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In the Dark

By CharlieTrance

Replies: 11 / 10 years ago

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A continuation, no new people needed
Jiro shook his head waiting for some response from Jonathan. For a moment he thought it would be best if he did run, far, far away from here. But a wishful, pathetically so idea came to him, he looked at Jon not seeing any signs of recognition nothing, and he swallowed the idea down along with the lump in his throat. He shortened the distance between himself and Jon a step or so hearing out what he said. The words did nothing to chase the numbness away, he didn't think they would, he looked back to the highway thinking kissing a semi was starting to seem appealing before he chased the idea away swiftly, then he really was just running away, and the ending wouldn't be good for anyone; himself, an amnesiac Jon, or Lyssa. (i Lyssa!) His thoughts jumped gears back to his cousin, probably up by now, either helping Lily somewhere in the kitchen or pacing around waiting for him. They left a note didn't they? Too much has happened to give him a solid beat on what they did and didn't do. Surely he wouldn't have been dumb enough to not leave a note. He shook his head and figure that was a smaller problem to work with later. Jiro looked back at Jon, well gawked at him. He was asking him to move on? To find someone else? That may have shattered some strand of sanity that he was still clutching to, he hung his head as he began to chuckle definitely not his regular laughter. He brought a hand to his head brushing his bangs away, finding it hard to stop his shoulders from trembling with the laughter. "You...don't say," he breathed out as he walked closer to Jon, close enough that he was in grabbing distance, his hand snatched at the front of his shirt. The giggles ceased to nothing, as it was just a passing quirk. He tightened his grip on the shirt turning his knuckles white causing them to tremble as well. By no means was he a threat, he was a little shorter than him, but that didn't stop him. His other hand clenched into a fist as he brought it up prepared to strike him, until his eyes looked straight at Jonathan's and the hand stayed in mid-air.

It had to have been a few days after they started officially 'going out' sure Jiro knew the meaning of it, but it seemed weird to call Jonathan his boyfriend...yet although deep down he was pleading with all his heart that that would be the case. It was a small flicker of bliss that stayed rooted in his chest plastering a smile on his face. Jonathan was so nice to him, he really hoped for it, but he was still a bit of an introvert, compared to Jon so he couldn't bring himself to start anything. It was Jon that kissed him, causing his face to turn beet red, Jon was chuckling at him for it. That was the night before when Jiro stayed at his house. Now he was back in the school yard his smile glued to his lips. It was lunch time and he was looking all over the school yard for Jon, his hands wringing the brown lunch sack. He wanted to try something so he got up extra early to prepare a special treat for Jon, something his mom still made him on occasion. Cherry Rice Balls, when Jon went to sleep Jiro snuck out of the room and asked Lily to help him with his gift. She giggled and patted his head saying she would gladly help. So she even got up sooner to get the rice ready. Jiro crept out of the bed not to disturb Jonathan as he stole himself out of the room and down the kitchen. The rice was all set and all he had to do was pack it tightly to get the shape and texture right. He was giddy with excitement as he wrote 'Love, Jiro' on the side of the one for Jonathan with red food coloring, Lily praised him as she helped wrap it securely so not to mess it up. "Thanks Miss Lily," he stated as he quickly hugged her leaving to wake Jon up for school.

They didn't have all the same classes, but their lunch was so the same so he anxiously paced back and forth. Until he bumped into Sean, another of the kids that didn't care much for him. But he usually left him alone...when Jon was near. It wasn't a well known fact, but Jon did have temper, something he took practice in restraining and he did well, unless push came to shove. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to," Jiro murmured swiftly as he took a step back clutching the bag tightly. (r "Sorry? Sorry? How do you think you're going to make this up to me? Your bodyguard isn't here.") "M-make up? But I didn't even hurt you," he replied with a little more conviction then he thought he could have. However it was a bad time for such resolve as he felt Sean's gorilla fist clench to his shirt erupting a gasp from him. (r "Got some bite or something now? I don't care much for that,") he sneered tossing Jiro back to land on the hard concrete smacking his head against the ground. Tears burst forth as he clutched his head, the bag left unguarded. Sean took the advantage as he snatched it up. He poured the contents out into his open hand, the rice balls being neatly packed with Ceram wrap with Lily's care being the first thing. (r "Love, Jiro? How sweet, I always knew you were a freak.") Through blurry eyes Jiro's heart sank as he saw Sean clench his fist shut around the rice balls crushing them as red cherries plopped onto the ground. It may have been a small act on Sean's end, but he had no idea how much effort he put into that. It struck home as Jiro pushed off and attempted to fight him off. Sean easily dodged, at least until Jiro's fist made contact which he then took the drop in his guard to pummel the guy.

