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The Lord of Night and his Gypsy (Closed for Mr-X)

By Ravanya

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[center [font "Times New Roman" [#000580 [b She was a gypsy woman, raised in the roaming caravans that traveled and performed for their keep. Her skills were singing and fortune telling, but nothing riled her curiosity more than stories of creatures that weren't human. She wanted to travel away from the caravan to find if the stories and legends were true. As a girl she dreamed of leaving in search of such creatures and stories. But there were not many gifted Gypsies anymore and her gifts were true.

Finally she reached the age of twenty, and decided that she was grown enough and she would follow her heart's call and chase the stories of the world. She would sing and give fortune readings for money as she went from town to town in search of the creatures and stories. What she didn't expect was to find one of the stories, was actually true.

There were rumors and stories that a Lord of the Land was an Eternal One, a blood drinker. No one would see him in the daytime, and when he would hold Gala's and parties for the town, he was told to be unearthly beautiful, with eyes bright as moonlight, and skin as smooth as velvet.

There had been times when people, men and women alike, but never children, would wander into the manor of the Count, the Lord of the Land, and would never return. Never seen again. Always off in the night. The people couldn't prove anything, and he was the reason the town was profitable, so they dared not charge him with such devilry.

When the Gypsy woman came to the town, chasing the legendary story, she was warned by the townspeople and still she wandered in. What will happen when she is caught by the Lord of the Land?


[u [i Nuana]] - [pic https://i.imgur.com/wC1X7lo.jpg?1]

[i [u Lord of the Land]] - [pic https://samequizy.pl/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/filing_images_dc8c260f429a.jpg]


If interested, PM me [i [u BEFORE]] requesting to join. I will need a pic and pic link of your Lord. He is Vampire. The story is based on medieval time period looks. Nothing Modern. Illustrated pics only. No Real or Anime photos.]]]


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[font "Times New Roman" She had asked permission to tune the violin as she needed, though to be honest it needed a proper tuning anyway. No sooner was it ready, did there come a whispering from the crowd. He had arrived, as he had said he would. She stood and removed her cloak, leaving her in her gown of cream and gold and lifted the violin into place. They had added candles around the edge of the stage to give her a more glowing light for her performances. She smiled to the crowd before her eyes landed on the Lord of the Land, and with his nod, she began her show.

The first note of the violin was purring and smooth. A long note that prepped the tale it would weave, almost as if holding its breath. She then began the song, a melody that allowed a romantic tale to unfold. This was one only Gypsies knew. It was never taught how to play to anyone else, and though many tried to copy it by sound and sight alone, it was never the same song. It would rise and dip like the flame of a fire on the candle. She felt her own heart begin to flutter as she lost her own self to the song, playing it from her very soul, as she should.

The song was usually just an instrumental piece, but she couldn't help the song that rose from her as she played. The story was one that always came to her when she played this song, and no one could ever understand where it came from. Some claimed it a gift of the Gods. She could only remember the words when she let the song take her fully. Another catch was that only those that knew the Gypsy language would understand her words, for it was in their native tongue. If one knew, they would hear her song.....

[#0000FF [b [i "Once from the light of the Sun...
Now of the light of the Moon...
You feel that now your time is done...
But life will come back to you soon...

Heart of stone, you soon shall break...
Warmth to lift the fog you see...
Into dreams you, too, shall wake...
Become the man you wish to be...

On the winds of the tides...
Your fires soon will ride...

The Earth shall tremble and quake...
With each thunderous step you take...

Stars will sing high in the sky....
When your soul will finally cry....

Once from the light of the Sun...
Now of the light of the Moon...
Never give up on the Dawn...
Your story will take flight soon..."]]]

