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The Fallen (Open Needing Literate Male roles filled)

By Ravanya

Replies: 1 / 89 days ago

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[center [font "Times New Roman" [#0000FF [b (Borrowed from an inactive account. Credit to MemoriesofJasmine)]

[center [#0000FF [b Life was simple for Adalina. She went to school and went to work. Spending holidays with her family but never getting to close to others. When she was younger she had a boyfriend, but when they finally had their first kiss....he burst into flames. It was a weird freak of nature. She was found not guilty to the murder charges and yet was sent to a special school for troubled teens. She lived out her teenage years there until she was deemed safe to release out into the public. After that she lived a very quiet life.

Vaneigha had met Adalina while in the school. Her story was slightly different. She had actually killed her last boyfriend. However it was in self defense. He had gotten too drunk one night that he had tried to force himself onto her, and when she refused, he got violent. In the end she smashed the lamp onto his head and that was the end of that, though she hadn't physically grabbed the lamp, it had been across the room.

They both lived together and everything was going fine for them. That was until they met (Male 1) and (Male 2). Fallen angels, banned from heavens for two separate reasons. Over the centuries Adalina had been reincarnated. And with each life time, (Male 1) would find her. He was bounded to her. Had given up his spot in the heavens for her. However every time they would kiss, she would burst into flames. A horrible death that she could never remember and he could never forget. The only thing that made this life different was that her parents didn't get her baptized when she was a baby. Her soul wasn't saved. A treasure that would soon be sought after. Their love wasn't forbidden this time. He would be able to be with her.

(Male 2) however had always thought humans where weak creatures until he met Vaneigha. The two of them didn't get along at first. She thought he was a hot tempered jerk and hardly gave him the time of day. Until he started to grow on her. Then one night she was robbed on her way home from work. Before she could get hurt, (Male 2) showed up and scared off the guy. As the four get closer, dangerous things begin to lurk in the shadows. Hunting for a pure soul like the one Adalina has and the strong life force of Vaneigha.

A war in brewing. Will a few fallen angels be able to stop it? And keep the humans they had given up everything for safe? Only time will tell. This is the Fallen.

[u [i Adalina:]] [pic https://i.imgur.com/7t1BjWf.jpg?2]

[u [i Vaneigha:]] [pic https://i.imgur.com/9b7hYji.jpg]

[u [i Male One: OPEN]]

[u [i Male Two: OPEN]]

PM me if interested in filling one or both of the roles [u [i BEFORE]] Requesting the RP]]]]


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