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By kshahidx

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[center [font times [size13 [b X] is on his way back to Junestown, Colarado to meet up with a group of old colleagues. [b Y] is en route with her mother and fiancé to Junestown as well to set up and start a new life as her fiancé’s father has left his oil drilling business to him in his will. After a mistake with [b X]’s ticket, he ends up in the upper-class cabin where he happens upon [b Y]. After a slight derailment, the train is set to stop for the night in order for repairs to be made. Despite those who try to get in their way, [b X] and [b Y] begin to have a conversation about love, life, and their futures.]]
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[size13 [font times [I [b • [#a94063 Okay so]]], in my head this is kind of like titanic but on a train. I don’t expect this to really be a long rp as I want everything to happen in the course of them waiting for repairs. Im imagine most posts start on the train before the passengers are directed toward a boarding house. This rp is set around 19th century so it will be a period piece. The overall story of course are people from two different classes who find they share some similar interest. Along with that they begin to develop a sense of romance and companionship their life is lacking; though come the end of the rp one must decide which route they choose to take.
[I [b • [#a94063 Real pictures]]], make sure they match the theme of the roleplay.
[I [b • [#a94063 400 words minimum]]], and [b PLEASE PUSH THE STORY FORWARD]. Your post shouldn't be 2/3 responding to dialogue. I want to know who your character is, be creative.
[I [b • [#a94063 Must be 21+]]], this is honestly more so for my comfort, it has nothing to do with maturity. There will be gore, violence, intimacy, cursing, etc. I am willing to accept 18+ if you're absolutely interested.
[I [b • [#a94063 [u Active in plot discussion]]]], Just because it's my idea, doesn't mean everything is on my shoulders. I want someone who is excited and offers ideas that will make the rp exciting.
[I [b • [#a94063 Post no later than 7 days]]], I understand this is a crazy time, people have work and families. I myself work 40 hour wks, but I also have no life so I'm able to juggle the kajillion rps I have no problem. All I ask is that you don't join if you've already got a lot on your plate. I have a good amount of stagnant and slow moving rps and I hate to see an idea die. But if anything, always let me know - I have bad memory so sometimes I won't respond, but rest assured I've seen it.
[I [b • [#a94063 Finally]]], I will be playing multiple characters, that doesn't mean you have to. Please do not do so if you cannot handle the load.
[I [b • [#a94063 Hopefully]]]: I have still held your interest, if so send me a message!]


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Yes, there was a chance. A glimpse at hope for a better future for the both of them. She'd eventually enjoy that moment in her life whenever it would come. And she'd be sure to keep herself busy while she waited for the day of his return into her life. but until then, she'd make the best of everything right now between them. And yet… she couldn't bear to let him go like this. She couldn't look him in the eyes and swear that she was happy with this decision. This wasn't the decision she wanted to make yet knew that it was the best for the both of them.

His promise had made her heart break into pieces. More than it already was. She only hoped that she'd be able to make amends with him for the lost time they'd have. And with that mere thought she returned his kiss, trying to show him how much she really wanted his promise to come true…


Days had gone by slowly. Dreadful and depressing. Louis had heard of her alone time with Michael in a room and had demanded a reason for it. Ethel, trying to maintain the peace and hopeful that he wouldn't go after Michael, had sworn that nothing had happened between the two of them. That she had only been alone with him to avoid the peers of others that would obviously create drama between the two of them. She assured him that she was also trying to let Michael know about their relationship simply being a mere friendship and that nothing more would come of it. And that she was keen on making sure that no one would speak badly of Louis because of her actions. Hence she'd keep away from him and that it would be the last time she'd see him. It was all a lie and yet it held some truth to it. But Louis didn't have to know about it.

Instead, the man had felt pride in her words, since she had stroked his ego. And not long after Louis had agreed to keeping his word on keeping Michael safe. Giving him the ride to where he needed to go. The camera, however, was out of the question.

Ethel, a woman who didn't take delight in arguments, simply agreed to his wishes since he had at least given the ride. It was the most she could do without raising any suspicion…

Alas came the day when Louis had mentioned that they were leaving a day early at the break of dawn. She was sure that Louis had planned it that way as so not to give her a chance at saying goodbye to Michael. Since he'd also made sure to keep a handmaid accompany at all times to keep tabs on her and her whereabouts.

It was overwhelming, tiresome and Ethel had felt fragile more than ever. Yet there was nothing more she could do… Louis had won and .. Michael would live better off without her mess in his life. Afterall, she knew he would prosper… He was just that kind of man…

As time seemed to pass, Ethel had already gone through the trial of burying her father in his grave. The arrangements had been handled by Louis, who surprisingly had given her enough time to grieve before asking anything about the wedding. He had given her about eight months and a half. Months that Ethel had felt like they dragged on for years since she had spent most of the time cooped up in the house where she once lived.

Her mother had yet to wake and Ethel was already losing hope on ever having her mother return to a normal state of mind. And as Louis had promised, he had sent her to one of the best hospitals in her town. And eventually moved her to one of the best hospitals in their new town, where Ethel would now live the rest of her life alongside her soon to be husband.

"You look ravishing, my dear!" Mrs. Perkins, Ehtel's soon to be mother inlaw, said with enthusiasm. She stared at her while Ethel stared at herself in the mirror while she stood on a pedestal like some porcelain doll.

Mrs. Perkins had been much like her mother. She expected Ethel to dress like the wealthy young woman she was. In ostentatiously expensive clothing much rather than Ethel's usual modest, inexpensive-looking clothes. No, she wanted Ethel to flauntuate her features and show off her now soon to be higher social class. Like a diamond in society. And much to Ethel's dislike. Yet she had no choice nor voice in the matter. Thus she had been dragged along to find a 'suitable' wedding gown that involved much lace, the most expensive silks and jewels all around. Something extraordinary that would act as a magnet to all of those who attended her wedding. As if to make a statement to the world that she was now fit to be like a queen and all should be jealous of her social status.

"Why do you look so sad, Ethel? Are you not excited for your wedding?"

Ethel returned her gaze to the woman who dressed high fashionably for her age. "I am." She replied with an attempted smile.

"Then why the long and gloomy face? Most women would be excited for their new chapter in life! Why, I remember when I got married I was so excited that I nearly rushed the whole wedding." She chuckled. The woman then gasped. "Is it… could it be that maybe you are nervous about the wedding night? And the marital due?"

Ethel raised an eyebrow. She had hesrd of such things, yet her parents had neglected her any further knowledge on the matter. It was much too taboo to be spoken and her mother had mentioned that she'd eventually find out about it once her special day came. And of course her mother would explain everything so that she'd understand. Yet the time never came and never would come at this point. "I-I'm sorry, Mrs. Perkins. However, neither my mother nor father ever got to speak to me of what happens on my wedding night."

