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{ᴛʜᴇ ʟᴀᴡ ᴏғ ᴀᴛᴛʀᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ}

By kshahidx

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[center [font times [b X] is a young socialite who’s engaged to the CEO of her father’s company. Her whole life has been planned and public appearance is all her family has seemed to care about. [b Y] is a gang member, who boxes in an illegal underground ring. With ties to the mafia, he isn’t the kind of guy you’d suggest bringing to a dinner party. But after [b X] is convinced by her friends to take a walk on the wild side, their paths cross. A one night stand could crumbl her perfect world, but somehow that thought takes a backseat as the two continue this wild ride of an affair. When things get tough though [b X] will have to make a choice and [b Y] will have to decide between loyalty and [b [I love]]]
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[center [size45 [Italianno What I Ask of You]]]
[size13 [font times [I [b • [#a94063 Okay so]]], this is kind of like a good girl x bad guy plot. I do want it to touch on dangerous topics (murder and eventually im thinking robbery involving her family) but I’m interested to see other dynamics that will be brought in such as classism, family dynamics, etc. he’s not that great of a guy so this wont be all happy and lovey so I would want a female character that can perfectly embody dealing with a rocky road relationship. ending is up to us!
[I [b • [#a94063 Real pictures]]], make sure they match the theme of the roleplay.
[I [b • [#a94063 400 words minimum]]], and [b PLEASE PUSH THE STORY FORWARD]. Your post shouldn't be 2/3 responding to dialogue. I want to know who your character is, be creative.
[I [b • [#a94063 Must be 21+]]], this is honestly more so for my comfort, it has nothing to do with maturity. There will be gore, violence, intimacy, cursing, etc. I am willing to accept 18+ if you're absolutely interested.
[I [b • [#a94063 [u Active in plot discussion]]]], Just because it's my idea, doesn't mean everything is on my shoulders. I want someone who is excited and offers ideas that will make the rp exciting.
[I [b • [#a94063 Post no later than 7 days]]], I understand this is a crazy time, people have work and families. I myself work 40 hour wks, but I also have no life so I'm able to juggle the kajillion rps I have no problem. All I ask is that you don't join if you've already got a lot on your plate. I have a good amount of stagnant and slow moving rps and I hate to see an idea die. But if anything, always let me know - I have bad memory so sometimes I won't respond, but rest assured I've seen it.
[I [b • [#a94063 Finally]]], I will be playing multiple characters, that doesn't mean you have to. Please do not do so if you cannot handle the load.
[I [b • [#a94063 Hopefully]]]: I have still held your interest, if so send me a message!]

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"You dress up too? You continue to surprise me in pleasant ways,” Dominic said. Flirting was helping with easing the tension and eh could only hope that it would be a good enough distraction where Eris didn’t question him any further on the men. He would rather not have to deal with fighting tonight and especially so, considering his gun was down in the car. Not that he wanted to shoot anyone and certainly not at a full restaurant. If Eris knew that he lived an even more dangerous lifestyle than she was bound to suspect in that moment, he was sure she would never speak to him again and Dominic wanted a chance with her. a fair chance. What it could lead to, no one knew, but whatever had sparked between them did deserve the possibility of growing into something more.

Their food had been brought out now, but Dominic was struggling with whether or not it best to take everything to go. A cloud of doubt fell over him momentarily. He didn’t want to deal with these problems all his life. This was why he wanted to get out of the business. He had forever been grateful to his boss for getting him this far and his best friend. But he was growing older, he wanted a family and a beautiful wife to go home to – how could he have that when his and their lives were in danger?

His eye brow rose as he watched Eris move her chair closer to him. He figured it was an attempt to capture is full attention again as it had been wavering between her and the men. It wasn’t that hard, as he felt her lips against his. He reached a hand up to press against the side of her face, leaning forward into the kiss. Dominic chased after her lips as she pulled away, a small smile on his face, though his eyes did flicker with concern at her whispered suggestion. She was subtle and she was smart which was greatly appreciated in this moment and honestly had turned him on how quick thinking she was.

Dominic suspected that Eris would be more comfortable somewhere private anyways should things move into a more frisky direction. With her gone as well, should they approach him, at least he wouldn’t be in the way.

