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This is Love? 1x1 (Closed!)

By tfreak1029

Replies: 7 / 11 years ago

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Anna is new to town, she is shy, sweet, nice, and cute. When she is the new student in her new high school she meets this nice, sweet, emo, hot guy who really starts to like her. What will happen from there?


No cybering, if you take it that far then timeskip or pm!
No one liners! Must be semi lit!
No god modding!! No one likes that
Real pics!
(( haha alright fine with me!! (: ))
Anna sighed as she looked up at her new high school doors. She then took a deep breath then walked in. She blushed as she saw people looking at her. She then sighed a little then looked down at her schedule. She then started to find her locker number.
**Anna** / Tfreak1029 / 11y ago
(#990000 Yes please. That'd be great.)
** ok cool so do u want me to start the first post? (: **
**Anna** / Tfreak1029 / 11y ago
(#990000 I am online now. ^^;)
** of course you can!! Are you still online? (: **
**Anna** / Tfreak1029 / 11y ago
(#990000 I'll join if you would allow it. {=)
** Please Join!!! I really wanna try this roleplay out(: **
**Anna** / tfreak1029 / 11y ago