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The Mistress and Her Missing

By LeahLockheart

Replies: 40 / 273 days ago

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[font consolas There once was a time, in history, where humans and vampires lived together without quarrels, without troubles. Children and adults alike bonded, some marrying, others having children. All was well in the world, until a dark war struck between vampires and mankind. Childhood friends Leah and Jayden were torn apart by this war, left with no choice. Years later, humans were being taken by vampires, some humans becoming hunters of them. Sadly, Leah at the age of just 18, was taken by a group of men, only to discover that they too, were vampires.

Determined to find her missing friend, Leah sets embarks on a journey to freedom. Will she find the one she seeks? Or will the men that took her captive snatch her away when it's too late?]


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It was true, trying to figure out things like relationships, especially now, would be absolutely difficult, and if they proceeded to go forward, she would need to be very careful about not getting herself killed. Maybe playing as his human would let them get away with it? She didn't know, but she wouldn't worry about it..for now.

She couldn't help but flush red and give a small smile as she leaned into his touch, giggling as he kissed her forehead. It made her feel so much more at ease. She kissed him softly once again, and intertwined her fingers with his as they walked hand in hand through the entrance of the human town. Humans had learned by this hour to turn off all lights and hide, so it was a bit dark, but she knew her parents well.

As they walked through the town, memories flushed her mind from when they were children, Jayden chasing Leah around, giggling back and forth. their old elementary school, and many other nostalgic sites. She sighed softly as she looked around, but smiled as her eyes met Jayden's.

"God, this brings back so many memories..do you remember?" she chuckled.
Those dark eyes captivated him as they stared into his blue. They were just as deep as always and made him almost feel like she was looking into his soul (if he even had one that was). And that idea both thrilled and terrified the vampire male. Though what thrilled him more was that she had wanted this too...had never thought it would come either. So that at least told him that he wasn't alone.

Jayden wished she could have given him a more direct answer. What he wanted was for her to be both his partner and his girlfriend. There had always been that longing, but he had always been awkward with it. He had always thought that she had seen him as a big brother, a protector, and a friend.. He had had NO idea how she really felt about him and that it was the same yearnings and feelings that he himself felt for her. But given the times they lived in, IF they were to be more it could very well be the death of them both. She for being a lowly human and he a traitor to vampire kind.

[#5ca8f5 "You have a point. Trying to figure that out now would be..complicated to say the very least. We will talk about it when the time comes.. But at least know that from now on you're not alone."] It was the best that he could do and the most that he could promise without making things MUCH more complicated than they already were.

A hand slowly came up and brushed dark locks back behind her ear and he kissed her forehead. [#5ca8f5 "Come on...we still have to see your parents and try to explain some of this."] He said and gave a sheepish smile to the girl.
JD / MourningGlory / 88d ago
[font times Leah couldn't help but stare into his bright, blue eyes as she took in the moment, not wanting it to end anytime soon. "I never thought I'd see this day, either." she said softly, rubbing small circles on his hand with her thumb. "Trust me, I've wanted it, too."]

[font times She wasn't quite sure what it was about Jayden that mesmerized her so much, but she loved every aspect of him. From his eyes to his voice, to his grip. It all made her feel safe. If only he knew just how much her heart had ached for him over the years. As he spoke, she hesitated to answer, and really thought about it, just for a moment. What did this make them? Partners? Friends? More than friends? She had no idea how to categorize what had just occurred. As much as she'd love to declare herself his girlfriend, nothing was guaranteed in this day and age.]

[font times She sighed softly, and looked up at him with a small smile. "I-I'm not sure Jay-Jay..how about we just go with the flow for now, and if things get more serious, we can talk about it then, yeah?" she proposed. The truth was Leah had, for years fantasized about this moment. It was like the forbidden fruit she so badly wanted. God forbid he knew how she felt. She was unsure of if he'd even accept her feelings towards him, he was stubborn. After all, Jayden had changed over the years..right? She was scared, so she decided to let whatever would be, be.]
None of those moments did it seem as if he had control. It was as if he had let go and was watching from the side as a third party. The actions and the kiss...they were all things he had wanted to feel and wanted to do but had been fighting himself on. Wrong to the society and times in which they lived now, but god did it feel so good..feel so right. In a sense, the vampire knew this was how things were always supposed to have been. The two of them and figuring out where things could have gone. But it had been ripped away from them.

