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Deep Into The Abyss (CLOSED for trisarahtops)

By Ravanya

Replies: 8 / 91 days ago

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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/8wGFPpZ.jpg]]

[font "Times New Roman" [center [#00CED1 [b They say that legends are true stories that have been passed through time, told and retold until there was no way to know for sure if they were true or made up. Stories of magic, far away lands, and creatures of all kinds. Some could blend in with humans, and some could not, but they could hide.

This is what brings us our story. There is a whole world that humans are not aware of. Deep, deep down beneath the waters of the ocean, there is a world inhabited by all various kinds of marine life. But what no human is aware of, is that there is a civilization down in the dark waters of the Abyss. There is a large dome that travels the bottom of the ocean. No one knows what the dome is made of, not glass or even plastic. But a type of unbreakable energy that is unphased by the pressure in the water around it. The Dome is attached to a large section of moving earth, and it hovers half a mile above the ocean floor. There is only one way in and out of the dome, and that is through an underwater cavern, that leads to an air pocket within a cave.

The inside of the dome is full of air, its a living, breathing ecosystem. A Kingdom. A castle, a city, even the ability to travel to the country side. The dome gave off a light during "Daylight" hours that would illuminate the Dome as though it were daytime. And at night, the light would go dark and dim, and you could see the bioluminescent fish around the top of the dome moving and swimming around almost like stars.

Here in this civilization, there live the merfolk. Once a human race, these people were gifted by the Gods. Spacious lands, bountiful harvests, plentiful hunting, and numerous births. But when they took the gifts for granted and claimed themselves Gods, or even so, better than and tried to claim more than was given to them, the Gods smited their civilization and dropped it down to the deepest darkest depths of the ocean. Forever banished from the surface world. And when they submerged into salt water, they underwent a transformation.

Their legs would bind and become a long and scaled tail. Their arms would adorn razor sharp fins along the forearms. Fingers would web, and gills would form along the neck and lower back to allow them to breathe in the water. They could come and go from the dome, but they could never break the surface of the ocean. The air of the surface would burn their skin like acid. Only men were allowed to hunt outside of the Dome. These men were Knights to the King and were in groups of five men at a time.

Over time, they would grow their own versions of vegetables within the dome. They would hunt within the ocean for meats and other plant like to eat. And they would live on that way for many centuries. Never aging, but they could die. If one was in the ocean too long, they became "Lost" and would soon become a primal being that would eventually dissolve into seawater for all eternity. Soulless and unable to be saved. The women were also changed, and most births would be of males, if the baby was carried to full term. The men realized that they were soon losing the chance to repopulate, as well as many were going without mates. This would drive them to madness and they would seek the solace of the Ocean's Call and would become Lost.

There were those that thought it possible that maybe they could try to claim human females as their mates. But this was very risky. The rule was that a human could only be brought to the dome if they were going to die of drowning. If they could be saved, they were returned to the surface world. If they were dying, they had to survive the swim back into the abyss to the Dome. For them to be able to keep them breathing on the deep dive, the Mer must fasten their mouth to the Human's and breathe for them. Otherwise they will drown. Should a human live through the dive, then there is a chance that they could be made into a Mer, but the catch is they have to be drowned in salt water for the change to take effect. This has never been fully tested successfully.


Now it is Modern Day, and the surface world is still oblivious to the world of the Abyss. Shipwreck and boating accident survivors chalked up the fact they were alive to mere luck or maybe a miracle. But what would happen when the first female they rescue from drowning lives the dive, and is now trapped to live in the Dome for the rest of eternity? Will she choose a mate amongst the Mer? Will she try and escape? Will she change and then try to escape to the surface? Only time will tell when you dive down....

Deep into the Abyss....

[b Female - Taken]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/0SuCq20.jpg?1]

[b Male - OPEN]


[b RULES:]
- ES Rules apply here, anything adult rated will either be time skipped or taken off the site.
- There will be a character limit, though not a huge one. I do not expect Novellas when posting, but please do give something to work with.
- I do not mind plot twists, but if its a huge twist, the please message me and discuss it with me first.
- ALL OOC will be done in PMs. Not here.
- Illustrated pics only.
- NO DITCHING! If you lose interest then tell me.
- If you are interested and have read this far then please PM me asking me to join alone with a link to your characters picture for the description BEFORE you request to join. Title the PM Merfolk.


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[font "Times New Roman" She had hidden her face away as the tears had become uncontrollable. She hated when she cried. She already thought herself less than averagely pretty, and it got worse when she cried. Crying in front of this blond angel/soldier guy was not how she wanted to start her after life. But she couldn't help it. There was so much overwhelming her as it was.

