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wacraft a forbidden love

By zerato

Replies: 6 / 10 years ago

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is in azorath and due to her fathers spell messing up she was teleported to the forest near the gate of the city of stormwind were a human warrior finds her and nurses her back to health surprised she asks why he saved her he tells her that he hates the war between the sides and has a friend int he horde doing what his is trying with the alliance but not havein much luck ether we will figure were it goes from there
human warrior -taken
bloodelf girl-spoken for
others can join to


[you can start if you want i will have to be leaveing in a few minutes]
do you wanna start or should i???
zerato / zerato / 10y ago
haha i change so manny time either is fine
hey welcome yuki or should i call u rai
zerato / zerato / 10y ago
okay then i'll be the blood elf

hello hello zeru
ok we now are open
zerato / zerato / 10y ago