Noir Fabula

By Finnigan
Sovereign evil and those misconstrued
Chaos reigns at the brink
Time of memories lost decades ago
A world where sunlight does not sink
We all have a role to play
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Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

The city of Guten Nocht, enshrouded by the pitch black sky and closely watched by the Mad Moon, and its frightened citizens remained the only tangible beings on Earth. Decades, maybe even centuries, passed since some unmentionable event wiped the sky clean and enclosed Nocht within the jet barrier. The current generations had no idea what the sun was or that stars existed. Instead, the people knew only of fear, and with that fear, they indulged themselves in frenzy. Within the walls of skyscrapers and endless corridors, men and women gathered for group sex. Outside, where many agreed that the word "slums" was far too generous, poor-minded fellows raped and large gangs murdered innocent men, women, and children alike. Where lawlessness stood, the law seemed too far back to catch up.

Beneath the ground, the rustic subway train pulled out of the labyrinthine railway system. Releasing steam from the undercarriage, the engine simmered down and the doors opened for the boisterous crowd. Punks, all of them, two out of five people in Nocht were hackers. As the bus cleared out, a woman, presumably from the west side of town, soundly stepped out of the rugged machine.

Running her fingers through her black hair, the woman who went by the codename of Nagini paused. Turning her whole body to the left to see where the eerie moaning was coming from, she peeked into men's subway bathroom and witnessed a business man fornicating with grizzly, low woman. Disgusted, Nagini exited the trashy subway with her mind still intact. Reaching the top, she looked into Nocht's sky. Neon billboards, sex symbols, hot pink nuisances, all of them paled to the blackness in the atmosphere.

She was a bounty hunter for Nocht Central, the reigning government and most powerful corporation in all of Nocht. Nagini hunted down those whom Nocht Central dubbed as special interests. The world she lived in made her a wealthy woman indeed. Men with valuable secrets about anything and witches with magic were slain or captured. Everyone had the same ability to sift out the abnormals. If they weren't fooling around with someone's wife or locked up in a safe and sound apartment, they were trouble in the making.
Zanziber     11y ago

A disgusting pile of rags stirred in the corner of a dark alleyway. A withered and wrinkled hand reached out for a bottle nearby. There was slightly more movement and the shape became more distinguishable as Calibur closed in. The pile of rags was actually a man so sordid, he appeared to be a sponge for filth. The alleyway was at a right angle; one end leading further into dark portions of the city, the other to a brilliantly neon-colored main road. The ragman touched a bottle of booze to his lips, aggravated at the absence of it's contents he chucked it further into darkness. Calibur had to sidestep to avoid the bottle as it shattered behind where his foot had been.

The ragman let out a wretched cough as he scratched at his neck with his left hand, and pulled a needle out with his right. Calibur was so close now he could see the needle clearly but most of the man was under a complex web of rags, seemingly strewn together over years. The needle's contents were also nearly empty, but the ragman was so desperate he stuck the needle in his neck with surprising precision. Calibur was unseen, standing in front of him with his back to the shadows, watching the man as he paused to light a cigarette. Slowly, Calibur lowered his illusion.

The ragman drew nearly a full syringe of blood into the needle to get every last drop of his heroin. A flash of light from the darkness nearly blinded him. He looked up too late to see the flame, when the spots cleared from his eyes he could see the orange ember of a cigarette. His eyes focused, and for the first time in his life; his thumb stopped on the plunger. Above the cigarette, two glowing red eyes were given birth to existence from the essence of the shadow. Tendrils of shadow darker than even the sky came out of the eyes like snakes, and expanded like smoke. The shape of a face became distinguishable, then a torso with the legs and arms being composed of smeared shadow. The abstract shape became more formed.

The shadows lifted off of a fleshy hand like a gas, and dissipated. Calibur pulled the cigarette away with his hand and exhaled smoke through his nose. The ragman was mesmerized as demonic triangular slits for nostrils eject a plume of curling grey smoke. Calibur turned away and walked towards the main street. The ragman turned his head and watched. With each clack of Calibur's boots more shadows lifted off his being, revealing himself as the illusion lifted. The ragman pulled the needle from his neck, and rubbed his eyes.

Upon reopening he saw a young man, dressed in a black leather jacket, black pants, and black combat boots, walking towards one of the main streets. His hair was spiked, silver with black tips, showing a varying degree of contrast. Calibur took a left onto the main road and the ragman saw something glint off the neon lights that looked like sword with a revolver for a handle. The confused ragman broke the needle, and started the construction of a tin foil hat, in an attempt to protect his feeble mind.

Calibur saw a few vehicles drive by. Mostly reserved for the government and the rich, they were heavily guarded with machine guns, flamethrowers, mines, and some even had more superior technology. Few people stood on the main streets for fear of the government. Calibur quickly went inside a large bustling bar, before anyone else could see him.

She sat in one of the dark corners of the station, muttering to herself softly. Her eyes were glazed over as she huddled against her dirty, torn up teddy bear. At random times her thin body would convulse in fits of coughing and hacking. Curses flowed from her mouth, watching person by person walk by her with out a second glace. No one cared for the sickly child dying on the ground. This town has sunk low.

Dream_Keeper     11y ago

(i (b How do you live...when you're already dead?))

(i There is no real answer to such a question, but Xyianthis knew that far too well, and at extreme regret. His life, or whatever you could call it, was now different. For others, it was all the same when you considered the beginning. Grow up on Guten Nocht and try to survive. Fun? There was no fun for a child growing up. In fact, it was better off to say there wasn't even a "Childhood" to begin with. You were told to stay off the streets and to keep your mouth shut, especially around the NCG, or the Nocht Central Guard. Protectors of the city, or ruthless bastards depending on your view. In the end, you just didn't get in their way.)
(i For other children it was either be kidnapped and used for disgusting acts, or killed and sold for their organs. It sounded like hell's toilet, but there was no other place to go. Nocht was our home. You were free to leave at any time, but the mysterious outside scared the populace even more. Especially since it hasn't been explored in the past couple of centuries. You were basically riding into darkness; and unlike Nocht's darkness, it went deeper into the rabbit's hole.)

(i Nocht itself once was a beautiful city, or so the teasing stories go. People spoke of a grand star in the sky that gave birth to a ray of sunshine that covered all of Nocht. Unfortunately, if it would happen today, then there would be no more darkness; no more corporation.)


(i (b Why couldn't you have just let me die as a man?))

(i Everything is bullshit. Rumored legends or not, it's all bullshit in the end. You wish you can escape Nocht, but it's an inescapable claw that drags you further and further into hell. Right into that abyss that we all call darkness. And it almost seems as if it pulls harder when you are on your last hope...)

(i (b This...flesh is not mine...))

(i While time can run out for everyone, it cannot for me. For I am like the wanted burning star that never appears; long lasting...ever living...)

(i The Nocht Corporation only gains pleasure in destruction and corruption. Greedy like the swine that they are, they continue to torment this town in a way that a criminal places the blame on an innocent man. When power isn't enough, they feed on complete happiness and hope of the people it "swore" to protect. With the NCG as their weapons, they eliminate all sources of struggle and disobedience. The people know it, but yet they cannot do anything. One act of defiance can claim any number of lives, young or old. To Nocht Central, everything is the same no matter what appearance or gender.)

(i (b They are eating at my mind...the only thing left of me...))

(i I can remember a time when I still had my hope. I had planned on escaping Guten Nocht, but the reason ? I never discovered why. My thoughts would always distract itself from the real answer, so I always told myself it was to get away from everything. In truth for most, I was going to my death.)

(i I can't remember how it happened, but I died out there. As for the details and what the Outside looked like, that had slipped from the depths of my memory as well. Perhaps the damned swines did that on purpose. Then again, finding out now wouldn't make a difference. Truth or justice wouldn't get my real self back. That was long lost.)

(i Nocht Central had explained to me that they found me in the barren wastelands that lied beyond Guten Nocht. They told me that I "apparently" died and was lost beyond life. They described that I was nameless with no identification on me, so they decided to bring me back as evidence or material to study on so they could learn more about the outside. Whatever it was they told me back then, I wasn't that...with it. For someone who had died and come back to life, I had other thoughts on my mind.)

(i The actual revival of myself wasn't explained thoroughly. I stopped bothering to ask after the first couple of years though. I recall them telling me it was a very secretive experiment that had not been worked on humans yet. All I know is that they had transplanted my mind and its memories into a cybernetic body. Humanoid to fit comfortably, they made plans to leave my organs and flesh behind so they could upload my thoughts, emotions, and memories into a metal statue of sorts. I remember hating the feeling, but with only my thoughts to be real, I tried coping with even that emotion. The months ahead proved to be struggling.)

(i They had made me into another weapon for themselves, only to be used against the people I once lived with, or so I assumed. With no name, they decided to give me one, which didn't bother me. At least it was better than EX-992C/D. They told me I had to do the jobs they requested, or they would shut down my body and mind, obviously killing me and having death claim my soul once again. The thing is, today I feel as if the only thing left of me is my soul. The one thing that proves I exist.)

(i And so, years have passed since that day in the Outside, but everything is different for me. The person I was before is now dead; the large cybernetic frame that contains these thoughts now branded with the name, Xyianthis.)

And still, the star remains hidden.
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

The large steel door creaked open, and few eyes looked up from their drinks. Calibur strolled in like he had a purpose, parting a thick cloud of smoke as he walked up to the bar. The bar was cleaner than most, being on a mainstreet. Everything was manufactured from metal, giving an unsettling coldness that was all too comfortable to the patrons. Calibur sat down and called for the barkeep. A stout balding man popped up from underneath the bar, and hastily wiped the remnants of a white powder from his nose.