After a moment or so, she felt a hand to her shoulder. The touch was warm, and yet it almost felt familiar. Not like she would have known the touch anywhere, but she had felt that warmth before. This confused her, she'd never met this man before today. But his touch sent warm tingling sensations through her skin and she found her tears easing. Her throat felt worse from her sobs, and she prayed it got better soon. It felt raw and sore, speaking or even swallowing hurt.

He asked her to look to him and she softly raised her head to meet his eyes, praying that she didn't look as bad as she felt. She'd never live through an eternity in that kind of embarrassment. He told her that she wasn't dead, and she felt every bit of her blood run hot and cold at the same time. She wasn't dead? He was sure? She was surrounded by people that looked like angels and Gods and she wasn't dead? She couldn't believe that, this man was beautiful.

He told her that she was safe, nothing could get her here, and to try and count with her breathing to calm herself down as she gasped and whimpered through her panicked breaths. She looked to him as she trembled and started first in a hoarse whisper, her voice shaking in her trembling. Her words broken in her breathy gasps. [#00CED1 [b "O-one.... T-two.... Three.... F-ou-r.... Fi-i-ive..... S-six..... Sev-en..... Eight. N.... Nine..... Ten....."]] By the time she finished counting, she had stopped her gasping breaths, and her tears were just tracks along her cheeks, but she still trembled. She was sure that she would have been pulling away from physical touch for a good while, after what had happened, but his touch was comforting, warm.

She was scared around him, but she felt that she didn't need to fear him, which she wasn't sure if she trusted. But he seemed to want to help her and that was more than she had anymore. She met his bright blue eyes behind those blond strands and her knotted stomach started to settle. She slowly moved to drink some more water, the cup now empty when she finished. Looking to him once more, she spoke up softly. [#00CED1 [b "If I'm not dead..... where am I? We were..... in the middle of the ocean..... no land anywhere for miles. I...."]] She winced with a slight whimper as she remembered what the man had tried to do to her before she denied him. [#00CED1 [b "He threw me over the rails when I said no..... I remember going under the water. I remember it was cold.... and dark.... I couldn't breathe.... I couldn't find the surface..... No one saw him do it...."]]

She lowered her gaze from his, afraid of what he would see there. Would he believe her? Would he believe that she had been a victim? She was used to men blowing off her thoughts or opinions when she worked for them, especially the richer ones. They thought their money bought them anything and everything. When she wasn't so easily swayed for money, they went against her, then it was her word against theirs and their money. She always lost.
Ivy / Ravanya / 81d ago
[google-font google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Carme]
[tab] [size13 [carme The voice from the other room startles him as well, especially since it was the same woman who scolded him at the door, though despite his surprise he took note of the fact that the human woman was in shock. He processes the information with both understanding and a bit of reluctance — it was to be expected, certainly, but this was definitely a very delicate situation, and treading carefully wasn’t exactly his forte. Nerio’s thoughts were interrupted when the woman corrected him, with vehemence, about her status as a healer. The male blanches and turns to the source of the voice, embarrassed, [#8dafdd “No no, I didn’t mean to offend, miss healer, I’m sorry, I—!“] at her comment about leaving him [i ‘out to dry the next time he came to her with battle wounds’], he releases a somewhat exasperated breath, expression crossed between mortification and defensiveness. Second time he’s been on the receiving end of this woman’s ire now, though this time it was wholly intentional. And perhaps justified. [#8dafdd “Come, now… That’s a bit excessive…”] Scary, that one.

[tab] Then he remembers the very disoriented human on the bed and regains his composure before he goes and says something stupid. He shook his head slightly, at both at her outburst and his own error, [#8dafdd “Ah. Sorry about that…”] He starts, then trails off when the human finally speaks so he instantly shuts up. Though he saw her drink more of the water in the cup it didn’t seem to be enough to soothe her throat, her voice still hoarse from the effort of speaking. True to what the healer said, she still seemed to be in a state of shock and confusion, going as far as to ask if she was dead. He tilts his head slightly at her fuzzy recollection of memories, or at the very least, that’s what he assumed they were. Though he didn’t understand much of her words yet he tried his best to remain attentive nonetheless, a crease between his brows as evidence of his steadily churning thoughts. At the tears that start to cloud her eyes, Nerio stiffens. Her breathing quickens, skin pales - a visceral reaction to panic. [#8dafdd [i Oh no. Please don’t cry.]]