The woman gasped once more. A giggle then escaping her lips as if she was trying hard not to to make her feel bad. "I see. Well, you're in for a treat my darling. But I must warn you, the first time will or can be a bloody mess. Therefore, do not feel scared. Though naturally you will be. All you have to do is to remember to breathe. Then it'll all be over and before you know it you will possibly have a nice little child on the way."

That easy? Ethel wasn't sure if to be scared that she was about to die or lose her mind over that fact that she'd somehow start to carry Louis' future child. Whatever was going to happen would happen and she had no control over it. But she'd be sure to remember to breathe through whatever the hell was going to happen. Just like she'd been doing this whole time.

"Ms. Rosebush, you have a letter from Ms. Daphne Hill." Ethel heard her handmaid call out as she approached her. Ethel turned to greet the woman who then handed her the letter.

Ethel had almost forgotten that she had written to Daphne, one of her oldest childhood friends. The one that she confided in whenever she couldn't speak to her parents about her own inner thoughts. And thus Ethel had chosen her to be her maid of honor during this troublesome time. Yet Louis had instead chosen his sister to become the maid of honor instead and had rejected her wishes. Of course Daphne knew nothing of her true feelings towards Louis, nor had known anything about the small crush she had encountered before. But she knew everything else in between. From her parents sad misfortune to her anxiety of becoming a wife. Nonetheless, she knew that Ethel was losing her mind. Yet Ethel made sure to make it seem that it was simply a pre-wedding cold feet.

Ethel quickly opened the letter and smiled broadly upon reading that Daphne had accepted her invitation. A sigh of relief had slipped her lips since she had now no longer felt alone. And would soon be reunited with her best friend. At least for a moment.

Ethel, however, couldn't help but smile as she read on in the letter about her friend finding someone special. Someone she had began to have strong feelings for and was looking forward to spending much more intimate time with. Possible true love? Ethel was happy for her and was now really looking forward to meeting this man in which her friend described to be a perfect man. Yes, she would meet him at her wedding and give them her blessing. And hope that he'd make her happy forever…

And how naive she was… to think such a thing… Oh how'd she rue her own childish thoughts.

The wedding day was a day off.

Louis had stared at her while he spoke to his friends and guests. Yet she wasn't sure if it was in awe or he was basking the glory that he now owned her along with all of her family's fortune. Ethel was still equally disgusted by it. As well as when they shared their first kiss which… she had to fight to maintain her stomach at ease. This was definitely not what she had pictured her life to be… But there was no word from the man that haunted her dreams; Michael. The man that had swept her off her feet without even trying. And with her hands tied down as they were, Ethel had no chance to find him… to invite him to her wedding as she had promised. She could only hope that he was safe and had been successful in his life. That… that he was truly happy. And with that alone, she'd be happy.

As Louis had left her behind to tend to welcoming the guests, Ethel had noticed her mother-in-law smiling at her from across the room. She was definitely happy about all of this mess. At least someone was...

[i “Ethel, my God it’s so good to see you again.”]

Ethel's heart rejoiced as she heard the familiar voice. The young woman quickly excused herself from the other guests that congratulated her and turned to face her old friend. Ethel's arms instantly surrounded her friend and hugged her tightly.

"Oh I have missed you so!" Ethel spoke with a warm voice. She could feel as Daphne had also hugged her tightly in return. And soon Daphne had pulled away and her eyes shifted to the man beside her.

"Ethel, this is the man I told you about in mt letters. Mr. Sullivan. Michael Sullivan." Daphne said with excitement. Though Ethel's smile had instantly vanished. A slight look of horror had flashed in her eyes. Mixed feelings had washed over her like a large tidal wave. Ethel wasn't sure if to smile, cry, hug him or runaway. She was caught between so many thoughts that she had barely heard Daphne's question.

"I'm sorry?" Ethel looked to Daphne.

"Well, do you approve of him or not? I think he's quite handsome. He's also quite the gentleman and my father approved of him." Daphne grinned as she then latched on to his arm.

Ethel noticed glimmer in her eyes, the way she seemed to be swooned by him. Yes… she had also found him handsome, a gentleman and among other things… But none of that mattered anymore… She was a out to be married and he was… with her.

Ethel swallowed thickly. She forced a smile and nodded. "I'm happy for the two of you." Her eyes then shifted to Michael. "It is wonderful to see you again, Mr. Sullivan. Will you also be joining us tonight? As well as staying with us?"

"Of course he is! That's why I brought him with me." Daphne chuckled. "Wait, you two know each other already?

Ethel smiled and nodded. "Oh quite frankly, yes. He is the kind gentleman I met on a train before the wreckage. He spent some time with me and became an acquaintance. I am embarrassed to say that I sadly was not able to give him my thanks nor say goodbye when I left. Nor was I able to speak with him again after I lost contact with him that time. However, I am more than happy to know that my best friend is in the best hands like his..."
Michael knew that losing her father was tough and there was no way that he would ask Ethel to put her family before him. While her father hand really approved of Michael in their short time of knowing one another, he had no place to try and state that either of Ethel’s parents didn’t love her. what they were doing for her was what they thought was for the best and he imagined that Louis had put on quite the act. In fact, he was still doing a damn good job of keeping the show running and fooling everyone. Though he didn’t fool Michael and perhaps that was why he felt threatened. He knew that eventually, as of now actually, Michael would open Ethel’s eyes. But he also knew, that the sooner the two married the less likely a chance he had anything to do that could stop them. Even worse, it was clear that Michael could be easily pushed out of Ethel’s life if Louis wanted to, which was why he was ushing for them to leave so soon.

“Then there is a chance,” he told her, his voice soft as he met her at the window. After the funeral and the arrangements were taking care of, sch as more than likely selling the home, the couple would return to Junestown and the wedding would fall back into place. But that was a long while from now. <Michael could find better work and save up, he could get to Ethel in time. He had to.

They now stood in front of one another, Ethel so close to him again, her hands on his. His thumb stroked the back of her hand and he tried to meet her eyes. He knew it was much too soon to really say that they were in love, but he felt for her strongly in his heart and he didn’t want to let her go.
“We will meet again Ethel. I promise and I will take you away from all of this.” Michael leaned in to kiss her then, deepening as though with the fear that his words wouldn’t be enough. They weren’t just words though, or wishes – he would do all he could to see to it that he would be with Ethel again.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/TTOFVJ1.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/Jn2ZDpi.jpg]] “I’m so excited darling!” Daphne expressed with a grin as she looked in Michael’s direction. She placed her hand in his, Michael lifting it to his mouth to kiss the back of it. He had met Daphne coincidentally on his way back home. He hadn’t a chance to evens ay goodbye to Ethel before finding her empty room and learning from the nurse that she had already gone with her fiancé and her mother. It pained him to stay another day in the hotel. Considering the hijacking and the fact that he was sitting in first class, he was given a free ticket back home. Michael knew he could find work there much easier and he would need lots of money if he planned to see Ethel again.

