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Stereotype City

By Character

Replies: 117 / 261 days ago

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Choose a stereotype and live in Stereotype City
Roxy kicked her feet up on the desk she was sitting in. Charlotte smiled happily.
Roxy Jones / Sf_Pappy / 245d ago
Jordan smiled and set Charlotte back down on the floor.
Character / 245d ago
[+pink ''Eeek!!''] Charlotte squealed happily. [+purple 'You two should go and get a room..''] The girl said as she sat down.
Jordan ignored the new student and lifted Charlotte into the air.
Character / 245d ago
She blushed slightly as she kissed him back. Just then another student walked in she glared as she walked into the classroom.
Jordan kissed Charlotte with a smile on his face as he did.
Character / 245d ago
[+pink ''Yes... I do''] She said with a soft smile.
"You, actually like me" Jordan said in slight surprise as he smiled.
Character / 245d ago
[+pink ''What do you think that kiss was about earlier??''] She asked as she tilted her head to the side
"Yeah" Jordan said. "I understand if you don't like me" he said.
Character / 245d ago
[+pink ''Even after how I've treated you all these years?..''] Charlotte asked.
"I kinda like you, a lot" Jordan said slightly quietly.
Character / 245d ago
[+pink ''What is it then?..''] Charlotte asked softly
"It's not just that" Jordan said before grabbing Charlotte's hand.
Character / 245d ago
Charlotte glanced over at Jordan ''Im sure if you went home the school wouldn't really care..''