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sasuke and naruto (yaoi open xD)

By darkstartalker

Replies: 35 / 10 years ago

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naruto's fox had taken controll of his body, now becuaseo f it naruto was banshed from the leaf village ,he now wonders about trying ot find sasuke.
he just shook his head,his eyes becomeing firey red, the fox had now took controll without naruto knowwing, the five tails appeard, he looked at sasuke "(r hehe just this boy can't handle all the information i have given him, i know what happened to you clan uchiah, i help madria uchia, i was his pet,, but when i was sealed madria ran off and never came back for me, i have stuff to settle with him)" the demon fox said, his tails went around everywhere the power of him coming off his body.
"The akatsuki and I have an unfinished battle. I will come with you and help," he said looking down. That was just an excuse he would have gone anyway. He sighed a little before he noticed Naruto hold his head. "What's wrong? Naruto?"
he looked up at sasuke "(b i have anotheer mission now, my own mission, and that to kill the akatsuki)" she said looking at him, he held his head feeling all the information go through his head '(r is this the work of the fox...?)' he asked himself looking a little confussed.
Sasuke didn't understand what was going on, he hated it. He hated not understanding why he was feeling like this. Looking down at Naruto he tensed. "What? HOw..." He trailed off and shook his head however when he felt him pull him down he looked into his blue eyes. He closed his eyes as he saw it, he trembled seeing it all over again. Only this time it wasn't Itachi. He then felt it stop, he watched Naruto his mind jumbled. "I know..." was all he murmured and then he jumped up also. He stood beside him before he looked at him. "Then don't go back just travel..."
naruto sat down like the fox would normally do, he looked at sasuke "(b i know alot about so many people, yet i don't know why, like your clan was not wiped out by itachi, it was wiped out by another uchia called madira uchiha, he was your father's brother)" he said looking at the ground, he pulled sasuke down touching his head in the middle,closen his eyes nad sneding a flow of chakra through both of them showing madira uchiha killing the clan, and itachi taken the blame for him,naruto let sasuke go and just jumped to another tree looking around, "(b you can belive me or not sasuke but i to know whats it like to be alonee, i know wwhat its like being in that dark cold place with no one to care for you, i have on one left in my family, i don't know who my father and mother was, but i do have friend that care for me, but only cause this demon is inside me, they don't want me breaking the finaly seal, witch i already did,now i don't know what to do)" he said looking at the leafs blowing in the wind.
Sasuke continued to kiss him even after the chakra had disappeared. He kept his eyes closed and tried to convince himself he was only kissing him to stop the Kyuubi. (i But the kyuubi has stopped...so why am I still kissing him? His lips feel soft compared to my rough ones.) When he pulled back he just rubbed his neck a little looking to the side. He knew it would be harder to say nothing happened now.
naruto's eyes went wide, the chakra going away, he did not know sasuke would do that, he blushed deep red and closed his eyes kissing back '(r i hope sasuke dose not hate me, i know everything about the akatsuki, i know the demons and there hosts, but i don't know why i know all this)' he said to himself,pulling away from sasuke looking at him still blushing.
Sasuke looked into his eyes as he explained, he then nodded a little before he was pushed back. He allowed him to push him off but looked at him. "Naruto-" He started but cut-off as Naruto started to talk about his punishment. He down-cast his eyes before he felt the chakra again, his eyes widened. He didn't know how to stop the Kyuubi but he would sure as hell try. He pushed Naruto back and pressed his lips against the other's closing his eyes.
"(b itachi is to the west of here, it was them i was following before i went into my demon form,he....hurt saskura and put kakashi sensie into a deep sleep like you were that one time you looked at his eyes)" he said pushing sasuke off him, looked down with a smile "(b if my punishment is to be death,then i'll do that, that means the akatsuki can't get the demon inside me,cause if they did they would take him out me and then i'd die straight away)" he said naruto getting a bit mad and upset, the red chakra appearing round him again, and naruto stopped talking.
Sasuke watched him, his eyes and facial expression giving nothing away. However inside he couldn't stop thinking about the softness of Naruto's lips. He didn't reply to him when he said he still hated him, he looked down a little however he recoiled at the last part. Before he could even answer Naruto had taken off. He followed him before he grabbed him pinning him to the nearest tree. "How do you know that?!" He hissed at him. Yet his mind was more concentrated on his punishment, it would most likely be severe.
naruto takes his hand and got back to his feeet again, he looked at sasuke with a smile on his face, touching his lips "(b i guess you hate me still....i can easily go back to the village and face my punishment, oh if you looking for itachi he's to the west of here)" he said jumping into the tree's nad heading back towards the leaf village.
Sasuke glared at him as he jumped from his back. He had been carrying him and he seemed perfectly fine. Feeling Naruto's lips against his, his eyes widened before he snapped back to reality as Naruto ran off. "That's not my problem," he said not replying to the first part. "Baka," he mumbled as he ran into a tree, he moved over and held his hand out. He may as well help him up.
<Lol don't worry>
naruto jumps in front of sasuke and kissed him, then just laughed running off "(b you know its not a crime for two guys to fall in love, and i really don't have anywhere to go)" he said not watching where he was going and ran right into a tree.

(r lol brain fart >_<)
<<ok bye sasuke =3>>