“That sounds good. Why don’t I meet you inside hm? I’m going to make sure our food gets handled.” He whispered before placing a kiss against the back of her ear, nuzzling her neck then. Dominic signaled for the waiter and asked them to gather their food up. In the meantime, he eagerly polished off the rest of his drink before coming to a stand to meet with Eris. He could see. In the corner of his eye that they were being followed, but if they were smart, they would ease up once he got them to the car.
dominic / kshahidx / 140d ago
[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Once Eris was settled and her nerves had calmed a little, with the help from the wine she responded to Dominic's statement with a laugh.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Now is that you dropping a hint of seeing me dressed up as a nurse? Because that can be arranged".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" She flashed Dominic a playful wink before taking another sip of wine.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Although Dominic said everything was fine Eris couldn't help but notice the tension in his voice. She'd always been pretty good at being able to read people and the body language Dominic was showing at the minute was far from fine. Eris glanced over at the two large males and even with his fighting experience, Eris guessed there was no way he would be able to handle two at a time. Eris moved her seat round so she was next to Dominic and lightly placed her hand on his face pulling him in for a passionate kiss. She knew it was risky here but luckily they were tucked away from prying eyes. After pulling away she moved to whisper in his ear.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "My mother knows the owner here and I'm pretty sure if you're a member there's a secret entrance out of here. If you didn't want to deal with them and not arouse any suspicion I could have a word for you if you prefer? Anyway, wouldn't you rather head somewhere more... private to continue our discussion?"]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris did her best to tempt Dominic into leaving. She just didn't want him to think this was all she was after. She genuinely liked Dominic and wanted to make the most of every minute she spent with him.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" This time Eris was speaking the truth her mother did know the owner which was a risk in itself but Eris had the perfect excuse. She just needed to get Dominic on board. The last thing they needed was reporters turning up at the restaurant and her cover being blown. Eris hated flaunting her wealth but at certain times as these, it called for it.]]
Eris / Tverdost / 141d ago
He was making her nervous which he took as a compliment, despite thinking maybe she had some small fear that she was embarrassing herself. Dominic himself couldn’t help the way his smile grew in size when he felt her fingers interlacing with his. It was strange, ho they were still considered strangers and yet she made it very easy to fee l comfortable in her presence. Despite the fact that he knew they probably didn’t have that much in common. Just judging from where she lived, he determined their upbringings were different. Dominic had always remained humble because of that. Though now, admittedly, he was a bit unsure whether or not he could give Eris the life she was used to. She didn’t seem like she was materialistic, in fact she seemed quite humble herself. When she blushed, he could feel the need to want to reach out and place his hand to her cheek, allowing his thumb to graze the flushed skin.

“Well if I have you willing to pay nurse, getting a bit knocked up in the ring wouldn’t be so terrible,” he responded. Fate. It had felt that way. Eris had surprised him by agreeing to go back to his place that night. Dominic had been expecting to find her hugged up with a boyfriend in the VIP area. Seeing her out with just her friends had definitely given him the push to not let the moment pass by, even with the looming threat of his ex in the same building. That did worry him a little Gabriella loved him still and while Dominic shared the same feelings, they had grown into different people since highschool. He was done with the fights and the bouncing in between breaking up and making up. While the sex was great, Dominic was done with the toxicity.

Dominic just hoped that he hadn’t thrown things off by bringing up his pass relationship. He furrowed his brows then, offering a small smile as he leaned back in his seat.
“It’s okay. I’ll still be here,” he promised in between chuckles. With Eris gone, It gave the young male time to get himself together. He seemed calm and collected in front of Eris, but he was just as nervous. He reached for the glass of wine, taking a big sip just as Eris did. A little liquor would calm his nerves.

