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ѕυммer nιgнтѕ

By BeautifulDesire-

Replies: 90 / 136 days ago

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[b Kenna:] Hi there! Nice to see you again, pretty. -smiles- How are you?
MourningGlory / 109d ago
[b Nora;] Good evening. Now that we have time to be on here.
[b Kenna] I was wondering when I would be seeing you again..
MourningGlory / 118d ago
[b Nora:] Man. We have been gone for a while.

[b Kenna] Good evening! ×comes in and smiles×
MourningGlory / 125d ago
[b Nora:] Hello to whomever is here right now.

[b Kenna] Is that because you can't and it is that bad? Or? Sorry... I am trying to understand.

[b Josie] Ooooh because I like to hover and watch things!
MourningGlory / 128d ago
[b Nora:] I don’t know if I can get help..

[b Hazel:] Why hovering?
[b Kenna] Want to help if I can. ×chews on her lip×

[b Josie] Hovering!
MourningGlory / 128d ago
[b Nora:] [i bites on her lip, staring at her] what..?

[b Hazel:] Sitting around you?
[b Kenna] I'm sorry. I just...

[b Josie] -giggles and eiggles her nose- Soo what's up??
MourningGlory / 129d ago
[b Nora:] I’m not sure I’m ready to talk about that..

[b Hazel:] Same as well!!
[b Kenna] I'm sorry! But...what did happen? You seem so sweet.

[b Josie] Nice to meet you!!
MourningGlory / 129d ago
[b Nora:] Very much so...

[b Hazel:] I’m Hazel!