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'Tis The Season (K1NG0FH3LL)

By SmileBright

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Autumn held on tightly to Ryan's hand in one hand, clutching her shoes in her other. She loved feeling the cool sand on her bare feet, as they made their way on the beach. The view was beautiful, and it was cool to see all the different homes and they all have a piece of the private beach. She nodded as he spoke about letting the weekend speak for itself, which is what she was expecting. It already felt like the two were already on better terms since being out of the house, and already two weeks sober as well. When he mentioned Jet Skis, she perked up a bit. [i "Jet skis? That's really cool! No, I've never done it but I've seen other people do it before. Looks like you'll have to teach me."] she smiled, a sending a wink his way as well.

Autumn could feel the air was a bit cool, but still warm enough. [i "I don't think I can resist the water any longer."] she smiled, pulling her shirt off over her head. She slid her shorts off as well. She went down to the water, dipping her feet in. The water was cold, but she knew her body was adjust to it quickly. She walked in to about her waist, turning to look at Ryan. [i "Come and join me!"] she called out to him, before leaning back and submerging her face under the water as well. She let her hair down from the messy bun it was put in, her wet hair pushed back by the water. She leaned back, her body adjusting to the shocking cold water that first hit her body.

Autumn took a moment to look at Ryan, someone only a few months ago she never knew if she'd see again. When she came home, she had assumed Ryan had left their small town and they would have only been distant friends. But when she saw him that night, she had truly been overjoyed. They had already been through hell and back in their few month long relationship, and now they had this time to rebuild. A smile rose to her lips, she was so lucky to find someone who was so willing to do whatever they needed to be together. It was clear that their relationship was a priority to both of them.

Autumn leaned back, letting her body float in the water as she waited for Ryan to join her. She was truly able to relax, no worrying about other people or anything bad happening to them out here. She closed her eyes, letting herself fully relax. Once she was joined by Ryan, she let herself stay close to him. [i "This is perfect."] she smiled, pressing a small kiss to his lips.
Ryan smiled when she mentioned being a brat. He felt like the two were really getting back to how they had been earlier in their relationship. He felt much better about this trip and knew it would bring them a lot closer than what they were previously. "You do and I'll have to show you who is boss again." he replied, giving her a smirk.

He cleaned the rest of the kitchen up from their dinner and looked over his shoulder at her as she wrapped her arms around his body from behind. "Yeah, I always did like coming out here. It was so secluded it was nice." he smiled, letting her run off to go get changed into something else. The water was bound to be nice but it was getting a little later, so the air would cool off in a bit. He hoped they could get some water time in but he figured they had the entire weekend to swim so he wasn't too concerned.

He watched her come back down and smiled at her as she came close to him. "I don't know. We could but I guess we will see how cold it is out there." he smiled, leaning down to kiss her back. "I like the sounds of that." Ryan chuckled, placing his hands to her hips. He stood up straight and moved towards the stairs so he could also change. "I'll be right back. Then we can head out." he commented, moving up to the room to change as well.

Once he was done changing, he walked with Autumn out of the back door and down towards the private beach, looking out at the water. There was practically no wind and it was a perfectly nice evening. He gripped Autumn's hand as the two of them walked down to the sand together. "Hm.." he mumbled, trying to think of some things the two of them could do together. "I guess we will see where the weekend takes us. I'm pretty sure my aunt still has a couple of jet skis we could abuse this weekend." Ryan grinned. He hadn't been on the water for a few years now and he was excited to get back into some of that stuff. "Have you ever done that before?" he asked, looking down towards her.
Hearing Ryan apologize, it did make any hard feelings she had fall away. She knew it wasn't either of their fault, and it was the detox talking. She knew this weekend would be perfect for them to resolve any tension still left. The apartment had been a haven, both of them indulging in their habits there before, so going to a new space helped lift that urge away. Autumn had even hired some cleaners to come in, hoping that coming back to a new and cleaned apartment would help them both break the suffocating feeling. The apartment was supposed to be freeing, letting them be adults without their parents looming over them.