“Nothing you need to worry about I promise.” He said, though there as a certain tone he took, less carefree than Dominic had been in the beginning. He tried not to take focus off of Eris.
“So, tell me about yourself. Born and raised in the city?” The conversation was pleasant enough, but Dominic grew worried as he realized the men were seemingly waiting for them to be finished.
dominic / kshahidx / 140d ago
[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Feeling some relief from seeing the positive expression on Dominic's face Eris looked at him with a heartwarming smile. The relief was that he didn't think her absolutely ridiculous for thinking there was a connection after a one-night stand. But then again if his feelings weren't as strong as hers he still would have to have at least some feelings or attraction to her to even bother to contact her in the first place.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Smiling at his comment Eris glanced at the table noticing his hand resting on hers, a light blush formed on her cheeks as she intertwined her fingers with his, feeling excitement and also comfort from his touch. It was definitely something she could get used to and looking at Dominic it seemed he didn't have any either.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As he continued to shower her with compliments for once in her life she was a little embarrassed. Of course, people had complimented her in the best, men and women, but she couldn't explain it with Dominic, there was something about him that made her want to hide her face with the napkin and squeak into it like a school girl dealing with her first crush. Not wanting to make a complete and utter fool out of herself she decided to keep things lighthearted and fun. She playfully covered her face with her free hand for a few seconds then looked at Dominic.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "If you keep complimenting me like this Dominic I'm going to end up melting into a puddle by the end of the night."]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris laughed as the waiter had returned just in time to fill up their glasses, Eris needed to calm herself down from his charm. She picked up the glass taking a bigger than normal sip drinking half of the glass of wine before setting it down to the side. Turning her attention back to Dominic she lightly moved her finger across her bottom lip and then opened her mouth to speak.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Well for me it was the wounds, seeing a guy with 'war wounds' is such a turn-on!."]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Laughing at herself once more she waved her hand a little and shook her head.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Don't worry I'm not that weird, I just think for me it was when our eyes met just before the fight. Out of everyone in that building our eyes connected, I don't know it just kinda felt like fate to me? If you believe in that sort of thing. So when you approached me at the bar, there was no way I could turn you away".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris flashed him a playful wink but the smile soon faded as she heard him mention being fresh out of a relationship. Eris almost rolled her eyes but stopped herself. He didn't seem the type of guy that would even want a rebound, but even if this was what this scenario was, maybe it was for the best. After all, Eris didn't know how long she could keep this lie going. Sooner or later he was about to ask questions about her life and there were only so many lies she could keep telling him.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Listening to him talk sounded genuine. Eris was able to read someone pretty quickly and could tell whether they were lying to her. Every time she spoke with Dominic she never once doubted he was lying to her. It was like a breath of fresh air. Which only made her feel even more guilty. She reached for the wine glass to the side of her she took another large sip just as Dominic asked her the dreaded question. This caught her off guard as she choked on her wine mid swallow. Exploding into a coughing fit Eris stood up speaking in between coughs.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "I'm really sorry, you'd think I'd know how to drink wine by now. Let me go freshen up and I'll be right back, this food looks amazing".]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Practically running to the ladies room Eris had never felt more embarrassed and she didn't want Dominic to think she was avoiding the question even though she was.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Finally out of sight she calmed her coughing and stood in front of the mirror, for a few minutes she thought about ringing Alice for advice but then realized Alice was out herself. Eris turned to stare at herself in the mirror, she needed to think of something and fast.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Some time had passed and Eris returned to the table and to a worried-looking Dominic. Eris flashed him a heartwarming smile and placed her hand back on his once more but he looked distracted. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed two men in the doorway looking over at them. Eris didn't seem to recognize them so maybe they were for Dominic. Looking over at Dominic she smiled.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Sorry about running off like that. I'm usually not this embarrassing I promise. Where were we?"]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris then leaned forward closing the space between as she spoke a little more quietly now.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Are they friends or yours or should I be worried?"]]]
Eris / Tverdost / 148d ago
Dominic couldn’t help the smirk that played on his lips at her reaction toward her question. He didn’t seem to find any reason to beat around the bush. They both apparently were clearly aware that what happened didn’t feel like it should’ve been a one night stand. After all, why else would they be sitting at this table? She had been honest with him thus far and Dominic felt no need to really question Eris. He himself was holding back on a few details of his life, ones that he hoped he wouldn’t have to ever bring up nor explain to Eris should their seeing each other continue. And that seemed more and more likely, as Eris shared his same belief that there was just a connection between the two that couldn’t be ignored. Even now, he couldn’t imagine someone else in her seat.

“I guess I shouldn’t lie and say that’s all that attracted me to you.” He took a sip of his water then, leaning in a bit closer. The distance between them seemed annoying at this point and he reached forward to take her hands, aching for some kind of contact with her. “Your eyes. Never seen a look like that. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you I wanted to get to know you and it seems I was smart in doing so. Like you said, there’s a spark.” The waiter had soon returned to take their orders and freshen up their glasses of wine.

Dominic didn’t want to mess things up and he wanted to eb as open and honest with Eris as he could. “I will admit though, I did just get out of a relationship. Something pretty serious. Not that you’re a rebound or anything,” he quickly added so as not to worry her or worse, anger her. But talking to you that night was a breath of fresh air. You were funny and sexy without trying. I think I would’ve felt like a fool if I didn’t talk to you.” From the corner of his eye, he spotted what looked like a familiar face, but he was having trouble placing it. His attention turned back to Eris, but he was a bit distracted, even when the food came out. He could feel the eyes on them.
“Uhm so you? You’re not in a relationship, no ring – how long have you been living the single life?”