"Whad'ya want?"
"Give me your strongest drink, and fill my flask." Calibur removed an 8 ounce steel flask from the inside of his leather jacket and handed it to the bartender. The bartender rushed off with surprising speed and returned holding a large mug and returned his flask. "That'll be--" Calibur glared at him. In less than a split second his illusion was cast over the bartender's mind's eye.

From just a glance, Calibur injected what he wanted into the bartenders crazed mind. The barkeep saw Calibur hand him more than enough money and then give him the same glaring look he had when the illusion started. Time was different in the illusion, as all Calibur did was give him a look. The barkeep looked stupidly and rushed off to serve another patron. Calibur looked into the mug to see a purple, bubbling, smoky-looking drink. Without much of a thought he took a big swig, and got down to the business of drinking.
Tisa     11y ago

"Look 'ere. HEY! I SAID LOOK 'ERE! See-see, this is the first lesson; you gotta make 'er go on 'er knees first, okay? See? Like this," explained Joe, his older brother, "Then you gotta smack 'er with it. Y' know, y' know, show 'er who's boss."

"Yeeaaaah buddy!" cried Joe jr. (i Poor woman.) "Hey hey! Make her eat it!"

"Oho, li'l bro, ya gotta take it slow. But you'll get 'ere one day, junya. You jus' gotta grow some balls first! Am I right? Am I right?"

(i Ritual teasing, and then the guys laugh. )

Joe's friends guffawed quite loudly, lightly punching each other's shoulders and leaning against one another.

"Yessir, they gotta drop! Y' know what 'm sayin'?" added in Joe's best friend, Rick.

More laughter.

All Joe jr. could do was smile and go along with it, "Hey hey! I bet I'd be bigger than all of you when I get big, y'know?"

Joe Sr. chuckled right back and ruffled up Joe jr.'s greasy, dark brown hair, "One day, one day. But first, let's get to it, guys, eh?"

And the group gathered around this dainty, yet horribly putrid-smelling young woman for their routinely after-dinner gang rape. In fact, the entire dark alley reeked of rotting corpses and rats with overactive bowel movement. The entire city smelled worse. It's surprising how anyone can possibly breathe in Guten Nocht, let alone live here. (i C'est la vie, I guess. ) And as the five young men were doing their business, little Joe jr. attempted to distract himself by watching a few crows nearby, pecking at an old man's wrinkly, gray hand. He hoped this man was simply a very heavy sleeper, but stretching the truth has its limits. The lifelessness of his knotted, unmoving fingers made Joe clench his own fists. He's still alive. Sort of. Little Joe never quite understood the rapes, the murders, nor the general lack of light. But this is normal, right? It's not meant to be (u understood ), but it just is. His brother would try to convince him that there really is more than this, outside the neighborhood, outside the city, outside the force that keeps everyone on their feet. What was it called? Gravy? Joe jr. wasn't sure, but they were just stories. Who would even imagine the existence of a giant blazing ball of fire bigger than Guten Nocht? Silly. Giant puffs of water floating around the air? Unheard of. All that was considered life and liberty was right here in Guten Nocht and its eternal darkness.

Suddenly, the old man coughed. It made the crows flee, and Joe jr. tensed up his shoulders. Then he relaxed. (i Good. He's alive. ) As the elder sat up, Joe jr. studied his long, unkempt beard in its wiry, white glory. It reminded him of a picture he was looking at, contained in the yellowed pages of a spineless, torn up book that he once found in a garbage dump. It was a shame he didn't know how to read, but the picture seemed magical enough; the character in the picture also looked elderly, with a beard shaped in the same fashion as this homeless guy, but the one in the picture had a cone-shaped hat with silvery-colored stars on it. He held up a stick in his hand with sparks flying all around him. He was standing in front of a dragon, ready to slay it with a flick of a wrist, it seemed.

But, again, it was just a story.

Joe jr.'s ears picked up on the sound of several pants zippers closing up. He turned his head and grinned at his big brother, the only person he could completely trust; he always took care of him. Growing up, Joe jr. witnessed other kids his own age, and younger, receive beatings, forcefully recruited for torturous labor, probed with sexual intent, but that was normal for them. As long as junior had his big brother, he felt safe, despite their disagreement on the matters of morality. Big brother always assured the little brother that he just needed to be older to really enjoy life. All Joe jr. could ever do was shrug and believe.

"Enjoyed the sho, li'l bro?" Big Joe showed off his darkened teeth and offered a low-five.

Little Joe smiled right back and hit his brother's palm as hard as he could, "You bet! Can't wait 'til I get to do that shit."

"'Ey, I'll even let y' do yo firs' one by y'self."

"Really? Can I?"

"Anythin' fer you."

The other guys chuckled amongst each other as they finished up with their victim of the day. Rick spoke up, "'Ey, le's go get wasted, huh? This woman 'ere took up all my juices, y'know?"

More laughter.

"I hear ya. Let's go!" exclaimed big Joe.

And, together, Joe, Joe jr., Rick, and the 6 others rushed across the street and hopped over several rusting, fragile fences. A few collapsed to the ground altogether. But soon, their muddy, blood-stained shoes stepped into the closest bar they could find. They all greeted their familiar barkeep with a jolly "EYYYY!" or "YO!" and the like. Little Joe sat by big Joe as he ordered his usual: tar, Jack Daniels, and bits of raw, bitter ginseng. Little Joe ordered his usual: nothing. It wasn't even safe to ask for water here, for who knows where its been. Many food or drink-related places have been attempting to draw more customers in by advertising that they provided filtered water, but if you're a local, you'd believe an 11th Commandment was written: you shouldn't accept water from anyone around town. Clean, free water around Guten Nocht has been rarer than a flowering willow tree in a desert.

Big Joe couldn't help but glance at a stranger several seats to the left at approximately 7 second intervals. He nodded toward the barkeep, "'Ey, y'know this guy's story?"

He only shrugged, "All I knows is, is that he's loaded. Gave me a fucking $24 tip."

"Heh," grinned Joe.

And within seconds, he was whispering away with his posse, plotting a quick set up before they all rose from their seats.

"Hey, I'mma take a leak," proclaimed Joe jr. as he hopped off his stool.

"Aw, hey, don't y' wanna get in on this, junior?"

"Naw, I don't wanna piss myself if I threw a fist." (i I hope they'll go easy on him. )

"Hehe, a'ight. C'mon guys."

All 8 men began approaching the lone man with their self confidence at its highest and their strides filled with excitement. They couldn't wait to grab their hands on the money, nor could they wait for that thrill of taking someone else's life.

Rick was the first to call out, "'Ey, we hear y' got something we want."
Onitaro     11y ago

The old man from the alleyway outside stood up and stretched, waving his arms frantically to rid the birds away from him. He grumbled bitterly as he stood as straight as he could, emitting cracking noises from his bones. Looking for support, his hand slid against the cold dirt-infested side of a building, keeping his balance as he walked further into the alley away from the streets. The old man blinked the sleep from his eyes and attempted to peer through the darkness, passing by a dumpster and stopped as a bright piece of paper catches his eye. He reached in and took it, staring at it to see a picture of an old man sending sparks of magic from his staff. Smiling and looking up to the night sky, the old man strokes his beard and ponders just a moment.
"I...remember that..."

A few minutes later, he turned the corner to find someone screaming, flailing his arms yelling "MO-O-O-ONSTAAA!" and passing him. The old man noticed that the face resembled one that was ravaging the small girl and turned around, throwing the paper from his pocket to the back of the terrified goon's head. As the paper left his touch, it grew to the size of a 20lb book, getting heavier by the second and making a loud "WUMP!" as it bashed his head. The old man calmly walked to the goon, now on the ground and picked up the book, turning back into a piece of paper the second he touched it.

Looking down at the unconscious goon, the old man thought a moment as he re-pocketed the paper.
"Things arn't what they used to be..."
He sighed deeply as he stroked his beard once more about the deeds this man has done and grew angrier by the second.
"You have done such terrible deeds...I will see to it that you will know just how wrong they are..."
He lowered to his knees and placed his hands onto the goon's back, letting a light emit from them and then vanish within the single moment.
"You will know just how that poor girl a woman."
Walking off, he comes across a man-hole in the ground. Bending down, the old man begins sliding the metal disk open, then climbs down to re-close it and disappear.
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

(i Just Minutes Before...)

Calibur noticed the atmosphere of the bar change as 9 more patrons with high spirits entered the bar. He looked down at his bubbling purple drink; it wasn't even finished. He lit a cigarette, and paid no more mind to the bar until he heard raspy voice call out to him...

"'Ey, we hear y' got something we want." Calibur looked up to see a man followed by his goons approach and surround his bar stool.

Calibur smirked, "What... a bigger cock?" Less than a split second later, Calibur took a punch to the jaw that would have knocked him from his stool; had he not been grabbed by three men.

"Whadaya think we should do to 'im first Rick?" The man named Rick flipped open a butterfly knife.

"Oh I dunno, ow' bout we see if he really does have a bigger cock and shove it down 'is mouth'?" Rick grabbed Calibur's chin and looked into his eyes anticipating his pain. Calibur smiled.