His arms were still around her and his eyes still locked with hers. She was..well she smelled so good to him (and not just as food..). [#5ca8f5 "You know...I never thought I would see this day. Mean always wanted it...but yeah."] He muttered quietly as for a moment he let his forehead rest against hers.

He would protect her as much as he was able to. Just where did all this leave them? [#5ca8f5 "So Leah...where does this leave us? What does it make us..?"] The words happened to slip past his lips without his meaning for them to. But they did need to know...well at least have an idea of where they stood. It would make things so much easier.
JD / MourningGlory / 177d ago
Leah's heart beat just a little more as she noticed Jayden looking her up and down, bringing her closer. She hadn't really taken control, the kiss just happened, and she melted into it. Her arms seemed to have found their way around his neck, her brunette eyes fluttering closed as the two connected, almost as if it had been meant to happen. For the first time in a long time, she felt complete. Like everything was right in the world.

The cold weather didn't bother her anymore. She felt a warm rush throughout her body, seeming calm. Jayden was warm, and his embrace was unlike any she had ever felt. Who knew, after all these years, this is where she would end up. Had you told seven-year old Leah all those years ago that she would get to see her childhood friend again, she would've said that you're crazy. But..were they friends now? What did this make them?

[i She didn't know, but she sure as hell wasn't giving up now.]
LeahLockheart / 195d ago
He remembered the days they had been children. All the hours they had spent together. And all the days he had had to make sure that she was kept out of trouble. Particularly with boys who had some... That thought still made his skin crawl. The fact that he had been there and chose to become her protector was all he had been able to do for her. It was not as if he could have been with her. They had been too young back then, though thinking about it, Jay knew it had been that he had feelings for her. A crush? Or what those corny books and movies called love? Hell if he knew what it was. But the main thing was that they had NEVER had the chance to explore that and what might have been. All he knew was with the changes that had come he had had to lock anything he felt for the human girl away. It had killed him, but it had been the only way to survive.

Yes, JD had been nervous with his words and had cut himself off. There was no way in hell that he could ask her what he had been thinking. Those innocent dark doe eyes of her had made his heart jump into his throat and stopped him even further. How could he take her life like that? Though he would love to have her with him forever. Just now was not the time to ask. And probably never would be as he was sure she hated what he was and would shoot down the idea of becoming one of them.

[#5ca8f5 "Yeah, it would be like all the other times before. A way for me to keep you safe or as safe as I can with things being the way they are. But I don't like the fact that it has to be this way..."] He whispered as his eyes met hers and then like her own had seemed to go to her lips. There was a spark and warmth that went through him that he had not felt in YEARS. Both a surprise and nice feel. He could hear her heart skip the beat and her pulse quickening and it was times like these he wished that he had an actual beating heart. At least then she would know that she caused the same stirrings in him and woke him up in an almost scarily sober way.

They were getting closer and closer, there seeming nothing but them. And without thinking, or maybe with too much thought, Jay wasn't sure but he lowered his head and gently kissed her.
JD / MourningGlory / 211d ago
"Yeah, I guess it is." she chuckled softly. A pink had dusted her cheeks. Leah had missed the days when they were younger. He had been like an older brother to her, always taking care of her, making sure she never got into any trouble with boys. In a way, she had supposed she had feelings for him. After they separated, however, she suppressed them as much as she could. She didn't want to raise her hopes when she [i knew] it wasn't possible.

She looked up at him with those same innocent, doe eyes as he spoke, wondering what he was going to say. She was curious as to why he seemed nervous, he usually wasn't. Leah decided to ignore it for now, a small sigh escaping her lips. If she was being honest, she sort of envied vampires, in a way. Now it was only because [i they] weren't at the bottom of the quote-unquote "food chain", but she still had some fascination left for the species.

As he spoke and took her hand in his, she smiled softly, looking down before looking back up at him. "I do mean it. I know you're only doing it to protect me, Jayden. Like you've always done." she whispered to him, their faces now just inches apart. She had no idea what she was feeling right now, but something in her stomach was doing cartwheels. She couldn't help but stare into his eyes, then down at his lips, and back up at him slowly as a small smile formed on her features, time seeming to freeze as the two of them connected.