[i "Oh, I am planning to be all over you this weekend, don't you worry."] Autumn teased. [i "And any plan of irritating you will be me being a brat in bed."] she smirked, as he took her plate away. He had been so helpful and clean since they arrived, which felt different than his attitude this past few weeks, and it made Autumn smiled. She followed behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso from behind, listening as he spoke. [i "The beach sounds nice. It's so close, I think I could get used to this."] Autumn smiled. [i "Let me just change, okay?"] Autumn spoke, before letting her arms fall, and headed upstairs to their room.

Autumn wasn't sure how nice or cold the water would be, but just in case she pulled on a swimsuit. If anything, it'd be easier for Ryan to get off of her later. She put on a pair of shorts and a long sleeve shirt, in case of any wind. She headed back down, pulling her hair into a messy bun, adjusting it and pulling down some pieces to frame her face. [i "Do you think we'll be swimming? It is kind of late, but I did put my suit on. I assumed you could pull it off me later."] she teased, pulling him down to press a kiss to his lips.

As they walked out the back to the beach, Autumn smiled. The view was amazing. She let her fingers lace up with Ryan's taking off her shoes to she could walk in the sand barefoot. [i "Ryan, is there anything special you want to do this weekend? I'm up for trying new things or whatever fun stuff you guys used to do when you came here when you were kids."] she spoke, looking over at him.
Ryan laughed when she asked how he became so good, even slipping in a little memory of their high school days. "Yeah... I tried so hard to impress you with my cooking skills. At least you lied to me and told me it was good." he laughed. She would always tell him it was good, but never finished it. He always wondered why. He knew he was bad back then, but always tried way too hard. "My roommate in college really liked to cook so he taught me a few things. He moved out and I was kind of on my own at that point so I had to try and remember how he cooked so I was taught but also...self taught?" the male chuckled, taking another bite of his food. He leaned back, letting it settle into his stomach for a moment. He felt pretty good now that he was finally eating. "It's like getting away was all we needed." the male joked a little bit. He figured this would be the push they needed to get themselves back on the right track.

Ryan listened to her speak and let out a soft sigh. "I'm sorry too..." he spoke quietly. He had been a complete asshole back to her. He had always been pretty temperamental but he never wanted to be like that with Autumn. He never treated her the way he treated other people and he never wanted to. The detoxing was hard on the both of them and the side of him that he never wanted to give her, he gave her at full force. He swore he would never do that to her and the two weeks prior, he had been too much of an asshole. "I usually don't mind you wanting to be around me all the time, I hope you know that... because I love being with you.." he spoke, letting her take his hand. He squeezed her hand and tilted his head to the side. "I'm just such a dick when I go through that type of shit... and we both were pretty out of it..so you can continue being clingy if you want to." Ryan smirked, finishing up his food before standing up. "I think I'm in a good place now that you aren't going to irritate me." he commented.

Ryan grabbed his plate and moved towards the skin, putting a hand to the top of her head before putting the dish into the sink to rinse it off. He opened the dishwasher and loaded up what he used and waited for her to be done before packing up the rest of the food and putting it away for leftovers. He cleaned the kitchen area up a bit and rubbed his stomach. "I'm going to have to get used to eating again." he commented. He felt great now that he ate some food but it felt a little weird being full. "Well, it's still pretty nice out. Want to head out to the beach for a bit?" he asked, running his fingers through his hair and pushing it back.
Autumn was happy to see Ryan interested in eating again. She let him handle the food, his recent interest in cooking their meals maybe had brought back his appetite. She finished unpacking their things, even picking out something cute to wear later on, as she had brought some outfits to show off to him, things she brought specifically for this trip. She took a moment to look out the window of the room they were staying in. You couldn't see or hear any other people, and that made Autumn feel better. It was their own little paradise to indulge in. She couldn't wait to start to rebuild their relationship, something they had been struggling with for the last few weeks.

Autumn came down stairs as he set the table up. It looked amazing, and she could even hear Ryan's stomach growling. She knew that she had to work on eating herself, so she'd push herself more than she had. Filling up her plate with double what she had been eating, she felt good about it. She ate slowly, the food tasted amazing. [+purple "When did you become such a good cook? I remember eating some pretty bad food in high school made by you, and now you're making food like this?"] she smiled, taking another bite.