The music followed the melody she sung, dipping and harmonizing, filling the air with such a sweet and haunting song that left not one person unturned. No one spoke as the last notes filled the air. No one moved, save for a few that wiped away tears. She finished in a long note like the first one, but this one was as if she were laying a child to bed, soft and cradled before she lowered the bow and opened her eyes to the crowd, then gave a soft bow.
Nuana / Ravanya / 55d ago
[font style "bookerman old style" [size15
[center [u 1911] ]

His hands couldn’t stop trembling as he watched the other soldiers gather the women and the children. The midday sun was beating down upon them and as the approaching army stood at the base of the mountain watching the men Ciel closed his eyes. The weight of his sword felt heavy against his body and whilst overs could simply stomach the impending massacre others cast eyes of doubts over at their Lord. No one quite understood why there was a need for such mass murder. Saladin wasn’t one who’d fill the air with empty promises. Walking over towards King Richard Ceil looked at him as he stood overseeing the soldiers bring the prisoners to their knees. Lifting his hand the King was ready to give the order to start the mass Beheading but the defiant Ceil stood before him.

“Please… This isn’t right. We came as ambassador of God to take by Jerusalem and reclaim the holy Lands from the infidels! Not needlessly butcher prisoners and women and children. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, I beg you to reconsider this madness! History will not remember us as liberators but as blood thirsty Zealots!” His voice came out pleading to his king.

Standing before him Richard looked at him and spoke. [i “Ciel.. what blasphemy is this!”] Before he had time to respond, he felt a sword run through his stomach. His eyes widen as he felt the blade pulled out from within him and felt the boot of his Lord and King upon his chest. Tumbling down the Mountain he looked up at the sky and spoke. “My God, why have you forsaken me?”

[center [u present day.] ]

Donning a black robe and black gloves the male set out from his castle in his carriage. Normally he hardly ever left his fortress of solitude during the day but the port was quite a ride away and he found it important that he escort the girl to it. He’d rather she left as soon as possible so that his secret was once more safe again. Tapping his hands against the velvet cushions of his horse drawn carriage the male he looked at the girl who was fast asleep. Inside the carriage was a pitch blackness which only his eyes could see due to the curse given to him by some foreigner. In the darkness his memories wandered and let him dream of the final moments he had as a human trying to do the right thing. He still remember how he felt proud of marching to reclaim Jerusalem. The holy city where Christ himself walked and preached and spread his gospel.

Inhaling deeply he sighed. He was beginning to smell the sea salt upon the wind and as he reached out to touch the girl he knew that it would soon be time to depart. He wouldn’t be able to see her off though. But she would still thank him for all the kindness which he’d given her. As the finally reached the port he moved to touch her and she stirred awake. Opening her eyes she looked at the male and slowly moved to give him a soft kiss on the cheek. Her parting gift to the kind Lord.

As soon as was out of the carriage the driver turned it around and started to bring him back to the town. The gypsy girl was once more singing and he found it to be rude of him if he were to miss her performance. So closing his eyes he once more allowed himself to sleep back into an uneasy dream.

[center [u 1911] ]
His whole body was on fired and as he contorted and twisted and screamed, his hands grabbed the dirty ground. He felt as though he were dying. The last thing he remember was getting stabbed in the chest but his whole fire burnt. It were as if hot coals were being pressed into his skin and he’d been force to swallow them. “Am I in hell?” He gasped out whimpering and crying out. That was when he felt cooling hands on his skin and a voice speaking to him in a foreign language.

He didn’t know it then, but he had been taken captive. Somehow, he’d survived and one of the prisoners of the Sultan had turned him into a being of night against his will. Now he was undergoing to transformation. As he spoke the voice came over him. “Death is to good for what you’ve brought to my people. By tomorrow’s end your punishment for the death and pain you’ve brought us will begin. There will be no peace for you. No rest.”

The curse which was spoken over him had been partially true. Ciel lived in constant paranoia of his secret being found out. But he’d found some at least some rest here and there..

[u present time]

Night had fallen across the land and as the Lord of the Land stepped out from his carriage he made his way towards the inn. As usually people parted when he pass by but instead of sitting in the front he took his place in the back. Nodding to the girl he acknowledge her and sat waiting to hear her teleport him back in time once more.
[font "Times New Roman" Nuana had slept most of the morning and a good portion of the early afternoon away. Her dreams were of memories with her troupe but also filled with images of Lord Haynsworth. When she awoke she felt an odd feeling about her that she couldn't describe. She felt a kind of pull, not strong enough to be a compulsion, but something that told her that she was close to finding what she had been looking for.

