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Who comes along next?

By silent-phantasm

Replies: 62 / 10 years ago

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What happens in the next Profecy, you know, after Percy Jackson and all of camp half-blood win against Kronos? Will it be someone from before or someone new. Who comes along next.


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So, we know the prophecy....
well I think we should post what we think about it.
Kind of like how you and I brain stormed at your house.


Mkay! I've got this.....
okay, no I dun't. I'm having slight writer's block. Give me a moment to think okay?
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
Hmmmmm, We could start investigating the missing weapons from the underworld. Or wonder around to find clues on anpther bit of info we have.
@_@ I dunno what to post now.

Should we know what the prohecy means?
How do we know where to go? Ack!
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
Percy grinned back at his old friend, "Oh, she is back at home, you know. She is kinda pissy. She was not invited." He shrugged but his smile did not fall. "How about you , how are things going?" They continured in the own little world almost, reminissing about the old days.

With all the people that had been called for in the quest and an extra god, Jen desided it was time for Lydia to get up. Grabbing a stick she poked at the sleeping form of the girl. Lydia disturbed in her sleep, rustled about until she rolled over and onto the ground on her back. "Ow..." Sitting up slowly, she looked around taking everything in to recall where she was, it didn't take long bt she was still a bit out of it. Seeing Styx she smiled, "Your back."

Jen giggled a bit, tt was not a mean action, just kinda playful. She took after her father Apollo.
An excited looking Styx and a less enthused Nico came over the grassy green hill that held Thalia's tree. "We are back!" He shouted, waving his hand through the air. The smaller raven haired child looked over to his brother, glaring slightly. hey both had similar appearance. Mainly in the fram of their bodies and shapes of their faces, but hair, eye, and skin tone colour seemed to differ.

Coming up to the group, Styx noted that Lydia was alseep, and looked pretty cute too. He looked at the other campers and a grin came across his face.
"Well, don't we all seem eager?" he questioned with a small laugh. Nico grumbled slightly, but a small smile came over his face when he saw Percy.

Walking over, they high fived each other and gave a hug.

"Hey, where's Annabeth?" he questioned, seeing the other Athena child, but not the one he knew.
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
They had been waiting a while before Lydia began to swing her legs back and forth from where she was sitting. This was her desperate attempt to stay awake. Not long after she passed out lying on the bench she had been sitting. No one attemped to wake her, knowing the reputaion of a tired child of Hypnos was not a nice one.
The other kids asked Chiron more about the profecy, for the most part they were excited. Knowing they could be the next famous children of the great quest coming up was giving the area a thrill of an aura but at the same time eager.
Nico protested the whole way as his brother dragged him through hell.
"Look! was already part of one big disaster of a prophecy, why would I want to be a part of this one too?" He spat, glaring up at his taller sibling.

"Because brother, father needs us. Why can't you get that through your thick little skull? Don't you want to prove to him how worthy you are? Don't you want him to stop saying 'Bianca this and Bianca that'? Well? I would think so!" Styx continued forward, Nico now following in silence. They had both grabbed their swords. Nico's one that he had made and Styx's version of their father's sword.