Though he feared that he had set his hopes too high. What was the possibility of hem meeting again? Even then, what if her feelings for Louis had changed> What fi she found another suitor? There were so many scenarios to which doubted seemed to infest his mind. It had kept him closed off, but Daphne had changed that. They kept passing one another as they made their way to their separate cars, Michael of course having his mind more so on Ethel still. He could still feel the softness of her lips against his in a kiss when he thought hard enough.

After a mishap in their meals, to which they were switched, he and Daphne had struck a conversation. She was with her mother and father after returning from a trip. Her eyes were bright still with bliss from what she had described to be the best trip of her life. Going out into nature and being surrounded by its beauty had humbled her and she found her interest now went beyond money and marriage. She was especially interested din Michael when he mentioned his filmmaking, purposely leaving out the incident to which he lost his camera.

The dazzling red head had an infectious smile and a laughter that had brought light into his day. When he returned home, despite the obvious difference in their status, her parents allowed them to still stay in contact with another. He would visit her from time to time, taking her on picnics or walks through their gardens. As her father could see how serious he was with Daphne and not just because of her beauty or her wealth, he soon offered Michael a chance to go into schooling. He could see the young man as a son in law, which was surprising as Daphne’s interest often didn’t last as long.

Within a year Michael had completed school and had begun to work in the bank as an accountant. It didn’t bring in a lot of money to eb considered rich, but to him it felt that way. He was able to move his mother into a much nicer home and afford a camera. Though, he was not really interested in making anything now besides home videos of him and Daphne.

“You still haven’t told me who we are seeing tonight,” he finally said with a little smile. Daphne pressed her hand against his cheek. He had gotten rid of his facial hair and cut his hair, now so that the strands would sick back easily without a hair falling out of place. With him eating more now, he had put on a bit of healthy weight. His arms were defined, muscular and now fitting the sleeves of his shirt ad suit jacket much better.

“I don’t want to give anything away. I want you to meet her first. She’s my very best friend, someone I can’t even put into words. You’ll just have to see for yourself.” Michael shook his head, enjoying the ride through Junestown. In a year, the place had certainly improved and was starting to rally look like a reputable town. They had finally arrived at Montane, currently the only restaurant in the whole town. It was just recently finished and they had managed to snag tickets for the grand opening. It was three levels, the bottom for the lower class, the second the middle, and the top, which gave a beautiful view of the sky and mountains, at the very top.

Already the line had grown outside, people of all walks of life that had reservations, making their way in. The car had soon stopped and the driver exited, opening the door for Michael. He walked on the other side and opened the door for Daphne. She was dressed in a long green gown, with a sweetheart neckline ad a white shawl to match her white cloves around her shoulders. A small cord with fabric to match the dress was fitted around her wrist to keep the dress from dragging in the dirt.

Michael placed his hand at her waist and kissed her cheek, smiling as they tinted red. Things were becoming quite serious between the two of them, so much so that he had plans to discuss proposing to her when he met with her father the next day after the wedding of this friend of Daphne’s. How fitting, he thought to himself. They soon entered the building then, quickly ushered up the wooden steps and through the large crowds until they reached the top level. A band played music in the corner, couples already sitting at the white clothed covered tables. A large chandelier dangled above their heads in the center of the room. Michael was taken aback. Never in his life did he think he would find himself in a place like this and certainly not with a woman like Daphne.

“There she is!’ She said in excitement. Michael looked away from admiring the red velvet cushioned chairs and the beautiful stained walls and counter tops. After a passing waiter carrying a silver tray that held something that smelled divine, his eyes finally landed on someone he had thought he would never see again. As though she stole the words from him, Daphne announced upon approaching.
“Ethel, my God it’s so good to see you again.”
michael / kshahidx / 135d ago
Calming down was something she could not do. Her thoughts were a mess. Scattered and too complicated to simply calm down. No, she was in every sense of the word losing her mind over the matter. She was scared, petrified even. Louis had already ruined her plans to find happiness by agreeing to marriage and now he was certainly finding every way to make her life miserable until the day she died. A living hell. And though she had not truly experienced his wrath, she also wasn't planning on finding out about it either. She could only imagine the evil that he was capable of doing…

"There had to be a better way, Michael." She stared at him as he stood in front of her as he spoke of her father. "My father…" she turned and walked over to the window and peeked out the window around the curtain. "My father's funeral will take some time to manage… I have already spoken to Louis about postponing the wedding to bury my father back in our hometown. After my father's body is laid to rest six feet under I will have to continue making the arrangements for the wedding. By then if my mother has not awoken, Louis has already made arrangements to keep my mother in a hospital where a Private physician will care for her. That way I can focus on our marriage and…" She swallowed dryly with disgust. "Our children…" She closed her eyes. those words leaving a bitter taste in her mouth.

"If my mother passes away, I shall have full power over my father's estate. Yet I fear that Louis won't simply allow me to walk freely even if I paid him enough to keep away from me…" She looked over at Michael. "I am unsure of our future… and yet any future with you in it is better than the one that awaits me with Louis." She admitted.

Ethel extended her hand out to Michael with a faint smile. "You have given me hope for a better ending to my story… and for that I will always be grateful for… that and our initial friendship. I never thought to meet a man like you and yet here you are, in the flesh.

A soul mate. Someone to confide in and feel comfortable with. Someone who'd love her unconditionally. And yet she only wondered if those feelings would remain forever. If Michael would, somehow in the future of them together, eventually tire of her. As her father had soon tired of her mother, and strived to hide it from her on a daily basis. Or worse… he'd tire of her after he'd ruined her. The thought made her heart sink. Maybe she was simply rushing things because she wanted to leave Louis that badly? Or did she really in love with Micheal?

"I will follow your plan." She said softly. Her eyes directed to him. "I will continue my charades and follow through with everything… once you are ready then I shall find you... If by then you have not forgotten about me…"
Michael’s fingers pressed against his lips, turning just in time then to see Ethel as she disappeared back into the hotel. He sighed out, “Goodnight Ethel,” he whispered into the darkness. He stayed outside for a moment longer, deciding to have a smoke then to calm his nerves. What had he been thinking? To truly suggest that she give up everything for him. Was he good enough for her? Michael knew that he couldn’t give Ethel everything she wanted. eventually love wouldn’t be enough. Thy would need a home, somewhere safe to lay their heads and maybe somewhere to raise children. Not to mention, he couldn’t be sure that Louis would I’ve her up without a fight. The man seemed capable of anything and Michael considered that terrifying.