Rick's eyes widened as Calibur's illusion sent a rooster flying out of his pants. The surprised Rick swung wildly, accidentally slicing open his friend's kidney. Two of the gang member's attention was averted to Rick's mistake. Calibur turned his cigarette and pressed the ember into the guy holding his right arm. The man quickly released his grip and Calibur elbowed the guys jaw knocking him out cold. One of the other gang members picked up a heavy metal bar stool and started to swing. Calibur planted his feet on the bar as one of the gang members grabbed his gunblade. Calibur kicked off the bar flipping backwards out of their grip as the bar stool went flying over his legs, crashing into the guys holding him. Calibur's gunblade dropped to the floor.

He landed on his feet, and everyone watched as Calibur turned into a black, smoky-shadow, and melted into the floor. Calibur's gunblade was quickly picked up and most of the gang's attention was intent on finding him. Joe spoke up.

"What the fuck are you doing, Rick?!" Joe proceeded to push Rick, and the two closest to him didn't know whether to fear the strange man, or Rick.

Meanwhile: Calibur crawled under a table and pulled out a knife from his boot.

Rick managed to sputter "This guy ain't human!" Calibur cut the nearest gang member's achilles tendon, phasing back into sight. The gunblade comes crashing through the rusted metal table scattering rust and sparks as Calibur rolls out from underneath it, with new cut in his jacket. The goon holding his gunblade lines up the sights and pulls the trigger at Calibur's head. With a bang of smoke everyone stopped and stared; as if time was frozen.

"Those things... they only shoot blanks." Calibur whipped his knife into the goons head. This time; the knife won the gunfight. Calibur did a no-hand cartwheel over the destroyed table picking up his gunblade in one swift motion. He quickly used it paint the floor with the nearest goon's blood.

Rick was frozen with fear. Joe's other remaining posse member booked it out the back door. Joe backed off into the bathroom as Calibur fired and used the blanks vibration to cleanly cut Rick in half. He bent over and picked up Rick's butterfly knife, and stuck it right into the bar.

Calibur turned to survey the damage. Several patrons had fled the bar. One man was knocked out, another unable to walk, and three corpses lay bleeding on the ground. He wiped some blood from his mouth and moved his jaw side to side trying to loosen it up. With the flick of his wrist he flipped his gunblade point-down, into the ground. Picking up his bar stool and his purple drink, he sits back down to drink the pain away.
Onitaroβετα   11y ago

(i I wonder what they failure...?)
I remember hearing that word over and over as I opened my eyes for the first time. Did they mean me...? I remember sitting up and seeing those clean white lab coats, then the one in black suit approaching me. They talked amongst each other and even though I could not hear them, I knew it was about me.
"Perhaps this one can be fixed..."
"We will need to do some tests, sir...I do not believe it will remain functional."
"Nonsense! We will keep this one and we will do whatever it takes. I am tired of starting from scratch!"
...Why did I hurt so much...? My head feels like its being crushed. My face feels like It is making a shape on its own...what expression was I making?
"Here. Take this, Beta."
They approached me and sent a large jolt of electricity through my spine, concentrated by a large needle. This pain was sharp, yet different...then all of it was gone. I wanted to communicate and ask Before I even knew, my mouth moved on its own.
" that my name...?"
"You are my Prototype, you work for me now. That pain will be back, your coming to my home...(b our) home."

It's been years and yet everything looks the same. The world is much darker than the room I was born in...
....I can feel that pain again. I can't wait for this mission to be over.
"Xyianthis...If you had to take a guess, how long do you think this will take?"
Beside Beta's 5ft body was a towering machine in comparison of 8ft. Coming from their main HQ, which was guarded and separated from the rest of the city, they finally started to see the neon signs in plain view. To Beta, minutes of riding to the rest of town began to feel like hours...He hated leaving the corporation building.
"...And why do you think they sent us alone?"
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

It was never often that Nagini took the underground railroad. Instead, it was her employer who advised her to take it this time around. The slums felt too familiar to her; she still dreamed nightmares of warfare and lust, shrills and laughter. Nothing sounded better to a frightful yet equally rebellious teenager than home. If one was lucky enough, the boogiemen assumed the doors were installed with five different locks and a torn-out sofa. Malignity killed off the good dreams long ago, and monsters terrorized the gritty streets en masse.

Nagini had not the slightest clue as to why the subway was the best place to go. Nocht had slummier slums and grimier grimehouses than the street she walked. It got worst in the true ghetto: trash piled between alleys and sometimes reached the second story windows. Zombiefied corpses roamed the back ways very seldom. Nocht Central only hired the best bounty hunters to eliminate the atrocities. Why they didn't aim to establish a uniform law enforcement still confused the feeble.

The covert woman wearing the schoolgirl outfit who carried her black coat coat in one hand and her ornate Chinese sword in the other paused in the streets three minutes after leaving the station. She had noticed the dingy little girl back at the subway station, but had hoped she would have given up sooner. Street beggars, sometimes on a daily basis, disgraced themselves in front of the crowds, but a child who begged was a whole other case. Seeing the child without shoes, Nagini had been down the same road as the tattered child.

"Little girl, I don't think you want to be out in the open like this. Where I am going, strange men do bad things to little girls."

She walked off without turning back and saying another word. The wise would listen, but the brave and foolish would follow Nagini to the brinks of hell. Street lights flickered on and off like the indecisive, paper-or-plastic conscious woman at the supermarket. Guten Nocht was like that woman; there would be times of regular crime and then the preternatural. Last week's conflict involved a stand off between a superhuman child molester and several hunters from Nocht Central. Fickle women, fickle city.

Minutes later, Nagini a second set of footsteps trailing behind her. Tiny, meticulous, sneaky, abrasive footsteps: the tiny child insisted on following her. Stopping once more, calm-voiced Nagini stated, "Look, I don't think you want to follow me. I'm not even sure where"

In the matter of seconds, people burst through the steel doors screaming and fleeing in terror. This was not any ordinary bar fight. Nagini found her target's location. Her celedon eyes captured the moment in action. Still taking responsibility for the burden that followed her, the stern school girl turned and crouched to her level. Reaching into her right coat pocket, Nagini pulled out a vast amount of coins with the a majestic bird and the Nocht Central main building engraved. She quietly forced the change into the tiny girl's hand and said, "Take this and find somewhere to sleep, hide, get away, whatever. It should be enough to last you for a month."

With her out of the way, Nagini of the Killers didn't have to hold back. Slipping an ornate ivory mask with gilded trimmings and thinly applied ruby lips out of her backpack, she slowly closed into onto the bar. Nagini crept to the one of the steel door handles and waited. Within seconds, she pivoted around the door and held the hilt and sheath of her jian in her hands, ready to unleash her blade. Quickly scanning the room, she saw the ruckus. Three down, a few walking about, a stunned bartender, and one live patron, Nagini stepped cautiously into the sty.

The little looked down at the coins with a wide smile then tucked the change into a hidden pocket. She started off to the
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur had a headache. He didn't know if it was from the strange purple drink, or the punch to the jaw. He finished the rest of the purple drink and let his hand rest on the handle of his gunblade. He withdrew his flask and set it on the table, using the reflection to see the front door. He tried to be inconspicuous, but it's hard when your hand is on the only bloody weapon in the bar. The little girl was unnoticed, Calibur wasn't looking at her. He was instead looking at the woman in the school girl outfit holding the sword. (i This day just gets worse and worse... All I wanted was to have a little drink)

The woman took notice of everything in the bar: The man crawling to the door-- his achilles tendon cut, the man with possible kidney failure, the guy that was knocked out was starting to come to his senses, the man cut in half, some goon with a knife in his head next to a broken iron table, and the man with a fatal slash from his hip to his shoulder. Nagini carefully stepped over the crawling man, and Calibur never took his eyes off her.
Tisa     11y ago

"YO! JUNYA! Y'IN 'ERE?! WE GOTTA GO!" cried Joe when he bursted through the door, slamming his elbow into the door frame and stumbling over his much-overdue-for-the-garbage, red sneakers. He quickly looked from left to right before spotting his little brother, so very thankful that he was simply and contentedly peeing his worries away. He ran toward his brother and shook his shoulders with his violently shaking hands, "C'MON!!"


Dream_Keeper     11y ago

The view of the city almost looked hidden if not for the thousands of glowing neon lights draped across it. Everything Xyianthis saw read up on his visor scanner that was now his own face. Readings from the temperature to the even broadcasting stations that were going live. You could say just about anything and it would show up on his monitor. He was the perfect tool to be used on any occasion. Even one such as this.

Xyianthis heard the question, but his response was a bit late. Turning to face his comrade, he spoke in a gentle yet static voice.

"Not long. Judging from the reports I have picked up from Nocht Central and police radio stations, it seems this will be the usual. Another civilian begging to be killed."
His voice seemed to almost come from thin air. Since he had no actual mouth, the vocal compartments behind his face plate worked together to speak out his thoughts. The wonders of Nocht Central.

Turning back to the city, Xyianthis watched his readings once more before walking over to the door hatch that lead to the outside of the armored transport. Every moment he made, the machinery bits of his artificial body would grind and creak like the gears of a motor would. He wasn't human anymore, and his body always reminded him that. His voice even, was not of his own. It was a mixture of what he used to sound like, and that of a robot. An angelic type of voice, easily echoing in person.

He stood quite tall, so the transports he rode were usually made to his height. He always felt like the corporation made things to make him comfortable, though he didn't care. Beta, a man of machine just like him, mattered as well. The corporation would always go back and forth with their "favorites". In the end though, Beta was Xyianthis' only friend. At least he considered that in secret.