[tab] Then she cries. [#8dafdd “Whoa, hey—“] She cries and he’s a bit flustered – how does one comfort someone in this kind of situation? She was no doubt confused, overwhelmed, torn away from the human world and into his – that wasn't something he could even begin to understand let alone offer comfort for. Did she even want comfort from him? Somewhat panicked, he casts a glance around the room to see if that healer has entered. No, she was still occupied, it seemed.

[tab] He inhales sharply. This human needed him now, regardless of what he feels he can or can’t offer. Indulging in self-deprecation now would be selfish.

[tab] Nerio is admittedly at a loss, but he had been in situations where one or two of his fellow Knights, mostly his seniors, have gotten distracted in the middle of a mission by jitters and bad memories. He's seen them calm each other down rationally and effectively, sometimes with a good slap to the face – it wasn't done to comfort them, but it helped them reorient themselves in what may be a dangerous or time-sensitive situation. He was aware that approach may need to be tweaked a little for the distressed human before him.

[tab] He kneels next to her bed, and though he hesitates and nearly decides against it, he places a hand on her shoulder so the human can anchor herself, away from whatever distress that was consuming her. His lips purse guiltily at her trembling, and from where he was he could see the flush to her skin from the crying – the sight easily tugged at his sympathy, but he didn't want to insult her by simply pitying the woman so he reminds himself that her own strength got her this far. [#8dafdd "Hey, look at me, please."] He speaks quietly but certainly, repeats phrases he's heard used before, [#8dafdd "You're not dead, you're safe now. Whatever's out there can't hurt you anymore. Count your breathing, slowly, 1 to 10."]]
[font "Times New Roman" Ivy watched as the woman brought a blond haired man into the room with her. He was dressed in a somewhat similar fashion to the woman, though a more masculine make of it. He seemed more worried or nervous where the woman was calm and collected - when she wasn't annoyed. She led him in and then left them alone in the room, disappearing somewhere else in the house. He stopped a few feet from where she sat and took a stance that she had seen with soldiers before. Was he a soldier?

A glance to his figure would certainly say so. His clothes didn't hide the muscle behind them, and he had a face that could break an Angel's heart. His eyes were a bright blue and they seemed even brighter under the fall of his blond hair. He had a kind looking face, his eyes carried laugh lines and she found herself picturing him in laughter. That thought startled her. He greeted her, and like the woman, he seemed to speak the same language as her, which was a good thing. He mentioned that she was awake and that was good. His eyes looked worried after he spoke. Outwardly he was calm, still in his stance, but the look in his eyes showed worry and questioning.

He was stammering his questions and she could only stare at him a moment or two. She glanced to her water cup, and felt the dryness in her throat again, so she slowly took another drink while watching him. The woman from before called out from the other room she was in, claiming that the human was healed, just in shock and would need things to be explained to her. Ivy had jumped a bit when the woman had called out. Especially when she called out a bit louder about not being a servant, but a Healer and that she would leave him out to dry the next time he came to her with battle wounds.

[#00CED1 [b "I..... where am I? Am I dead?"]] Her voice was hoarse and she felt like she'd swallowed sand as she tried to speak, but the water was helping. [#00CED1 [b "The..... last thing.... I remember.... He.... he threw me into the water. when I said no... he through me over....."]] She whimpered slightly and pulled her legs closer to her as her gaze went distant and she thought back to her death.

She was starting to panic again. Tears welling in her eyes. She could smell the brandy as if he was pressed against her again, and she pressed against the wall as if trying to get away from the smell. It was only a memory, not the real thing, but her pale skin had paled even more in such as fear darkened her eyes. Ivy was usually very strong willed, stubborn, even hard headed. But the memory of feeling so helpless had really scared her and shown her just how vulnerable she really was in the world. Now she was dead and was probably about to face judgment of some kind.

She pushed some of her hair out of her face and frowned seeing the teal locks. Would she be stuck with the teal color all of her afterlife? That thought had her missing her darker, chocolate color she had been born with. Funny how such a thing had been easy to give up when you knew it was temporary. Now that she was dead, she wanted it back. Her tears became too much, and mixed with the shock of everything, she lost her control and buried her face into her knees as she cried. The gown she wore fit her perfectly, and it was cool against her skin as her face was flushed in her upset. She trembled as she cried.
Ivy / Ravanya / 82d ago
[google-font google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Carme]
[size13 [carme [tab] [#8252b7 "You're still waiting out here?"]

[tab] Nerio startles, swiveling to face the voice of his Commander from the other end of the hallway. His inquiry sounded much louder than it had any right to be in the hollow space between them, [#8dafdd "Sir!"] He promptly looks down on his choice of attire, then back up again, suddenly regretting ever forgoing the armor.