He inhaled sharply, the taste of tobacco sweet on his tongue, but his lungs not used to the intense smoke which burned the back of his throat. He soon finished, flicking to the ground to be put out of the toe of his shoes before he made his way back inside. He shivered at the warmth that eagerly reached out to cling against his cold skin. Michael had made his way down toward the cabins and rooms where the lower class stayed. Despite how late it was, there were still people up, enjoying a drink or trying to make the best of their situation. He could spot a few people from the train. Though, from what he had heard, many couldn’t afford the hospital stay nor to wait for the train to be fixed and had decided upon finding another way to Junestown.

He finally made his way to his room. Fortunately while Louis hadn’t done so in good intentions, the room he had selected for him was a single which meant he could keep you himself. He found a note awaiting him though, a small smile on his face as he realized it was form his mother. He was not surprised to find that she was worried for him, and how hearing from him had soothed such terrible thoughts. While he hadn’t wanted to, he had mentioned the accident, feeling that she would hear about it through word of mouth and he would rather she not think him dead.

His mother was relieved to hear so, saddened to know he had lost his camera in the process of the hijacking. With Ethel on his mind, he found it hard to sleep and so after reading the letter, he sat at the desk and started to write a response.

He told his mother about Ethel, how she made his heart beat fast and his hands tremble. He mentioned the way her eyes sparked in joy when she saw him. He knew to be somewhat chaste though.

[I Oh mother, she has told me she loves me and I have told her too. But she is engaged . . . what am I to do?]

His mother’s opinion mattered, especially considering her history with Michael’s father. He knew she wouldn’t judge him, but he was unsure if even she knew what was the right advice. After sealing the letter, Michael left it on the desk to take care of in the morning before he finally got in bed. His eyes stared up at the ceiling, the loud voices and snores from his neighbors muffled as he seemed to fall into a dreamland. He could still feel the weight of Ethel against his body, how warm her chest had been. He was tormented by his desires of her until he fell asleep.

In the morning, Michael grabbed breakfast after delivering his letter. He had made his way back to the room to gather his things. He knew soon enough, he would have to get his affairs in order, as one of the hosts had mentioned in passing that his stay was coming to an end. He wasn’t all too shocked, knowing that this must have been a way for Louis to rid of him without Ethel knowing. Why else would he go through the trouble of assuring they weren’t on the same floor?

Some part of hi knew that he and Ethel had the intentions of meeting only at night for their safety, but he wondered if he would be able to see her if he traveled up to the upper-class area. It was risky, but it was worth it to check on her. he knew things had to be tough with the condition of her mother and her father’s passing. He had only gotten a few feet from his room when he turned to find Ethel. He furrowed his brows, as though expecting himself dreaming until she came crashing into his arms. Words were spewing form her mouth and he could see someone peeking their head out of their room at the couple. He quickly wrapped his arms around Ethel and ushered her into his room, locking the door for good measure.

“What’re you –” Michael tried to follow along to the word that speedily left her mouth, Ethel’s cheeks growing redder with each passing syllable. “Ethel calm down dear,” he said as he placed his hands to her cheeks. He sighed out though, he himself growing anxious as it seemed as expected complications had arose between them. “It seems maybe Louis may be smarter than we thought. He’s only paid for my room until the end of the week – there’s no possible way I can leave and you follow without him noticing.” He sighed out, pressing his forehead against Ethel’s then and rolling gently. He moved away, His hand on his hip while the other gripped his chin in thought.

“And I will not feel right if you do not attend your father’s funeral Ethel. You cannot leave your mother that way.” The only fortunate thing was that they were going to the same place, just they would need time to make a better escape plan.
“I have work in Junestown. I can start to save, maybe you can put money aside when we are settled, we can head farther up North.” While it would mean more time the couple would have to hide their love, Michael could see no other way and above all, he wanted Ethel safe.
michael / kshahidx / 139d ago
Michael was right, she wasn’t married as of yet. But the key word in the sentence was yet. In fact, even if she was betrothed to him she still would be shamed and outcast as a whore if she had even thought about lying with him in such a manner. Not that she would do such a thing… hopefully. At least not yet.

She happily accepted his apology. Though his next words brought a red tinge to her cheeks. He was being truthful in more ways than one. And she was sure that he was holding back a lot more than just some lustful words. She wouldn’t pay mind to that now that he had mentioned waiting for her as long as it took. For any other woman that would’ve swept her off her feet, a romantic way to state feelings for someone else. Yet they had brought on a deep sense of sadness to Ethel’s heart. What if Michael waited forever and that time never came? Then what? He would’ve wasted his time waiting on her to come back to him… And that was truly unfair. That only meant she had to make the best of the time she spent with him. To make every second count as a most memorable experience ever. A loving and happy memory to look back upon on depressing days.

“It will not be our last chance, I promise.” She smiled up at him. Leaning up she pressed her lips once again to his, savouring the taste once more before fully pulling away from him and walking back towards the door. “‘Till tomorrow night?” She was not even asking, she was stating the fact that she’d be waiting for him here. And she only hoped he had understood. “Goodnight, Michael.” And with that she had left.

Following the stairs down, Ethel quietly made her way back to her room. Her mother was still in the state that she had left her. Yet instead of feeling complete and utter despair as she had felt moments ago, she had a slight feeling of happiness within. Of course Michael had to do with it. He was the very cause of it. But apart from the feelings Michael had caused her to feel, she had the faint sense of hope growing within her. Something she had lost long ago and luckily had gained it back thanks to him. She truly had been blessed to have met him.

Ethel crawled into the bed beside her mother, resting her hand under her cheek as she stared at her mother while she slept. “Mother…” She whispered softly. “I wish you could hear me… I wish you were aware of how life has changed. How I no longer feel empty or hollow. How I am now beginning to understand the feeling of love. It’s wonderful, mother. It truly is…” And with that Ethel had drifted off into sleep.

The next morning had been the same once again. Ethel had woken up, kissed her mother’s cheek. She crawled out of the bed, took a hot bath and dressed herself in a simple white cotton dress with white lace. Her hair was braided to the side and she had adorned them with some flowers that had been put in a vase in her room by one of the housekeepers. A small amount of blush to her cheeks, a bit of white powder to her face, simple makeup that her mother had always obligated her to use. And now she was simply following the routine in memory of her. Ethel took one last look at herself in the mirror before she left the room. She made her way down into the dinning hall and noticed Louis who had been sitting at the table, seemingly waiting for her.