She wondered if it had all been because of the dreams, and maybe her mind was merely bouncing from that. Or perhaps there was a chance that she was finally going to chase a legend, a story, that was true. She had seen the usual things within her life, things that all humans would see. But not too many humans believed in the magical things, and so they thought it all nonsense. Those that did believe were considered crazy, or outcasted for bringing bad luck to a town. She had once gone near the ocean following the story of The Beast of the Bay. But when she had gotten there, the "Beast" was no more than a beached whale carcass covered in seaweed and algae and bioluminescent plants to make it glow at night.

She had followed the stories of Pixies and Fairies, trying to see the little creatures that her people endeared so much, but none had thought it time to reveal themselves to her. Either they were hiding from her deliberately, or they were nothing more than stories. She didn't want to hurt them, she didn't want to bring them trouble. She simply wanted to know if they stories were true. But too many thought her a strange woman since she was a Gypsy. She made that worse by walking up to strangers and asking about any weird people or creatures around the area.

But she remembered that Lord Haynsworth had promised to help her find what she was looking for, and that he wouldn't be angry with her for it, either. She got up and bathed in the adjoined room that held a large basin tub. She then dressed for the day in a long cream silk gown and her red, high collared cloak that was hand embroidered in gold. She didn't have many outfits to wear with her things as she had to be careful how much she carried with her. She brushed out her long, chocolate curls and let them cascade down her back, keeping her look simple with one simple back of gold around her head. Gypsies normally had more exotic looks to them, bright colors and plenty of jewelry. But since she wanted to travel light, her looks were usually simpler than most.

Her thoughts were on the Lord of the Land as she moved downstairs to discuss things with the Innkeepers about being able to sing in the tavern while she ate an early lunch. Her mind kept drifting back to the Land of the Lord and the stories that were told outside of the town. Even some people at the Inn had told the rumors that surrounded the man as she would eat. He only showed once in a while, and only ever at night. Anyone that traveled into his castle never were seen again. Some of this she had already heard, but what surprised her was that he usually didn't take such a deep interest into the strangers of the land. He would make them offers, lure them to his castle, and they were never heard from again. She had been given something similar, only he had paid for her room at the Inn, not asked her to join him at his castle. He had propositioned her to sing for the town, not tried to keep her all to himself like the other deals that was said he made.

This Lord Ceil Haynsworth was starting to become more and more a curious thought within her mind. She wanted to learn more. About him and this town, and about why so many were said to have been seen with him and then never returned. Someone said that the last one to venture into his castle was a young harlot, and she'd not been seen since. This caused her a slight frown as she hoped that he didn't see her as the same as the woman. Nuana still held her virtue. The thought of these people still lounging around his castle didn't seem right to her. But if they were all still within the castle, then why would they not venture into the town? Had they left? Were they dead? Maybe they had become like the Lord Haynsworth and they didn't come out in the day? So many questions that she wanted to answer, but she wasn't sure how to go about doing such a thing. Would she anger him if she asked all these questions? Would he make her disappear like the others?

She had offered to run to the market for the Innkeepers to kill time before she had to soon prep for the stage to begin singing again for the night. All the while, her mind racing hard over all that had happened in the last day. When the night came and she had returned with the groceries, she added some earrings and soft gold bangles to her wrists for a more "Stage" Ready look, and those that knew she was to perform again this night had began to gather at sunset. While she waited to start, she had borrowed a violin from the Innkeeper's wife and was tuning it to wait until Lord Haynsworth came along. She was sure that he wouldn't want to miss the performance since he had asked for it.
Nuana / Ravanya / 84d ago
[font "Bookerman old style" [size15
By the time light had broken through his windows the lord of lord was already in his castle walls. The candlelight was burning brightly as he enter into the lower levels of his castle with his mind replaying the events from earlier this day. It seemed as thought he’d found himself a new prospect which could bring him promises which even he had never hope for. Landing upon the bottom step he placed the candlelight unto a stand and took of his heavy cloak. One of the worst things about being confined to the night was having to watch the day pass slowly and painfully by. His room had many books lining his shelves and scrolls from which the Lord had content himself reading from but he’d ready so much literature that the pages where fraying and some even looked as though they were ready to turn to dust.