Noticing that the armored vehicle began to pick up the pace, Xyianthis knocked his large cold hand on the driver's door. Immediately the comms picked up and a voice barked as a reply, almost as if they knew what the question was.

"We gotta hurry up. Headquarters says it's getting messy down there. It seems things are changing." The voiced hastily stated to both of them. Giving him interest and annoyance, Xyianthis spoke up.

"Wait, changing? Why did I not get this sudden report personally?" Demanded Xyianthis. If there was one thing that bothered him, it was people not telling him things. If Xyianthis didn't know, obviously there was a great reason for him not to. And when it came to that, he felt betrayed.

Not getting a reply back from the driver, Xyianthis felt anger rise within him. His body may be made of cold robotics, but his temper could easily be expressed through that. Of course, his face did not show it. The same monotonous expression appeared as always, never changing.

"Beta, prepare yourself. Nocht Central is lying to us about something."
Tisuna     11y ago

Four men stood in the alley, tugging their jackets anxiously around their shoulders, occasionally stooping to kick at some of the meaty lumps swaddled behind boxes or cans, snickering at the groans or muffled squeaks. They weren
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

"I've never seen one like that before," Nagini pointed out to the idle patron and smiled back to the flask, "It's...strange to find such a blade like that in the hands of a bar hopper." In a outworldly and strange fashion, she suggestively eyed his toy, a magnificent and finely crafted blade, from the tip to the hilt like the filthy men inspecting the neighborhood tramp troupe. Nocht Central collected artifacts of all shapes and sizes from the past and present. Whatever they saw as an interest, they recovered. They retrieved over a thousand different blades, libraries of circular discs that played high pitched and redundant verses of unknown songstresses, and enough machinery to construct a power plant.

Nagini cautiously pulled in closer to the heart of the bar and noticed a standing young man. He made no movement towards the doors nor did he retreat from the gruesome sight. Quickly forgetting the street thug in the dimmed lights and scattered broken glass, the docile woman tip-toed around the floor to the nearest bar stool. She hopped up and sat down next to tipsy man as if she came for a drink or two. The bartender ignored her presence and continued with his hourly ritual of cleaning out the glasses. Leaning against the bar and looking at Calibur from a side view, gleeful Nagini stared at Joe Jr once more. He hadn't moved.

Drawing the jian from its sheath and placing the tip to Calibur's throat, Nagini cocked her brow and glinted, "Boy, could you please excuse yourself and any other piss-ridden thugs you have back there. I have some business to attend with this man." She smiled, a fake smile nonetheless, the kind with the obvious insincerity. She averted her attention to Calibur and turned into her grim nature state. "I'm interested in what you have. Give it up and turn it loose."
KMukuro   11y ago

After the crowd had scattered, and the truck sped off into the night, Mukuro set off to work. Slipping into the alley, Mukuro flicked on his torch and began to scour the alley for anything of use. Life was tough in Guten Nocht. He'd observed that the junkies were beginning to develop a tolerance to his supply - this could mean an increased demand, but equally it could mean that they'd turn to someone else for their fix. These police had done an good job of cleaning up the scene. He had noted that the female officer had made sure to retrieve the gang's weapons- very professional. She'd been sure to communicate via radio comms so that no one eavesdropping - so that Mukuro - could not hear what she was doing. Her partner, however, had made the mistake of calling her name from across the alley - loud enough for Mukuro. Audrey, was it? No, Aubrey...

Mukuro crouched by a black trash bag that was separate from the rest. This was usually a sign of concealed drugs. Slashing it open with a pocket knife he'd thought to bring with him, he split the bag open, and cursed under his breath as vomit coated trash spilled all over the floor.

"Hm, Miss Aubrey. Looks like you win this round."

Mukuro stood up straight, quickly scanning his surroundings once more with a look of disdain on his face. Figuring there was nothing of value to retrieve, he made his way out of the alley, pulling a small device out of his pocket. An old touchscreen mobile phone, popular around the turn of the 21st century. These weren't legal to the general public, but Mukuro had his way around it. Directly corrected to an NC satellite, he brought up the police database and began to type.

Next time Aubrey West was at her desk, she'd find a small bouquet of flowers waiting for her, and a little note. "Thanks for keeping the city clean."
Onitaroβετα   11y ago

"Beta...I want you to go on this mission alone with two others."
"Not a squad this time...? Who are the two?"
"I do not keep up with that. Find out on your own. Before you go, be sure to head back to the lab and get another shot."

To my surprise, it was Xyianthis I would be working beside, but I did not see the other one. I knew Xyianthis back at the Central, never before seeing him outside that giant building. I think I've known him ever since I was "born"...but even so I can't say I know him perfectly. I always thought about his condition and what makes him so different than me...only to find out that we are not so different after-all. Before I could think of something else to ignore the pain, I was shaken back into reality by a sudden jerk of the transport and some yelling in the front room and from Xyianthis giving a command.

Beta scrambled to his feet, looking outside as the transport started to pick up an incredible amount of speed.
"What...? Changing? What could possibly be so important from a simp--"
Beta was interrupted by his helmet giving off several beeping noises and a number displaying on the glass over his left eye.
(i It looks like the other member already went ahead...I wonder if something terrible happened? Well whatever happened, they decided to take action without us.)
"I believe the other member went ahead. It looks like if we don't hurry, then we wont get our chance."
It wasn't very often Beta gave much output. He was mainly given orders to accompany a squad on a boring matter such as a civilian committing a drug deal. He was a very sheltered member of the team always staying back at Central, not witnessing much of what happened in the city such as the raping or any of the actual slaughters.
"Do you know who it might be, Xyianthis?"
Before he could even get a response, he hoisted his large metal carrying case onto his back as the vehicle jerked to an immediate halt, throwing Beta off the transport and onto their destination, head first and onto his chest. He looked back and gave a rather annoyed scowl at the transport, yelling back at it as he attempted to get up.
"A little warning next time, (B PLEASE)?!"
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur sighed. A blade against his neck wasn't much different than a blade against his balls just minutes ago. But she was different. Not that dying in one way or another was different, but she had a strong will and a determination about her that was unnatural. She also had her eye on his gunblade for far too long. He turned to look at her face, digging the sword in slightly deeper on purpose. It bit into his throat easily; releasing warm blood onto the clean blade. (i I need to sharpen my gunblade...)

Calibur smiled at her, as he looked at a mask. He tightned his grip on his gunblade. "If you mean my weapon..." Calibur tilted it out for show. It shined in the light with an almost theatrical effect, glistening with blood. Much like a broadsword, it was double edged steel on both sides, with a wicked tip. The handle of it was much like an old revolver molded into the blade.

"Even if you killed me now, my soul would find you in this life or the next. This has saved my life, too many times..."

He thought about when he first saw it as a kid in a museum and the first time he thought about stealing it. He remembered the rush that he got when he stole it, the rush that filled his body with adrenaline. He remembered the guards he had to kill with it, and all the people who wanted to steal it from him. A complicated surge of emotions filled him as he controlled it and used it for fuel as he searched her eyes.

He knew that those that were strong-minded or strong-willed could realize his illusions where just images. But as far as he knew; nobody could stop the images he forced over their eyes. He looked deep into her soul as he sent her all of the abhorrent things he had seen in the city over the years: Mutilations, rapes, murders, vandalism, drug addictions, friends turned against each other, deep hatred and fear in the eyes of many. But worst of all, the emptiness from the lack of love.

Calibur used all of his emotion to put power behind his illusion. The alcohol had effected the clarity of the illusion, but at the same time it made up for it with raw power.

"But if you want to talk about something else..." Calibur had mastered the art of concealment as his body started to release thick curling smoke for all to see. It started at where the blade cut him and curled up his face and stretched over his shoulder. Even those who knew it was an illusion and could see him hiding behind the smoke and shadow, had difficulty discerning what or where exactly he was.
"... let's talk."
Tisa     11y ago

Joe jr. snapped his jaws shut and continued to gawk for a few more seconds: Such wonderfully smooth, raven-black hair, the way she held herself up with the uttermost badass confidence, the skimpy schoolgirl outfit, the way she didn't demand his shirt for the opportunity to escape-- what a lovely, lovely woman. As far as little boy crushes go, he only had one other, but it was with his first cousin, so he knew he had no chance. But this woman was completely unrelated! And hot. I mean, clearly she's much older, but age is but a number, eh? Love conquers all!

"Boy, could you please excuse yourself and any other piss-ridden thugs you have back there. I have some business to attend with this man."

Even her voice gave him chills.

That's when he witnessed the ghastly, monstrous darkness that began to enshroud the other stranger. The man that killed his home-dogs before Joe jr. could finish peeing. Those old fools. Gone. Heh.

Junior rushed back into the bathroom to find his older brother in a fetal position, his forehead pressed against the wall. With a disappointing sigh, little Joe approached his brother, "C'mon, Joe! Now's our chance! They're letting us leave!"

Big Joe sprang to his feet, "REALLY?! What'd ya say to 'em?"

"Nothing! There was a lady," (i such a fine lady,) "who's taking care of the old geezer. Let's go!"

"A'ight. Y'know I run fasta than you, so git on my back."

Joe jr. happily climbed on before big Joe began to sprint out the bathroom door. Without warning, little Joe shouted, "NO! WAIT!"

"WHA-AHHH!" Before they knew it, Joe slammed himself into the bar entrance doors, flinging Joe jr. through the air and landing on a tabletop. Big Joe fell to the ground, rubbing the side of his face, "what the fuck did you stop me for?"

