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Beyond the Sky

By StrifeX

Replies: 9 / 10 years ago

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(blue "Reach for the Sky")

There is a legend, of a tower that ascends to heaven. One leading to paradise. It's a legend that's known by everyone, that's passed to the children in each generation. Some of those kids grow up to become adventurers. Ones aiming for the tower. A tower called "The tilt of the Sky". It's in the legend that the very first beings of this world descended from the tower. They brought plants, metal, animals to the stale world that is "Crocell". They developed the world, and made it what it is today. The lush and bountiful world. Nobody knows if it still stand today or if it's hidden somewhere, that haven't been discovered before. Nobody knows where it is, nobody knows where to start. Yet the search always and will forever continue.

Now, five adventurers go out to search for this tower. Managing to find each other on the sheer result of having the same goal... But to continue... Might be a different story. Fights may brew, love may arise, rivalries might start. But the goal, always the same.

I know, it's pretty short. But the whole idea of the RP is there.

(r The search begins)

(b Roles)

(b The Defenders: Fight to defend the party. Protects them from harm, and is the most experienced fighter. Uses swords and shields, daggers and the like)

Role:The Defender
Weapons and equipment(can change) :Like in pic. A pillar shield, and a one handed sword. Wears light clothing.

(b The Hunter: Uses bow and whips. Hunts the food for the party, and is also the animal tamer/expert. Knows most behaves for animals, and their weaknesses.)

Name: Evette Yoruni
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Human ... [or something else? OoOoOo~ lol]
Role: The Hunter
Weapons(can change): Her silver Predator's bow, and custom set of arrows.
Personality and bio: Just wait and see ;P

(b The Trader: Uses Hammers and Axes. Heave weapons and the like. Makes the financial decisions for the party, and know how to make deals, or make some money for the party. Searches for jobs the party can do.)

(b The Navigator: Uses black magic, and rods and staffs. Is the navigator for the party, decides the best route, and the next destination. Usually knows about most of the world.)

(b The Medic: Uses white magic, and shields and staffs. Keeps the party healthy, and heals if needed. Knows what sickness is what, and what causes them.)

Name: Lily Glade
Race:cat/fox girl
Weapons(can change): has a spell book and a dagger.
Personality and bio: she's shy but loving. she wants to protect all that she meets. she'll put her life on the line if it means saving someone. she loves animals and animals are attracted to her by her quiet nature.
she carries a book of herbs and remedies. and a flute to make music


Weapons(can change) :
Personality and bio:Optional

(r Rules)

The dreaded rules!!)
1.Anime pictures please. ^_^
2.Romance: Go for it
3.Violence... No... (i sarcasm) Yes, violence.
4.Keep swearing to a minimum.
5.No killing without permission. If ever you get into fights with each other that is.
6.If you quit the RP, please tell us, so we can replace you.
7.Put "The Sky" If you have read the rules.
8.Don't be afraid to approach me, I'm the friendly type. :D
9.Enjoy the RP. =D[Yes... Yes, it's a rule. >->]
10.No godmodding and cybering(Go to PM's or something. It's not encouraged though.)
11.Please spell and write properly. No text talk, and please make posts decent. D:
12.I'll add more if I want too, and I might change the back story, skelly and rules if I see the need.
(( ^_^ hey!!! ))
(( my friends are gunna be joining soon. I haven't been able to talk to them becuase i been sick for the past week. sorry >.<''''))
[You're welcome ^o^ alrighty then, see you and you too!]
[Haha, no problem. Thanks for joining as well. ^_^ I got to go soon though. So I'll see you next time, take care. ^_^ ]
Juto / StrifeX / 10y ago
(b The Sky)

(b Name:) Evette Yoruni
(b Gender:) Female
(b Age:) 17
(b Race:) Human ... [or something else? OoOoOo~ lol]
(b Role:) The Hunter
(b Weapons(can change):) Her silver Predator's bow, and custom set of arrows.
(b Personality and bio:) Just wait and see ;P

[Sorry for the late reply, twas' busy lol. Now ya know too Lily! xD ]
mys, whatchu gunna be =D!?!
[It's fine. ^_^ The picture is acceptable.]
Juto / StrifeX / 10y ago
(b The Sky)

(b [OOC: I've a question before joining lol, it's more of whether or not you approve of my picture; is it alright if I use this (http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=19609 char) of mine? If not then it's definitely alright cause I have more of an 'anime' like one too lol.])
MysMitsuko / 10y ago
the sky woot woot

((woot's are my personal touch XD lol))