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It's just a dream

By CharlieTrance

Replies: 20 / 10 years ago

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Train's always known he was different, he grew up with three other children and amoug them they had control of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. They were brought up far from other children and taught how to control their elements. But there was other children with similar powers that they were never told of. These children had power over the Light, Darkness and spirit.

When Train was eleven, the youngest out of all of them, they were seperated for reasons still unknown to them. Now, five years later, Train is living in the city alone when he meets _____. They become fast friends but Train knows there's something strange about the boy. It isn't until they're attacked one night on the roof of Train's apartment building that he finds out just what different about the boy.

Someones after them. They know that much and they need help. So they start tracking down long lost friends in hopes that they know something about it all. Bit there's a rat amoug them that wants them all dead for reasons yet to be told.

Kinda badly written but you get the jist of it, if anyone wants to re-write it feel free to.


When applying for elemental characters please keep in mind;

-Fire is rash and quick to take action. It is also bold and a difficult element to control. This would be suited to a male character.

-Earth is strong and reliable. It is also careless and narrow minded. Earth is typiclly female.

-Water is caring and stable. It can be overly sensitive and dependant on others. Water is a femanine element.

-Spirit is an open element free for your interpretation.

-Light is often cheerful and bright. But it will not stand for what it sees as injustice. Male or Female.

-Dark is serious and likes to get the job done. It will often watch thigs unfold as they are but if it doesn't like the way things are going it will interfare. Male or Female

Fill out this skeleton when you ask to join please;

Character name:
Age:(Keep in mind than Train's the youngest)
Favourite peice of clothing:

if someone wants to be the rat or the main bad guy ask me through PM.


Username: Rebirth
Character name: Krow
Age: 17
Element: Fire
Favourite peice of clothing: His wristband

Username: CharlieTrance
Character name: Train Casen
Age: 16
Element: Air
Favourite peice of clothing: His coat.

Username: BrokenWings17
Character name: Lillith Marie
Age: 17
Element: Water
Favourite peice of clothing: Her necklace

Username: Rhythm
Character name: Mitsuki
Age: 17
Element: Earth
Favourite peice of clothing: her hair accessories

Character name: Ryuuji Sharson
Age: 22
Element: Spirit
Favourite peice of clothing: Leather vest.

Username: Living
Character: Lilla Nana
Age: 17
Element: Light
Favourite peace of clothing: Her ankle braclet with a cresent moon charm.

Username: Fabric
Character name: Alec Shadow
Age: 18
Element: Dark
Favourite piece of clothing: His Shark Tooth Necklace


(r No:)
- One liners
- Cybering
- Ooc drama
- Ditching
- Real or inapropriate pictures. This means I should not see any boobs or shitt like that, if I ask you to change it, just do it.
- Romance taking over the roleplay.
- Mary Sue's

(blue Yes:)
- Grammer, spelling, punctuation
- Secrets
- orange monkeys with skelly
- Weird character traits
- Inperfect characters
- Fighting
- Romance
- Originality

(b Details)

- Please give the next person something to work with at least. No less than 500 characters, quality over quantity.

- I've given a rough outline for characters but you've still got room to develop them into someone original.

- Purple cats at the top of your skelly

- What exactly the main bad guy is doing is a secret between me and the person who's controling them. Also the rat will be kept a secret from everyone but the bad guy.

- Also the person who plays _____ has a romantic interest in Train and I would like them to be either the Spirit, Light or Dark elemental.

- Have fun.
Good excuse bro, someone just post.
Ryuuji / laundry / laundrymonster / 10y ago
: I think there's confusion over who is going to post next. :
Alec Shadow / Fabric / 10y ago
(here's an idea you guys. Post.)
Ryuuji / laundry / laundrymonster / 10y ago
<< I'm still game >>
~Me three ^^~
Lilla Nava / Living / 10y ago
: I'm still hanging xD :
Alec Shadow / Fabric / 10y ago
I can hang around.)
Ryuuji / laundry / laundrymonster / 10y ago
(i If people hang around this should continue. Sorry I've been away, life has been difficult so I can't roleplay as much as I would like.)
[Agreed, i think everyone is busy i guess. . .]
Lilla Nava / Living / 10y ago
:Yeah it's a real shame. It was a nice plot...:
Alec Shadow / Fabric / 10y ago
[Already to. . . .>.<]
Lilla Nava / Living / 10y ago
This died... >_>
Alec Shadow / Fabric / 10y ago
The sound of Lillith's soft footsteps could barely be heard as she wandered around the park.She hated parks,but it was the only place where she felt like she could catch some peace and quiet.Looking at everything that was there,she found herself amazed.(i Stuck in such a bland world,yet it can be so colorful sometimes..)Being in control of the water element made her feel safe.(r Water is so beautiful,yet can destroy anything in it's path) That's what her mother used to say at least,before she died a few years ago.

Lillith was a strange one.She never liked to be around others,and never really bothered to talk to anyone.Examining her surroundings,Lillith searched for a place to sit down and think.She had been walking all day,and she was quite tired to be honest.
Spotting an empty bench near a tree,she walked over to it and took a seat.Sighing she thought.

(i This bland place can be so colorful sometimes,then again...soo..) "Dull.." She spoke aloud softly.Sighing loudly,she laid on her back and held her necklace close.(i I wonder if there are others like me out there...) She thought as she gazed up at the sky.Lillith stayed on the bench for a while,relaxed and calm.

(b Bah!I know it's not good.Sorry >< It's all I could think of.I'll make it longer if I have to!)
Swirling darkness, blinding light, the buffeting of the wind, the sturdiness of the earth, the burning of the flame, the cooling of the waters, and they ever present Spirit. Everything and Nothing, Death and Life, Destruction and Creation, Love and Betrayal, contradictions through and through. The very fiber of space and time. All of it, so transient, so boring, so worthy of nothingness, to be not even a memory.
Soft onyx, with a certain tinge of a dull green, eyes opened slowly. The sight being the cavernous ceiling of where he dwelled. (#8000FF (i Dwelled such a useless word, but isn't everything a certain degree of uselessness? Perhaps only a matter of perspective and my own circumstance,)) considered the male as he slowly eased himself to a seating position. Long pale azure hair curtained down his back swaying near his waist. Bare feet landed on the cool floor as he stood up pinning the hair behind distinctively long ears. (#8000FF "How many years, has it been since you betrayed me, oh mighty lords? A millennia? Perhaps a few hundred millennia? Not as if you are around anymore to clarify me. Oh no,") he trailed slowly about in the den of sorts, knowing every rock that inhabited this place. All and all a cave being what would describe it in the tongue of mortals. A prison but something much more compared to his last place of residence. He ran a pale hand down his throat trailing along the edges of the silk shirt ending in a V neck at his sternum. (#8000FF "To defy the gods was blasphemous, traitorous, suicidal, I followed your orders, and passed your judgment, yet what do you give me in return? Nothing, banishment from the world of mortals. Oh you were so naive, you should have killed me when you had the chance. But surely, surely if you killed your most faithful of servants something would befall you. And we were the fools that gave you the power over all. Nothing but children is what you were, why else would you simply give up, and put such blind faith in even younger...things then yourselves. A move I'm certain that I will make you regret,") he cooed wickedly to the cavernous maul.

An outsider looking in would clearly label Ingway Eckener as being mad. Perhaps, or he only acts as such to make you (i think) he is mad before slicing your throat. A charismatic individual, one with much potential. Perhaps too much know how on the world. All of these which stroke his rather large ego or make your own assumptions on the man, chances are you wouldn
(I Is water and fire gonna post? Or do I have to find replacements cause I will.)