Groaning, Joe jr. hopped off the table and took a few quick steps toward this one little girl he only caught a glimpse of seconds ago. Without thinking whether or not she was dangerous, as appearances often deceive, he grabbed onto her wrist, attempting to pull her toward big Joe and the doors, "Come with us! I don't think girls like you should really stick around in a place like this."

(i Heh. Same exact words Joe said to me when he found me. )

Big Joe couldn't help but grin, despite the annoyance of a stinging face. His little brother has a crush! Though his taste in women are a bit odd, and she looked way too young for him, as long as his brother was happy, "Yeh, I c'n carry both you 'n ya girlfriend-"

"WHAT?! SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!" Joe jr.'s face became beet-red, quickly glancing at the other woman by the stools, then glared at big Joe. (i Fuck, I don't want her to think I'm taken!)

"Yur holdin' 'er hand."


"Why're ya yellin' at me in fron' of yer girlfriend? That ain't very polite, y'know."

Joe jr. facepalmed.

Kamatayan smiled viciously. She liked this woman, maybe if she was lucky she could follow her around, and possibly get more than just money. This woman could train her. Just as she was about make her way to this mysterious lady her wrist was grabbed and she was jerked forward. Dumbfound, she started at the boy who grabbed her in such a way. She glared at the boy and the guy he was with bickered back and forth, like she wasn't even there! After a moment of listening to this annoying banter she finally got fed up and roared.

Now there are odd people all over Guten Nocht, but not many people, especially little girls, roared. It echoed off the walls causing the bar to fall silent and eyes to all fall on her. She stared daggers at the boys, her mouth twisted in a disgusted look.

"You will unhand me at once or die!" Her high voice bared little threat, but her body send differently. She was ready to kill and torture just as she was taught to do her whole eight years of living.
"Let me go, NOW!"
Tisa     11y ago

"Y' should really calm down ya girlfrien-"

"Let me go, NOW!"

Joe jr. immediately obeyed and slowly backed away. A little body that can roar like an enormous beast. It was as strange a sight as an elephant fearing a mouse-- another thing big Joe tries to convince little Joe, but where the hell does he come up with this stuff? That's just ridiculous.

Joe snickered, "Yur so whipped."



"SHE'S NOT MY- ugh. I can't even- ARGH!" Junior looked back at the child, his eyebrows tensed with fear, "let's just fucking get outta here. I don't like the way she's looking at me."

Joe, thinking that his brother was pulling a prank, began jokingly approaching the girl, "What? Y'mean this li'l thi-"

Joe jr. held out his arm, stopping his older brother in his tracks, "I mean it."

Without a word, Joe stood there for a few seconds, examining the child. At first, he didn't understand, but soon he saw the thirst for destruction swirling in her pupils. He mouthed a quick, "Oh fuck," before picking up his little brother by the waist and heading for the door.

(i What's with this town and freaks? )
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

So brash to casually stride into the bar, Nagini could, would, and should have seen this coming. She definitely picked the right place to be at with the right kind of person to altercate with; fate was playing a whole different hand than what the Killer expected. An illusionist at best, but bush wagon alcoholic nonetheless, Calibur went down in her book as a fool without aim, a worn out jester attempting to appease the court. (i Now but never later.)

"My brave man," she steadily held out without trembling over words or footing, "we certainly have much more to talk about aside from the gunblade." Whether or not she dared to (i volunteer) herself for revealing preternatural powers again, Nagini held contempt for unexpected turns.

She fidgeted in place, not because she rewitnessed atrocities, but because her sense of sight distracted her. Moving in any direction now would prove pointless, and attacking the nearest body result in self harm. Nagini, docile and usually reserved, waited in place. Snakes sensed objects with sound and taste. The air smelled like heavily concentrated urine and strong liquor; she relied on touch and sound rather than committing homicide to her nostrils and tongue.

Suddenly, a roar, a might roar at that, boomed and echoed throughout the bar, and possibly beyond the streets. The presence of death molested every person, place, or thing in the vicinity. The illusion wore down, but the images looped around in Nagini's head. Noticing throughout the visuals, the people captured were real men and women and were not fabricated from the air. Calibur detailed faces down to the sweat beads and brown freckles, the blotches of blood and seminal fluids, the striations in pistols and size of bullet holes. Emotion and memory detailed the cases and created a certain contrast to the painting. Within his little spell, cold cunning Nagini found some sort of extent.

But now, Nagini still faced trouble with eyesight. Slithering down and within her white sleeve, a vibrant green tree snake entwined itself on her forearm and latched its minuscule fangs into her wrist. Pulsating up her arm and into her heart, the short shock of pain completely revived her sight from the dank nightmare. She looked around and saw no Calibur. Instead, at the door, the Joe Bros. began their departure and the tiny girl just happened to follow Nagini here.

(i Silly civilians.) Nagini's intentions did not include harming them, but if they so happened to get in the way, she would not hesitate to rip the gristle out of their throats. Nagini stood in the middle of the bar, wondered, and playfully refuted, "How many of those murders did you stand in the shadows for and watched? (i Helplessly? In anger? For the shits and giggles?) How many women did you watch getting raped until you decided you had (i enough)?"
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur slid over the other side of the bar as he grabbed Rick's old butterfly knife and his flask. He took the knife and slammed it in between Nagini's left hand's fingers where it stuck quivering. A sign of his mark, he crawled on the otherside of the bar, staying as low as he could. He crawled all the way to the back door, over all of the muck, spit, ashes, and bile that customers from long before had unleashed.

As he made his way out the backdoor, he stood up and released his illusion. He sprinted down the alleyway, as he masterfully jumped over bums, rodents, and even fences and dumpsters. He made the terrain his canvas as he painted his body across it. His spirit unleashed as he ran across the city, using his parkour skills as he stretched his legs as far as he could go.
Vinleon     11y ago


The silence was getting louder, but still there he sat, thinking. Raiz was staring at his sheets of dirty paper, pen still in hand.

It had been a long while since he had a revelation such as this. His music would echo across his grand haven, a utopia within a distopian world.

45 flights, that is what stood against Raiz and the love of his life. The elevator of the Torretta Di Vetro {tower of glass} had long since been out of service, and the grand ballroom was on the top floor of this abandoned hotel of once near royal status. With sheet music in hand he began his assent.

Of Italian blood, Raiz Bonasaria would have grown up wealthy if the world had been what it once was. Sure enough the world was a broken shell of its former glory. Italy was to say the least, extinct. Along with it any form of wealth, status, or recollection of what the world once was. So to say the least, this young Italian man was just that, a man with nothing to his name. His mother and father both dead for nearly a decade now, his sanity waning. Inside the ballroom sat a Victorian Oro Dell'avorio {ivory gold} Piano, that had been used to entertain the crowds of people that attended the midnight ball. The room now barren of life, other than roaches and rodents, Raiz kept himself company by stealing mannequins from the storefronts down the road. Each of the 40 some odd mannequins had names, life story's, and interests, But only two mattered to Raiz. His mother, and sister. His sister, Elenora Bonasaria, had been separated from him when his mother died. Taken from her dead embrace by her murdering husband. Raiz stalked his step-father in hopes of rescuing his sister, but only succeeded in beating the whereabouts from him. She had been sold to a prostitution ring at the age of 16. Raiz lost hope in finding her and went into solitude.

Reminiscing as he stepped out of the doorway onto the 45th floor landing, he was jolted back to reality at the sound of his piano. A haunting sonata was being played across his beloveds ivory keys. Who had dared to enter his home, to rape his halls with such an under-practiced piece. The composure was sloppy; Their execution was imperfect. To play such a mute display of echoing notes on his piano, in his home, was deserving of death. He raced the corridor, making his way to the ballroom when the music abruptly stopped, and sound was replaced with smell. A smell that brought dread into Raiz. He sprinted to the doors of the dancefloor, their oaken timbers emanating heat from what raiz feared behind them. Smoke plumed from the floor underneath the door. Against his better judgment he slammed open the doors and saw where his piano had sat, a smoldering heap. As the flames waltzed across the floor from patron to inanimate patron, Raiz fell to his knees. Tears poured as he mourned his love, and his home burned. The mannequins cast dancing shadows on the walls of the grand ballroom, whilst Raiz wept.

Time stood still, and again there was silence. That ear piercing, deafening silence. He jumped to his feet, and ran to the window, smashing it open for an escape. He rushed to the ground floor via fire escape, and stood back and watched his only oasis in this desert of madness burn to the ground. Not a soul stirred, as if his home never existed in the first place, and he wondered for just a moment, if it even did.

"Arrivederci Elenora pi
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

All a convict could do against Nagini was run, or at least make an attempt to run from her. By nature, the hunter pursued the hunted until her prey died in her tight grasp. Definitely caught by surprise, Calibur shot past Nagini and sent her hair with the rush. The exhilarated woman took the erecting of the knife as a threat, not to her personally, but to the state of Guten Nocht. A mad man with powers ran wild amongst the innocent. It was her job to protect men and women, especially the rich, and to capture any man or woman who posed threat to the government.

