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1x1 yuri

By amberouija

Replies: 6 / 10 years ago

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(insert name here) found Laura lying on the street , unconscious and pregnant so she takes her home to take care of her ,what happens when they fall for each other?
Adri sighed a little and walked after. Getting in between her and the door she shook her head, "I can't let you leave LAura, your in no condition to. And you ahve no money" she pointed out. Haing checked her ockets for an id gor an adress to take her or someone to call
Adrij / 10y ago
She shrugged "you tell me and we'll both know" she said as she headed for the door "Well thanks but i really should be going home" she said as she went to open the door (I oh thats right, i dont have a home) she thought (I oh well ill figure out something)
Laura / amberouija / 10y ago
Adri just sat there watching her carefully. "Still protection is necessary. I brought you here, wasn't easy" she siad as she finally stood and went to the kitchen and started to cook. She looked at her, "I was hoping you would be able to tell me what happened. My name is Adri by the way"shes aid
Adrij / 10y ago
(oops i meant to say you could my bad- She looked at the girl "its not like i planned it" she said defensibly as she shook her head "i don't remember how i got here" she told the girl sitting in the chair "what happened, and who are you?" she stood up and pushed her short red hair behind her ears and slowly waddled to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of milk (I really thirsty) was her only thought as she finished the glass and headed back into the living room "nice place" she said softly
Laura / amberouija / 10y ago
~i take that as a yes I can join. If not please let me know~

Adri was sitting in a chair nearby half reading book half watching the woman. "Your in my home. And you should lay down" she said her tone polite yet firm. She put the book down stood up. "If you hate it so much why did you get pregnant in the first place" she asked as she moved closer to the bed
Adrij / 10y ago
Laura Groaned as she opened her eyes a little "what- what happened" she asked as she ran her hand down her body to see if she was ok, she paused as she touched her belly oh yea she thought remeber she opened ehr eyes and looked around "where am i" she asked as she tried to sit up "ohh i hate being pregnant" she cursed
Laura / amberouija / 10y ago