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Ouran HighSchool Host Club

By SilverStar101

Replies: 396 / 10 years ago

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(#4a1256 (center (size20 This thought just dawned on me! What if Haruhi had a sister that no one knew about? She comes in, also dressed as a boy, and asks to be Tamaki's apprentice. He takes her in and teaches her everything he knows. The host club begins to realize that Haruhi and the newcomer are odly close. They begin to investigate and try to pry the truth out from Haruhi's secret sister.)))

(size40 (r (center THE OPEN CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!)))

(#4a1256 Haruhi's Sister: TAKEN)

(r Haruhi: TAKEN)

(r Tamaki: OPEN)

(r Hitachiin Twins: TAKEN)

(r Honey: TAKEN)

(r Kyoya: TAKEN)

(r Mori: TAKEN)
Souru adjusted her hat again. She sat in her own group away from the others, keeping to herself as usual. But something in her little conner of the universe was wrong. She just wasn't herself today. It wasn't too obvious, but a bit noticeable. Souru silently took a sip from her tea, and continued to sit alone.
Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y ago
she had a small smile on her face as she looked at the twins and then giggled and nodded a bit
"It would be fun now wouldn't it, I'm sure our parents would like to catch up again some time later too so I'll probably seeing you a lot more too, so I'll get writing on it then" she told him with a smile
Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y ago
Hikaru and Kaoru smiled "What about us you could play and we could sing?" they offered "You know how good we are and used to be at singing before" they said smiling a bit.
Mori listened as the girl spoke, she did seem a little nervous, it being very nerve recking to play In front of most people who were strangers to her. However, he thought she'd be able to pull through, maybe with Tamaki's help as well.

Mori then stood up and handed the girl a glass of water. It was the least he could do since she did a fair job for all of them.
Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y ago
rose had a faint smile. "thanks but I have a long way to go if I want to be a professional composer" she said with a warm smile.
"I want to be able to move people with my music, I've tried singing with it but... some how I just don't feel all to comfortable when I do, I get stage fright rather easily" she slowed as she realized she had been rambling and blushed slightly.
Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y ago
Jade didnt really like to give her opinion but she said quietly, "i think she was great. She has a talent for playing piano." She looked down a little embaressed for saying her opinion to every one.
Jade / toru / 9y ago
The twins smiled "well once your finished you should run it by us before your friends cuz we want to hear the whole version and plus that song was amazing so keep trying and what did everyone else think?" they asked totally oblivious that by *Friends* shr meant the twins themselves
Jade saw how the girl was somehow, sad after playing the piano. Did she mess up on a key or something? Jade thought she could play quite well and that the girl should be quite proud of herself. She sighed a little. She didnt want to see someone so sad.
Jade / toru / 9y ago
Mori smiled as she picked up her music sheets. Since she did know the twins quite well, it was obvious that the friends she spoke of were the twins themselves. It was quite cute, and maybe the tinge of passion Rose needed to express her opinion. He wondered if he should tell her that or keep it his own personal thoughts.
Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y ago
Rose stopped when finished and sighed a bit
"Still not ready...." she mumbled as she slowly put the music sheets away. She knew that it was good but it wasn't where she wanted it to be so she wasn't going to tell the twins it was composed for them just yet.
"Yeah not the best I know I still need to work on something I have to get it just right for some friends of mine" she said softly
Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y ago
The twins smiled in amazement "truly wonderful isn't it" they both said and just leaned back on the couch and listened to Rose play the piano but noticed she wasn't as good as Tamaki but she was very close to it.
Souru gave a bright smile. This was almost as good as Tamaki. Just... Not as promising. It didn't fill the room with what the musician felt. She leaned back into her chair and continued to listen to Rose play. (i I didn't know this girl could play the piano...) She began to wonder where their leader was, anyway. Usually when he heard the piano at all, he came rusing to the sorce.
Souru / SilverStar101 / 9y ago
Mori closed his eyes and listened to the things she played. It was very much like their king, but lacking something. When Tamaki played, you could feel the mood in the room change as he told a story in which read his life through the rhythm. He played to soothe the soul as he did for his mother.

Mori then put his cup down and looked to Souru. He wondered if she felt the same about the music, but he couldn't quite tell. Just like him, she was sort of hard to read at sight.
Mori / LettuceWedge / 9y ago
Jade was surprised the girl could play piano. She thought it was rare for people to play. As she watched the girl play she watched in amasment on how good she was.
Jade / toru / 9y ago
she nodded a bit with a soft smile as she looked though her follder that seemed to be overflowing with music sheets. A lot of them were just blanks. It was obvious she was looking for one in particular. she smiled a bit more.
"This one may be a bit rough since I only finished it last night.... though I think it came out well..."
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic4q4Ab0oRI&feature=related
Rose Thomas / luna223 / 9y ago