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can you hear her howling?

By bitter

Replies: 3 / 255 days ago

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[center [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgWOJIC6Kp8 leave her to the land]]


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[center [size15 About 15 hours earlier...]]
[center [size12 Misha was patiently waiting in the snow, her eyes watching for any sudden movements. She was done with foreign invaders, coming to pester her for their selfish needs. She wasn't just some piece of land for them to call their own. She was her own country. She did not need Denmark's help. She can prosper on her own.]
[size12 She gritted her teeth, narrowing her eyes as she yanked the rope that caused the large, oafish redhead to come, tumbling down. She lurched at him, wrapping her small, but deadly hands around his neck. The look of hunger for death in her eyes. It was like she was enjoying this.]
[size12 Before this, she was calm. She almost enjoyed Mathias' attention, but now, she was bitter and cold. Unmoving in her facial expressions as Mathias was letting out, what he thought, would be his last breath. Suddenly, Mathias could breathe again. Someone has snatched Misha off of him. She flailed violently, the figure let her wiggle free. He stepped back, turning his attention to Mathias. It was Emil, Iceland. He was here to pay witness to the what Mathias had been talking about. She had been bullying him steadily for a few years, but this yea, it was like she snapped.]
[size12 Emil was taken aback by the wild girl. Misha stared back, tears started to gloss over her eyes. It was kind of pitiful to watch. He shook his head, almost like he was trying to get himself out of some trance as Misha took off, running away from them. He tried to call for her, but his attention turned to his annoying friend, who merely chuckled. [i [#FF0000 "Told you, she was a crazy bitch,"] and with that, Mathias passed out. Emil was kind of glad, listening to the Danish man complain was by far worse.]]

[center [size15 World Meeting.]]

[center [size12 Mathias tapped his finger against the table, nervously. Emil popped the back of his hand, shaking his head. Mathias had a few bandages and two, faint, but noticeable hand prints around his neck. It was obvious as to what had happen. A few of the other countries were whispering amongst themselves just as Alfred turned the corner to enter the room. Everyone, in sync, rolled their eyes at his comment.]
[size12 [i [#778899 "This meeting is actually kind of important, so please just sit down,"]] Emil quickly brought attention to the matter at him. He gestured to the large Dane next to him. [i [#778899 "Our northern most neighbor's handy work. She has had some kind of mental snap,"]] Emil explained, [i [#778899 "and yes, it in our culture that violence has been normalized, but this is different. She was waiting for him, waiting to literally put an end to his life without a motive. She won't stop and talk to us anymore."]] Emil turned to face Mathias with a soft sigh.]
[size12 [i [#778899 "What I am saying is, Alfred, that we need someone to talk to her. And not someone directly involved with us or has a negative history with her. And for once, you don't have a bad track record with someone,"]] Mathias snickered as Emil plainly spoke to Alfred. It was half pleading for their neighboring country to be returned back to her normal self. She was a pleasant country before this.]
[size12 Misha used to be a gentle soul, good with animals. Now, there is an obvious air around her cabin, that is tucked back into a heavily wooded area, that even the animals don't want anything to do with her. She wasn't the cute, little girl anymore. She was a beast.]]
yvette / bitter / 254d ago
[h3 +]
The rain streamed steadily downward, causing large drops to appear on the American's thin lenses. He was moving quickly over the sidewalk, his jacket clutched tightly around him to preserve heat, wanting to get to his destination as soon as possible to escape the water. Luckily for him, the world meeting hall wasn't much further away and that fact caused him to break out into a run in order to get there faster.

Once inside, a heavy sigh was let out and his jacket was shaken out a bit to expel excess water. Even though he was a bit perturbed about the rain, he was eternally grateful it wasn't snow and more than likely would have skipped the meeting if that was the case. Who in the hell could even function in such cold weather? The peach nose wrinkled a bit as he thought about it; he'd rather eat England's rock hard scones again than spend anytime at all in the cold weather. Alfred began to make his way down the pristine and quiet hall, his boots against the marble the only sounds made. They echoed a bit eerily, something he wasn't appreciative of, and hoped he'd find the other countries soon. According to Matthew's instructions, the meeting room should be just around the corner....

Alfred could hear some familiar voices from behind the closed door which caused him to relax some; Canada was already there and he was certain he heard Iceland and Denmark. There were some voices he couldn't quite place, but knew they were from the same area. After all, that's what the meeting was for: to get to know each other. He stepped in, closing the door before looking around the room, and flashed his usual smile.

[+blue "No need to panic, I'm finally here!"] he announced loudly, watching as it caught the attention of nearly everyone in the room. Most responded by rolling their eyes and continuing their conversations, but Canada and England came over to greet him.

[+blue "Please tell me you have food in this joint, I'm starved."]