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By CharlieTrance

Replies: 24 / 10 years ago

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It would. There'd be so many flavors that no one's ever even had the chance to taste -- there'd be bitter tastes, sweet tastes, and perhaps the flavor of love.
Wouldn't that be...just...awesome? :D
It would.~
That would be cool
I wish it had a taste when you listen to it.
Tis indeed
Music. Yummy.
Mew ^o.o^
*hides* Hey!
Adam / feonixis / 10y ago

Anyone round?
Don't worry about it, it was good. It's 3:30 over here, my posts are probably a bit meh anyway. Tell me if you're having trouble working with them and I can add more or less or whatever.
Adam / feonixis / 10y ago
I posted too, not my best but hope you can work with it
Welp I posted. Not too long.
Adam / feonixis / 10y ago
Tis alright

I'm writing a few of my longer posts up.
My first post is going to end up long >.< But That's just to allow for setting and whatnot.
Adam / feonixis / 10y ago
I often write better at night anyway
Depends on how lazy im feeling T-T
I can write lots or just a little, you'll get posts more often if they aren't that long.
Hello :D
I prefer writing at night, haha.
Forgot to ask, btw, do you have a usual post length?
Adam / feonixis / 10y ago