He didn't have the strength or any real practice as he let his fists fly and tears streamed down his cheek blocking his vision. A strong hand grabbed his wrist, frightened he attacked the owner, regretting the moment he did as he swiftly wiped his tears away. Sean was on the ground with a few cuts and bruises. Surely he couldn't have done all that did he? No as he looked to his attacker, Jonathan, he connected the dots that he must have came in to take care of Sean, and Jiro thought it was Sean that grabbed him. Jiro scrambled over to Jonathan touching his cheek gently seeing the bruise he caused. "I'm so sorry! Gomen nasai, gomen nasai," he repeated shifting between the two languages as more tears fell. (blue "Why? You got quite the punch, there Jiro. Heh, only wished I wasn't on the receiving end of it,") he stated so nonchalantly that Jiro looked up at him not believing his ears. Jon smiled, and Jiro only hung his head. "I made you something," he hiccupped. Jon's brow furrowed looking over to the Rice Ball funeral then back. He lowered his head as he kissed Jiro's tears away. (blue "It's alright, I appreciate it,") he walked over to the funeral grabbing one of the still wrapped Rice Balls and headed back. (blue "It's okay, thanks,") he smiled again as he helped Jiro to his feet. "R-really," he asked happily the tears fading away. (blue "Of course, but I don't want you fighting, I can handle it but I don't want you to get involved. It's bad enough one of us is, just don't. Besides fighting isn't in your nature, not right to do something that you can't do,") he explained. (blue "I'll do the fighting, here lets get you do the nurse,") he tucked the rice ball away as he grabbed Jiro's sleeve. Jiro didn't move pulling his sleeve back. Jonathan looked back curiously until it was Jiro's turn to start the plunge as he kissed him and pulled him into a hug. "Arigatou," he murmured into his shirt.

The memory flickered past his eyes as he brought his hand down. (i I never could fight, it wasn't in my nature,) he sighed as he didn't release Jonathan's shirt though. In fact he pulled him closer resting his forehead against his shoulder, his fingers slowly giving way. "I can't," he stated softly pushing himself off Jonathan so as not to freak him out more. "I'm sorry, but that's something..." his breath hitched as he quickly turned his back to Jonathan to not alert him to any wrongness, well further wrongness. "I can take you home if you want, Lily's probably worrying about you," he replied trying to switch topics. (i Its as you said, we're strangers, and I can't make a promise to a stranger,) he considered vaguely looking back to Jonathan. Jiro knew of Jon's temper, but he also knew he would never direct it at him. He never once did, he said last night he didn't think he could stop himself if that did happen. Jiro had faith in him. Even if he didn't. But now, his mind was foggy trying to make sense of it all, the numbness was still there, the memory may have brought his senses back but...It was hard to move on. What Jiro was sure was that he rather not move on, then find someone else, no matter how painful it was to be the source of unrequited love. He would make it...he had to, for when Jonathan did remember. (i And if he never does?) Jiro ignored the taunt. Guilt sat in his chest as he looked back to Jonathan; he was only focusing on his own problems. But what about Jon? He couldn't force him to love him; he couldn't force him into anything. Jiro's fingers went numb. "I can't promise anything, but if that is what you want, I can't...deny that either," he answered barely above a whisper.

(i (blue { Delayed on my end again. Sorry about that and the memory thing, I didn't want to do some character controlling but I guess my fingers got away with me. I can change it later. Well hope you can work off it somehow though :] }))
Hebeki / HanyouMokushi / 10y ago
Jonathan kept his brown eyes down cast, hair veiling his face, unsure of himself. It hadn't been the best idea to ask that question but it didn't matter anymore. What was done was done, no point in wishing to change the past. Glancing up through his hair he saw Jiro on the ground, his slightly smaller form looking disstressed, a frown marred Jonathans face with concern. Bringing his head right up he slowly stood and steped foward slightly, pausing, unsure if he should and, how to comfort him. Any form of contact with the other male wasn't particularly welcome. But then what was he supposed to say, you'll be fine? He wasn't exactly going to go and lie to Jiro, he was obviously heartbroken.