He’d converted his dungeon into a nice little cozy room and now couches and paintings hung in what was once a damp and cold space. Upon one of the couches was a figure of a sleeping women who had bite marks on her neck. She’d been the recent one who had “wondered” into his castle and now had made a deal to be the Lord of Lord’s blood donner till she was ready to leave this land. Her skin was the color of snow. Her hair like roasted chestnuts. She was a beautiful little girl whose bad luck led to her having to sell herself to men in order to not starve in this world which was unforgiving. As the Ciel walked past her towards the foreign couch she stirred. Those sea-green eyes took a minute to focus but once done she was awake and stretching out her body. She hadn’t mean to fallen asleep down here. There was room for her which was above ground and didn’t smell.

The air here was cold and there was no fire place used to keep things warm. Several layers of blankets covered her and once she shifted, the blankets dropped a little exposing herself a little. Of course the Lord had no interest in the carnal desires which were awoken in men when face with the bare beauty of the woman. Instead he felt a little bit of an annoyance to find her here within his place. Though not strictly off limits to his guess, he’d prefer his privacy and she was intruding on it. [i “Lord? You seem to be in a good mood.”] Her voice came out.

Reaching for a book, he flipped to the pages. The ancient book seemed to be some ancient text which contain knowledge of medicine written in Arabic. The narrowmindedness of the catholic church which influences stretched all across the European world was something which Ceil found annoying. In his quest to for his answers all he found was tales of demons that needed to be destroyed and sent back to hell from whence they came. All things which weren’t already known or accepted were easily accused of being of the devil. The superstition of humans was one thing the Lord was glad he left behind.

As the woman came closer to him, she brushed her hair away from her neck. [i “Is my lord hungry? You haven’t feed since last Sunday.”] She spoke as she knelt before him. Closing the book he look at the girl and rolled his eyes. Most people were, at first, apprehensive when they first found out the truth of the Lord. But with money came compliance even still only a hand few where eager to be fed on. This girl fell into the category of the few who loved it when she felt his fangs penetrate flesh and drink of them.

[b “Mmhm..”] His reply came and the girl moved closer to the male.

[b “I found a gypsy woman in town.”] He spoke as the girl allowed him to rest his head upon her lap. [b “She reminded me of a past long forgotten.. I believe that she’s a story chaser… And I was hoping if maybe, she might have what it is I need..”] Nodding her head the girl cooed.

[i “So that’s why my lord is happy? May I come with you tomorrow night to see her?”] The girl ask to which the Lord snorted. [i “I know.. I know.. tomorrow I leave first thing in the morning to another country as was our deal. Thank you, for granting me my freedom. I truly hope that this girl will hold the key to yours.”] Spoke the girl as she continued to stroke his hair.

[center [b “As do I.”] ]
[font "Times New Roman" [center Nuana didn't know what to think as he promised on his family's name that he would keep his promise to help her. She, as a gypsy, wouldn't dare accuse him of lying with such a promise made. If he knew Gypsies, then he knew that a promise made on a family name was serious business. He took a moment to order a drink, wine, and she ordered a spiced cider to help her sleep for the night. When the Innkeeper brought their drinks, he apologized to her that it would be morning before he could go out to get better furnishings. She tried to tell him such was fine, that they didn't need to renovate the room, it was only a temporary room, but he wouldn't hear of it. This night just kept on getting odd in its surprises.

She sipped on her drink a bit while he sipped his wine. She didn't know what to say. She was not used to such high standard treatments. Especially from someone that owned the land in this valley. She was used to being chased out, but he claimed that she brought back memories for him. Was something so simple truly such a treasure for this man? All he asked of her was to sing. To bring a light, a breath of joyous air, to this little Valley Town. He finished his wine and explained to her that he was a friend, that he meant her no harm and that he would keep his promise no matter what it was that she was seeking.

