? I-If you don't want to we don't really have to. I mean....yea...I could um..go if you want me to.")) He pointed away and started to turn around afraid of rejection.

He scratched his head as he slowly walked away.. (i "Wow...I am dumb")
Mikayla woke up with a start as she looked around her bedroom which she shared with another child in the group home she yawned stretching as she felt the sun stab her eyes and winced “Ow that’s not very nice” she said with a pout as she slowly sat up wrapping her arms around her rather skinny belly.

“Good morning Hope” she said as softly as possible as she rubbed it gently not realizing she was getting stares from the other girl. While Kayla was not completely sane she wasn’t a mean person. She got up and moved towards the end of her bed still whispering sweet nothings to her child which would never be born. She smiled to herself to let herself know this, to let herself understand she would never have kids after what happened would be too much for her to bare.

Kayla walked to the shower room and started to wash her body clean off all sweat and dirt, when she got out she headed out completely dressed in a summer dress and flats she then walked towards the school in a different direction, she did not want anyone to ever know where she truly lived. Kayla sighed it had been a year since she killed her mother for the love of Jerry, a love she would never get back. She ran her hands through her black hair as her back pack swayed on her shoulders she walked into the small school yard.

(ya I was thinking :P)
(You said you would reply two days ago dear....)
(It's a lot sorry, my usual isn't this long, you don't have to post this much dear sorry)

Everything was black, he was walking around trembling and shaking with the bitter coldness nipping at his arms and legs which lay bare as he is just in his boxers. Where was this terrible wind coming from? Where was he? What was going on? Andy decided to just keep on walking. Going deeper and deeper into the black abyss he sighed and sat down. Taking a slow....deep breath, he closed his eyes for just a moment to hear a shrieking scream. Andy's eyes shot open as he jumped up from where he sat. He began to run faster and faster closer to the where the shrieks had been coming from. He stopped as soon as the shrieks stopped. Looking around all of a sudden he heard a voice...

(b (size30 "Your Time is up!"))

He screamed loudly as a sharp object went through his back. Jerking up from his bed Andy panted with sweat running all over his frozen body. All three of the windows in his room had been opened. He whispered softly to himself. (b (i "Why do these dreams keep happening...and how can I be sweating?" )) Wiping the sweat from his forehead he sighed and had begun to lay back down on his bed. Looking up at the ceiling he sighed. Closing his eyes only to have the dream repeat in a faster motion in his head he let his eyes shoot open.

Deciding that since he couldn't fall asleep Andy got up and went to his closet grabbing a blue t-shirt, black skinny Jeans, his checkered converse shoes, his Checkered belt, and his plain necklace. Quickly slipping off his boxers, he grabbed a fresh pair of boxers from a dresser drawer. Sliding his boxers on and then his black skinny jeans. Sighing he pulled his shirt over his head. grabbing his piercing box he opened it and grabbed his only silver lip ring and slipped it on and through his lip. Grabbing the necklace he tied it around his neck. The belt would slip in through his belt loops and lay flat as he slipped the notch closed.

Andy walked to the bathroom and sighed looking at the clock that hung on the wall above the door...only 2:47. Great... School started at 8:30. Walking back into his room he stumbled over his shoes that he left out... (i 'that's right, I need socks...' ) Andy shook his head and stepped over his shoes making sure not to trip. Grabbing his straightener he turned it on high and walked around his room waiting for school. Andy started thinking about Mikayla...He has liked her for a couple of years but never had enough nerve to tell her.

After thinking for what seemed like seconds he went to his straightener and picked it up quickly dropping it as soon as he realized he grabbed the metal ends which steamed when he let go. Cussing loudly at himself he ran to the bathroom jumping over his shoes and turning on the cold water setting his hand underneath it. (b (i "Gaah...son of a fucking bitch....I am so stupid..." )) His hand cooled down but as he looked at it he saw the skin on his hand had burnt away. (b (i "Shit" ))

Going back to his room he began to carefully straighten his hair. He already had a few bruises from his stupidity and some from his drunken father, this burn was the worst. There was almost no skin on the palm of his hand. He didn't want his friends or Mikayla or any other girl or male to find out what had happened. Andy combed his hair as he finished straightening it and smile. (b (i "Pretty okay" )) He said with a laugh.

Grabbing his used socks from the end of his bed he pulled them on his feet then stepped into his shoes. Turning his bedroom light off he pushed the off button on his straightener and ran downstairs. Getting down he smiled picking up his Gameboy from the couch. Turning it on he began to play the Super Mario Bro's game he bought just a week ago.


About four hours later [7:00] he saved his game and shut it off. His mother and father never got up until at least Ten in the morning. Grabbing his checkered back pack he slipped it on his left side and began to walk outside. The school was just a block away and would usually wait for Jamey there, his best high school friend. Jamey got there usually at 7:15. Grabbing his skateboard from the deck he slipped his backpack all the way on, and smiled kicking his feet upon the ground to get himself going. Swerving away from the rock on the sidewalk he jumped the curb and jumped off his skateboard as he hit the side walk of the school. Picking up his board he sat down on the bench and waited for Jamey.

Text From: Jamey
(u Hey dude Im sik right now. I wont b at skool 2day srry)

Sending Text to Jamey:
(u Man, that's fine, I don't mind, See you tomorrow of after school today.)

(b (i "Change of plans, I guess I will wait for Mikayla. I have not spoken to her for what...two years....She is still so sweet and cute. Man up Andy you can talk to her.")) Andy decided to wait for her while continuing to sit on the bench. Today might be fun.
May I please join as the guy? I may not be a perfect solution, but this sounds really good and would possibly improve my story typing skills. Quick skelly.
Name: Andy
Age: 18
Sex: Male
I guess that's mostly all you need.