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Something More? 1x1 (Closed!)

By Sportsloverr1214

Replies: 6 / 10 years ago

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Amy and Demetri are best friends. They have known eachother since they were babies, they have practicially grown up together. Amy has always had feelings for him but she was to shy to tell him. As Amy and Demetri got into High school, Amy's feelings for him have grown. She is now starting to fall for him, but she is to scared to tell him. What will happen with Amy and Demetri? Will Demetri feel the same way? Find out and join ^^

Normal ES rules..
*Cybering: Nooooo!!!
*Romance: Encouraged
*One-liners: Hell NO! ^^
*Cussing: Sure, why not!
~its oaky~

Demetri smirked and held his arm and mock hurt as he looked at her. "What'd you do that for" eh said apout forming on his lips. He smiled and leaned back again boredly watching the teacher.
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Once she heard a whisper in her ear coming from Demetri, she jumped in her seat and looked at him. "Demetri! You scaredthe shit out of me!" She whispered back to him. She hit him on the arm oncehe wasn't looking with a smile and she looked back towards the teacher with a smirk on her lips. she was happy that she had that class with him. She has been his friend for a long long time.
Demetri grabbed his books out of his locker and shoved his back pack inside. Amy was always telling him to get organized. he smirked and laughed a little. BEfore sprinting to class. He came in just as the bell rang. He threwhis hands in the air andsmiled doing a small dance to celebrate his victory. He looked at Amy and smirked before going to his usual seat next to her.

The teacher rolled his eyes and began the lecture. Demetri leand over, "Sorry I was late" he whispered
Once Amy reached her locker, she looked around once more for Demetri, but she could still not see him. She shrugged to herslef and opened her locker. Once it was open, she took out her Histroy books for her first period. She sighed and brushed a piece of her black hair out of her brown eyes and face. Once she was done with that, she closed her locker with a slam and headed towards her class.

Once she got there, she took her seat in the back where she usually sat. Once she was many students walk in, she smiled to some of them and rolled her eyes at some of them. She hated high school, but the only thing she loved about it that Demetri was there with her by her side.
Demetri was sounds asleep his pillow over his head and his alarm clock hanging onby a wing and a prayer after the last five times he snoozed it. Eventually he woke up because of his mothers yelling. He cursed and hurried got dressed pulling on cargo shorts and graphic tee. he brushed his teeth washed his face before hurrying downstirs grabbing hisback pack. He skidded to a stop and went back in grabbing his hoodie with his wallet and cellphone already inside before runnign to school.

Once at school he looked around for Amy he was late that much was obvious by the nearly deserted front steps. He sighed and headed inside walking thehalls looking for Amy. Hechecked his watch a few minutes till class started. He sighed adn headed to class.
As Amy awoke to the sound of her alarm clock ringing off in her ear, she moaned and smacked her hand down onto the clock. When it stopped ringing, she smiled a bit and sat up in her messy bed. Her dark brown eyes opened to the sight of her dark messy room. She got out of her bed and walked towards the shower. Once she was in the bathroom, she stripped down and took a nice, warm shower. After a few minutes, she got out and got dressed. Once she was fully dressed, she grabbed her backpack from her floor and her cellphone and went downstairs.

Once she was downstairs, she grabbed an apple off of the counter and headed towards school. She walked and walked to school since she only lived a few minutes away. Once she was on the grounds of the school, her dark eyes scanned the grounds trying to find her best friend Demetri. She sighed once she couldn't. She then walked towards the halls as she bit into her apple.