Dominic could see that there were two men now, both of which who were talking and looking in his direction. He had to appear normal, hoping this night wouldn’t be ruined by [I work].
dominic / kshahidx / 156d ago
[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" The way he asked that question Eris had the feeling that he didn't 100% believe her which was understandable, Alice's house was worth a lot of money, and whilst she wasn't being completely truthful with him she was telling some truth. She did genuinely model for Alice's mom's fashion line. Eris just failed to mention she didn't live in that house and the people who lived there weren't her parents. It wouldn't surprise her if he ran away if Dominic truly knew who she was and it was only a matter of time.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Beginning to think the night was going to end in disaster she felt his hand lightly on her thigh, Eris instantly forgot her worries and placed her hand on top of his, she smiled almost feeling a slight embarrassment which was bizarre seeing as he'd done a whole lot more than rest his hand on her thigh the previous night. She wasn't expecting a text back from him and now he was taking her out to dinner? It only made her attracted to him even more.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As they pulled up to the restaurant Eris bit her lip slightly, this was a popular restaurant, somewhere her parents had been before in the past and raved about it. Luckily Eris hadn't been here yet but unfortunately, Lucas had mentioned taking her here for 'date night'. The thought almost made Eris gag. Once Dominic was out of the car dealing with the valet, she took a few deep breaths calming her nerves ready for when he'd opened the door for her. With a huge grin she lightly placed her hand in his and stepped out of the car.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As the two made their way to their way to the entrance she felt Dominic's hand around her waist, she leaned into him enjoying the feeling of his touch once more. As they were greeted she noticed the host look uncomfortable, her heart almost leaped out of her chest, did he recognize her? Had he seen the news today as the panic started to set in he seemed to relax when Dominic had asked for a table, not giving it much more thought Eris clung to him as they were shown to their seat.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Once seated and comfortable Eris took in the beauty of the restaurant, Dominic certainly knew how to impress a girl, she removed her coat revealing the rest of her dress, and sat back. She was certainly impressed with the food on the menu minus the cost, she just hoped the food tasted as good as it cost. Bringing the cold glass of water to her lips she almost choked on his comment.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Tucking her hair behind her ear slightly embarrassed she leaned forward.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "I'm really sorry about that, I'm not usually one to leave without saying goodbye but I had a family matter to take care of. You looked so peaceful sleeping too, it would have been rude of me to wake you. It worked out though, I got a message from you".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris flashed him a playful wink before taking another sip of her water.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris couldn't help but laugh at his comment and nodded in agreement.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Well your looks were a huge bonus! But honestly? I liked you from the moment I saw you, even with your wounds. I don't know how to explain it but I just felt this kinda spark if you get where I'm coming from".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" She sat back smiling at him, she knew it was bold of her to say something like that but she was keeping a huge secret from him, she wanted to be as honest as she could with him, he deserved that much.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Can I ask the same thing though? What made you want to arrange something with me? You know other than my good looks?"]]]
Eris / Tverdost / 165d ago
“A model?” Dominic repeated. With how beautiful and poised Eris was, he was surprised that hadn’t been his first guess. Though, he was ashamed at his thoughts that maybe she had kind of fell into the money. While he still didn’t see a ring, Dominic could only assume that she had to have some wealthy suitors after her. “Guess I should’ve known.” He smiled in her direction, his hand cautious as he reached over and placed it gently against her thigh. He knew one mistake and she would be asking him for a ride home. Dominic didn’t know why, but he was treating Eris much differently than any other girl he hooked up with. There was something truly enchanting about her, the way her eyes locked on his when he entered the ring. He had this feeling and he would chase it until the ends of the earth.

They finally reached Michonne’s. As he expected, it was quite busy. He could see a line of people who were banking on a reservation falling through so that they could get a table. Fortunately Dominic had called ahead of time, though, h didn’t really need to considering he knew the owner. He parked in front of the restaurant, getting out of the car then and handing his keys to the valet. He opened Eris’ door and reached his hand for hers. He could feel the eyes on them and it made him feel good. Having someone on his arm certainly drew attention.

Dominic’s hand slithered around her waist as he drew her closer bypassing the line. They were met by the host at the front who tensed at seeing him. Normally Dominic was here under orders from the boss and it wasn’t pleasant. He didn’t need this guy running his mouth though.
“Just a table on top.” He could see as the man breathed out, though visibly nervous, he grabbed the menus and led them up the winding black metal staircase. Vines and roses wrapped around the rail. The sound of the chatter from a crowded restaurant was slowly fading to a more calming buzz of conversation. There were only three table son the rooftop, a private and expensive option few were able to experience. Dominic pulled out her chair and took seat at the white linen covered table. A small circular vase was filled with flower petals, surrounded by small round candles to give them a nice and warm ambiance. It really set well with their backdrop of the city and certainly under a starlit sky.

