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Double Trouble

By CharlieTrance

Replies: 15 / 10 years ago

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Gage and Trace, ordinary teenage twins move into town during the summer break. Everything's fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until school starts back for the year. Then people start going missing. To reappear as dead exactly 5 days later. The only thing they have in common: they're all under twenty and killed in pairs. Other than that the police have no leads. None. At every crime scene a single letter is found, completely untraceable and seemingly random. After the twenty third and the twenty fourth murders the letters are found to spell: (b Help us please.) Then the murders stopped. No one was ever caught.
The same pattern has been repeated 4 times around the world over a span of 150 years. Police thinks it's just copy cats. It's been the same murders every single time. And it's about to start again.
Gage and Trace, ordinary teenage twins move into town during the summer break. Everything's fine. Nothing out of the ordinary. Until school starts back for the year. Then people start going missing. To reappear as dead exactly 5 days later. The only thing they have in common: they're all under twenty and killed in pairs.
Only this time there are larger gaps of time in between the killings as if they are hesitant maybe. Thing is they have both meet people they have grown extremely fond of. Who are these twins, well what seems to be a better fit. But not quite yet. . . school has just begun. And the first pair has only just gone missing.

Righto I need two guys to be the 'special' people that Gage and Trance meet. They can be brothers or don't even have to know each other, it's entirely up to you. Other characters are also welcome to join.


-NO one liners, I want this to be kept alive so please be literate or semi literate.

-Use proper grammar and punctuation-

-And also spelling, for the sake of my sanity spell words properly.

-Romance, yes, but not straight away, please make it hard, it keeps things interesting.

-No godmod whatsoever!

-No cyber, take it to the pm's or timeskip.

-Violence, yes, if it happens.

-Swearing, go for it, but not every second word.

-Please don't ask to join and then disappear forever.

-Please post at least once every one or two days please.

-Secrets are good, they keep rp's alive ^-^ and plot twists are much appreciated.

Just give me a basic profile please. Bio isn't need.


Name: Caroline Lily
Age: 17
Likes: Candy, Puppy, Dancing, Singing, Glee, Blood, food
Dislikes: Submissive Men, Whores, Backstabbers, Peanuts
Nickname: Mama Bear
Personality- Caroline is the kind of girl that draws people to her. She has a air around her that makes people feel safe and wanted. She is a very kind and out going person that if you give her food, she will love you for ever.
Favourite Quote: "Happiness is a warm gun"

Name: Darkus Nigh
Age: 18
Likes: Sweets, reading, guys
Dislikes: Broken glass [more of a fear then a dislike], being bothered when he's reading
Nickname: Dark
Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair, glasses, light blue-green eyes, usually wears a white t-shirt and jeans, fair

Posting Order:


Have fun.
Just to let you know I'm still hanging on to this rp, take you're time but I'm putting my roleplaying on hold for a while cause things aren't very good for me at the moment.
(oh, i HOPE so... >_< not to mention the fact i only have internet accsess at school and at my grandparent's house [i usualy go thare after school when my mom's at work. she's a home nurse, and work's been slow for her lately...]. When school's out, hopefuly things will calm down. as of now, i'm not getting my hopes up >.o

thanks for understanding, though ^_^)
Darkus Nigh / kixur / 10y ago
//I don't mind waiting. Everyone goes through crap at some point, some just more than others. End of year? Weird. Things will calm down eventually so take your time ^-^//
(ooc: well, i'll make a new charie then... but only when i get the time to. things are alittle more hectic around here since i offered >_< sorry! Thats why i haven't been on for nearly a week... ugh... *stress tiredness* I'll try to see if some of the people i rp with on CLoveless will want to join... after all, i REALY don't want such a good rp idea to die! T_T damn schoolwork's being piled up, since it's the end of the year, my grandfather's in the hospital, I've been feeling like crap... but I shouldn't be complaining here. I'm sure you guys don't want to hear about it ^^;;; )
Darkus Nigh / kixur / 10y ago
//I don't think imma be able to get someone else//
(*shrug* like i said... i might...

