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By Sf_Pappy

Replies: 2684 / 281 days ago

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Hailey did too.
Character / 30d ago
Lucy gave a small smile
Sf_Pappy / 30d ago
"Okay" Hailey said.
Character / 31d ago
''O-of course i am..''
Sf_Pappy / 31d ago
"Are you sure?"
Character / 32d ago
''U-um y-yea'' lucy siad lying
Sf_Pappy / 32d ago
"Is everything okay?"
Character / 32d ago
Lucy looked at the ground
Sf_Pappy / 32d ago
She looked around
Character / 32d ago
She stayed quiet
Sf_Pappy / 32d ago
Hailey looked at her.
Character / 34d ago
Lucy winced slightly as she hugged back
Sf_Pappy / 34d ago
Hailey hugged her.
Character / 34d ago
She nodded as tears filled her eyes
Sf_Pappy / 34d ago