Without a moment's notice, Nagini jolted for the doors. Calibur was a fool; any person with the right mind would have sneaked out without making a sound. Either way, he was a dead man running into small corners. The woman with jet hair streamed through alleyways and barbed-wired fences. His scent, so faint, traveled down the track, and before she noticed, she caught sight of him once more.
KMukuro   11y ago

(forgive the length of this post as well as any spelling and grammar, I've done this on my phone)

Mukuro's footsteps echoed down the alleyway as he walked. Besides getting robbed, raped, or shot, there wasn't anything to do in the streets of Guten Nocht, and he wasn't in the mood to drink himself stupid in one of those horrific taverns. He guessed he'd just have to go home tonight, wherever home was.
Dream_KeeperXyianthis   11y ago

Xyianthis watched the transport drive off as he hung from the side of a nearby building. The driver didn't give warning of the drop off, and only made a fool out of Beta. In some other time, Xyianthis would have laughed. It must have been the anger that took hold of it. He still felt betrayed.
Bringing his attention to his surroundings, Xyianthis darted his eyes throughout the city streets and buildings. Everything he looked at or saw came up on his programs and identified their location. It was only a matter of seconds before he figured it out.

"Beta, the scene of the crime is near. It's about two blocks from here."

Before Beta could reply, Xyianthis immediately noticed a young boy practically running for his life down an alleyway. Using his given programs and computer links, they gave him a name. Arken Rasthim, resident of a nearby apartment. Just a few apartments down from the bar. Speaking up, Xyianthis deemed curious on something.

"Arken, did you happen to see anything over there? By your home?" His voice cold as the air around them. He had forgotten that his appearance may scare the child. It wasn't everyday that you'd see some sort of robot or cyborg running around.
The child grabbed for a wall so he could stop his pace. Taking a quick breather he pointed to the direction he came from. Xyianthis already knew what was up.

"Over there...a strange man and a lady fighting at the bar..." The boy struggled to speak as his lungs demanded refill. Xyianthis didn't need to know more. In fact, he was already on his way. Looking back, he nodded to Beta.

"Head north to cut them off. Report is that the target is man with a weapon. As for the woman, identify her as a bounty hunter or not. I fear that Nocht Central didn't want us to know about her."

Using the alleyway as a running start, Xyianthis easily jumped off the ground and worked his way up along the two buildings. Within seconds, he was already running across rooftops. Xyianthis could easily do what challenged mortals. For a man without flesh or organs can do anything with little trouble.
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

As the sweat beaded on Calibur's face, it felt like ice in the cool night air rushing about his body. A quick glance behind him confirmed his apprehension. Even with the adrenaline surging through his veins, he wasn't able to gain much distance on her from the ground. As he turned the corner he almost ran into someone. Expertly twisting his body, his jacket merely brushed up against the stranger as he continued to run. With a great leap Calibur ran across a dumpster and reached out to grab a sign. Using the sign as a pivot point he did a backflip to gain momentum, and twisted his body to guide his direction.

Calibur landed on a rooftop, and turned around to see that the stranger had tackled his assailant. Intrigued he walked to the edge, and drew his gunblade from it's clip. He took a good look at the woman below, and realized that she probably worked for the government. Instantly Calibur had a foul taste in his mouth. His eyes narrowed as he tightened his grip on his gunblade. Thunder boomed and echoed amongst the alleys and streets of Guten Nocht as it started to rain. Lightning flashed, bathing Calibur with light as he stood there on the edge of a grimy building. One knee up on the ledge ready to spring, the other leg straight ready to bolt in the other direction. Holding his gunblade ready, the rain ran lazily down the tip. As the lightning flash faded, the darkness engulfed him, and swept him away. Leaving nothing in his wake, not a shadow, not a puff of smoke; Calibur was already back on the ground.

Calibur landed softly next to the ongoing struggle.
Onitaroβετα   11y ago

Finally struggling with his giant metal backpack, he stood up and followed Xyianthis, which sought out answers by a nearby patron.
"Head north to cut them off. Report is that the target is man with a weapon. As for the woman, identify her as a bounty hunter or not. I fear that Nocht Central didn't want us to know about her."
Beta did not get a good feeling. He nodded and took off running, looking back to call out to his partner.
"I sent you my frequency. Contact me if you find something!"
Looking foward once more, he quickly moved to the side as he nearly bumped into a citizen of Nocht.
"Excuse me, sorry!"
He was given an odd look as he ran by. It wasnt very often a polite boy ran through town, let alone an armored-looking humanoid for that matter. His eyes were wide with excitement, looking this way and that as he lifted his arm to place upon his scouter.
"Lets see....he must have wanted me to go this way!"
He took a sharp turn to the left, down an alleyway. He heard the sound of thunder and thought a moment as he looked up to see the rain fall at a rapid rate. A bolt of lightning clashed, blanketting the sky in white for only a split second; while in Beta's mind, the second felt like minutes in memory.

"Dont exert yourself, Beta...We are still unsure of your long-term status."
"Exert myself...? Does that mean rain and lightning hurt?"
"We are unsure....So it would be wise to come back inside."
"....Alright....thank you for keeping an eye out for me, Mr. Nocht."
".....Please Beta, call me--"
I flashed back into reality as the thunder followed the lightning.

Turning another corner, deeper into the alley, Beta ran faster as his sight showed a man struggling with a woman with jet black hair. She looked oddly familiar to him. He pressed his hand to his scouter and read the numbers on his screen.
"97%, Still in good shape!"
He argued with himself on what to do and instead did the first thing that came to mind. As the man got above her, he smashed his metal case into him, knocking him off. Seeing the face of the girl, he smiled to find out it was someone he knew.
He gripped her arm to help her up quick and setting her upright. As his headpeice started to beep, he looked up to find that there was not one man, but two, one with a weapon that was clearly visible. He placed his iron case back on his back as he widened his footing in case someone were to retaliate.
KMukuro   11y ago

(Usual deal, posted from iPhone, forgive length, spelling, grammar, etc)

For a second, everything went blurry as Mukuro was knocked off his opponent. Knowing, however, that not reacting quickly could lead to death, he quickly sprung to his feet, getting himself between the two Nocht Central agents and the strange man with the gunblade.
Vinleon     11y ago

Back onto the streets after so long, Raiz walked slowly, careful to step around dead bodies and gutter trash. He held a moments remorse for his poor shoes. He floated from storefront to storefront peeking into windows, through doors, and down alleyways, looking for something he knew he would not find. Commotion around him caught his attention.

Sound, for at least this town had sound. Something that could drive away this maddening silence. He twisted and turned throughout the alleyways, slid between buildings, and came out to the far side of a street. Four figures could be seen down the way. From where Raiz was standing it appeared it was was two on two, appealing odds. He stepped closer to get a better view, revealing the two furthest from him to be a woman, and... seemingly an android.

"God damnit, why are you still here?" One of the closer men yelled to the one behind him. Without turning his back from the assailants, he spoke over his shoulder again. "Get outta here, friend. I'll hold them off as long as I can."

Raiz stood idly by as the man jumped into combat. He smirked. "now... one on two isn't very fair at all," he thought to himself. He looked around the area, and saw that to the left was a whore house. Slinking inside, he searched and found an old underused tallback piano. With a slight effort, he drug the piano outside to the confrontation. Still a good three or four blocks away, he didn't think he would disturb them if he played while they exchanged blows.
He chose a piece with plenty of Allegro for the fight, keep their blood pumping, he thought. His fingers whistling away at the old dirty keys.

For the first time in several years, he had a live audience. An audience that could care less if he were playing or even alive mind you, but a live audience non the less. This excited Raiz, and he played his very best that could be done on such an antique piano. Ah but just as he was thinking about how old the piano must be, he struck a dead key, and then another. Infuriating him he stood up and kicked the piano over onto it's back. Looking back to the fight, he decided he would enjoy it a little longer, and walked closer for a better view.
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur was shocked to see all of these people come into the alleyway as his new "friend" got backpack-bashed by an armored man. (i What the hell is going on? I go out for a drink, and everybody wants to kill me?) He took a quick look around to see if anybody else was gonna come out of the woodwork. Not all that surprised, he found that creepy little girl hiding in the shadows.

"God damnit, why are you still here?" (i That's exactly what I was thinking about that creepy girl....)He turned to see the man quickly get into a fighter's stance. "Get outta here, friend. I'll hold them off as long as I can." Without a chance to say much of anything Calibur joined him with his fighter's stance.
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

A strange yet familiar voice that she heard once or twice in her life shouted out the name she was born with: Erika. The android gave out her name, how unprofessional of a Nocht Central Upper Law enforcer. A relief, hardly, the bounty hunter Nagini took down simple street thugs when time permitted. She worked her way back on her feet and stood next to the metallic Beta in a semi-gratuitous way. Looking from the edge of her eyes, she smirked, "thanks, but I could have handled this one by myself, but since you're here, you mind as well help me sweep up the street trash."

She did not admit it to herself, but Mukuro's tackle to the ground caught her off guard. The collaborator of Calibur was on her vendetta list. Those who opposed her goals and aspirations faced her blade. Not many men faced to see another streetlight after she got through with them. Erika Haruno was an everyday assassin you would find on the streets.

The whole scene gathered spectators: from the streets, in the alleyways, out the windows, on the rooftops. Most of them kept themselves well hidden for their own safety, but the scolding woman could not help herself but glance at the pianist. (i What an obstruction.) Quickly though, she returned her attention to the men in front of her and informed her ally, "We're taking the one with the gunblade into custody. As for the ruffian, DOA."

