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Vampire 1x1


Replies: 14 / 10 years ago

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I want a vampire roleplay. Vampire/human, vampire/vampire, no romance, I don't care. I do both kinds of slash and het.

Tell me if you want to join. If you want a plot of some kind then say so and we'll work something out. If not we can just wing it.
[Hey would you like me to use a picture?]

Blair growled as he tried to dismiss her. She surged forward and crushed his arm in her grip. As she growled, she bared her fangs at him. "You dare attempt to dismiss me so easily?" she hissed. "That is the problem with you modern vampires. No idea how to respect others."

A moment later, she released her grip and pushed him from her. "I am here to make you clean up your act," she said, straightening up as she looked at him. If not for the fangs, one would never have known she was a vampire or anything other than human. "Or to cleave your head from your shoulders," she finished, brushing some loose strands of her hair over her shoulder.
Constance / 10y ago
"What the hell are you talking about?"

The words came out surprisingly fluidly, not betraying any of his fear, much to his surprise. He'd told so many lies over the past few weeks that it simply came naturally to him now.

Not that he could lie to this girl, of course, and Lucas knew that. He didn't know why he was trying.

"I've had no involvement with any bodies," He went on, placing the rest of the videos he was holding on the shelf he stood in front of, turning to face her properly. "I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to leave."
[Sorry for the delay]

"Isnt it funny how the pathetic insects try to fill their time with pathetic past-times and stories?" A female voice echoed through the all but empty video store. Which was how it should be. She had made sure there would be no witnesses to this. "Stories of love," she said, knocking one of the many videos off its shelf as she walked along them. "Fantasy," another video slammed to the floor. "Adventure," yet another. "Sex."

When she finally came out of the shadows, Blair Diaskimos placed one hand on her hip and lent against the end of one of the shelves. "And you pander to these insects wants," she finished, levelling her gaze on the one she had come to see. The male who was sloppy. Who was putting their whole species in danger of discovery because he couldnt clean up after himself. And threats to their kind wasnt something Edward Diaskimos took lightly. Hence why his daughter, Blair, had been sent to rectify the situation.

"You are putting our kind in danger and I am here to find out why," Blair said, her dark hair blending seamlessly into her dark clothing so the length was impossible to determine. "Would you care to explain why you leave your victims bodies for the police to find?"
Constance / 10y ago
When Lucas returned to the shop after his break, it was eerily silent. It was only a little past eleven, and although it was dark outside, there was usually still a few people looking at the videos
That'd work.

D'you want me to start?
Well, which is it you'd like to do?

Maybe for a slayer plot, he's been being lazy when it comes to cleaning up after himself, enough so that it attracts the attention of a slayer. Or, for the older vampire's daughter, because the older vampire's worried someone will eventually figure out the existence of their species?

I don't know, sorry, I'm not great at coming up with plots.
That'd work. Whichever you want to do.
He's really lame because I'm unadventurous but yeeaaaah I love him anyway. ):

Newly turned, has no problem killing people, but will still work in a shitty 24-hour video store so he can pay rent. Not very subtle when it comes to covering his tracks. Slightly mismatched morals.
I don't know, while these are really great plots, they're not really fitted to the character I wanted to use. :/
It seems really interesting, but my only vampire character isn't really that ~knowledgable in vampire matters. He's kind of stupid when it comes to that.

I like the idea of vampire/slayer though.
That'd be fine. Anything's good.
That'd be great, if you don't mind.

And I'm really not bothered, I can do romance or gen. Whichever you prefer.
Cool. :)

D'you have any ideas for what sort you want to do?