[tab] Commander Heber raises a brow, confused, until he realized belatedly that the other was dressed far too casually for a Knight on duty. He waves his hand dismissively but releases a weary breath all the same, the kind that was especially reserved for a specific type of disappointment that only Nerio was privy to. Special. [#8252b7 "Ah, that's... never mind that, for now."]

[tab] He has was expecting him to follow up with the usual [#8252b7 [i 'But you should be ashamed at your lack of discipline.']] Or, if he was feeling a little snappy, [#8252b7 [i 'But since you're] clearly [i such a disciplined young man I shouldn't have to mention that.']]

[tab] He didn't. Nerio waited, still. If he could hear the ticking seconds they would undoubtedly resonate in the silence. He would much rather be reprimanded right now, at the very least that was in par with the Commander's normal behavior. The fact that he hasn't meant one of two things: he was either preparing himself for a more serious discussion, or the Commander was simply tired. He hoped it was the latter.

[tab] Finally, his superior spoke, [#8252b7 "Have you met the human yet?"]

[tab] [#8dafdd "Ah, no, sir. I didn't want to intrude. I was told she's still recovering."] Nerio tried not to make the mistake of letting the silence take over, [#8dafdd "Am I needed back at the–"]

[tab] [#8252b7 "No no, the rest of your Lance have been relieved of their duties for the moment anyhow, so you're not needed anywhere for now. I'll be prompt. I was in conference with the King and his council."] He pauses to take a breath, an uncertain expression momentarily crossing his features. The Commander almost seemed reluctant to relay the news and Commander Heber was usually so well-prepared, in every other aspect, that [i reluctance] was simply foreign to him. [#8252b7 "It has been decided that you'll be the human's guardian."]

[tab] [#8dafdd "...Guardian?"]

[tab] [#8252b7 "As the Knight who rescued her you've been appointed as her protector."] And since he didn't elaborate Nerio could see that the Commander himself wasn't entirely certain of what exactly that entailed, not that he blamed him, or anyone, for that matter. The human's presence in the Dome was highly unprecedented, and though there have been laws written around such an event, it's practice has largely been forgotten, at one point thought to be entirely pointless – how often does a human find themselves awaking in the Dome, anyway? Let alone, surviving long enough to make it to the Dome in the first place. He could have also been briefed at their earlier meeting, the fact that the Commander had to relay this information in an informal capacity spoke volumes about how unprepared they were.

[tab] Ignoring Nerio's bewildered silence and matching expression, the Commander strides up to the door and knocks without his input, essentially saying that he has no choice in the matter and he's 'Guardian' whether he likes it or not. He pins the blond with a pointed stare, [#8252b7 "For an indefinite amount of time, any other men who wish to speak with her need your permission, first and foremost. This is not a needless task, Nerio. Though this is entirely unprecedented, I'm sure you understand by now how over-eager the people already are at the news of a human woman amidst our population."]

[tab] [#8dafdd "Yes, sir. I needn't be reminded."] He [i really] didn't, that was the one thing he had difficulty setting aside internally.

[tab] [#8252b7 "And another thing, no more of this..."] he made a vague gesture towards the other – top to bottom – one he interpreted as disapproval. That wasn't entirely new. [#8252b7 "Hesitation. Please. Conduct yourself with dignity and certainty, as all your peers and predecessors before you have. Your added responsibility as the human's protector further stresses this point."] Blessedly, that seemed final. With a curt nod the Commander left him alone in the hallway once more. Alone, until the angry face on the other side of the door started scolding him.

[tab] Nerio's immediate response was to wince at being on the receiving end of the woman's ire, the Commander's words still fresh in his mind to the point that it slipped through him completely to try and diffuse the situation. His tense stance unfurled when the woman seemed to calm down upon recognition, and he offered a reluctant, lopsided smile, [#8dafdd "I take it I'm not the first visitor to pester the human then?"] A light attempt at dissipating her palpable irritation. He lets himself in when she steps aside.

[tab] A large part of him was still reeling from the Commander's words; some dumb law had decreed that, since he was the one that rescued her he was automatically deemed fit to offer protection in every other aspect. He was a soldier, not a babysitter, and in a way, he now acted as a sort of representative of the merfolk for this human woman. Him, the bumbling junior Knight with a penchant for running his mouth and then putting his webbed foot in it. [i Him.] He was sympathetic towards her but he could hardly even call himself an exemplary Knight, a better Knight – a better man – can handle his task with more grace and confidence than he would ever be capable of showing. For all his attempts such admirable qualities seemed to elude him. He was all things uncertain and immature and juvenile. However, not quite so juvenile that it ever slipped his mind how duty more often than not preceded even himself, but juvenile enough to resent that fact.