b-but... you had to click on a link to get HERE, so why not...?)
Darkus Nigh / kixur / 10y ago
She looked to him her blue eyes soft." lets get to school. I'm sure we already are going to be late." She rolled her eyes knowing this is going to cause her to get a detention. She shut her eyes as she started to clean up from the breakfast. Licking her lips she walked towards the door, her blonde hair pulled into a pony tail. "Thanks." She looked down having no clue what she would have done with out him. Walking out the door she looked around before walking towards the school. It was going to be along day. Biting her lip she thought aout the night before. She had a job, she had money. Maybe she could get her own place. Maybe Darkus would move with her. Wiggling her nose she entered the school. " Oh my" She breathed before walking to her locker." lets get this over with." She mumbled before opening the metal door.
Darkus examined her cheek closely, then nodded, "It's fine. I'm always here to help when you need it. Though, you shouldn't wait until things get so bad to come over. You're always welcome here." he told her, then laughed, "Unless I get a boyfriend... then you might have to wait every now and then." he joked. They both knew that Darkus would drop whatever he was doing to help anyone who needed him. Besides, so few people ever got to know him that it was doubtful that he would get a boyfriend anytime soon. He sighed, "Now eat before it gets cold." he said, then frowned when he noticed he had forgotten to put away the pill cup that always held his morning medison. He sighed, picking up the small plastic cup and putting it into the cabinit that held his supply of pills for the rest of the month.
Darkus Nigh / kixur / 10y ago
Neither spoke while they walked, there was no point. They knew each other too well that the other would know what was going to be said the moment one of them opened their mouth. So not much point as they
Shi Ru just moved here not to long ago. He liked this place and often found it someplace peaceful to be. He enjoyed the silence and stillness in the air. Hearing the cries of the cicadas and the whispering wind rush by his ear.

Shi woke up as if it was any other day. His cat Mimi jumping onto his chest. Meowing for her morning meal as usual. Ruffling his hair, and rubbing the back of his neck. This morning was going to be a long one. Stroking his cat behind her ears. Listening to a soft gentle purr as he continued. The cat's fur was soft and fluffy fur of hers. Shi Ru sighed feeling his tired eyes starting to wake. Sliding up out of his Queen sized bed.Wearing nothing, but a T-shirt and his navy blue boxers. The morning sun was shining in his room through the winds. Shi Ru could barely keep his eyes open, with the bright sun shining brightly into them.

After getting ready for school, and feeding Mimi his cat. Shi headed out the door, with the black cat trailing behind. The walk to school wasn't long nor was it short. He didn't mind it much though. The walk there and back was often mind clearing and calming. He enjoyed it at times. Half way there Mimi always decides to turn back and head home again. Which Shi Ru never really minded. Reaching his school, he yawned shyly and walked calming inside. He didn't know what to say to anyone so he thought it be best to just head to his first class. Or sit down and relax on the stair case. Which ever he found first. This time it was the stair case. Shi Ru smirked and just calmly sat himself down on the third step to the floor.
Shi Ru. / Jhorrorboy / 10y ago
Her body tensed up when she heard someone come up behind her. Opening them when she heard Darkus' voice. She turned and hugged him. Walking into her safe haven she looked around before looking to him." Thanks Baby." She kissed his cheek before walking up the stairs. He was her bestfriend, she knew he was gay, he knew of her father. They were brought together by secerts. She licked her lips as she entered his bathroom. Undressing she showered fast before coming down stairs. " Sorry.I know you said you wanted to go to school early." She looked down alittle. She looked at the breakfast he made her head shaking." My Angel." She giggled leaning back in the chair. She had covered her face with a cover up that hide most of the bruise. She looked towards him waiting for him to inspect it.
(occ: closest pic i can get to him right now >_< i have to find one that isn't a copyrighted charicture when i get home... in the meen time, just remember that his hair is longer then in the pic and his eyes are light blue, not brown... >.o)

Darkus turned when he saw Caroline run to his door. He was already half way down then street, but he knew she probably hadn't seen him. He sighed and turned, walking back with a sigh. He could see the bruise on her cheek and noticed how upset she was, "Relax..." he said softly, his voice kind as he unlocked the door. So much for getting to school early. He smiled warmly, his face understanding. Caroline was probably his only friend, and the only one who knew he was gay. He trusted her, and his trust was hard to get. But when someone gained his trust, he helped them and protected them whenever he could and however he could.