As Mukuro suddenly charged forth, Erika got a running start before she sprang ten feet into the air. Gliding into the air as sharp as a keen raptor, the acrobat twisted around and faced her enemy's back. She held right hand out as thin green serpents from her sleeves shot out. The snakes of unknown origin stretched themselves from Nagini and sought her prey. As they zipped in midair, the dozen oxidized copper wires bloomed to latch onto Mukuro from all sides.
Tisa     11y ago

"A-.. A'ight. I think we're.. I think we're safe," Joe panted as he set his little brother on his own feet. It squeaked from the urea-filled moisture.

"Are you seriously exhausted? That was probably only a good half a mile?" little Joe teased, dusting his pants a bit.

"Well I ha' ta carry you, y' fatty. How much y' weigh? Two hundre' pounds?!
VinleonRaiz Bonasaria   11y ago

Looking back to the confrontation, Raiz steps around the heap of splinters that once was the tallback piano. He walks closer to observe in detail. The fight had taken a different turn than that he had expected, and he was now only slightly interested. He felt someone look at him, and he turned around looking for the source, but only to have the feeling disappear soon thereafter. He pulled the piano stool up to about 2 yards from the brawling combatants. Noticing here and there, the magical properties of this fight, thinking to himself about how unfair it was to use a weapon that your opponent has not access to themselves. An old man stumbles out of the whore house behind him, drunk and out of his senses, he stumbled towards Raiz.
"Now what dija do tha' fer? Tha' righ thur was a mighty fine *hick* pano." The man walked up to the pile of wood, and picked up a sliver of the the pianos leg. He started in the direction of Raiz, running at first, but as disoriented as he was, tripped right on his face. Raiz looked back at the man curious as to his prior intentions. The man sat up and looked around. He seemed very confused. Standing up, he walked back to the door of the whore house, and stumbled back indoors, leaving things strangely just as they were before he had arrived.

"What a strange world it is that I live in. I wonder... today might just turn out to be of some fun after all." Raiz stood up from his seat and took a bow to his unattentive audience, and walked out of sight.

Kamatayan grinned from the shadows, wondering who would win in this fight. Whose body would she be devouring tonight? It had been a long time since she had been able to feast on less dieses ridden beings, and this was a treat she was looking forward to. Licking her lips slowly she looked up and met eyes with that little boy from earlier. A soft hiss escaped her lips. Anger rushed to her face, and her body went stiff. How dare he have grabbed her in such a way!? Who did he think he was!? This anger and hate fueled something deep inside of her and the only way to let it go was to kill.
Slowly she stepped out of the shadows, the pale street lights that surrounded them made her seem like nothing but a ghost. Shadows in the shape of humans and animals rose from the walls and ground surrounding everyone in the immediate area. There was no escape. The little girl stood still, waiting for everyone's attention thinking on who she would pick off first.
The two guys fighting looked delicious, but she knew the real treat was the woman. The way her body moved and looked; her strength and speed was amazing. Kamatayan couldn't wait to feast upon her.
Onitaroβετα   11y ago

Beta had not expected Nagini to jump into combat. He was not made as an expert killing machine, nor was did he want to exert himself more than he needed to.

(I D-Damn this pain...I need to think of something...)

A determined look came across his face. He held his left arm in front of him, then released a large tower-shield attached to his arm with a symbol on the front, then pointed to the man engaged into the fight with Nagini.

"Halt, in the name of Nocht Central! If you resist we will be forced to take hostility to drastic measures. By rule 7 of Nocht Civil Law, you will not be harmed if you cooperate."

Beta was always used to following the rules, even if the authorities of Nocht seemed to be just as dishonest as any other in this hell born isle of darkness...Perhaps honor and code was in his programming...Or it was how he was raised.

Lifting his arm quickly to his headgear, he placed a hand on the large button and ducked into his shield.
"Xyianthis, looks like things are getting pretty bad here, hurry up if you can!"
He rose to his feet and looked around, hoping he could find something to help him out with no avail. Upon his search his scouter began going off like crazy.
(I huh, whats this...? I wonder just how many people fit in such a small alleyway.)
He could not see or tell all that was around, nor did he care to that great of an extent and simply assumed his partner would be helping soon.
TisunaAubrey West   11y ago

Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

In an attempt to evade the elusive snakes, Mukuro put all of his effort into the sprint. The loose road beneath flew into air as the sole of his pushed off the ground like the random, rogue bottle rockets that zipped through the streets. Within the first five seconds, Mukuro was the invincible bullet that could not be stopped. Perspiration, the will to live, the sense of danger: those abstract concepts ran through his mind. As soon as his five seconds of fame stopped short, the fibrous snakes entangled and jutted their fangs into his forearms. Immediately suffering from the shock and restrain, the ruffian of Guten Nocht streets fell face first into the grime, glass and rock road scraping a cheek badly.

Upon snatching her prey, the dancer of serpents approached the stifled body in a bouncing stride and without remorse, plunged the tip of her blade into his shoulder. Nagini smiled and remarked, "that's payback for you tackling me earlier." She quickly retracted her blade and sheathed it. The verdant creatures hissed and dissipated from Mukuro's writhing body.

Nagini returned her attention to Calibur, not forgetting the real reason why she was in the streets. She avoided his eyes and stared at his chin. "You can either continue to run away and die like vermin, or you can come into custody peacefully." Either way, she planned on getting the last lick in. The uncontrollable urge to bring pain to men lingered; she was the mantis who feasted on her partner's head.
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur smiled. "What makes you think you can run the city? Let me make this clear.... You will never catch me, or get your hands on this gunblade." He raised the weapon and pointed the blade at the government official. "And I will warn you that even if you were to touch this weapon, you would regret it in your darkest hours. This is just a dream..."

Calibur kept his cool. He felt the shadows rush around them, and he drew himself an illusion into the malevolent shadows. At the crack of a blank from the gunblade, Calibur's face melted, his gunblade grew longer, and his feet poured into the ground. A shroud of demonic shadows swirled around him like clothes, as Kamatayan's shadows ran past him, and took him as their own. Calibur's face twisted into a face of hatred and loathing. His eyes burned redder than the darkest blood, and his mouth contorted into a hungry grimace as saliva dripped from the fangs. A serpent wound and slithered out of the mouth and Calibur cast an illusion directly at Nagini, making the serpent give her a kiss.

Calibur took this opportunity to morph into a different shape. He ran around with the other shadows, blending and changing like one of them.
Dream_KeeperXyianthis   11y ago

The dark sky literally blanketed and warped around the city. To Xyianthis, it felt like the world was one large never-ending tunnel with no way out. Thinking you could, was just a dream.

Another leap, another rooftop crossed for Xyianthis. His strength and build allowed him to travel like the most intense of animals and creatures imaginable. He was perfection in the simplest of builds. Xyianthis was a gem in the eyes of Nocht Central. A precious treasure.
It had only been about a minute and he already traveled a whole city block. Keeping an eye on his route, he was closing in the area the child spoke about. With his speed and determination, Xyianthis was ready to just about eliminate whatever he would encounter. It was the thought of this sudden change in plans that bothered Xyianthis. Perhaps it slowed him down slightly, but whatever that did irk him, affected his mission. He didn't like this.

A voice quickly snapped him out of his trance almost immediately. The transmission obviously read his partner's name. Opening the comm link, Xyianthis replied. As ever, his face remaining the same, with that drawn on synthetic face without emotion.

"Beta, I'm on my way. Location will be reached in exactly forty seconds."

Changing in slight direction, Xyianthis sped up his pace. His scaling and climbing was like a form of perfected parkour, his jumping like nothing else. If he really tried, Xyianthis was able to leap entire buildings in one stride. Nothing was expected less of this from Nocht Central.


It didn't take long for Xyianthis to reach Beta's position. In fact, he made it there just two seconds earlier than stated. As said, nothing was expected less. Landing on the edge of the building that towered over the alleyway in which everyone shared locations in. Standing firm and stable on the exact edge, Xyianthis almost immediately read the situation. Not far from the distance showed a young girl, with slight abnormalities. Not a perfect human, she contained some sort of gene mutation. Creature, mutant, it didn't matter. 'Kamatayan Anak' wasn't here for the show. She wanted something.
Bringing back his view, he sighted the other apartments nearby. From the windows showed a family watching the local news, another showing two related boys arguing with one another, and an old man eying the fight for amusement. Nothing suspicious from that area. Everything that needed to be contained was right here. Unless the little girl decided to become involved, this was an easily handed problem.

Moving his view to the actual fight, Xyianthis looked upon the rest of them. Beta was there, in defensive position. Apart from him stood the target, 'Calibur'. The report from Nocht and the police were correct. A civilian with a gene abnormality. His seemed to be magik of sorts. Scanning him further, Xyianthis picked up his records, known past, and possessions.

To his side stood another man, with odd features. Reading him, Xyianthis caught his name. 'Mukuro', as his name was, seemed to be aiding Calibur in the fight. Xyianthis assumed this was on his own, as the reports read just one vigilante. Why anyone would go out of their way to help a jackass confused him. In the end, they'd just get fucked up.

It was the woman who stood next to Beta that intrigued Xyianthis. He had almost missed her. Odd, considering how he never missed anything. Scanning the young female, he twitched. Her background came up static, only with the name Erika and her profession; Bounty Hunter. Xyianthis filled with rage. If anything, this was what Nocht Central hid. This was what the betrayal was about. This...woman.

Feeling the ever growing annoyance in his being shoot to the surface, Xyianthis was already tired of this encounter before it even began for him. This was ending NOW.

Jumping down, Xyianthis landed with ease as he focused his attention on target Calibur. Even though he was a Defunct Gene, Xyianthis could pick him out of the shadows. Xyianthis read anything.