[tab] And what exactly was his responsibility again? Chasing away other men with a ten-foot pole? [i Right.] He understood the need for such drastic protection, such was a tragic reflection of the desperation of their men, but that didn't remove the... slimy aspect of it. He was giving her protection as much as he was being handed a degree of authority over her. And for the only human woman in the Dome no less, likely the first in centuries, millennia? Who knows. [#8dafdd [i No pressure, Nerio. At all.]]

[tab] He seeks out the figure with the peculiar teal locks, meeting a pair of blue eyes in a shade that almost seemed to perfectly mirror his own; pale, lightened by a silver sheen. Pleasantly surprised to see the human awake and seemingly healthy, they crease faintly in a smile. [#8dafdd "Oh. Hello."] He stood beside her bed with his hands clasped behind him, mindful to keep a respectful distance. The way she had her knees drawn close to her chest made the human seemed more reserved, though he couldn't entirely blame her for feeling that way, if such was the case. [#8dafdd "You're awake. That's good."] What a bland statement, he's already off to a disastrous start. [#8dafdd "Um, had some water? The servants treated you alright? No... uh, what do humans...?"] He casts the ground a searching glance, fingers tapping his wrist, before looking back up at her with an inquiring expression, [#8dafdd "No odd side effects? Illnesses?"] That wasn't any better either, the Ocean take him, he's already atrocious at this.
[font "Times New Roman" One moment Ivy was cold, then she was numb. She was grateful for the numbness, it took away the burning pain of the cold. Everything was black and her body felt light. Was she floating? What was the last thing she remembered before the numbness took over? Rushing waters, burning in her lungs. She didn't want to go back to the pain. She wanted to let the floating numbness take her. Then a worry hit her. Was she dead? That would suck. Upside, she wouldn't have to try and come up with rent money for this month again. The only family she had was her brother and he was currently in prison for drug charges. They hadn't been close since Dad passed half a dozen years ago. Would he mourn her death?

But she was thrown over the railing. No one knew she had gone over. Would they even know she had died? How long before they found her corpse floating this far out to sea? Her mind was running too fast for her to believe that she was dead. Did the dead have such coherently running thoughts? Something warm touched her body and brought back the chilling cold around her. She wanted to give into the numb so the pain would go away, but the warmth felt good, too. She was starting to feel her cold body once more, something warm around her. A touch to her cheeks and she felt her closed eyes flutter lightly. Then warmth blossomed along her lips and she felt a pull from deep within her lungs that proved to her that she wasn't dead, but she was pretty close.

What was happening to her? Was she found? A rush of cold water around her body told her that she had been found, but she wasn't near the surface. Was she being taken by some deep depths monster fish that wanted to eat her? She started to pry her eyes open and she wished she hadn't. Salty water stung her eyes again, and she couldn't see shapes, only darkness. She thought she could see a pair of eyes close to her, but soon she was back in the darkness and blissful numbing sensation.

[center ~~~~]

There was a woman's voice, faintly, as if down some hallway. She couldn't quite hear what she was saying, but it sounded irritated. Ivy pressed her eyes together tightly to fight the urge to open them and wake up from the deep sleep she felt. She was warm and her body felt heavy again. There were other voices. Several male voices if the tones in her ears were right. The woman's voice became irritated as her hearing focused slowly.

[#e6aa00 [b "I already have told you.... None get to see her but Nerio. He is the one who saved her, he is her protector. You all know the laws that were made in the events that this happened. I have given her healing, the rest is up to her if she lives. No other males may enter to see her without Nerio's permission as her guardian and he has been sent to his home to deal with the affliction of his change."]] The woman ranted. Ivy had no idea what this woman was talking about, but she could feel the rawness of her lungs as she realized that she was breathing.

[#00FF00 [b "Is it true, Nevala? Is the female Human? Is she from the surface?"]] A male's voice asked and was joined by several masculine tones of inquiry afterwards. His question confused Ivy and she was beginning to get a headache. She stopped trying to listen and focused more on her body. Every muscle ached, her eyes and lungs burned, her throat felt dry. The worst case of cottonmouth anyone could have. They tell you not to drink the ocean water for a reason. Ivy tried stretching out her body and whimpered at the stiffness. The voices went quiet and the woman began shooing the males away before she came into the room with Ivy.