The waiter left them to return with their choice of wine and look over the menu. His eyes scanned the prices; had he been here when he was younger, he was certain he could never afford these prices.
“So where’d you run off to this morning? I’m not ashamed to admit I was a bit disappointed not waking up to you.” Dominic smirked, taking a sip of his water then. Her face was familiar which credited toward her modelling and yet he felt like he could picture her somewhere else. “I have to ask though; what made you say yes? You know besides my obvious good looks,” he teased Eris.
dominic / kshahidx / 165d ago
[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris knew it would look a little off standing outside Alice's house waiting for Dominic but she couldn't risk ruining the night. After all, she loved Alice's parents like her own, they let her have a life but they would never dream of going against Eris' parents and if they knew Eris was going out on a date with someone other than Lucas, well they wouldn't have a choice but to tell them. But now wasn't the time to be thinking about that, it was time to spend the evening with Dominic and get to know him better.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" As he got out of the car a huge grin appeared on Eris' face, he looked even more handsome than the last time they'd met. And he smelt amazing Eris could almost feel herself wanting to skip the dinner and go straight back to his place. When he asked if she'd been waiting long Eris shook her head.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "No handsome, I just got here myself don't worry".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris was especially pleased with herself now with the dress that she'd picked out, the reaction she got from Dominic was even better than she'd expected, looking at him with a smile was her best try of not letting out a laugh.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Finally he broke the silence which made Eris grin again, it wasn't the compliment she was expecting but it was perfect. She placed her hand gently on his shoulder and placing a kiss on the corner of his mouth.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Thank you and I could say the same. I knew handsome was the perfect nickname for you".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris flashed him a playful wink before getting into the passenger side she was familiar with. After a few seconds, he joined her in the driver's side and they were off.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" She wasn't entirely sure where they were headed so she couldn't message Alice the address but Eris wasn't worried after all if Dominic wanted to do anything to her he would have done so already, she trusted him on that much. There was regular talk between the two until Dominic asked the question Eris was nervous about. Alice's family was by no means poor so obviously, it was going to draw attention, she couldn't imagine how he would react if he actually saw her house. Giving a slightly nervous smile she told him some truth.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "It's not rude of you at all, my parents like their lifestyle and security, hence the over the top gate. But it's all my parents, not me, my father is the CEO of a company and my mother is a fashion designer. As for me, I've modeled some of my mother's lines nothing major".]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris smiled, a lot of it was true, she had modeled for Alice's mother's fashion line, Eris hated lying but she couldn't give away too much without getting into trouble. She just hoped this restaurant he was taking her wasn't too much of a hotspot. If Eris was lucky and played her cards right then she would be able to spend another night with him.]]
Eris / Tverdost / 169d ago
What did a girl like her see in a guy like him? Sure the whole bad boy routine definitely was a hit and it worked. But, Dominic didn’t think that Eris would’ve actually bothered to agree to go out with him. He figured it was just a one night stand and that would be the end of it. He knew not to get ahead of himself of course. it was just one date, it wasn’t like she couldn’t change her mind after tonight. Still, he wouldn’t be human if he didn’t have some moments of a lapse in confidence. Yet, as he got closer to the location, he started to get himself a bit more pumped. He couldn’t allow her to see that nervousness in him. Though, she was a nice girl, maybe she was used to the cocky type and would like a change when it came to the men she chose to have in her life. Either way, she had agreed to his fate and they were going to just have a good time. That’s all he could ask for.

He pulled up then, surprised to find her already standing outside. Did she think he the kind of guy to pick up girl on the corner? Dominic wanted to show he had some sense of manners of course and stopped the car. He got out and walked over toward her.
‘Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.” It wasn’t hat cold surprisingly, but he figured that wasn’t a problem considering the coat she was wearing. Admittedly, he was intimidated. Dominic made money, but not [I that] good of money. He didn’t want to be invasive about the personal life, as money wasn’t his motive. But Eris looked like a made a million bucks every time she blinked.

He realized then how much he had been staring at her. He chuckled and shook his head.
“Sorry just – wow. You look – wow!” Unimpressive language but she really did leave him speechless. His eyes had a hard time not following the plunging neckline. He recalled very well what lied beneath the dress from the previous night, but wouldn’t mind a refresher. Dominic opened the door then and motioned for her to get in. “You look great,” he said with a smile, glad he finally got a full sentence out. Once she was settled, he closed the door. He walked aloud the car, pausing to look up at the sky as though thanking God.

Dominic quickly got back in and buckled up before pulling away. Even the neighborhood she lived in was nice; a beautiful gated community. Curiosity was getting the best of him, and they di have quite a bit of a drive. Why stick to the ever so common ‘How was your day?’ when they could skip into the good stud. The information that really gave the other an idea about them.