Autumn began thinking about their relationship before their addictions took over their bodies. They had been so in love, since they had been holding out for eachother since high school, but now they were becoming comfortable with eachother. They needed to find something that could spice up their relationship, besides just the bedroom. Autumn was already thinking of some kind of cute date she could create for just the two of them. [+purple "Ryan, I'm really excited for us. You've been doing so well, I'm so proud of you. I'm sorry I've been so clingy and such an asshole to you recently. But I think we are mostly done with all of that. But I know I'm going to make sure you have the time of your life this weekend."] she teased, taking another bite of her food. She took hold of his hand, pressing a kiss to his knuckles.
It was nice to settle into the cabin as quick as they did. He hated the unpacking process but it was nice to be done and now the two of them could relax. He looked around the cabin and nodded his head. "Good thing you like it... cause she spent way too much money on this place." he laughed a little. "She likes to pretend to get away on vacations so she really made it look like her own little resort." he laughed a little. "She did pretty good on this place. She spent more on this place than her own house." he laughed. His auntie was funny that way. She liked going to the lake almost every weekend she could. He remembered coming here a lot when he was younger but that was years and years ago, when he and Ian were still really young and hung out more.

Ryan wrapped his arms around her shoulders and looked down towards her. When she asked what he wanted to do, he looked around and shrugged. For the first time in a while, he could say he was actually hungry. "You know what... I could actually eat. Let me make some supper... then we can go down to the beach and chill out for a while." he smiled down at her, letting her go off to finish unpacking what they had left. He grabbed a few things for supper and began making a little supper for them.

Ryan finished making supper, bringing everything to the dining room table and set everything on the table and sat down, running his fingers through his hair. It was the most food he had seen in front of him in the last few weeks. His stomach started rumbling a little and a smile crossed his face. "Damn I'm actually hungry. I almost forgot how that felt." he laughed a little bit. He was already feeling better. He hoped it would last. He grabbed a couple of things and set them on his plate, looking everything over. He had to remember to take it slow or he would make himself sick. He had done it before. When his appetite came back, he nearly ate an entire restaurant and made himself sick for days afterwards. At least he remembered the repercussions this time.
Packing felt like worst part. Autumn wanted to make sure she brought everything she would need, even if would only be for a weekend. She made sure to bring some of her art supplies, in case she hit a burst of inspiration after her dry spell. She made sure to bring some cute things to wear, swimsuits and even some of their favorite toys as well. She wanted to make this weekend special for them. Their last few weeks had been really hard, and now they could finally relax and take a deep breath. No one around, just them, and a full mindset about building up their relationship. Emma even gave Autumn some weed to bring with her, which she was so grateful for. Give her something to take those hard edges off the both of them. With all her stuff packed, she headed to the car.

After the long, three hour car ride, mostly in silence with music playing, Autumn was happy to be there. She smiled toward Ryan, nodding softly. She got out of the car, taking in a long breath. She felt like a huge burden fall off her shoulders. She started looked around outside on the deck, overlooking a huge lake. You could barely see the other homes, and Autumn smiled. Once the door was opened by Ryan, Autumn helped him bring in some of the bags. The home was gorgeous and huge. She knew that they wouldn't have to worry about anything while here. [+purple "It's amazing! I'm so excited to spend our weekend here."] she smiled, making her way over to him.

Autumn took her arms and wrapped them around Ryan's torso, looking up to him. [+purple "Do you have any idea of what you want to do first?"] she smiled. She pressed her lips to his, looking out the large window to see the lake. [+purple "Do you want to go in the lake? Or are you hungry?"] she asked, putting some of the groceries they bought for themselves away in the fridge or cabinets. She knew he had been eating a little, as far as she knew, but she knew he could have been lying about his eating habits to her. She wanted to make sure this weekend was good for them, starting with both of them eating normally.
Ryan helped her clean up a bit but fell back onto the couch. When she asked if he wanted to get the bedroom ready, he looked over at her. He was admittedly pretty exhausted and while he'd love to have a bit of fun, he knew they were both too tired to get as crazy as they both wanted to. "I'm sorry. I'm so tired after today. I think we should table it." he commented. They would have a bunch of time together in the bedroom while at the lake, he wasn't concerned about getting everything out in that moment. He kissed her forehead and the two of them headed to bed.

