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The New Ghost Rider (JOIN! need guys)

By torinchan

Replies: 2 / 11 years ago

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After the legendary Johnny blaze could anyone really take up the role as best motorcycleist? no. Or so they thought. Until Amelia Cross street racer extrodinare. She has ever race every turn every engine and every bike. And Unfortunatly she has a deal on her head much like Johnny blaze...

Scratch that...BECAUSE of Johnny Blaze. Because apperently...she has to be the next ghost rider...because her fathers contract was terminated half through.

And on her 18th birthday the dark one has come to collect his toll. Her father never told her about this deal...how he had been the ghost rider and now..she is alone. Trying to figure out how to deal with this.

Thus she is no longer Amelia Blaze...her name has been legally changed to cross...in a vain attempt for somthing holy to keep her from falling into her permenent darkness. And when an evil unknown rears its ugly head. How will she deal with it?

Paragraph posts please.
Lit-semi lit
Swearing-I dont care
Cyber- Not in my rp
GodModding-If you want a verbal bitch slap sure, i've been working on my insults lately.
Thats about it. JOIN!
Human or Demon:
Welcome your in. thanks for joining
Join please