Before she could give an argument, or even a word of acceptance, he was up out of his chair, giving her a look of soft dismissal before he left the tavern and into the late night, very early morning air and was gone. She had no words. She glanced to the Innkeepers, but they were avoiding her gaze, or when they did look her way, they had confusing expressions along their features.

Did they look happy? Scared for her? Concerned? Worried? She couldn't tell and they were good at their poker faces when they realized she had been watching them. She sighed and finished her cider before taking the empty glasses to the bar to be cleaned. She got the key to the Main Suite at the top floor and traveled up the many stairs to the fourth floor.

There was only one door at the top of the stairs. This confused her, there was so much space at the top, why only one door? She took the key and unlocked the door and stepped inside. The Main Suite was more than just a suite, it was almost an entire house on one floor. It was a little dusty from not being used, but it was well furnished. The main sitting room had a decent sofa lounge and a large hearth of a fireplace. Off to the left was the wash room and bedroom. To the right was an open study. Everything was well furnished, better than anything she had slept on before. [#0000FF [b [i Why would they think this wasn't enough??!! This is more than enough! So much space!]]] She thought to herself as she wandered through the suite. It even held a small dining area in the corner. She would truly have to try and dissuade the Innkeepers once again.

The early morning light was starting to color the sky when she got out of the bath and so she knew it would be a long day. She made a note to her door about sleeping late, not to disturb - unless necessary - and then also she left a note that told them the room was more than enough and didn't need to be refurnished. She started a fire in the hearth in the bedroom - TWO fireplaces! - and crawled into the large plush bed.

Exhaustion took her as she laid amongst the many pillows, her hair loose over them. The Lord Haynsworth the last image in her mind as she drifted off to sleep. It was a deep sleep, one she hadn't afforded in a long time. She even dreamed this time. She dreamed of the firelight parties and celebrations her people would have. Weddings or birthdays, something to make merry and cheerful noise about. In her dream, she caught a glimpse of silver hair and when she looked, there was Lord Haynsworth, watching her with a gleaming smile.
Nuana / Ravanya / 91d ago
[font "Bookerman old style" [size14
In the past the male was raised to be a man of his words. How else was it possible for him to serve in the Kings army as a knight? The moment he left his native home of England he became name at the young age of just 17. As silver strands of hair fell in his face he brushed them back. It didn’t matter what the woman had to say to him it would not dissuade him for carrying out his promise to her. Such was the principles upon which he stood on. Since gaining his immortality his word had become his bond and he’s never broken a promise. He could not.

So when he felt her fear rising up from asking what would happen if she were to anger him that was when he shook his head and spoke. [b “I swear upon my family name I will not be mad at you. I promised to help you find what it is you need and I’ve never broken my promise.”] Such a thin can also be attested to by the nobles whom had called upon him in aid when they were most desperate. Despite the fear which surround the man none could claim him to be unfair. He proceeded over the land with fairness and gave out justice to those who needed it. He never went out of his way to act cruelly.

Signaling to the bartender he asked of him to bring him a cup of wine for him to consume. Another misconception people had about Vampires is that they couldn’t enjoy the food of humans. Food was still pleasurable to the male, he just never went hungry. So due to that whenever he did consume anything other than blood he felt as though he were gorging himself and he felt as if he was being a glutton. Yet in order to keep up appearance he would drank like a normal human.

Once the glass of wine was set down he spoke her name softy testing it out. [b “Nuana..”] He voice came out slow as he consider carefully what it was he could said to the female. [b “I, when I was young, was found by a wondering band of Romanies who took me in. Those songs you play where often songs which filled my ears at night when they’ve performed at taverns such as these. I’ve seen first hand how harsh and cruel life can be to humble travellers whom are trying to make a living and at the same time travel and be free. So, please, do not hesitate to call upon me. I’m a friend.”] As he spoke those words he stood up.

