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Among Us

By Character

Replies: 362 / 1 years ago

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Group Roleplay based on Among us.


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"Never tried it, but anything even remotely charged with electricity gives me a shock. I'm used to feeling lots of buzzing under my feet as I walk at this point.."
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 350d ago
Hope: L-let me try. Have you ever tried to use insulation to keep yourself safe?
Hope / Catlover33 / 351d ago
"Don't worry, I can take the sho-" Arial was cut off, taking another electrocution, and they stepped away from the panel. "Everything concerning electrical tasks is cursed to shock me.."
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 351d ago
Hope: A-are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? I'm worried about you.
Hope / Catlover33 / 351d ago
"Thank you for being able to trust me, Hope," they responded. They opened the door to Electrical and immediately went to flipping the switches. They somehow got electrocuted again.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 351d ago
Hope: I don't really want to go into Electrical alone but I'm fine if I'm with you.
Hope / Catlover33 / 352d ago
"Unfortunately, yes, the lights are in Electrical," Arial sighed, "We do need to hurry, though."
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 352d ago
Hope: Aren't the lights in Electrical which is the bane of every crewmate's existence?
Hope / Catlover33 / 353d ago
"No one wants to die here," Arial responded, "Now, we just have to deal with the light and survey the damage done to my visor."
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 353d ago
Hope: Thank god that we didn't die from suffocation. I didn't want to die.
Hope / Catlover33 / 353d ago
"We have to keep going.." Arial urged Hope, finally reaching Admin. They yeeted their way over to the code terminal and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper with today's stabilization code on it. They started punching in the code, and then the air started becoming normal again.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 353d ago
Hope: It's getting hard to breathe in here. I don't know how long I can keep going for.
Hope / Catlover33 / 353d ago
They got up and touched Hope on their shoulders. "I-it's just me, Hope, I ran i-into a wall and cracked my visor, is all," they explained. The air was already getting thinner, they had to hurry.
Arial / ArialWasTaken / 353d ago
Hope: W-what was that noise? I-I'm scared of it...
Hope / Catlover33 / 353d ago