Before they parted, Styx rubbed one of Cerebus' legs, the giant three headed dog demon, barking with sadness. "Don't worry, I'll be back. I promise." he flashed a smile at them, before racing off with Nico. They had no time to lose.
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
Lydia sighed with a flush of pink on her cheeks. "What am I supposed to do about him?" She had been talking to herself but got a look from both Chiron and the boy. "So,what is your name?" She figured she would have to ask sometime and now seemed good.
"Um... I am Alfred but I go by Tommy. Son of Elpis, goddess of hope." He was friendly considering he had been kidnepped from his friends for unknown reasons.
She smiled back, thinking, she had picked the right person. "Well... you are coming on a quest with me." He looked at her like she was crazy but did not object.
Back in the camp The three, Lydia, Tommy and Chiron broke off to find the other three who would be needed to complete the mission. Once the six formed back at the random meeting point they, mainly Chiron, told them that they had been chosen for the next quest to come along. The group was rather excited and he had not even mentioned that two of the members that completed the last great profecy were coming along too, most likely. Percy had reported back via rainbow messege that he was on his way so now it was all on Styx to return with or without his half brother.
Styx laughed slightly at the method of how he was chosen. "Aw, so many poor demi-gods are going to die." he chuckled again to himself before looking to Chiron.
"I'll call upon my brother. If there are any more Posiedon children in camp, tell them to use the fountain to locate Percy." Smiling, he handed over a few dramcha. "Tell them to ask Iris real sweet like, alright? I have to go to the Underworld."
Turning to Lydia, he took hold of one of her hands, gently kissing it. "I'll be back before the sunrises. Please keep safe." Flashing that charming smile, Styx ran into the middle of the strawberry field. He closed his eyes and in a dark purple light, he went full god-mode, then disapeared. All around where he was standing, the strawberries looked so ripe they seemed they would burst.

In the Underworld, Styx wandered down the halls, making sure to keep out of the way. If he were to cause trouble now, there would be no way he would be leaving by the time he had promised. The emerald and golden blonde haired male quickly found his half brother.
"Nico, we have to hurry up. Lydia has chosen you to be apart of this prophecy."
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
Lydia counted out the people on her fingers. "Five so far, we need one more person." Lydia couldn't help but wonder if Styx was off his rocker, one minute he as fine, the next he was mad like hell then all good to go again right after that. She found it rather odd but was happy he was in a good mood again.
"We could always just take the next person we see." She crossed her arms in thought then nodded almost like she was agreeing with her own idea in some way.
She turned on her heel to look back at camp, no one could be see from where she was standing. She ran as quicky as was possible for her into the dead center of the camp, when she came back out she was nearly dragging a boy behind her. "I found number seven!!!" He was looking confused needless to say.
Taking a deep breath he shook his head, opening his emerald eyes after wards. "Okay. So we have to who are good at battling. Then the Athenian. I want Percy and Nico to come along as well. They are still considered demi-gods after all. Wait, maybe not Percy. He thinks he's so great and can good anything." The god rolled his eye. "But I do like his personality and I would trust Lydia in his arms. We'll count them in too. How many more do we need?"
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
"I was just saying if only seven half-bloods are supposed to go then I was only going to need to pick like six if I had to go too... well, I thought..." Lydia's voice faded out in the end while she pulled away from Styx, not really sure if he was gonna get mad enough to leave again. If so she didn't want to be touching him, if seeing a god leave meant disinegration she could only wonder what being in the same vicinity meant.
Her mind was at a stand still, who else could or even would come along with them... She had three of them down, Jen, Jeremy, and Matty, the athena Demi-god that had come to mind.
"Of course you have to go. I only said seven, because I am one of your chooses." He grinned, but it fail when Chiron glared at him.
"Fine, I'm not an official choice, but I'm still coming along. I'm apart of this and i my Father is just going to sit back and allow himself to be framed again, then I will do something!" Styx shouted, glaringangrilly at Chiron.

If it wasn't obvious by then, it would be obvious now. Styx had a problem with controlling his anger. He let it rise too quickly and it became a problem a lot of the time.
Styx / Styx / 10y ago
It was true she felt a bit better after taking the drink but it was still too weird.
"If I pick out seven does that mean I do not have to go myself?" Lydia kind of liked that idea but figured no one would go for it. She was going to have to be one of the unlucky seven. She had only been hear a day and a half tops and nw she had to pick out a group to come on some type of epic adventure with her. She sighed heavily.
"Chiron, do you have any sugguestions? I don't really know too much of anyone..."
The half horse man smiled lightly. "Well, do you have anyone you trust or maybe someone you know is skilled at something?" He was not the one to choose she had to do it though he could try to push her in the right direction.
"Well... I lack fighting skills so maybe we should find someone along those lines." All the thinking was making Lydia tired. "Jennifer and Jeremy were good in the battle department from what I saw at practice... Then we need someone from the Athena cabin to help out with stratagy and such."