She had performed long into the night and it was time for him to get home before the sun rose. Rising from the table he hurried from the door not pausing to hear her rebuttal. For tomorrow he would come again and find her on stage and allow himself to be enchanted by her magical songs and whimsical voice once more again.
[font "Times New Roman" [center Once she was finished, she gathered up the flowers that had been tossed to her, her dark skin flushed in the blush that colored her to a dusky rose. One man helped her down from the stage before the tavern began to empty. The Innkeeper's wife came to her with a small vase of water and she smiled to the woman in thanks as she placed the flowers within the small hold. At seeing Lord Haynsworth sitting at a table patiently, she moved to take a seat across from him as the place began to filter out softly.

They were left to their business, no one daring to try and listen in, at least not in such a room where one couldn't do so without being seen. The Innkeepers were setting about cleaning up and preparing for the next day. Patrons were heading home or heading to their rooms for the night. In a nervous jitter, she was softly chewing her lower lip and brushed some of her dark hair from her face, giving the faint beadings that decorated her hair a soft jingle as she wondered what this Lord of the Land would ask of her.

He spoke up, apologizing of any rude behavior that had been given to her from any in his lands, and she flushed deeply with a soft scowl, remembering the man from before that had tried to get her to give into him on the street. At the mention of the rich and their poor manners, she thought back to the women in the dress shop and she sighed to lower her deep brown eyes. He wanted it to be clear that he had no intentions of propositioning such things from her, and she looked to him, a little more relaxed.

So far, everything about this man seemed to be based off of manners and respect. She hadn't missed where those of the town feared him, but he seemed nothing but honorable in her opinion. Why would there be stories like the ones she had heard about such a town? Some said there lived a creature here that could eat humans. Others said that creature was the Lord of the Lands as he was only seen at night, and anyone that entered his castle was never seen again.

She did find it odd that someone that looked like him was not married yet, but then she thought that maybe it was because of the reason they feared him. He spoke up of his proposal. He wanted her to perform in the tavern. To sing her songs and tell her tales, bringing a new breath of life to the town. His praise had her blushing more than she had ever done in her life. Too many would chase her away for being a Gypsy woman. But he seemed almost yearning for her songs, she had seen the way he lost himself to the music and songs she had given. He had mentioned of his connections before in the past. To repay her services he would help her to find what it was she was looking for.

This made her look to him wide eyed. How had he known she was hear searching? She had only mentioned that she had been chasing stories, not that she had been searching for something. She bit her lower lip a little hard then, and her gaze lowered away from him. Would he be angry with her? Would he think her insane? Cruel? She felt her throat go dry then, and she swallowed to try and settle her voice before she spoke up.

[#0000FF [b "What if what I am searching for angers you? I want it known that I do not mean any disrespect in my being here..... but.... what if you learn of what I am searching for..... and you do not like my answer? Would you still wish me to stay, my Lord? Or would you send me away like so many towns before hand?"]] she asked him softly, her voice shaking a bit as she asked him such without meeting his gaze, afraid of the look she might see in his eyes.
Nuana / Ravanya / 91d ago
[font "booker man style" [size14
How long had it been since fate was so kind enough to smile upon him? In the presence of the Lord of the Land the Innkeeper was acting within the best interest of the girl. At his kind offer to take the gold to furnish the room with the best for, the lord could feel himself smile. Indeed, he’d always brought out the best in people because they felt fearful of him. Afterall, it was a known fact that those who went into his castle never returned. But there were good reasons for that. So, the Lord of the Land kept to himself. Sitting down at a nearby table, he watched as the girl would once more perform. This time she brought out a harp and he could not help but truly feel at home now. He remembered in his early times, women singing and dancing to men playing flutes and tambourines. He’d keep watch over night as a silent protector and make sure that group which he travel with stayed safe in places where they kind was looked down upon. As he heard those songs familiar to him, his eyes closed. His heart was still. His fingers tapped along to each and every song and his he even felt like he was close to shedding a tear. In some places. However, he kept it together just long enough for the girl to get done.

Once she took her final bow of course the Tavern erupted into applause. He found it fitting that some men threw flowers upon the stage. The light blush which adorn her face was quite beautiful and it made her stand out more. However, the lord was not one who was lecherous. He had had his share of women in the centuries since the crusades had ended. Indeed, he had been looking for a woman whom could smooth him on nights when he felt most distress and covered and remorse and guilt. Biting his lip, he waited in anticipation for her to take a seat at his table. Once the two were in each other’s company, he cast but a simply glance across the room and all whom weren’t guess of the tavern began to leave. Those that were slowly headed up to their rooms for the night. There was something about him which was able to clear the room when he so desired to.

