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big trouble begins for Neku

By zerato

Replies: 19 / 10 years ago

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(pic http://i562.photobucket.com/albums/ss64/ancient_album/neku1-thumb-250x658.jpg)

Neku was always in trouble ,ether he was in it or he found it. he went to a academy for boys and girls he never followed the dress code he was in fights constantly and then it get hell loads harder when a new girl joins the class that has neku in it and no matter what he does she wont leave him alone so lets see what happens between Neku and the girl




his so called stalker-(must be girl) open

the popular group
-1st girl Mikeru Hayaine-taken
-2nd open
-3rd open

his rival-open
teacher 1-open
teacher 2-open
teacher 3-open
ok i posted on frontier
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
<<Yeah, I believe it's your turn to post xD>>
man im ticked one one of my rps none joined and i had a sic ass idea for it was transformers
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
sall we go back to rune factory??
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
<<No, sorry.>>
oh you now any wow players by chance
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
its ok
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
<<I looked, it's great, but I've never been into pokemon. Sorry ^^">>
(just to now did u check my pokemon rp)
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
Mikeru didn't notice when Neko had entered, or even sat down. She had learnt to tune out people who never paid her any attention.
She took two books from her bag and her pencil case and placed then on her desk.
neku came in class andsat in his seat in the back being a lil anti social he didnt like being crowded (r man i wish this will hurry and be over already....)he looked around and saw he wasnt the only one in here the popular girl Mikeru Hayaine was there too
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
Mikeru sat in the science class room, she was considered 'popular', but she was really a hard working student. She was always the first to class and took notes diligently.
It's weird that she was good at communicating to people.
It was weird.
are u there or u still baby sitting???
Neku / zerato / 10y ago
<i also am doing a new pokemon series rp with new pokemon new leaders and new rivals so if your into pokemon look it up here is the id>

Neku / zerato / 10y ago
ok go ahead do your post
Neku / zerato / 10y ago