Her suppressed feelings..suddenly didn't seem so suppressed. She felt her heart skip a beat, she didn't know why. His hands were warm in hers, seeming to fit perfectly. She wasn't aware, but their bodies seemed to slowly drift closer and closer to each other, the atmosphere suddenly seeming a bit heavier.
LeahLockheart / 195d ago
[#5ca8f5 "You know that isn't funny. But considering you were always a klutz it kind of is."] JD said with a smirk as he glanced over at her for a second. He was seeing the days he had had to catch her or steady her when she nearly fell and the days she had had to wipe the blood from his cut lips. An without meaning for it to, a sigh did slip from the vampire male. He would give anything to go back to those days. To relive the happier and easier times. But that was the past and there was no going back. At least they still had the memories, which at this rate was all he could ask for.

When he heard her next words, Jayden gave a sad look. He had known things had been bad for the humans. For her...but he never guessed that she would do the things that she had named. [#5ca8f5 "Would you...If things don't get fixed somehow...Nevermind.."] He had been trying to ask if she would even consider becoming a vampire so that she would be able to stay with him. He just couldn't make himself ask it though.

Yeah, this could go to hell really fast. They could want to kill her and him for all of this. And her words stabbed like knives as she was telling him to hurt her. It was the last thing he wanted, but it would be the only thing to save her life too with the way things had become. [#5ca8f5 "Just hope you mean that..."] He whispered, his hand giving hers a faint squeeze, a very small smile tracing his own lips as she gave her own small smile.
JD / MourningGlory / 218d ago
"Well, I've been clumsy since we were kids, so that wouldn't be a surprise." she chuckled, running a hand through her hair. She knew he was being serious, but she found it funny, considering she remembered all the times Jayden had to catch her when she fell, or stop her from tripping, and all the times she had to clean his lip cuts when he sliced them. She had missed those days.

"Yeah, the way we've been treated is wrong, but I don't suppose it'll be different for a while. Hell, I'll be lucky if it ever is different..ever since you left, I lost myself. I didn't eat for days, I wouldn't leave my room, I cried for what felt like forever..and the fact that I'm still going to die makes me even more upset.." she said softly, her voice cracking. She really didn't want to cry in front of him again, so she wiped her eyes.

"Wrong? Jayden, it's not just wrong. Things could go horribly. Well, as long as we continue to play the captive human card, we should be fine. Whatever you have to do to convince them, do it. Even if it means hurting me, okay? I know that's not you." she held his hand, squeezing it lightly as a small smile played on her features.
LeahLockheart / 215d ago
[#5ca8f5 "Having swords in your mouth isn't always a good thing, Lee Lee. Could easily slice your lip or tongue if you don't remember to retract them."] He muttered. And he literally meant that from having done it a few times. It had taken him FOREVER to remember to be careful of his fangs once they had come in. [#5ca8f5 "On the serious side...I get it. You want to be noticed and treated as 'person'.. not just well pleased. I honestly do wish that it was different than it is."] Came soft and thoughtful words. The thing was, Jay meant it even if he was the vampire "prince" and all that shit. Didn't mean he HAD to agree on a personal level, but it did mean he had to hide his thoughts and views.

God he wished to hell all of this had been different. Wished that they could have maybe led the lives like those books and movies they used to watch. Maybe they would have been in high school together. Maybe they would have had the time to date? There was no use to think about what ifs. He knew that just as well as she did. As well as anyone did, but that didn't stop them from crossing his mind from time to time. Now just seemed like one of those from time to time moments.

Silent, he was silent and gave her a weak smile. [#5ca8f5 "I missed you too...And you have changed...but still the girl I remember too.."] JD said slowly and quietly, taking in the rest of her words. A sigh slipped from him and he nodded as he could not answer her directly. Here she was the one in charge and he was just following her lead.

[#5ca8f5 "Guess we just have to play this out and hope to hell nothing goes wrong..."] God being back here was weird to him and it hurt thinking about what vampires had done to them. What they thought he would do if they were caught together.
JD / MourningGlory / 240d ago
Leah chuckled softly at her friend's attempt to lighten the mood, seeing as it wouldn't get lighter anytime soon. "Yeah, that's true. I just wish sometimes that I could experience that for a day, just one. Just one day to know what it's like to not be considered scum under someone's shoe, ya know?" she ran a hand through her hair.

She couldn't believe she was [i actually] with him. [i After all these years..] she thought. Though the pair shared their moments, not everything lasted. These kinds of things in life were simply temporary. Like it or not, you had to fight for your time. Well, at least in this time and age. Who knows? They could have been in high school together by now if time had allowed.