His astonished look only notified her that he had noticed that she had finally looked ‘normal’ again. “Good morning, my love.” He instantly spoke as he pulled out her chair.

“Good morning.” She spoke softly as she took a seat while he adjusted it for her.

“You look beautiful today.” And there it was, the blank statement that she always seemed to hate. It was the only thing he’d ever notice. There was nothing else; no questions about her health or how she was feeling, just comments about her appearance.

“Thank you.” She responded with a fake smile.

“I have already arranged everything. You should be happy to know that we will have a ride out of this hell by the end of this week. We should be heading into the town by two weeks. Then we can continue with the plans for the wedding. Oh, and I also arranged for a physician to care for your mother in one of the best hospitals. As for your father’s funeral, any plans you’d like for me to handle?”

Leaving in a week… wedding plans… her mother cared for… her father’s funeral… All of it had nearly made her head spin. He had once again arranged everything for her without her consent. And now she had no choice but to live with it. “Oh… you’re so kind to me, Louis… My… my father’s funeral… Maybe we could have it once we’re in the town… We could set up a talk and maybe send him back to be buried in my hometown? I… If you wouldn’t mind postponing the wedding for at least a couple of weeks until I bury my father… Then I can focus on our wedding. Since I’d feel more at peace knowing that my father’s body is resting in the right place.”

There was a moment of silence. A silence that made her feel more uncomfortable than she already felt. Had he seen through her and known that she was somewhat lying to his face? Trying to slip out of this mess while she still had the upper hand? “Of course, my dear.” He chuckled. A sense of relief washed over her soul and she could breathe again.

“Thank you.” She nodded at him before looking down at her plate of food. She was no longer hungry. “I think I would like to take a walk in the garden outback. Would you mind if I go?” Her eyes shifted over to him.

“You may go. Would you like for me to accompany you?”

Ethel shook her head. “I need some time alone to process all of this… After all, there’s a lot to take in and I need to adapt to the new changes in my life. I do hope you do not feel that I am rejecting your kind invitation?” Even though she truly was…

“Not at all. I thank you for being so nice despite the… little quarrels we’ve had.” Quarrels… was that what he was calling it?

Ethel nodded and quickly got up. “I will see you in the evening?” She summoned another fake smile. She felt as Louis took her hand and pressed his lips to the back of her hand. The numb feeling within only sunk back into her soul. He truly didn’t make her feel the way Michael had so easily made her feel within seconds the prior night. She really had to do something about this before it was too late. But first she had to find Michael… Yet where could she find him?

Ethel lurked around the small hotel, stairs by stairs, room by rooms and floor by floor. It took her a while, but she had finally found Michael in one of the lower parlor rooms. Ethel closed the door behind her and locked it. “Michael.” She began softly as she made her way towards him. Her hands extended towards him as she then grasped onto him gently. “Louis has planned for us to leave by the end of the week. Whatever plan I was supposed to make before is now invalid. I need to figure out how to play things right now before I am taken away for good. However, I cannot leave with you… I would need for you to leave first and then I could follow after. If not, I am sure he will suspect that I have left with you.” She then let go of him before shaking her head. “Or maybe not… Maybe he’d think I’ve gone after you…” She sighed and began to pace back and forth in the room. “I know. I could give you some funds so that you can go on your way to where you were headed before. Get yourself set up like you planned before… and… And then I can go find you. What do you think?”
All Michael wanted was for her to say yes, to what was in the air. Yes to continue kissing him, yes to being with him, and yes to leaving with him. He knew of course that it would be hard for him to give her the life she had been used to and the life that she was promised, but hoped that love could in some way make up for it. He allowed them a moment to pause, though hated himself for it, feeling as though he was giving Ethel too much time to change her mind. He felt guilty and selfish, but he’d known he was good for her, better for her than the man she had been engaged to. A man that on countless of times had threatened his life after accusing him of doing the very actins he was guilty of now.

Michael could feel how she arched into him, Ethel eagerly accepting his invitation as her hands were pressed against his chest. Her chest rose and fell with each hurried breath and he knew that should he rest his head against her warm bosom, he would feel the fast speed of her heart thrumming. She wanted him, he knew that from the way she chewed on her bottom lip to keep from making a sound and how her eyes never left his own. Yet, Ethel was slowly returning back to reality. Their surroundings were becoming once again clear and it was evident that as much as they wanted this to work out, it would take more than just the both of them admitting their feelings for another.

Ethel was right to stop him, no matter the aching it caused for Michael. He stared down at their hands, hers soft and grabbing his before they could fly away and work toward convincing her to go along with him in that moment. Some part of him felt bad, as though he had pushed her into a corner and maybe he was thinking more on his desires than hers. Though Ethel soon brushed away such thoughts of insecurity, assuring him that there was nothing more than ever she wanted than him, but they would have to wait.


“You’re not married yet,” he said to her under a soft breath, a smile growing on his face. He cursed and shook his head, his eyes returning to meet her gaze. She was right. Who was he to not only disrupt her life but possibly give anyone reason to doubt she was anything but a reputable woman? “I’m sorry,” he said finally. “My wanting for you got the best of me.” Michael accepted Ethel into his arms, his hands gentle against her back as he lightly traced his fingers up and down her spine. “Of course I want you to be mine and I want nothing but the best for you. I will wait for you Ethel, as long as it takes.”

There was a twinge of sadness in both their statements. Ethel feared she would lose him and he feared he would lose her, a valid fear as they had the same enemy. He knew it wouldn’t be long before Louis would come searching for her and should he discover the two in such a manner, Michael would be done for. He sighed out, pulling from her, his hands pressed on her cheeks as he leaned in to kiss her forehead

“We will figure this out,” he assured her. “You should get back inside. I don’t want this to be our last chance at meeting.” At least they had managed to find themselves somewhere private to meet, for now at least.
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Ethel had been known to be a loyal woman. To always lean towards justice, grace and follow the right thing. She was chaste and had been brought to become an upright woman in high Society. And yet all of that had seemed to be tossed out the window as soon as she had melted in the arms of this man she barely knew yet was becoming more than acquainted with…

Ethel knew she could no longer see him as a friend, yet alone some stranger that she met on a train. No, now her heart tugged at her to follow his steps and hold him tighter. The feel of his hands pressed against her skin sent jolts of pleasure through her body, and the feeling of his hard frame pressed firmly against her simply didn't help with the lewd thoughts that she fought to keep in the back of her head for her safety. The more he held her, the more she wanted him.