"Go upstairs and get that dirt off yourself... I'll fix you something to eat. It should be done by the time you get out of the shower." he told her, walking over to the stove to make some scrambled eggs. Darkus never ate brakefast or lunch, eather because his medison took away his appitete or he was to tired to eat. But he wasn't grotesquly thin. This was because he made up for his meals at dinner time, after his medison wore off. It always left him hungery.
Darkus Nigh / kixur / 10y ago
Caroline leaned her head on her knee her blue eyes staring at the sunrise. Her head turned to look to her window. (R I should probably get ready soon.) Her mind screamed this at her, but she just kept on sitting on her roof. Her face barrying into her thighs, hiding a bruise that had formed on her a whole left cheek. She turned to hear banging on her door. Of course he would try and get in, he would try and apologize. He would buy her anything she wanted and be unusually nice for a few months till he got upset and drank again. She bit her lip hearing her father pleading for her to open the door. " Come on baby girl! Open up! You know I love you, You know I didnt mean it!" She shut her eyes, she had heard this all a million times now. She leaned her head against the side of the house. She always said it was going to be the last time, that she would never let him do it again, but where was she suppose to go? She had no one to go to, no one to run to. She closed her eyes tight as the banging got louder on her door, she could hear it over her blarring ipod. She opened her eyes slipping into her room silently. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a backpack she looked across the street at her Neighbor Darkus's house. he was the closest thing she had to a friend. She shut her eyes as she climbed down the tree that was out side her window. Running across the street bare footed her shoes in her hand her bag in her mouth. Knocking on the door, she waited, her head down hair in her face. She needed to take a shower before school, her hair was starting to get dirty. There was already dirt in it from when she was knocked to the ground. She could feel the dirt all over her body. She bit her lip waiting for him to answer the door, her body shaking. Afraid her father would look out the front windows. See her and come running. She clenched her eyes shut as the waiting went on.
Darkus groaned softly as sunlight flowed through the window. His closed eyes squoze tightly shut before peeking open. He sighed as he sat up, in a daze for about five minutes, then yawned and rubbed his eyes. He forced himself out of bed, his entire body feeling like a weight as he got dressed and dragged himself downstairs. He was still half asleep when he reached the first floor, slowly streaching the kinks out of his back before heading over to the table and taking a drink of water. He tossed his head back and put three pills in his mouth. One for his heart problems, one to keep him from overheating, and a vitamin pill. He easily swallowed them all and finnished the rest of the water. He felt himself finealy wake up as he heaved his buldging backpack onto his back and headed outside to start walking to school.

He lived alone. Well, not REALY alone, but his mother was always at work while he was awake. He had only seen his father three times in his life, the last of which Darkus had finealy said (i If you want nothing to do with me, then get the fuck out of my life!). The only comunication he had with his mother were the occational notes and the fact that she always set out his medication for him and brought groseries. That, and on weekends whenever she didn't have to work. He didn't mind, though. He liked having the house to himself.
kixur / 10y ago
(R "Trace,") Gage whispered completely lost in the moment he sounded completely mad, although truth be he was sane. Oh yes, as sane as they come. Despite what (i they) would say. (R "Do you think we will do anything but this with ourselves?") he asked, a childlike glint in his eye as he brought his blade to his smirk. (Blue "Don't be silly, this is all we know,") he reasoned. No, he wasn't as playful as his twin.
Although he did so enjoy what they committed on nights as dark as these. Such exciting and vile acts. (Blue "Now hush, you might wake them and as much as the screams are a song to my ears we really don't want the neighbours alerted,") he noted ever so calmly that it was hard to believe such a seemingly gentle creature could commit such a crime.


(Blue "Gage, we have to go to school,") Trace gently tried to shake his twin awake. Only when he didn't stir he turned to the curtains and drew them, letting the bright cherry sun shine in. Gage did not thing it was very cheery at all.
(R "Do I have to go? Can't we just kill the teacher and have it over with?") he muttered from the depths of his blankets. He knew very well that wasn't the way things worked and could feel his brother rolling his eyes and shaking his head at him. (Blue "You have twenty minutes to get ready before I leave without you.") Trace said and turned to leave the room. That got Gage's attention. If there was anything he hated it was separation from his brother for too long. Neither of them handled separation easily, Trace was only a little better at it.
They knew each other as they knew themselves, most likely better and taking advantage of each others week spots happened all too often. (R "You know if you do that I will hide away your knife collection,") he smirked as he sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes in the process. Trace turned to glare at his brother, he knew very well he would carry through with that threat. (Blue "Fine, half an hour then,") Trace frowned giving in halfway and leaving the room.
It wasn't a huge house, just a small flat. Not that they needed much really though. A one bedroom flat was all they really needed after all. One bedroom as neither could sleep in separate ones. Grotty too. Didn't really matter, neither minded, they'd lived in worse places. Well. . . existed. Something they couldn't quite figure out, are they alive, did they live. Or were they both just merely existing. Just taking up space.
Sitting down at the poor excuse for a table Trace continued to clean the knife of last nights sin, almost lovingly shining it. His knifes were his pride and joy. His choice of weapon too. Gage preferred a silenced Smith and Wesson 500, Trace didn't see how he used it, heavy bloody thing. Long too. And he'd been most upset when Trace hadn't let him use it last night even though he knew quite well why he wasn't aloud.
(R "Well?") Gage stood in the door way after ten minutes, ready to leave. He only did it to annoy of course. (R "I thought you wanted to go?") he smirked and the glint in his eyes was there again, it only appeared to Trace though. No one else saw the real Gage and Trace. Except for each other. (Blue "Fine let's go,") Trace muttered, yet again rolling his eyes. Placing the knife in the kitchen draw under a mat with the rest of them he sighed. Honestly, as much as he loved his brother he was a real mystery sometimes. And slightly annoying at times too. Now he had to clean his knife first thing after school so it didn't stain. That wouldn't do anyone any good.
Both left the apartment, Gage locking the door after them. Matching each other's step they walked to school in silence.