But broken things could be fixed, right? It just took time and paitence.

Watching Jiro attempt to pull himself together somewhat was dreadful but he kept his distance. Jon was so hopelessly clueless as to what to do, no one could have ever loved him that much. Could they? He wasn't anyone special. Well, as far as he knew.

He watched Jiro carefully as he spoke, trying to follow his scattered speech. He'd been rash at that accusation, he'd been paniced, scared. No, he knew he could trust Jiro. It was a feeling, he'd never do anything to purposely hurt him. Jon knew that at least. But, he couldn't stand knowing he was the one responsable for the way Jiro was feeling. But it wasn't as if he could really do much about it, he could pretend, sure. But Jiro was sure to see right through that though, he'd hurt him more.

Jonathan lowered his eyes as Jiro started to walk away. He just stood there, clueless as to what he should be doing.

Jiro's words made him look up. How did he know Jon wouldn't change, who was to say he wouldn't end up a murderer. If he hadn't been that was, but no one would love a killer the way Jiro so obviously loved Jon.

"I'm sorry, if I could ease your pain I would. . . I just wish I knew what it had been like to be loved so much." he paused a moment, having no idea of what to say. Well honesty was best, wasn't it. "But I'm not really comfortable with being with another man at this point in time. I'm sorry, I may come around to the idea," his words were slow, careful. "but please move on. Please, find someone else that can and will love you as much as you love them. Don't wait for me. Promise me. Please" He knew he sounded pathetic, pleading for someone he couldn't remember. But he honestly didn't want Jiro to be so hopeless, he was to much a gentle person for that.

(I eh, not the best. -_-)
It was the first day. It was the first day all over again with coming to this town. Jiro's parents moved out of the country in the first place for some new opportunity, new sights. HIs father always was one for an adventure, he didn't care much for Jiro's choice of love, but he never once berated him for it. His mother was rather supportive of him being his own person, since what good would it be if they had two Koite Hebekis? Koite being his father's name? Nothing at all, she believed the next generation is just that, another generation, a new one that shared family ties, but needn't be identical from previous generations. Although, Jiro partially blamed himself for the move to a whole new country, since he knew his mother worried horribly for him whenever he left to hang out with friends. She feared they would treat him differently when really it shouldn't matter if he liked males or females. It was his life, and he had every right to live it how he wanted to. A small smile came to his face in nostalgia at a few of her discussions in his defense.

Even thinking about that, it didn't help him much with where he was now. It felt like they were strangers, he and Jon. (i Who am I kidding? We (b are)) (i strangers...But...I don't want to be strangers anymore, I just want to hold him again...Is that so much? Face it, it is. He (b despises)) (i you. Did you forget the way he looked at you when he first woke up? There was certainly no love there. He only felt hatred, and fear for a (b thing)) (i such as you. You may wear the skin of the man, but what lies beneath it? Something truly worthy of such hate, resentment, fear. You'll never get back in his favor. Who's to say this isn't how he always felt about you? But he was too nice to toss you to the curb? You're a (b burden)) (i to him,) the voice came back tauntingly to him. Jiro's hands were shaky as he clenched them to cease the tremors, although his shoulders still trembled. He turned his head down as he turned his back to Jonathan fully. "Stop it, just stop it, you
Just who was Jiro exactly? Was/is. How long had they known each other? Had they grown up together? Building sandcastle and knocking them over again, sword fighting or shooting at each other with foam darts. Had they raced down the street on their bikes and spent alternate nights at each others houses in the summer? Had Jiro always been there? A constant, a familiar, a safety net. His best friend and later more? Or was he someone new? Someone he'd seen from across the street or classroom or wherever. Someone who'd intrigued him from the very start. Someone who'd annoyed him to no end with no real reason 'cause he never did anything. Was he the much needed change, a joy, a light? Someone he trusted?

Jonathan smiled softly to himself, still pushing himself around absently. Did they love each other before. . . The smile fell from his face, leaving a frown in it's place. It was that one question that bothered him so, so much. Sure he couldn't remember someone he may or may not have loved but that didn't matter as much to him. Jiro lost him the moment he forgot his name. Jiro had to watch while Jonathan glared at him, scared and frightened as to why he was in a bed with another man. Jonathen wouldn't want that on anyone. It was truly a fate worse than rejection or betrayl.

