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opening a closed heart

By zerato

Replies: 5 / 10 years ago

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there is a planet inhabited by girls since they drove the men off the planet but without knowing the side affect of doom there species but when a ship with males from earth have had there hearts broken so much that they dont trust girls they crash land on the girls planet the think this might be a good chance to renew there species but they will only have theyre kids if they fully trust the males and the princess of the planet crushes on my guy and wants to produce his children but his heart was closed off to girls along time ago will she have the courage to make his heart love again

guy 2-open
guy 3-open
guy 4-open
guy 5-open

girl 3 open
girl 4 open
girl 5 open
I'll be the princess i guess if you want
Wrath / harmonychaos / 9y ago
ok who wants what role
I'll join
Wrath / harmonychaos / 9y ago
this rp is back and open and needing characters badly