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1x1 reserved for BillieBelle

By Tfreak1029

Replies: 36 / 10 years ago

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Ok so Alex is the new guy at the high school. He meets Krys and they become best friends then fall for eachother. Then we can make up as we go..
Krys' mouth dropped and her eyes went wide. He was good. Not just good but fucking awesome!
(( hey so sorry, i have been really busy these days. ))

Alex looked at her and smiled then nodded. "I saw the flyer on the office door so i signed up." he said then started to play the guitar.

"Sure. I didn't know you knew about the talent show." Keys said smiling as she pulled all her hair behind her shoulders.
Alex smiled as they began to make up a song together. "Oh umm wanna hear what I am going to play for the upcoming talent show?" he asked as he picked up a electric guitar.
Krys smiled at him, as he picked up the guitar. Listening to the chords he played, she mimic it on the piano.
Alex looked into her eyes and smiled. "Yeah i know what you mean.." he said then sighed then looked around. He then saw some guitars. He smiled then walked over to them and picked up an acoustic guitar then started to play some cords.
Keys laughed as she turned towards the piano. "Easy to say but hard to do."
Alex looked up at her and smiled then shook his head a little. "Then dont.." he said still looking into her eyes. He has fallen for her.
"I have chem class." She said softly. She moved closer to him, only an inch, "But I don't have to go."
Alex looked at her and smiled. "I have free period this class, what about u?" he asked now looking into her eyes.
"What class do you have now?" Krys asked, not wanting to go.
Alex smiled then nodded a little then all of the sudden heard the bell ring. He sighed then looked at the clock. It was free period for him now.
Krys blushed as she moved some sheet music around, "Its years of practice and lessons." She said. Then looking back, it hit her. It hit like an arrow in her heart. Krys fell for this boy. Fell for Alex.
Alex smiled then looked into her eyes and smiled. "Amazing.." he said refuring to herself and her playing the piano.
Krys played the final chord, and lifted her hands off the keys, smiling at Alex. "What do you think? Now be honest.'