[#e6aa00 [b "Do you live, young one?"]] She asked, though didn't wait for an answer. Immediately she was at Ivy's side with a cup of water. The view was blurry as she tried to focus, the woman helping her to sip the cool water - no salt anywhere in it. If Ivy had been given the cup she might have downed the whole thing in one go. She slowly sat up and blinked her eyes a few times as the room began to settle into view.

She was on a couch type of bed, it was made of a plush silk or satin like fabric and was soft to the touch. The room around her looked as though the walls were made of some kind of stone, as though the room was carved into the wall of a large rock, and embedded into the wall was tile like stones, almost gem-like in colors and shines. Mosaics and murals and patterns that looked like they took such precision and care to place. There were no windows, no sign of electrical lights, but the room seemed to shimmer in light and she could see easily. The woman was tall and slender, bound in a toga like gown, clasped at one shoulder with a beautiful golden broach. The woman was tanned skin and a model's face that would make any woman cry. Her dark brown curls fell loose down from a headband of coiled gold and Ivy was sure that now she was dead.

She looked to herself and frowned slightly. Had she always been in white? No, the costume had been a light blue. Her costume on the yacht. Where she had been pushed over and into the water. The cold water that gripped her body and dragged her down. Ivy started to panic and her breathing became gasping whimpers as she remembered everything up until she blacked out. The woman was next to her in a moment and had Ivy bending forward to place her head between her knees to stave off her hysterics. [#e6aa00 [b "Panic.... you must remember what happened? If you are remembering, then that is a good sign. You are very strong to make it here. Other humans have died before making it this far."]] She looked to the woman with an incredulous look.

Humans have....died? Humans? Where the hell was she? Was she dead? She had to be dead. None of this was making sense to her and if someone was calling her human and not just a person, then she was dead and in the afterlife, right? God help her, her body hurt, and she swore she was going insane. There was a knock to the door and the woman's look became impatient and irritated. Such a look seemed wrong on such a beautiful face. She moved from the seat next to Ivy and went to the door in a start of rants before stopping and giving a relieved sigh. Ivy couldn't see who was at the door, and at the sound of him being let in, she pulled her knees up to her chest on the bed, trying to pull into herself as she tried to wrap her mind around everything. Her eyes were a pale blue, almost silver in color as she watched the woman lead a man into the room she was in.
Ivy / Ravanya / 83d ago
[google-font google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Carme]
[size13 [tab] [carme A webbed ear flicks in equal parts amusement and annoyance – disagreement between Commander Heber and Galen have left their Lance on sentry duty. It wasn’t that Nerio dreaded the task at hand but there was [i something, something, something] about [i something] somewhere along the line that he stopped paying attention to not long after ‘rivalry’ was mentioned – healthy competition was all well and good, it’s what spurred him on at times, but the Commander and Galen took it to an almost childish degree – luckily such behavior was an exception in their odd dynamic, any more pettiness between them and the Imperial Army would probably collapse in on itself. How the two haven’t provoked the King’s ire yet will remain a mystery – a joke, of course, for all their bickering they were exceptionally dutiful warriors. It also gave him an opportunity to poke fun at his fellow Knight.

[tab] With an all too innocent smile, Nerio pushes himself against the water to reach Galen’s side with a few, quick strokes of the tail, the latter of whom acknowledges him with a reluctant quirk of the brow, [#8252b7 "Something you need?”]

[tab] [#8dafdd “With all due respect Galen, as I’m sure you’re aware of this, but to avoid any conflicts of interest any fraternization between peers must be reported to His Imperial Majesty.”] He presses the tips of his steepled fingers to his lips, speaking with a false, calm professionalism, [#8dafdd “Between you and the Commander, I mean.”]

[tab] [#8252b7 "Nerio, back in formation.”]

[tab] [#8dafdd “Forgive me for speaking out of line but, it is as they say, love and hate are two sides of the same coin. You needn’t shield the intimacy between you underneath that hateful persona –“]

[tab] [#8252b7 "That's... not quite what that phrase alludes to, you idiot.“]

[tab] [#8dafdd “Oh. It’s not? Well.”] The blond simply shrugs a shoulder, [#8dafdd "Anyway, aren't you grateful for a friend like me?”]

[tab] Galen sighs, which elicits a toothy grin from the other merman. [#8252b7 "Just get back in formation. You start talking again and I’ll sew your mouth shut permanently."]