She shrugged as he apologized. "Hell, you get used to it after a while. Listen to you, Mr. Smarty Pants. Haven't changed a bit, have you?" she giggled. "There's the Jayden I missed."

She sniffled, wiping her eyes as she looked up at him. "[i Just..us?]" she asked softly.

Leah smiled softly. "Yeah, I guess it would be nice. But sadly, thanks to those assholes, that won't be anytime soon. Or at all.." she looked down. She sighed as he spoke. "Yeah, like I said, things have changed since the vampires basically left us for dead." she explained. "Here, we have to be quiet. Humans get taken a lot for being stupid, and they can't ever shut the hell up, so I'm gonna need you to get it together." she chuckled.

"But in all seriousness, this is gonna be difficult."
LeahLockheart / 257d ago
Her words made the vampire male grimace the slightest bit as he was reminded of his fangs and how long they had taken to come in. For awhile, others teased him about it, asking if he was sure he was even a vampire. Well if they could see him now, they would know for sure. [#5ca8f5 "Closer to swords."] He said, attempting to make a joke of her last words and the comparison to knives.

Time could have frozen in those moments. Seemed to as the two stood. It was enough to take them back. Enough that for just a short while he could "breathe" and he could forget. Walking with her felt just as it once had. Simple and easy. And quite honestly, JD did not want it to end. But sadly, all good things had to come to an end. That meant the lax moments that the pair now shared as well.

[#5ca8f5 "Easy is just a construct.. Something that was made up to explain a state of being or of matter. But it does not exist...It would be nice if it did though... And yes, it is something I think we have all learned. Do what needs to be done...And even if that means things you are not proud of and have to live with for the rest of your life. I'm sorry that you have had to get into those situations as well."] Came his soft words as he held her for a little longer.

Her next words brought a sad smile to his lips. [#5ca8f5 "No... because things don't work like that. But having something just for us would be nice.."]

Silence pretty much fell after the last words between them. She had pulled away but kept their fingers laced. And she did tell him the town's entrance was coming up and point it out to him. And he felt his undead heart tighten. [#5ca8f5 "It looks a lot different than I remember it.."] He muttered as they continued towards it. Part of him was wondering if this was even a good idea now.
JD / MourningGlory / 263d ago
She laughed. "[b Yes, they sure are. If I'm right, I remember when we were kids, and it took years for them to come in.]" she smiled softly, "[b you used to complain about how they weren't as sharp as other kids' fangs, but now they're sharper than knives.]" Leah couldn't help but feel at ease for once.

It was like, [i just for a moment], they had escaped the terrible situation they had inevitably saw no way out of. As if the universe had left the two of them alone, just for a bit. Time had seemingly froze as they mingled along the empty street.

As he spoke about Lyle, she sighed softly. "[b Well, easy IS something we could use right now. It sure as hell would save our asses. I get that, though. You do what you have to if you want to make it anywhere. I've had to deal with that principle, too.]" she explained. As she was in his embrace, she inhaled his scent, one she could recognize anywhere. God...it took her back. He hadn't changed a bit.

"[b Things happen..that's always the damn case..we can't EVER just have ONE damned thing to ourselves, can we?!]" she sounded upset.

"[b It doesn't matter..]" she sighed, pulling away, although her fingers were still intertwined with his. "[b Come on, the town's entrance is coming up.]" she pointed ahead.
LeahLockheart / 267d ago
To hear that laugh again was almost like music to his ears. A song he had long since forgotten. [#5ca8f5 "Yeah, well fangs and all are right here.."] and again his words seemed to slip. It felt good to be back around her. The thing was he wasn't sure how long this would last. If they would be able to stay with the other. For she was the ONLY human he really wanted around...hell pretty much the only girl. Just he wished that it had been under way different circumstances.

[#5ca8f5 "Bullshit is what it is. No qualms there. But it keeps things easy enough. As you saw with Lyle..."] JD said. But as soon as he explained his parents and what had become of them, the vampire male felt a sobering somberness settle. Both of them had lost people, yes PEOPLE who had been very dear to them.

His hand had once more slipped back into hers and his other arm around her to hold her when she hugged him. [#5ca8f5 "Don't be sorry...I came tl terms with it long ago...Things...happen..."] Even he didn't know how long this would be lasting. But he knew it was a power trip and would not be ending anytime soon.
JD / MourningGlory / 263d ago