His words swirled in the multiple thoughts that floated in her head. She wanted to cave in, give herself up willingly to explore that territory that she'd yet to see. Have another taste of the forbidden fruit. but she knew very well that this was wrong. And a part of her only wondered if maybe somewhere deep inside this was her way of trying to forget about her father's passing and her mother's unforseen fate. "I'll go…" she whispered softly. Her voice nearly gave away the pleasure he was effortlessly causing her. She needed to calm down. Keep her senses. And yet...

As she felt his skin trail across her neck, she felt her body tremble. Yet it was not out of fear but more out of desire… She swallowed hard. This was exactly what she had read in the books. And what came next usually was like a two edged sword. Either it ended up being splendid and beautiful or in heartache and sorrow. His words, however, had given her a beacon towards what should be done. And though every ounce in her body wanted to feel him entirely as she already was, she knew this wasn't the right thing to do. And yet...

Ethel gently reached down and grasped his hands, pulling them away from her as she looked up at him. "Michael," she spoke softly. Her face flushed, her hazel eyes staring at him with a mixture of passion and worry. She reached up and tucked away the wild strand of hair behind his ear. "I want you… more than you could ever imagine. Every inch of my body craves to be held and touched by you." She caressed his face. "However, you and I both are aware that this is wrong…" She laid her head upon his shoulder. "We must be smart about this… Hence, give me sometime to come up with a plan and… sort all of this mess out. All of these sudden new feelings…"

She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly. "And I promise to be yours… If that is what you want… I will go wherever you want me to go. But in the meantime I want you to be safe… And I know this might sound silly coming from someone you barely know but… I can't lose you too."
They were closer than they should’ve been and while the thought of being caught terrified him, knowing how his life had already been threatened, he dared not pull away. She could push him away and yet still, Michael as unsure how he would be able to draw the line between them. His wanting was muddled in his care for the woman and when she leaned in to kiss him, Michael could only feel his desires increasing. He stood still, as though afraid that any sudden movement would cause her to flee and yet she kept her soft lips against his, a small sound escaping as she pulled away from him only briefly to speak.

One more. She inquired if it was too much to ask for, too wrong quite possibly and he hadn’t any air to speak. His head was dizzy and as he met his eye, he could feel himself getting lost in the blissful imaginations of them holding each other closer, kissing until their lips were sore and there was no care in the world – no way or one who could pull them apart.
“Don’t be sorry,” he finally said, his voice low and husky. He leaned in this time, taking the reins in kissing her, his hands against the sies of her face to hold her in place. Michael deepened the kiss, hungry for Ethel as he had dreamt of the way her lips would feel and taste since meeting her. He’d tried to remain civil, to contain the passion in him a sone hand dropped to meet her lower back, drawing her flesh against him. He could feel her warm flesh beneath the fabric of her gown.

He was getting ahead of himself and certainly now wasn’t the time and this wasn’t the place, but should he never have the opportunity to kiss her again, Michael wanted to take this moment for all he could. He made a small moan, trembling as he parted, his forehead against Ethel’s then. He was breathing hard, his lips tingling and almost pushing to be close to Ethel’s again. He closed his eyes tight, wanting to apologize as well and yet he felt no ounce of reasoning for him to be apologetic about following his heart’s desires.

He was so caught up that he had no chance to filter his words. “Come with me,” he said then. “Come with me wherever. Just us?” It was a lot to ask of the woman. She was still grieving her father of course and she had her mother to deal with. Leaving Louis and choosing to be with Michael was almost like asking Ethel to give up everything she knew, everything she trusted for the better for the sense of wonder that he was offering her. It was a heavy decision, one that he feared she didn’t even have the choice to make and more than likely wouldn’t. but he refused to not let her know his feelings or his intentions.

His nose trailed along her neck, his hands softly grazing against her body a she pressed her clothes closer against her skin so as to truly trace the outline of her frame. He could make love to her in that moment, hold her forever and try to rid her mind of the terrible worries of her future.
“I shouldn’t,” he said though every part of him hardened, just as concrete as his wishes he had said aloud. It was a mistake he was sure in other’s eyes, a sin and yet to him the most beautiful thing.
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"If my mother were ever to wake again, I am sure she'd advise me to do otherwise and go through with the wedding…" Since her mother was also swooned by the man himself. Something to do with his empowering charm she thought. But that sort of charm never worked on Ethel. She was more of a submissive sort of woman who enjoyed the company of those who were humble at heart. Which she couldn't really say that she knew many, but Michael seemed to be one. Yet she knew that it'd be short lived once she married the monster. A thought then came to mind, what would become of her after all this was over? Would she even ever be able to speak again? Would she ever even be able to think for herself… God only knew. But Ethel could already feel her throat closing up from the anxiety that seeped from her heart.

And yet the sudden feeling of Michael's warm and gentle hands caught her attention. Her eyes were forever captured by his steady stare of worry. The way he wiped her tears away made her heart flutter. A breath caught in her throat whilst he spoke. It was as if he had caught her under his spell. Ethel could've sworn he had used some enchantment to keep her captivated the way he did. And she became the most willing.

Ethel hesitated for a moment to lean forward to meet his lips. Her lips quivered with uncertainty. Was this even the right thing to do? She was already considered a married woman-- since she was already betrothed to Louis. And yet she still wished to taste his lips. Ethel then closed the scarce distance between their lips. Savoring the sweet moment, the sinful taste of that in which was not hers, that in which she could not claim. It was beyond anything she could've ever imagined. And the sparks within her soul nearly sent her over the edge.

For a moment Ethel felt free… but only for a moment. Ethel pulled from the kiss gently. Her eyes remained locked upon his whilst her fingers reached up to touch her lips which still tingled with the lingering feeling of his.

"I-I'm sorry, Michael. I… I am unsure what came over me." She said bashfully as her eyes then averted from his. She was more than sure that her face was red and was visible even under the moonlight. "I… I have never done such a thing before." A shy smile then formed on her lips. "I never thought I'd enjoy something like that. It's… it's a different feeling than what I have read in books." And yet she still craved for more. For this new feeling. She wanted more... with him and only him. Her eyes then glanced back up at him. "I know this is wrong but... I... wish... I wish I... " she sighed softly. "Might… might I have one more?" She spoke softly as she leaned up once again and pulled him down into another kiss.
Some part of Michael figured that she would pull away from him. He worried that maybe he had been too forward and yet she looked like she needed to be held. To lose one’s parent surely was hard. While Ethel’s father may not have been completely open to the young man, he still couldn’t say all the way that he was unlikeable in any way. No man deserved to die the way he had. Though, Michael found it hard to consider what happened on that train to be an accident or some sick twist of fate. He wondered should eh bring up such thoughts to Ethel in her state. This was her father after all and it would seem callous to start conspiring while so fresh in her stages of grief.