[tab] Nerio lifts his hands in mock surrender and placation to the hushed snickering of the other Knights, slowing his pace to swim alongside them once more. Whatever sense of light-heartedness he evoked earlier dissolves with the silent tension that starts to blanket them, his attempt at lifting the mood incredibly short-lived. Such solemnity was usually the case whenever they left the Dome. The ocean seemed to have that affect on all who dwell within it, or maybe their attachment to the Dome had left them dangerously dependent on its safety and shelter, but not without reason. Nerio’s smile fades into a neutral line.

[tab] He makes his round with Loukas to scout ‘lighter’ waters, as they called it, closer to the surface of the sea but not so close that the darkness of the ocean can’t conceal them. The waters were normally turbulent with the stirrings of wind and storm, that was normal, but had the frenetic energy of the underwater dwellers around them not alert him he wouldn’t have suspected anything out of the ordinary. Loukas casts him an expression of confusion and faint concern, [#8252b7 "Their distress… Not the distress of prey fleeing predator, I don’t think.”]

[tab] Nerio purses his lips. [i [#8dafdd Is that a good or bad thing?]] Both his and Loukas' thoughts were interrupted the moment a struggling figure above made themselves known, trying desperately to return to the surface of the sea. Light blue and faint traces of gold nearly concealed the human it cloaked. [i [#8dafdd A human... Wait, what?!]]

[tab] [#8252b7 "[i Nerio!] They're drowning!"]

[tab] Overtaken by stupor for a fraction of a moment, Nerio then rushes through the water in quick, powerful strokes to reach the human. They were thrashing, panicked, the fabric no doubt weighing them down even more – it was a good indication that they’re [i alive], at least, that they’re still fighting back – but when they stilled he seemed to inwardly panic himself. Never in his life had he ever been in such a situation, he knew what to do, had been trained for it, but that didn't prevent the helpless feeling of glaring inexperience.

[tab] [#8dafdd [i "No no no no no], hang on a second puny human, don’t give up just yet.”]

[tab] When the blond reached them he immediately grasps their arms – or should he say, [i her] arms, now that he’s gotten a good look at the human. He had to bite down a flurry of thoughts at this revelation. She needs help, now, [i urgently], whatever comes after can wait until then – even if there was a growing headache as a result of him trying to comprehend the situation and the implications of her presence. [i [#8dafdd Right. You know what to do Nerio.]] Taking the human’s face in his hands, he distractedly noted her bright hair, floating gently in soft tendrils of a peculiar blue-green shade. He shook his head lightly to re-orient himself, mutters an apology that would go unheard, then latches his open mouth to hers.

[center [pic https://64.media.tumblr.com/732327097b5071d006a0397e2a3c992e/tumblr_nj9kyb0AiI1r28672o10_640.png]]

[tab] Upon his return the whole palace was immediately thrown into a state of panic. Was panic the right word? Either way, everyone was [i frantic]. There was some excitement somewhere thrown into the mix but he wasn’t quite sure, drained of his energy as he was. The young human – the human [i woman] – had been left to the care of a few servants in an empty guest room. Meanwhile Nerio had been left to the care of the Commander and King to relay any information about his Lance’s finding and swear secrecy. Fun. He scratched his cheek sheepishly – all the open gaping at him earlier didn't make it that much of a secret anymore, did it? An oath of secrecy was moot, a mere formality in this case, and he doubted His Imperial Majesty aimed to keep such monumental information a secret for very long, if at all.

[tab] She is, after all, the first, surviving human woman they've encountered. How unfortunate that even before her wellbeing was guaranteed she is [i already] sought out after, a few nobles laying claim as if she were a prized animal. Taking it even further, eavesdropping on servants revealed a willingness, from the people, to burden her with the expectation of substituting the women they've lost. That sentiment left him feeling both sober and uneasy, a feeling he ended up carrying over to the present.

[tab] Though his fellow Knights had just been dismissed Nerio himself waits outside the human’s room, restless, hands behind his back as he paces the hallway in a show of nervousness a Knight should never conduct himself with. Apparently he was obligated to introduce himself to the human as her savior. Not his words, but Commander Heber’s, as if that wouldn’t sound incredibly arrogant coming out of his mouth. Another formality, he supposed. He owned ceremonial armor that he was supposed to don out of formality but opted to wear a simple white tunic with gold trimming on the hem and sleeves – comfortable and airy. Wearing something physically restricting would probably make his nervous anticipation even worse.
[font "Times New Roman" [center Ivy Morgan sighed as she pulled the toga straight in the bathroom. It was hard as hell to use the bathroom in this stupid thing. It was either get this really long one, or get the slutty short one. No way was she doing that. Just because she worked for a bunch of rich assholes, didn't mean she was going to act like the other bimbos in employment here to try and earn that extra wad of cash. She was sure that wasn't the only "wad" they were getting. The thought nearly made her gag.

