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1x1. Sci-fi, sorta.

By youngfolks

Replies: 21 / 10 years ago

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The year is 2059. Since a the third world war twenty years ago, nuclear fallout has devestated the Earth.

Civilisation crumbled, and humans only live in small pockets wherever they can find somewhere safe. Radiation has effected both wildlife and humans.

Which has lead to a split in the population. Mutated humans - presuming they can survive the mutations that plague them after exposure to radiation - are regarded as something lower, animals. This attitude has forced many of them to become outcasts.

Mod 1 are a mutant fundementalist group which borders on terror. Although mascarading their cause as fighting to gain equal rights and live within human camps, the majority of them are bitter, simply bombing and raiding out of anger and frustration.

For their next act, they kidnap the daughter of the "mayor" of a nearby human encampment - the largest in their area, with 2000 people.

Ellis Sykes, a young mutant who's having doubts about joining Mod 1, is put in charge of guarding her. They form a shaky friendship, which neither of them realise could ruin both their lives.

This is a 1x1. Literate.
Ellis is taken. The mayors daughter is needed.
I'm tired right now so if that plot makes absolutely no sense how I've written it, I'm sorry. orz
Lina looked at him and then looked away, looking down some. She wasn't sure how to respond to that. No one had ever asked her for a piece of clothing and she didn't want to do anything now.
"Whoa there," He said quickly, holding up his hands, aware that it had come out wrong. "I'm not doing anything risky. I just need it to send to your father, okay?"
Liana didn't make a noise, she wanted to live, not die. She took the handkerchief from him and wiped her face dry from the tears. She listened to him speak and then had a shocked look on her face. "A-a piece of m-my clothing?" she said looking at him sort of scared.
Ellis removed the gag, bracing himself for her to scream or make some sort of racket. When she remained calm, he was impressed.

"Here," He said bluntly, fishing out a dirty, patchy handkerchief from her pocket and putting it into her hands. "Take this."

He glanced over her, then, sounding more embarrassed than authorative, said, "And I need, ah- a piece of clothing."
Liana gave a nod and rubbed her wrists some. They had rope burns on them and she had stopped crying now. She was still afraid but she couldn't show that she was. Her mouth was still covered by some rag tied around her head to keep her quiet it seemed.
"Stop (i crying)," He snapped, a little irritably. He sighed, fnally got the knot undone, and tossed the rope to the side.

"Okay," He said, looking to her. "Here's what's happening. You're in our headquarters. If you try to escape, you'll die. Even if you did manage to get off the premises, we're miles away from anywhere decent, and most of the land surrounding here is irradiated. You got that?"
Liana let tears stream down her cheeks from her eyes. She looked up at him and nodded making a slight noise to signify she was listening. He was untying her, but why was he being so kind? She didn't know him and it seemed like he was the one who kidnapped her.
He sighed, grabbing her by the arm roughly and helping her up off the floor. He avoided meeting her gaze, fiddling with the rope that bound her wrists together.

"I'm going to untie you, okay?" He said, "Don't do anything stupid, though. You can't get out of this room."

ooc: Sorry for the wait, got caught up in something. orz
Liana looked up at Ellis and didn't say a word. She was afraid he was going to hurt her, even if he said he wasn't. Right now he wasn't that trustworthy to her. She thought he is the one who kidnapped her.
ooc: Oh, okay then.
<<now I made it seem like she was tied up, but only because you didn't say she was or not>>
ooc: Okay, that's fine. :)
Ellis squinted, trying to see the girl in the dark. He didn't know what to do when she started crying; sitting awkwardly, silently, he waited until she'd stopped before picking up an old, rusty oil lamp.

"Hey. Stay calm, okay?" He said softly, trying to keep his voice neutral sounding. "My name is Ellis. I'm not going to hurt you."

He fumbled with the lamp he held, finally lighting it. It soaked the room in a warm, yellow glow, and he didn't look at her as he hung it from a hook on the wall.
<<Oh! sorry but brb I need to shower real quick!>>
Liana was unconscious but not for long. Her eyes fluttered some as she finally came to. It was dark and her eyes were adjusting to the poorly lit room. She couldn't move. She screamed but no sound. Tears started to stream down her face. She was terrified of this. What was going on? She had no idea. She sniffled and stopped crying then looked down trying to not be afraid but it was impossible.