“So, I honestly can’t ignore the fact that you look absolutely stunning. But that house – wow. I mean I don’t mean to come off rude, but what the hell do you do?” He asked with a smirk. She already had an inkling of understanding of his world and life – though, Dominic certainly had no intent on telling her about the [I other] side of his fighting career. He didn’t even know her last name. Dominic realized then how excited he was for this date. He was doing something new finally – stepping out of the grime and enjoying a night out with this beautiful mystery of a woman. To say he felt pretty lucky was absolutely right.
dominic / kshahidx / 171d ago
[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" The distance between Eris' house and Alice's was almost walking distance but Alice had a fast car and she wanted to make the most of it. Once the car was parked on the driveway the two got out of the car and made their way into Alice's house. It looked like there was some truth in what Alice told Eris' parents. When the door opened there were some therapists and a few of Alice's mom's friends. She gave a polite wave as some of them asked her how excited she was about the wedding. Eris smiled turning on her work face and explained she was really nervous but excited to be spending the rest of her life with Lucas.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Alice saved the day yet again though and dragged Eris up the stairs to her room. Eris placed her back on the floor and sat on the edge of the bed. Alice turned around and smiled,]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "so how did that taste coming out of your mouth?"]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris looked at her friend sarcastically and opened her mouth to speak.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Like acid, ugh I hate the cooing from everyone, it seems like I'm the only one who sees this as an arranged marriage apart from you".]]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Well Eris you do have an excellent poker face, you make it hard to show to people that you actually hate the guy".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" The two both burst into laughter, Alice was right about one thing Eris did hate Lucas, everything about him was false even the way he spoke to her parents, you could see the falseness practically leaking out of him. She always wondered what he'd be truly like when the two of them were alone together. The only plus side was Eris' mansion was big enough for the two to live there when the time came. Lucas was nothing like Dominic though, from the moment she laid her eyes on him she knew he was completely different. For once he excited her in a way no one else had done before and that's what kept Eris interested.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Her phone buzzed and it was a message from Dominic. So he would be here at seven. Eris looked at the time, it was 4:30 that only left a couple of hours to be ready and out the door waiting so he wouldn't need to knock. Eris looked at her friend]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "we'd best get a move on, he'll be here in a couple of hours and I have to be ready and waiting before he gets here".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" With Alice's permission Eris had a quick shower and once she was finished began the work. Alice was in charge of Eris' hair and makeup which excited her a little. Eris didn't really have much time to doll herself up and the stylists her mother hired dressed her how her mother wanted her dressed. So Alice being her stylist for the night excited Eris and she couldn't wait to see the final look.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" A lot of time had passed and surprisingly it was the hair that took up a lot of the time, it was understandable though Eris had long hair and it was thick, Alice had magic fingers and got her hair done in a flash. Eris did her makeup as Alice worked and all that was left now was to put on her outfit. Standing up she reached into her bag and pulled out a long black Chanel dress which had a plunge and a large side split, she was definitely dressing for a reaction out of him. She pulled out some very high Christian Louboutin shoes and put them on. Accessorized as needed and stood in front of the mirror giving her one last look.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris almost didn't recognize herself, her hair was curled beautifully and for once in her life, she loved everything about her look. She couldn't wait to see Dominic's reaction. She picked up her phone to see another message from Dominic. Eris smiled almost shyly and began tapping away a reply.]]

[size14[b[i[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" 'Likewise handsome. I'll see you soon xx']]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris grabbed her fur coat and bag and made her way downstairs. Alice's mom's friends had now disappeared into the garden and out of sight to see Eris leaving dressed up. Eris waved goodbye to Alice and promised to text her the address, luckily Alice was out herself so there wouldn't be any suspicion as to where the two were. Making her way down the driveway she stood outside the house's gates and waited for a car to pull up.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris smiled as she saw the familiar car coming towards her, luckily this time she wasn't waiting as long as before. She could already begin to feel the butterflies in her stomach building up the closer he got to her. Eris was beyond excited and she couldn't wait to spend more time with Dominic.]]
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[b [I ‘Great! How about I swing by around seven?’]]

Dominic figured that would give him just the right amount of time to get ready and get them a reservation. He wanted to take her somewhere nice, with some hopes that he would impress her. Strangely he was nervous and that was unusual for the man.
“What you over there so smiley about?” Vance asked. Dominic looked up from his phone and chuckled, looking tout the window as a means to ignore the question. “It’s that blonde isn’t it?”
“We have dinner plans for tonight,” Dominic said, He stuck his hand out the window, enjoying feeling the breeze through his fingers.
“A second date? Look at you moving on and shit.” Vance had always been there for Dominic’s relationship, while off and on, with Gabby. He always thought the couple would stay together forever, hell maybe even marry. It wasn’t unusual for people from their neighborhood to stick together and with their own. Though, Dominic’s head had always been in the clouds. He was a dreamer and Vance liked that about him, but they both knew the reality of their world. This fighting thing though, Vance really believed could be Dominic’s way out.
“Why do you sound so shocked?”
“I thought when she sobered up she’d realize how much of a mistake you were. You know, she should’ve came my way,” Vance joked.

They made the money drop and eventually headed back to the warehouse so Dominic could practice. Despite having to beat guys’ face in for money, there was nothing Dominic loved more than training. That release, the rush of knocking someone out had always been a favorite of his. His only way to release. Some people preferred drugs and others drinking, Dominic preferred a few blows to the punching bag and already he was gelling great.

Time wore on and he knew it was time for him to get ready. He headed back to his apartment where he changed out of musty gym wear and got into the shower. After drying off, he stood in front of the mirror. There was faint bruising under his eye and he had a busted lip, nothing he could do about that, but perhaps she would be able to see past that. His mother had always commented on how handsome he was, just like his father. He’d only seen one picture of the man that his mother kept underneath the clothes in her top drawer.