Still, Michael couldn’t help the thoughts that had passed through his mind. The man had attacked him with a strange intensity as though he knew him and wanted Michael not injured, but dead. Maybe he was being paranoid. There was a lot of commotion on the train during the hijacking and he had taken a nasty blow to the head.

“I am so sorry to hear that Ethel, this must be absolutely terrible surely your mother can convince Louis to change his mind.” It would be purely callous to consider still going on with what would be the happiest day of Ethel’s life. Though, considering the feelings she shared personally with him regarding the engagement, it was hard to consider that she was at all excited for her wedding in the first place. Her father wasn’t even yet underground and it seemed he was still going on with planning.

Ethel’s screams of frustrations did not fall on deaf ears. In fact, they were the very words that Michael longed to hear. He knew she didn’t love Louis, and every fiber of his being believed that Louis was using Ethel to get to her money. The fact that she was a pretty – a beautiful woman seemed to only be a perk to his plan. It angered Michael who found it hard to bite his tongue on his thoughts. He believed that Louis had his hand in this accident, but how? It was insane to think he could orchestrate such a thing and yet Michael thought back to the way his eyes gleamed meaningly through the haze of smoke. He shivered then, his hands shrugging into the pockets of his pants.

He didn’t want to wrap Ethel into his troubles, knowing that by even talking to him Louis could do quite the harm toward him and Ethel. He would need proof should he decide to suggest to Ethel that Louis had his hands in this situation. Right now was making sure that she was alright. He leaned forward, his hand reaching up to cup her cheeks, splotchy and red from crying. His thumb brushed away the tear.
“There is never a way I wish not to see you that could ever change my opinion of you.” He said softly, a sheepish smile on his face. He was close to her then, to see the small puffs of air part through her lips with each small breath. “I missed you,” he admitted before leaning forward, feeling his lips just an inch from hers. He closed his eyes.
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Ethel found herself to be astonished by his sudden warm embrace. It was a nice feeling. A feeling that she honestly enjoyed more than she really should have and thus she had returned such affection. She hadn't even known how much she needed a hug until Michael had effortlessly given it to her. She wanted to give way to tears, but instead she held them back. It was unladylike to cry in front of others or make any sort of public commotion.

His words were just as kind as his actions as always. But the feeling was short lived. And she was already missing the moment. "I am afraid to tell you that my father has passed. They thankfully were able ro recover his body, however it was fse too late to save him. He died instantly… crushed. At least that is what was told to me." She swallowed back her sadness. "I am not sure how I feel about all of this right now. It seems that I have come across a series of unfortunate events that I cannot seem to shake off. With my mother still unconscious and Louis still wishing to go forth with the wedding, I am not sure how any of this will come about."

Not that she had much of a voice or choice in any of the matter since Louis was clearly taking the initiative of things and arranging everything for her; mostly without her consent.

Ethel's eyes shifted down to the ground. The hollow and empty feeling returned. "I believe I need a friend in all of this madness… I feel that I am losing my mind if I haven't already… I need to feel something other than this dreadful emptiness I have within me. The suffocating, drowning notion that my life has derailed to the point that I cannot turn back nor be who I wish to be. I just cannot bear the feeling of anger and disbelief that I am to be married to someone I barely know and wants nothing more than a pretty face by his side. To use at his will. But I want something much more than that! I want to fall in love and be loved… and yet I know that will not happen. Not anymore. Not with Louis standing behind me like a wolf waiting to devour a lamb…"

Ethel felt the tears that poured from her eyes drip down her cheeks. She quickly wiped some away and turned from Michael. "I-I apologize Michael, this is by no means the way you should see a lady. Just give me a moment to clear myself up." She tried to laugh, push it as a joke. Yet her voice broke every time as the tears didn't seem to cease. "I shouldn't have brought you into this mess…" She whispered softly.
“I’m sorry Mr. Sullivan, but M. Rosebush is not seeing any visitors at this time.”
“I’m a friend of the family, I think she would be alright with seeing me –”
“Mr. Perkins has made it clear that he would like [I his] fiancé to be alone in her time of grieving.” Grieving? Seeing Ethel right now was more than important. Though it seemed Michael was not going to get through this nurse who more than likely had a distaste for him due to salacious talk from Louis. Michael’s lips set into a fine line, his hands fist in the pockets of his loose fitting pants. It had been almost three days since he last saw Ethel and it seemed Louis was making good on his promise to keep the two out of each other’s way.
“Fine.” Michael said before turning on his heel. He sighed out and made his way down the hall and toward his room. This was insane. He was worried about Ethel and even more so knowing that she had lost someone close to her. Had it been her mother or perhaps they had found her father finally? He wasn’t going to get any information out of the nurse and certainly not Louis. He had to speak to Ethel directly. He knew she wouldn’t stay cooped up in the room for much longer, she had to find the desire to get away and have some time to herself. As strange as it may have sounded, he had come to learn quite a bit about the female in their small moments together. She needed fresh air.

He tried to go about his day as normal, eating and spending time wandering the halls. He had wrote a letter to his mother explaining the situation in as little details as possible. He assured her he as fine, but he would be arriving later than planned and not to worry should she not hear from him on time.

Night final arrived and Michael made his way down the hall once more. There was no one in sight which proved to be great and allowed him to peek into the room he had been banned form. There were a few candles lit, enough for him to see Mrs. Rosebush sleeping in her bed, though the bed beside her had been empty; the sheets disheveled and hinting that someone had been sleeping in it. He called for Ethel, a whisper and yet heard nothing. That was a good sign and lead him in the right direction.

After navigating the dark halls, he noticed a door ajar that led to the rooftop. Michael was careful as he made his way up. While mobile, his injuries still proved problematic and by the time he reached the door leading outside, he was out of breath. He opened the door, enjoying the cool breeze from the outside. Though he drew the light coat he wore tight around him, knowing that the cold would be enjoyable for but a moment.

He was near to turning back when he heard the soft click of a pebble being pushed away and suddenly a light shining, the figure holding it recognizable. He smiled in relief at hearing his name, quickly walking over to draw Ethel into an embrace without even thinking. His arms wrapped around her, his nose burying into her neck. “Ethel! God, I was worried about you.” Michael closed his eyes against her scent, her hair tickling the side of his face. He could hold her forever and such a thought quickly drew him away, knowing how indecent it was to hold her in such a manner. Yet, his hand remained at the bottom of her back. “They said you were grieving . . . but they didn’t give me much information. How are you fairing?” he knew that her losing her father was difficult. Her life was already changing du to her engagement, but now losing a parent had to have turned her whole world upside down. What would this mean for the fate of her family?
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It was a restless night for Ethel. The constant tossing and turning had cost her 'beauty' rest as her mother would constantly call it. But the truth was that Ethel couldn't stop replaying the moment in her head. The way Michael looked at her, firm and with feeling. Unlike the way that Louis would stare at her; cold and soulless.