The weekend couldn't have come any faster. The two got themselves packed up and drove off to the lake. 3 hours away from the city and it was perfect timing. They finally pulled up to the cabin. It was pretty secluded with a couple neighboring cabins but the trees gave them a decent amount of privacy. Ryan parked the car and leaned back, looking over at her for a moment. It already felt like the two got to breathe. "I'll unlock everything and start taking bags in if you want to take a look around." he spoke, getting out of the car before walking to the cabin. He unlocked the building and checking everything to make sure things were good before going back to the car and grabbing some things to bring into the cabin.

Once everything was in the cabin and somewhat unpacked, he walked to the back, looking out towards their small private beach that lead out to the lake. His auntie had spent a bunch of time and money on the cabin because she liked getting away and wanted things to feel like a vacation every time she came up and it sure did look like it. "So?" Ryan asked, looking back towards Autumn.
Autumn nodded. She was ready to get out of here. [i "This weekend can't come fast enough."] she smiled. She was going to plan lots of things for this weekend, so that they could rebuild their relationship. She knew that whenever the two were together, and sober, they had a hard time keeping themselves off of eachother. She knew that they were at their point in their detoxes where they were starting to get back to their old selves as well, hoping that would help them as well.

Autumn sighed when he said he'd try tomorrow. She had been really worried about him, and him surviving on almost no food. But, he did say he would make breakfast and try then, which made her happy when he said he'd try. She knew he loved food, and hopefully he could get that part of him back. Autumn took some time to let him relax, cleaning up the snacks and cups that had been left around from their little get together. She knew she had really fucked up, and wanted to make it up to him by just letting him relax. He was planning on making him dinner, but that plan had fallen through. [i "Want to get the bedroom ready for tonight?"] she asked. She was tired and really wasn't up for it, but she promised him it earlier.

Their getaway literally could not come any sooner.

[[Sorry this sucks! I was thinking we could just skip to them packing and heading to the lake house?]]
Ryan walked the last person out, a sigh of relief leaving his body as the apartment was quiet again. He turned around and smiled at her as she plopped herself down. "It's hard after two weeks of not seeing anyone." He commented, running a finger through his less styled hair. As she mentioned his aunt, he pulled his phone out and looked over the text she sent him. "Oh, yeah she said we can have it this weekend if we want. Or next weekend if this weekend doesn't work for us." He commented. "I'm good with this weekend though. It's not too soon for me." He replied. He figured Autumn wouldn't mind either.

Ryan let her lead him to the couch and smiled when she started rubbing his shoulders. At the mention of food, he shook his head. He still wasn't hungry and he wasn't sure if he forced himself to eat if he was going to eat and keep it down anyway. He hated this process of the detox. He normally loved eating but it was basically just water he was on. He forced himself to eat once in a while but it never helped. "Maybe tomorrow." He sighed, rubbing his forehead a little bit.

"I'll make breakfast for us tomorrow and I will force myself to eat then. Maybe I'll be able to get some food down." He shrugged. He knew it worried Autumn that he was barely eating but he just couldn't. He'd try again the next day and hope the thought of getting them away for the weekend would help the sick feeling. He was just sick of the apartment for the time being but he was excited for the weekend so the two could get as far from this place as they could in the moment.
Autumn let a smile sit on her lips, loving the feeling of Ryan's arm around her. He hadn't had any type of affection from Ryan in weeks, and even if made her happy. They had spent the rest of the night pretty normal, being able to talk and just hang out with their friends. The most of the night actually went smooth. Autumn was even able to get a high once more, just not as much as the first time. She took it easy, sharing one with Ryan. She was even able to do one of their favorite things, which was Autumn getting super closer, letting the smoke from her lips drift into Ryan's mouth. Even if Emma made a joke about them getting a room, it still made Autumn smile. Being able to be affectionate to Ryan again felt really good.

The rest of the night went by easy, and it was pretty late, well early, once their friends ended up leaving. Once their friends left, Autumn let herself fall into the couch. [i "Man, I forgot how much being around people takes out of you."] she teased, before sitting her body up. [i "Oh, did your aunt say if we could use the house and how soon? I'm ready to get out of here."] she sighed, smiling. Having the ability to leave soon, she was excited. Being able to be with him love, alone away from any temptation. She would make it a weekend neither of them would forget. They could get back to their natural rhythm.