After styling the dirty blond strands, he made his way to his closet. What did he wear to impress a girl like her without [I looking] like he was trying too hard? Dominic eventually settled on a black Versace sweater with the sleeves pushed up, accessorized by a silver watch. He changed into black jeans and a pair of nice grey boots before grabbing his keys. He had gotten them a reservation at one of the nicest and most exquisite Italian restaurants: Michonne’s which was downtown. The place was always packed and spacing was even more limited for the rooftop dining. It was a lovely place though that gave you the grit and charm of New York paired with the warmth and delicacy of Italy.

[b [I ‘On my way, really looking forward to seeing you’]] He texted before getting into his car and starting for the address. He knew she was definitely going to blow him away and he just hoped he didn’t say anything stupid.
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[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" What seemed like an eternity with her mother and fiancee they had finally returned to the house. The whole duration in the car her phone had been buzzing like mad. Eris knew immediately that 90% of those messages would be from Alice. The girl never had much patience which made Eris smile. Kicking her shoes off at the door she turned her attention to head upstairs when her mother stopped her.]]

[size14[b[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Ah Eris hold on a minute Alice has messaged me saying she couldn't get a hold of you, anyway she's asked me if you were interested in spending the night at hers, her mother has hired some spa therapists to the house for a few treatments. I think this is an excellent idea for you seeing how awful you looked this morning. I told her you'd love to and she'll be here to pick you up at 4 so pack an overnight bag".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" With that conversation over her mother disappeared into the living room. Eris breathed out a sigh of relief as a huge smile appeared on her face. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and ran up the stairs.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris' predictions were correct, most of the messages were from Alice but to her excitement, Dominic had replied to her. Eris held her breath, before she could reply to Dominic she would need permission from Alice first. After all what kind of friend would she be if she just assumed Alice would be okay with it. Putting her phone to her ear she waiting for the ringing to end and the familiar voice to speak.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Hey Alice I'm sorry that I couldn't answer the phone right away Lucas wouldn't leave me alone in the car, I didn't want him reading any of the messages you'd sent to me..."]]]

[size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" "I understand Eris, I just saw the story on the news I can't believe your mom did this without your knowledge, you were always good at keeping a poker face in front of your family... Now I've convinced your mom so mind telling me what's happening?"]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris took a deep breath trying to contain herself from letting out an excited squeak.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "I've just heard back from Mr. Champion, he's asked me out to dinner tonight which I've accepted. But here's the catch, he's asking me for my address so he can come and pick me up, which we both know if he showed up at my house my mother would have a heart attack. I want to keep my families name a secret for just a while longer... so would you mind if I dropped your address, I won't invite him in or anything, I just want some normality before I'm bound to that idiot for eternity".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" For a while, there was silence down the phone, Eris began to expect the worse until she heard her friends voice again.]] [size14[#B22222[font "Yu Gothic Light" I'll do this for you Eris but you need to be careful about this, it's not like with my family who're moderately well known. Eris your family have been all over the news since this engagement, if he finds out after you told him you were single he might not take it as lightly as you are. I think... after this meeting you should make it the last before feelings begin to develop. I know you want the option to date freely but babe... you know you're parents aren't gonna let that happen... so go have your fun but please please be careful".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris could feel her eyes water, she knew everything Alice said was right, from the day she was born her life had been written for her. As for feelings Eris could already begin to feel the connection with Dominic, the way he treated her was something she'd never experienced before, someone that didn't look at her for her name. But maybe part of that was because he didn't actually know who she was. The only plus side to her secret life was her appearance. At 'work' as she called it her makeup was very minimal and so was her hair and dress sense. When she was given permission to stay at Alice's well her appearance did a complete 180.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" I know... I promise things won't get too serious... If they happen to be moving a little fast I'll break things off with him. The last thing I need is a scandal happening with only a few months before the wedding".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris said her goodbyes and hung up the phone. She walked over to her wardrobe and threw some pajamas into her overnight bag along with her makeup and toiletries, just on the off chance her mother would want to see what she was taking Eris tucked 'evening' things in a secret compartment. Once everything was done she received a text from Alice that she was on her way.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris smiled as she pulled up Dominic's name from her phone and began typing away.]]

[size14[i[b[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" Sure it's 1 Longway Drive, Atherton. What time did you have in mind? A girl needs to be prepared ;) x]]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Just as she'd finished sending her text she could hear the beep on her friend's car. Eris grabbed her bag and rushed down the stairs shouting goodbye before her mother could stop her. She quickly shut the door behind her and walked over to where Alice was waiting.]]
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The Tony brothers were by no means the type of people to be intimidated. Their gang and his gag had been at odds with each other for years before they finally came to an agreement. Dominic ad his crew kept hold of the upper eastside and the Tony boys could have their fill of downtown. It wasn’t like they were escaping on money, but everyone knew that you made the good money with the rich white folk. Cypher had fought hard to build his clientele up there and now the Tony boys were trying to slither their way into it, like a grimy roach. Cypher wasn’t going to have that.