They were on a large yacht, serving and catering a costumed party, miles out from any visual land. No matter where you looked, you could only see water. The other girls had dressed in slutty outfits. Maids, cats, cops, nurses, anything with low necklines, high skirts, heels, and a view of whatever they wanted to show off. Ivy was wearing an ankle length, powder blue toga held at one shoulder with a gold broach - fake costume jewelry with matching wrist gauntlets, long gold earrings, a gold necklace, and a band of gold around her forehead. Her feet wore gladiator type sandals. Her hair - which was dyed a "mermaid blue turquoise" - was pinned up in curls and her makeup was matching to the colors she wore.

Knocking on the door made her sigh once again. [#00CED1 [b "Yeah, Felicity.... I'll be right out!"]] The woman on the other side of the door pushed her to hurry up as Mr. Hennedy was looking for her. Ivy groaned to hang her head. Mr. Hennedy was one of her boss's colleagues. After she had served him three brandies and his meal, he'd taken a shine to her that she didn't want to receive. She gave herself one more once over, and then went back to work.

Thankfully the party was out on the main deck of the yacht, and the party was rather large, so rarely was Ivy ever left alone with anyone too long. Back and forth to the kitchen and deck, serving guests, and avoiding Mr. Hennedy at all costs. When he was close he would like to place a hand to her back, or her shoulders. He would lean in too close, and she could always catch him staring. How she was earning attention and was the most modestly dressed woman here was still a surprise to her. [#00CED1 [b [i Of all the damned rotten luck in the world....]]] She thought to herself as she filled his brandy once again.

When it was time for their dinner, the guests were all escorted to the dining room and the deck waitresses were given a break. Some were on the back of the yacht for a smoke break, some had gone to mingle in the dining hall. Ivy was at one of the side walk ways taking a breather. her feet hurt in this sandals, she was tired of her legs getting tied up in the clingy fabric of her dress. She leaned on the railing and pushed some of her hair that had fallen free from her curls out of her face and away from her mouth. She could taste the spray of the ocean water on her lips and she finished a bottle of water before tossing it in the trash near where she stood. She hadn't noticed the man that came up behind her until the smell of brandy assaulted her nose.

[#800000 [b "You should feel honored, Miss Morgan. I could have my choice of any of those sluts that usually run this event, but I've had my eyes for you all night. So why do I get the feeling that you are being rather..... ungrateful?"]] An arm came around her waist to pull her against the large older man and she had to fight the urge to vomit at the smell of him mixed with the brandy. She swore once she got home, she'd never go near brandy again. He started to paw at her and she quickly pushed the drunkard away from her.

[#00CED1 [b "I am not ungrateful! I am just not consenting to what you are offering! I am not interested and want no part of what you are proposing..... If you want some slut then go ask one of the other girls, I'm sure they're more than willing to get on their knees for you..... "]] She snarled at him as she pressed her back against the railing behind her. Music started up inside the Yacht, it was sure that no one inside would hear her if she screamed for help. [#00CED1 [b [i Shit...]]]

He tried for her again, grabbing at her as she struggled to push him away, crying out her refusals on drunken ears that were used to being given what he wanted. She threatened to report him to the police and he grunted when her knee came up to his stomach, though she had been aiming for his groin. [#800000 [b "I tire of these games, little girl. I could have made your life easy. More money than you even knew what to do with. Houses all over the country, designer clothes, and jewels beyond your wildest dreams. but you had to be such a bitch, didn't you? No one will even know you're gone...."]] he slurred at her, his words lisping in his drunken state. By the time she realized what he had said, she had been lifted up and tossed over the railing and into the cold water below.

She struggled to try and swim to the surface, the yacht causing currents all around her that caused her to get tangled in her own skirts, keeping her from kicking. She was tossed and rocked by the water, she couldn't find air. She couldn't gasp or scream for help. Her eyes burned from the saltwater. Her lungs ached for air that she couldn't grab enough of. She coughed and gagged and swallowed more and more water as she seemed to sink farther and father from the surface of the water. Now that her skirts were drenched in water, they were heavy and pulled her down. She was a wafting cloud of skirts as she fought to live, but the cold around her made her body ache until she was numb. Her lungs were gripping in her chest for air that never came. After what could have been minutes, hours, or even days, she stilled and her world went black. Her heart weak but the only thing that still fought to keep her alive.
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