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Lianne and Jari secret castle

By Assis_Thalere

Replies: 608 / 10 years ago

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The chat for Jari and Lianne only.


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(i Remains silent for a moment before nodding to her turning to see a deer among the trees. Moves silent towards the deer before he blasted the deer with two rays of light from his eyes paralyzing it completely, making it an easy prey for him.)

(b Nothing ust felt like watching someone)
(i Looks at them.)
Shido / Assis_Thalere / 10y ago

(i Slithers towards the woods to hunt as he notices Lianne behind him.) (#5F04B4 What you want?)

(i Smiles and follows behind the snae going back up to the surface.) (b Bleh >_<)
Shido / Assis_Thalere / 10y ago

(i Looks to Jari hsissing intimidating before slithering away.) (#5F04B4 One wrong act out of you, punk. And you'll be my next snack.)

(i Looks at Lianne and pokes her cheek.)
Shido / Assis_Thalere / 10y ago
(i Changes to a human form and dives into the water pointing her sowrd at Jari.)

(i Looks at Jari with a slight hsiss of disappointment.) (#5F04B4 Too bad you're a friend to bud of mine, punk.)

(i Moves his hand and pats the snake at the back of his head.)
Shido / Assis_Thalere / 10y ago
(i Sits near the water)

(i Slithers after jari with his eyes fixed onto him.)

(i Dives into the water and holds a snake hook.)
Shido / Assis_Thalere / 10y ago