Mark spit out blood at Dominic’s feet. Fortunately Vance and Dominic had caught him off guard which made it easy for them to attack the man. They had instigated a war now, knowing this would get to the head lord Frank. But if Cypher called the hit, Dominic and the others were to follow his orders. He knew best and right now he was trying to send them a message.

“You’re going to be in a lot of shit when Frank finds out,” Mark said. Dominic didn’t need him to tell them that, but he wasn’t going to allow himself to come off as a punk.
“Yeah well I think we’re in the right, considering you were caught in our territory.” Vance said as he came over, his bulky arm now wrapped around Mark’s neck. “How we see it, that’s missed money. Now, you tell us where the stash is and maybe we’ll make this our last visit.” Dominic’s hand had released from the fist, the relaxing feeling know making him aware of the bruised and cut up knuckles. Fortunately with his work, he could get away with them. Though even that wasn’t legal.

Dominic could see the air slowly escaping from Mark, the look of fear in his eyes as he knew that any second he could pass out or with Vance’s strength, be dead and Vance wasn’t letting up. Eventually Mark scratched at Vance’s arm, making a wheezing sound before the words, ‘[I car hood]’ could be made out. Dominic looked toward the old car in the corner, walking over and propping up the hood. It had been cleared out, now some kind of makeshift safe.
“No cap,” he said over his shoulder to which Vance removed his hold. He watched as Mark fell to the floor, coughing up blood as he tried to regain his breathing. They filled up a black bag and soon were making their way out.
‘Nice doing business with you Mark,” Vance said.

They made it into the car, the bag in the trunk. Dominic felt a vibration then, thinking maybe it was a message from Gabby. He smiled though as he read the screen, Eris had responded to him.

[I [b Great, address and I’ll pick you up?]]

He knew he had to impress her this time around. It had been a tough morning and they had one more [I stop] after this, but tonight . . . .tonight would be good.
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[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Lucas glanced at Eris and smiled as the flashing of cameras was on the two. Eris returned the smile and turned to face the reporters who were awaiting their statement.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Thank you for taking the time to come here today. Lucas and I have the very exciting news of revealing to you the date of our wedding... However, the location of the wedding will remain private to only people who are allowed. Some of you will receive these invitations very shortly..."]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris now turned her attention to Lucas who had a stupid smile on his face.]] [size14[b[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Now the news you've been waiting for. The date of the wedding! This beautiful woman and I will be married on the 20th of July. We won't be answering any question for the time being thank you".]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" The two of them stepped off the stand and disappeared into a private hallway. Eris looked at her hands which were shaking and the shock set in. That wasn't the date she had been told, it was much earlier and why was it the day after her birthday? So now she would have to spend the rest of her life celebrating her birthday and anniversary in the same week. Eris took a deep breath to stop herself from causing a scene and walked over to her mother who had a stupid look on her face. Clenching her jaw Eris forced a smile.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Mother? Why was the date of the wedding changed and no one notified me? You almost made me look a fool on live television".]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris couldn't even bear to look at Lucas and hoped he wouldn't say anything in fear she may explode and tell the pair of them how she truly felt. With a sigh Eris didn't even bother to hear her mothers excuse and walked away.]]

[size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "I'm going to the bathroom, I'll meet you back at the car Lucas..."]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Before anyone could say anything to her Eris practically ran to the women's toilets and locked herself in a cubicle. As she breathed out tears began to flow, she was slowly being suffocated and could feel her chest becoming tight. Her life was hell and she wanted to get away from it all. Then her mind flicked back to Dominic, he made her feel like a human being in those hours they shared, rather than an asset like her family treated her. As her breathing slowed back to its normal pace her phone buzzed, at first thought Eris suspected it to be Alice most likely asking what the fuck was wrong with her parents. It was something even Eris didn't have the answer to.]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" But that little glimmer of hope sent sparks through her, what if by some chance it was Dominic? Eris took a deep breath and pulled out her phone, it was a number that hadn't been saved in her contacts yet which only made her excitement build. As she unlocked her phone and read the message she smiled at the text, he was teasing her a little and Eris loved it. She looked up thinking of her parents and the rage fueling within her, she needed to blow off some steam and Dominic was the perfect candidate.]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Fuck it..."]]]

[size14[b[i[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" I'm glad you had a good time. Just name the time and place handsome. I look forward to it x.]]]]

[size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris then switched to her contacts and pressed Alice's name. She held the phone to her ear and waited for Alice to pick up.]] [size14[#008B8B[font "Yu Gothic Light" "Hey I'll explain everything to you later but for now I need you to do me a huge favor. Convince my parents with a story to get me out the house tonight. I need you to be my cover. Thanks".]]] [size14[font "Yu Gothic Light" Eris put her phone away, she quickly cleaned herself up and put on her 'mask' ready to return to her evil mother and unwanted fiancee.]]
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