It was true though, Ethel had to stop overthinking things that were really there. Things that wouldn't ever happen or could possibly happen. But that still didn't mean that she couldn't dream about it…

And a dream finally appeared once sleep had finally overtaken her body in the middle of the morning. Michael, of course, haunting her dreams in the most pleasant of ways… A short dream that was soon interrupted by a sudden sound of a door opening.

Ethel's eyes shot open and noticed a nurse, with a Physician alongside Louis. The look on her face seemed evident that they came to bring bad news. And Ethel only wondered if it was about her mother who still laid in a comatose state on her bed beside hers. Ethel looked to her mother with a hint of agony.

"Oh no, my dear. Your mother seems to be quite alright." The physician spoke as he took a step closer to Ethel. She turned to look at him instantly with a relieved look in her eyes.

"Then what brings the three of you here?" Ethel asked as she then settled her book to the side and sat up on her bed.

"We've come to speak to you about your father…" he continued.

Ethel blinked twice. This only meant that he...he was…

"We are so sorry for your loss, Ms. Rosebush."

Ethel heard the grandfather clock's bell toll. She could feel her chest compress. She was suddenly breathless. Her head was light, as if she was to faint. Ethel swallowed dryly. The pit of her stomach swirling.

"H-how?" Did she even dare to ask? "How did he… where was he…"

"We found him crushed under the rubbles of the train. Seems that he suffered a blunt trauma to the back of his skull and he bled out fairly quickly. It was a quick and painless death."

Ethel nodded. She felt Louis' hand press against her shoulder. "It is alright, my dear. I will handle the funeral arrangements." Ethel glanced up at the man. A slight hint of happiness gleamed in his eye. Something that didn't sit very well with her. But before she was able to say anything, Louis had turned and looked over at the physician and nurse. "Thank you. I will handle it from here onwards."

Ethel watched as they left the room. Her eyes then settled upon Louis who then slid his hand up to grasp her chin. He leaned closer to her. "I will make sure to make this all easy for you. You simply rest here--" He smiled.

"I want to see my father's body." Ethel demanded without any hesitation.

"That is not something for a lady like you to see. I will make sure everything goes as it should. Just rest now."

Ethel nodded in a daze. Her eyes followed as Louis then left the room. She looked over at her mother. The horrible thought then suddenly flooded her mind… what if her mother was next on the reaper's list? What would she surely do then? What would become of her?

Ethel didn't know what else to think beyond this point. Yet she had still managed to sit beside her mother upon the bed and held on to her hand tightly. Her father was gone… she didn't want her mother to leave so suddenly as well.

"Mother…" Ethel spoke softly whilst holding back her tears. "Please stay with me… for as long as you like… I love you very much…"

For two days, Ethel had not left her mother's side. Worrying whether her mother would suddenly pass away alone. Something that Ethel did not want and thus she had chosen to remain locked in the room with her mother.

She barely ate. She barely slept. Ethel was running on nothing more than a crumb or two of bread and water. Nothing else had seemed to remain down in her stomach. But after a couple of hours stuck within four walls, Ethel had chosen to finally leave the room in the middle of the night.

Heading to the rooftop, Ethel leaned over the balcony and stared out at the nightsky. Watching over the bright jewels that gleamed in the skies above. Fresh Air was exactly what she needed. Exactly what would help her clear her cloudy thoughts. Maybe then she could figure out what to do now that her father was gone and her mother was still…

Ethel sighed softly. Then noticing a dark figure in the dark behind her. She turned her head to take a better look, holding up the lantern to see more clearly. "Michael?"
“Yes, you will see me tomorrow.” Howe could he deny her after the sweet kiss to his forehead? He watched her carefully and he knew, she wanted to kiss him truly. Though what was Michael doing? Why further complicate an already difficult situation with such dreams and tales he spun in his head. Even if Ethel cared for him in such a way, there was no way he was over going to get a chance to be more than a friend to her. She was willing to still stay in his life though and that was more than he deserved. Though, he didn’t think he could sit by idly and watch as Louis treated her like some kind of doll.

He shivered just thinking about the man, the way his eyes lacked any light, just dark and emotionless. He was a cold man, that was for sure.
“Goodnight Ms. Rosebush.” He wanted to be careful, should that nosey nurse come poking her head in unannounced. Admittedly, the room grew much colder now that Ethel had left. He bundled under the covers more then, wishing it wasn’t so painful to lay on his side. Instead, all he could do was stare up at the ceiling until sleep claimed him.

By the morning, he awoke, glad to see the nurse had dropped by to take his dishes and clean out his bedpan. That said, she still hadn’t thought he would have to eat. Michael knew he couldn’t sit around waiting for Ethel, not sure what her [I free] time composed of. He was also sick and tired of lying in bed just after the last couple days. With a grunt, he sat up and shuffled toward the bathroom. Surprisingly, though with labored breathing, he found that to be a success in its own. After using the restroom, he assessed himself in the mirror. He assumed he looked better than before, the swelling going down and the bruising not as jarring. He definitely could use a good shave, but his balancing wasn’t that good so far.

Instead, he used what energy he had left to wash up and change into some clothes. Fortunately the hospital staff were kind enough to get him some new clothes as he imagined his were in terrible condition. He pulled on the black pants, and white shirt. They were new and still a bit tight, unlike his old and oversized clothing he previously wore. He found a vest packed in his belongings and slipped that on as well. His eyes looked toward the photograph of his mother in the bag. He sighed out, missing his camera terribly. Esther was right though, there were other things to be grateful for; seeing her face again was one of them.

He put on his boots and started to gingerly make his way out of the room. He was still in some pain, but he did feel somewhat normal after changing. Slowly he followed the signs and the smell, making his way toward the cafeteria. He recognized some people already from the platform on the day of their departure. Everyone seemed to be in well enough spirits.

“Excuse me,” someone said behind him before brushing pass. Michael paused then, a frown catching his face. He tried to search for the man, but he was gone in the crowd. But that voice, he recognized that voice. He tried to place it as he made his way toward the line. Getting his food hot sounded much better. He wondered if Ethel had heard anything about her parents, especially her father who last he heard had yet to be found.
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