Sighing to himself he lent back on the bar there ment for children to hold and
(i So, how long do you intend to stay in the bathroom? Another minute? An hour? A lifetime, ) a rather sarcastic voice entered his head as Jiro still clung to the sink for dear life. (i Alright, we made it out of the room, out of the house, some pussyfooting around his mom, just go out there! You still love him right...With every fiber of my being I still love him, but...) Jiro gagged into the sink as his arms felt like jelly. And sadly the jelly part taking over as his arms decided to rudely give out and his chin slammed into the sink. "Shit," he murmured softly not wanting to bring the wrath of the kitchen staff to him. He slunk down to the floor cradling his jaw gingerly; leaning over the toilet he spat some blood into it as he went for round two with the sink. Second chance worked out as he was once more over the sink, some blood dripping down his chin staining the collar of his shirt red. (i Terrific, you did get this far with him and your back being the insecure, worthless, little Asian boy you were back when you were a damn child. Grow up! ) again his mind argued with him. He shook his head violently as he turned the faucet on, cleaning the bowl of the sink, then cupping his hands splashing the water on his face, gargling some of it in his mouth spitting the residual down the drain. "Easy Jiro, just take it easy. You love him this is true, with every beating of my heart I yearn for him, but...if he is happier this way. I have no room to take that away from him. I want him to be happy, more than anything, if...if it would be best I wasn't in that picture? So, be it," he spoke softly as he dried his hands and his face as he finally left the confines of the bathroom.

It felt like a lifetime he did spend in the bathroom, but looking to the clock hanging on the wall, it read only about 10 minutes pass. Well, not horrible for being in a restroom granted not that good either. He looked around the area a bit more seeing that more people were coming in, it was a rather popular restaurant, small but still profitable. Jiro put on a strained smile as he made his way back to their table. "Sorry it too-" he paused midway as he looked to where Jon was supposed to be seating, seeing nothing but the empty seat. Alright if his heart wasn't bleeding up til then, it definitely busted and whatever remained of it settled in the pit of his stomach now. Despite this he more or less on automatic situated himself down at the table clasping his trembling hands together, before basically head slamming into the table. The tinkling of the silverware being the only sound that reached his muffled mind. Now if his self image meant anything it was basically nonexistent, on the brink, broken, remarkably though he didn't cry. He held some slim piece of dignity to not cry in public. Slowly he raised his head looking now at the table (i really) looking at it. On his side there was a drink, clear and fizzy, with the condensation trailing down it, nothing out of the ordinary really which brought a small smile to his face. Near the center of the table was a napkin, he slowly stretched his hand picking it up and reading the note.

With a slow nod he refolded the napkin and tucked it into the pocket of his pants. (i He wanted time to think, and I shouldn't press myself onto him if he wants to think so I should leave him alone, and...if worse comes to worse, we- I'll just have to move on, ) he attempted to assure himself, sadly failing marvelously in that department. But he would do as the note ask and give him some time. The waitress had came about twice to refill his glass, asking if he was going to order the second time. Jiro shook his head no, rather suddenly losing his appetite. His fingers were playing with the table cloth as a rumble of thunder took his gaze away from the table and out the window. Rain fell steadily, but it didn't seem to do much more aside from that as he slowly stood up and took his leave of the restaurant. He lingered outside the place under the overhang as the rain drummed above him. How much time did pass? Jiro didn't know, but surely it had been long enough, right? (i Wrong, you can't rush stuff like this, if you do...who knows? Things may only get worse,) he sighed again as he emerged from out from the hanging allowing the rain to wash away his problems, for however temporarily. Shifting slowly, step with each aching step he made progress, but to where the destination he didn't know nor did he really care. Not knowing...it didn't really bother him so much not anymore at least, not at the moment. Endless wanderings didn't help him once with getting drenched, but the rain was helping him with at least staying on his feet. Before long though he could make out shadows of the park. It had often served in the past as a safe haven, with first coming here, cradling a bruised arm, nursing a bleeding knee, that was before he found that haven within Jon. Jiro bit his lip harder then he planned feeling him split it more from his accident in the bathroom. He brought the cuff of his shirt up dabbing it away as he walked into the center of the park. The rain was only misting so he was able to make out the turning of the merry go round and the figure causing it. Jiro paused as he only watched him from a distance before cautiously getting closer. "Hey," he spoke softly adding a half wave in his direction.