[i "Did you end up eating anything? I can make you something, if you'd like. I know you've been getting sick, so whatever you want that you think you can keep down."] Autumn gave him a small smile. She had been worried about how little he was eating, even less than she was. Autumn approached him, taking his hand and leading him to the couch. She rounded to the back of the couch, and began rubbing his shoulders. [i "Or, I could just get you a drink or something? Maybe not with liquor, but anything else."] she spoke softly.
Ryan smiled down at her. Once again another short lived fight between the two of them. He kissed her forehead, moving one hand to her head and running his fingers through her hair. "I love you too." He responded. He hoped this getaway was the exact thing to help them get over this fighting and the last bit of the addiction.

"Yeah I guess we should get back out there.." He sighed a little and moved to the door, opening it and looking out before exiting with her. At least the two of them got over their fights quickly and went back to loving each other. He knew they couldn't be in a fight for very long but she was right. It was suffocating in the apartment. He figured a weekend would do them both good and get them back on their feet.

"Thanks for the advice." Ryan spoke to Ian, keeping an arm around Autumn and let out a deep breath. The two of them would be able to focus on each other for the first time in two weeks. No isolation and no risk of getting back into their addictions. She could get some inspiration on some paintings and the two could get back to being their old selves.

[b "Well If shes not using it, you two might as well. Better for you guys to get the hell out of here anyway.."] he responded, stuffing his hands in his pockets. He figured the two of them would be fine if they both got over the little tiff they had.
K1NG0FH3LL / 46d ago
Autumn braced herself for Ryan's voice to yell at her, and was a bit shocked when he didn't. She was happy he didn't yell, and hoped that meant that they're arguing stint was over. But, the words, that was more important. A cabin, somewhere away from everyone and everything. That sounded amazing. She had been suffocating here and she had been hurting in her inspiration department too. She was using her recovery at the beginning, but now it all felt angry and she couldn't use the anger any longer. She felt like this weekend away would do so much for them, hopefully. Jake's idea of breaking up felt like it would do more harm than help.

[+purple "I think that would be amazing. That or something, I think getting out of the apartment for a few days would be best. I think we both feel the same way, it's like I can't breathe in here. I don't want to have to apologize anymore. We barely fought when we started dating, it's these stupid addictions."] Autumn sighed. But, she couldn't help but smile as he wrapped her in his arms. She leaned her head against his chest, listening to his soft heartbeat and she leaned against him. [+purple "I love you."]

[+purple "Should we go back out? Maybe continue to host our guests?"] Autumn teased, a smirk on her lips. She took his hand, and didn't plan leaving his side for the rest of the night. She didn't want to get lost in her flirting, the only person she wanted to flirt with was Ryan. [i "The only person I'm interested in flirting with is you anyway."] She teased, bringing his hand to her lips, pressing a kiss to his knuckles.
Ryan looked towards her as she began to speak up. He listened to her before letting out a deep breath. They were both in a spot where they felt like the entire place was caving in on itself. It was hard to constantly be in this place while they were both drowning on their own. They hadn't been around other people for two weeks so seeing other people had been a bit hard at this point but at least he had an option he could bring up to her. She felt the same way he did and he figured it would be nice for a weekend for them to both get away from the city and enjoy a little bit of lake time.

"Look my Auntie has a lake side cabin." Ryan started. "She uses it sometime but I can ask her when she's not going up for a weekend and see if we can use it." He commented. He had forgotten about the cabin completely. It was a nice spot and was beautiful around this time. "It would get us away from everything and maybe give you some inspiration for your art." He commented, looking down towards her as she moved in. He was sick of the fighting too and hated that the two of them were always in this position of apologizing to each other. He hoped the cabin would help them in their favor since he didn't enjoy Jake's suggestion of taking a bit of a break.

It was something to think about but he could already tell her answer. He pulled out his phone from his back pocket, sending off a text to his Auntie to see if she was willing to lend it out to them. "It's got a private beach right outside the back door and everything it's pretty nice." He shrugged, looking back up at her when he was finished texting. He moved in closer to her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his body and let out a small sigh. He wanted to try anything to stop their constant bickering at each other.
K1NG0FH3LL / 47d ago