"Listen, human. I would have killed you already, but I'm quite upset with how this situation has gone. You're just a critter on these streets. Leave while I'm letting you go, or I will kill you." Xyianthis spoke with bitter cold in his tone. It was easy to tell he was taking this mission in a different course now. After all, he was annoyed. Without looking at Mukuro, he spoke up for him as well. "And as for you, I suggest you depart as well, with or without your new friend."

Xyianthis was an odd one. When he felt he needed to actually fight with his own personal weapon, he meant business. He could only recount a handful of times when he ever actually used his weapon. He was able to complete the rest of his missions without the use of them. He was that...perfected. Perfection in everything, except his own self being. His own diminished mind. It was quite unfortunate.

Expecting the two to leave, he turned his back to them. He knew they understood his warning. He allowed them to go free; and that meant something. Reading Beta's confused and disappointed expressions, he nodded to him in assurance. Hopefully his partner would understand why he had done that. And why he wasn't able to find anything on this so called Bounty Hunter.

"Beta, excuse my sudden rudeness, but explain to me immediately, who is this woman."

Scanning her once again, everything was static. Every answer, every single fact and knowledge about her, came up a blurred slate. As if it was removed from his hard drive.

No, his mind.
Onitaroβετα   11y ago

Looking at both his targets he realized something was wrong with what he had calculated. He looked at Makuro and saw no visible weapon and the real target was actually Caliber. He had not noticed since all he saw was Nagini being tackled by the other man.

His scouter beeped at Caliber, revealing his body heat in his vision. He let his metal case fall the ground as it clicked opened. He kneeled down and within seconds had attached a new accessory to his right arm which resembled the barrel of a machine gun, then pointing it at Caliber, propping the gun on his knee. He was not about to leave his mission without at least attempting to capture the target.
"Halt, you are a target of Nocht, justice understands resistance!"

Beta gave a baffled look as his partner had dismissed his mission. Feelings sparked around Beta's head.
(i Why was he the favorite...?)
It wasn't normal for Beta to feel jealousy, but at this sudden notice it was hard to believe when there was such favoritism when he himself had never disobeyed NC-HQ. He quickly shook the feeling away and remembered that Xyianthis was his ally; the prized project before him with a human brain, while Beta was still very artificial. At least the president thought highly of him.

Beta was caught off-guard by Xyianthis, he looked away from Caliber but did not lower his gun. He glanced looks at both of his partners and then back to Caliber.
"This is Eri-...Nagini."
He corrected himself as he remembered Nagini liked keeping her other name unannounced, even though it did not much good telling someone who could read her name.
"I met her inside HQ, she has done some work for Nocht before."
Beta was very vague with his answer, but he told exactly what he could. He only met her a few times but where she went or what she did was left hidden from Beta. This arrangement was not surprising at all to him, since he did live in the private quarters with the president, after all. Things were kept and things were shared. Perhaps the company thought he was too innocent at his current state in his programming.

Eyes changing from person to person, over at Xyianthis and Caliber again, he adjusted his gun, not wanting to forget about his real target.
"Why are you letting them go?"
PutACurseOnYou     11y ago

Mukuro stopped twitching, and then got to his feet, grinning over at the NC agents. He wiped the grime off his face and tilted his head slightly.

"Heh. That hurt. I suppose I shouldn't be suprised. As soon as I heard that walking scrap heap over there mention the legendary Erika Haruno, I thought 'Oh, shit. I've bitten off more than I can chew.' Then I remembered that you're just a puppet for something bigger than all of us. You don't even know who's pulling the strings."

Mukuro raised his hand to shake that of Xyianthis, but then lowered it, knowing that it wasn't a good idea.

"Calibur, is it? Make your way towards the end of this alley. A car is waiting for you there."

Mukuro put his hands in his pockets, seemingly unfazed by his multiple stab wounds.

"Let's go."

He turned his back to the others and began to calmly make his way to the end of the alley.
Finnigan     11y ago
Crusty Pugnacious Sharp-Tongued Seafaring Weaver of Sunshine and Despair

Who was he and how did he know her real name? Erika Haruno, exposed to the world to know a little bit more than they should actually know, quizzically stood there facing the convicts. As her companions questioned each other, she watched as Mukuro walked down the alley as a free man; no simple ruffian in all of Guten Nocht knew the full name of Erika Haruno, not even those programmed by Nocht Central. A prevalent admirer of her work or a serial stalker, but most of all, the man with the white hair by the name of Mukuro knew too much. How he escaped the interests of Nocht Central, nobody knew. Beneath her bosom, Nagini felt that headquarters was withholding more from her than what she ought to know.

Letting go tore Nagini inside. As she watched the men walk away coolly from the altercation as if it was two men simply shrugging off bump on busy streets, she felt that Beta, Xyianthis, and herself could have easily captured them and extracted the information Nocht Central wanted. Even if Nocht Central did not find them appealing in the slightest, the begrudging Nagini wanted the straight facts of who Mukuro was and how Calibur possessed such a weapon. She muttered under her breath as the Mukuro's image shrank between the alleyway's walls.

(i "Xyianthis. Why?")she internally asked herself. (i "Why'd you let them go?") She held no contempt over his decisions, but she questioned his reasoning like Beta did. Perhaps she was battle hungry, but Nagini believed that the Greater Law should uphold the beliefs of Nocht Central. Then again, Mukuro's words and her interpretations echoed through her head. (i "An obedient watchdog for Nocht Central? I am nobody's puppet or beast.") Still, why was this mechanical man hesitant to bring in preternatural, possibly potential, threats? Griff would have the answers.

She turned to her male counterparts and gleamed her seafoam green eyes towards the taller half of the duo. Nagini did not catch his question, but she awaited an answer for Beta's. She later on added, "If we're done here, we'll have to report back to HQ."
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur stopped his swing just as it started. The sound of metal on stone averted his attention, as he saw a tall metal man standing on the building he had jumped down from earlier. (i Damnit. He can see me...) A metallic voice resounded in his head.

"Listen, human. I would have killed you already, but I'm quite upset with how this situation has gone. You're just a critter on these streets. Leave while I'm letting you go, or I will kill you."

Calibur lowered his illusion and the shadows fell from him like tattered robes, revealing him standing mid swing in the woman's direction. He stood up straight but didn't let his guard down. He walked carefully, tilting his head at the ground so he could see behind him with his peripheral vision. He paused; uncertain of recent events.

"In my defense... all I wanted was a drink." He took a drink from his flask as his new friend spoke to him hastily.

"Calibur, is it? Make your way towards the end of this alley. A car is waiting for you there."

"Well seeing as how I'm not going to go home with all these loonies and bloodsucking officials around to follow me... Sure, I'll get into a strange car and go to an undetermined destination."

His new friend replied "Let's go."

Calibur started walking down the alleyway with his new companion. He clipped his gunblade in it's quick release clip. (i What the fuck...) The night replayed in his head, and it didn't make any more sense than it did before. (i I get attacked on a night that was supposed to be a fun filled bar-hopping night, and I have elite government officials and eccentric people follow me into an alleyway? Something isn't right. The government must be looking for something...)
PutACurseOnYou     11y ago

As the alley opened up into a street, Mukuro nodded towards a black luxury car that sat on the other side of the road.

"Standard issue for Nocht Central execs, if you didn't know. It seems like an odd choice, but nobody fucks with you when you're driving one of these."

Mukuro raised his keys and the doors unlocked with a click and a beep. He opened the back door for Calibur to step in and walked around the car to get to the driver's seat. Sliding down comfortably into place, Mukuro paused for a moment. He took off his bloodied and dirtied jacket and threw it against a wall.

"Eurgh. I'm going to get blood on the upholstery. Never mind. Is there anywhere in particular you'd like to go?" Mukuro asked as he brought the engine roaring into life.
TisunaAubrey West   11y ago

(i If I didn
ZanziberCalibur   11y ago

Calibur wasn't used to people opening doors for him. (i After having so many doors blown up, and bashed in for me, this is a nice change. Much quieter... Heh, almost makes me want to ask for permission to smoke in here.) Calibur unclipped his gunblade and set it on his lap as he sat in and closed the door. Before he spoke he lit a cigar he'd been saving.

"Drop me off in a government parking garage. You should be able to get in no problem. Wait for my mark." The smoke came out Calibur's nose and curled up the side of his eyes. He looked out the tinted window; cautious of unwelcome followers. He refilled his gunblade with blanks and made himself comfortable. He tried to imagine being chauffeured. "I don't think I caught your name?"
PutACurseOnYou     11y ago

Mukuro listened intently as he sped off into the night.

"A government parking garage? Wow. You don't waste time, do you?"

Mukuro shifted gears and spun the car around, kicking up dust and causing the tires to screech. It was late and the streets had fallen relatively quiet. He wasn't going to hit anything.

"Well, I suppose this works out quite well. My name is-" he paused. "People call me Mukuro. I bring drugs to the Nochtian people, numb their painful existence."

Mukuro sneered as he raced through the red light district.

"I can get you pretty much anything you might need..."

A prostitute on the street corner made no attempt to hide her shame as the draft from his car blew her skirt upwards, much to Mukuro's pleasure.

"...For the right price, of course."

A large building began to appear on the horizon - It was significantly smaller than any of the NC buildings in Central Guten Nocht, but Mukuro figured that this would be the least likely one to get them killed.

"What's the plan, boss?"


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