(r (i << Rambling...perhaps unnecessarily so, heh, my bad ^^' Hope you can work with it and take care! >> ))
Jonathan nodded silently and watched him go feeling guilty. The other boy looked so torn, so lost. It was his fault Jiro was upset, he had been a bit of an ass. If it was true, that they are, were, whatever, (he honestly had no idea) going out, they were boyfriends, he supposed this would be a whole lot harder on Jiro. Having the one you love, (did they even love each other?) compleatly forget who you were would be heart breaking.

He needed to think some place else for a while, this place was too noisy to concentrate properly. Lightly sighing he flagged down a waitress and asked for a pen. Unwrapping the napkin from around the knife and fork he flattened it out on the table and started to write.

(I I'm sorry I just left you all alone but I need to think by myself. If you really do know me as well as you say you do you should know where I've gone but just give me a while.)
(I Jon)

He hadn't the foggiest why he'd signed the note Jon, it didn't feel like what people would call him. So he just went with it. Calling the waitress over again he gave her her pen back and ordered a drink for Jiro, the action coming as if it was a habit. Probably was actually. He told her to make sure the table was free until Jiro came back and placed the note on the table and left.

Shoving his hand in his pockets, Jonathan bowed his head and let his feet take him wherever. Was it really so bad that he and Jiro had been (or were they still?) dating? Love was love, wasn't it? He guessed so. Then what was he so scared of? Frowning he looked up and around. Stopping he tilted his head slightly, a park? How childish. Well. . . childish things did tend to feel safer, they were memories of an innocent time. A time when he didn't have to worry.

Smiling a little he headed towards the brightly painted merry go round. Sitting down on the low surface he pushed it round so it started spinning slowly. Turning his head upwards at the sky and watched grey clouds roll in. It was going to rain, he knew that but wasn't at all bothered by the prospect of getting wet.

(b Rawrs!!! ^-^ how is you?)
Jiro was happy that he did follow after him. (i So I have yet to scare him away yet. Shut it Jiro! Talk like that and you will ultimately lose whatever composure is holding you together,) he had a slight argument with himself. He kept his gaze on the menu looking over appetizers and what not. He was actually translating the text into his native tongue. And when was the last time he did that? (i First date that was when, or when all other boundaries fail I revert to being quite the child, as though nothing I did will make amends. Nothing I do will be good enough,) he paused mid translating as his lips formed the words silently. What the hell was eating him? Sure the whole confession to his deeds was bothering him, but he accepted that, more or less. The whole Memory loss being a completely new take on such things he was not expecting. More or less, he has come to terms with it, or maybe he wasn't. Did he want to let him go? Let him live his life alone without him? That thought made him flinch, he tightened his grip on the menu, and he took in a shaky breath. He did it once before he met him, but now the idea to going back before he ever met him? Before their first kiss? Their first night together? His cheeks flushed a deep red.

"Huh?" he stumbled over his words as he finally acknowledge that he did follow into the restaurant and was sitting across from him, just like their first date. He brought the menu quick to his face nearly giving himself a paper cut from the motions. (i Get a grip! You are acting like a little freshman girl going on her first date, without Daddy's or Mommy's permission,) he groaned slightly just going from bad to worse with describing himself. He took in a breath as he returned the menu to its proper place on the table. He thought he regained his composure. "I'm alright, just a little winded, a little tired is all," he replied with a small smile. "Excuse me," he stated as he stood up and stretched his arms. "I'll be right back, little boy's room," he explained with a chuckle as he took his leave. He went to the back corner where the room was. It was a single room of sorts. Fortunately it was empty. He locked the door behind him as he leaned against it, before sliding down it for a moment. He held his head in his hands, noting a few of the tears he was so hard trying to hold back trickled down. He didn't really know what to take on this. He wanted to tell him everything, but perhaps this happened for a reason. Glimpse of some of his old Psychology classes danced between the rains. A ways to forget such things was to sometimes unconsciously force the mind to forget what was happening. A handy defense mechanism if he ever knew one. He hiccupped a sigh as he ran his hand down his face. What was he to do though? Forcing him to remember, didn't seem to be fair, but lying didn't help much either. He shook his head as he stood up slowly, gripping the sink for some support. He was going to stick around where he was for a moment or two longer to recompose his fast shattering image. (i Please just stay and don't get the wrong idea,) he pleaded with himself as he took in another breath.
Jonathan looked at Jiro slightly sideways and came to the conclusion that he was a strange person. Running to get somewhere faster was the whole point of running wasn't it? But it was kind of random to run to get something to eat. It almost seemed like he was running away from something, trying to avoid telling him something. It didn't really bother him if he didn't tell him things unless he asked but he would be annoyed if he flat out avoided a question. That would just no be on.

