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Denosha OOC

By Yoruneko

Replies: 90 / 95 days ago

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Denizens only! Bwahahahaha


You don't have permission to post in this thread.

Hey guys. I'm skipping myself this turn since it's taking forever. North is up! I'm going to give myself 5 days after that to post. If I don't have a post up by then, it's Phyto's turn. Hopefully I'm more functional soon.
Thank you colorful. I'll be typing up my post tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience everyone.

Happy New Year!
Mrs Yoru We await your command and post lovely. I hope everything is well.

I also hope everyone had a great Xmas...
Lol. Ikr. Hopefully they'll work all the bugs out soon
lol I said I find it funny they brought back the real life chat which is amazing, but then they went and changed the layout to the Site, and now the Live chat stuff is unreadable once again..Its the same issue that happened last time that it got removed.
Hey Colorful. I can't see what you typed in chat. Can you type it again here.
So. let's still use the OOC since it's here. the regular page shall be used just for posts as it's been. Any fun outside interactions as characters can be done in chat while actual discussions can be done as posts. Again, both of these will be in OOC.
Yayyyy. More cosplayers! It really can be hard to find really good quality ears at a con.
Hey guys. Sorry it took me a minute to post. Work has had me exhausted since around Thanksgiving. I finally got it up though.

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season so far
True. That'd still require the translator to know how to do that though. & the translator will still be needed for full comprehension. Even if you can read minds and look at social cues, you'd only get the gist of it until you learn the language.
Could always use sign language or any language using only some form of visual things
Insae / NorthernWolves / 53d ago
Who plans to not talk with their mouth when they're supposed to be blending in?
Yeah but if you don't talk through a mouth how would a translator help lol
What do you mean? Money is a universal language. :P
GuardianAngel / 53d ago