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There's No Place Like Home~closed to kooza~

By wingedwolfy120

Replies: 617 / 1 years ago

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Abby booped his snoot and said. "Be gentle mowgli. She's very pregnant."
"Heads up! Runaway Mowgli," Henry called out as the little Shetland pony came barreling around the corner.

Mowgli stumbled to a stop, torn between sniffing at Ember and nibbling at Abigail's pants. "Jealous little goblin."
She giggled and smiled. She kissed Henry's cheek and went to check on ember again listening to her heartbeat with her stethoscope. She gave her a treat and smiled. "You're such a good girl." She said and continued petting her. "We should get you a little bit of exercise."
[i "I concede, the doctor can stay. No riff raff, though!"] Jordan playfully shooed Henry from his place.

[b "Get that massage practice in, all right,"] Henry taunted right back. [b "He's gonna need it,"] he murmured in Abigail's ear on his way by.
"Excuse me for being a doctor." Abby quipped and rolled her eyes.
[i "Hello my darling girl! How are - Excuse me, this is VIP territory only,"] Jordan crossed his arms over his chest as he rounded the corner and saw them with Ember.

[b "We've heard so many things about your new girlfriend, we just had to meet her."]
She giggled and nodded kissing him sweetly.
[b "Buy them noisy toys like a kiddie drum set for their first birthday?"] he matched her grin.
"Load up the kid with sugar before giving them back." She joked and grinned.
"I love you too," his face grew soft. "Just think, we get the chance to be the fun aunt and uncle that causes Zoe and Jordan nothing but stress."
Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 11d ago
She giggled and kissed him sweetly. "I love you."
Henry slapped a hand to his chest. [b "Dear god, I don't think I could handle it,"] the idea made his head spin. [b "Putting one on their first horse will be terrifying enough."]
Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 14d ago
She giggled and went over to him kissing him. "What if it's twins of one each?"
[b "I don't know what would scare me more,"] Henry grinned. [b "Having a little boy or a little girl. Between the two of us, that's trouble waiting to happen."]
Henry Monaghan / Kooza / 15d ago
She shushed him gently and smiled. "She hasn't told him yet."