He followed him into the resturant, it seemed awfully familiar but he couldn't quite remember why. It was like remember a place but not the people or memory of what had happened. What had happened her? He could tell it wasn't something horrible, the memory was almost there but just out of reach. This whole ordeal was almost unbearably frustrating. Frowning to himself he gave up and sat down opposite Jiro, observing him. He seemed nervous. Shouldn't Jonathan be the nervous one placing his trust in someone he more or less didn't know. "Whats wrong?" he asked not really sure why he was asking. Maybe it was habbit? He really didn't know.

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Jiro took in another breather as he replayed what he just did in his head. He ran off with Jonathan to here, that much he knew for certain. Another part of him was trying to make sense of his expression after he had told him about his mother. (i Did he remember something about that? No...it just seemed really neutral of him like he was just listening to someone else's story,) Jiro froze again as he turned his back to Jonathan for a moment. (i I guess in some regards it is someone else's life he's listening on, at least now it seems to be the case,) he pondered before he sighed and turned back to face him.

(i At least he didn't run off after I pulled him here,) he assured himself. "Huh? Why did we run? Eh I guess just to get here sooner maybe," he offered with a small chuckle. It sounded strained to him but not as strained as his whole talk in the kitchen. (i Granted running out of there made it easier to avoid the topic of his mother altogether...He'll probably ask again on that though,) he figured but canceled the thought before it could get worse for him and he lose any/all the courage he mustered. He did enjoy the smile he gave him though, it made him feel a little more at ease. He bowed his head as he held the door open for him and followed after.

The restaurant was small and quant more or less seat yourself setup. Jiro walked a little ahead of him as he slid into the booth and a waiter came by to drop off the menus. Jiro paid extra probably unneeded attention to the menu before him as he bit his lip slightly. He was nervous about this, and it oddly made him think of their first actual date. Quite the sight that was.

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Jonathan frowned a little and looked side ways slightly in question at Jiro. What was wrong, he looked as if he couldn
Jiro turned his back to him as he recalled the expression he gave him when he dropped his hand in helping him up. (i Come on Jiro! Just because Jonathan can't remember it doesn't mean what was is dead,) Jiro kept his back turn as he bit his lip hard tasting some blood with it. (i I want to hold him again like nothing has happened, I was told nothing, that he remembered me. But I can't change what has happened,) he thought again. He froze when he heard his question about why he lived with Lily. He (i could) lie. Maybe that would be easier. But if he did lie, he wouldn't be helping Jonathan any with getting his memory back. He took in a steady, strained breath as he turn back to face him. He opened his mouth but nothing came out, he stood there like an idiot trying to get his vocal cords to work with him, but nothing was coming out. He closed his mouth tightly as he gritted his teeth. "You live with Lily...because...your mother," he scratched his head, really not wanting to have to tell him this but he had no other thing to work with. "Your mother died in an accident," he blurted out.

He didn't give Jonathan time to ask him as he looked to the table and grabbed the keys there. He gripped Jonathan's wrist as he pulled him out the door locking it behind him. He did immediately let go as he ran off and dragged Jonathan with him. He was waiting for him to rip out of his grip or something, but Jiro released his wrist as they managed to run about a block away from the house. He stopped where he was as he bent over and took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. "Yeah a restaurant, we, eh I went to a lot usually has some good food there," he began trying to quickly get rid of the topic of his mother out of the way. He knew they could go to (i that) restaurant, but that was where all this started. He pulled at his wrist again gently this time as he made the path to another restaurant they went to a bit on a common basis. He let go of him again as he stood in front of the door. "You wanna head here or somewhere else maybe," he offered trying to regain some composure although he wasn't doing the greatest at it.

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