Now that the pair was alone he was able to speak freely to the girl and say what it was that he’d offer her in exchange for his gold. In truth, his thirst was slowly beginning to awaken. It was rumored that a vampire needed to feed every single day and attacked many victims. But in truth, the lord only had to feed once every other week if he didn’t exert himself. A young harlot had made her way into his castle seduce by tales of the lord of the night. She’d offered himself to him and soon she would be leaving to go abroad to France so that his secret would remain so.

[b “I apologies if you’ve been offered ignoble propositions by any of those who inhabit my land. Those who are rich sometimes feel themselves entitled to a woman’s body and assume that anyone can be persuaded easily by coin. However, I wish to offer you no such proposition which would be consider shameful. I only wish to offer you a chance to continue what you’ve done tonight. I’d like to hear you perform at this tavern. You voice has brought a much needed lightness to this town. I believe that we could attract more visitors if you would just grace us with your presence till the end of the month. And in return, I’ll help you find what it is you seek..”]

Near the end of his proposition his voice went low and he leaned in so that he was sure only she would hear those words. It was as clear as day upon her face that there was something which she was searching for. What, pray tell, it was the man did not know. However he was sure that in ti he’d be able to find out.
[font "Times New Roman" She watched him in a nervous silence, he seemed to be alright with the fact that she was here in his town. But she'd had that happen before and soon was kicked out of a town. Not many "Noble" towns took in Gypsies unless they were bought for entertainment. Though this was never something that held her back, she just had to avoid being taken and sold while she went chasing her stories.

He told her to hold out her hand and she tentatively did so, stepping closer to the end of the stage. When he dropped the money in her palm, she could have almost dropped with it in shock. Murmurs filled the tavern, but she all but ignored them as she stared at the gold in her hand. She'd earned a lot of money with her singing, but never so much in gold in one night. He welcomed her to the town and mentioned that he had once traveled with the Gypsies. This made her curious as she looked up at him.

She took a moment to look to the Innkeeper as he came close and she offered out some of the gold to pay for the room. He took half of what she offered and spoke of taking the gold to furnish their best room better for her, that she would be given the room free of charge as a courtesy while she was the guest of the Lord of the Land. She was sure it was out of fear of the Lord and not wanting to offend or upset him. She placed the rest of the gold in her pouch at her hip as she looked back to the Lord as he spoke up once more about how the town wasn't used to guests and strangers visiting as the town was shrouded in stories of how the Lord of the Land was a monster of some kind.

She couldn't lie, it was some of those stories that had brought her to the town, but she hadn't planned to meet the Lord of the Land so easily. Maybe the stories were all just superstition. He looked like anyone else, though he was beautiful. She didn't see a monster when she looked to him. He mentioned that he was sure they were not finished listening to her songs, and she glanced around as some of those in the tavern agreed. He asked her to sing some more and then when she was finished he wished to make a deal with her. She wasn't sure what kind of deal he wanted to make with her, and she was a little wary, considering the other "propositions" that had been made her way.

She took a step back into her place on the stage and thought a moment. She reached into her back and pulled out a small hand harp and sat on the stool that was provided her. She had decided that if he was reminiscent of times with the Gypsies, she would bring back some of the older stories and songs of the spirits. The songs like the Willow Maiden, The Lord of the Hunt, Sprites of the River, and other such songs, using the harp to accompany her sounds. Some were playful and light. Some were sadder in tones. Some were loving or even longing for love and companionship.

When she finished with her songs and set her harp aside once more, she gave the crowd a bow and they cheered for her once more. They still gave Lord Haynsworth a wide berth, but they seemed at ease with his presence while she performed for them all. She smiled to the crowds as they cheered and clapped their praise for her. A few men threw a couple of the flowers from the centerpieces of the tables in the tavern. She gave light blush as she gathered them before making her way to the end of the stage so she could step down. Now that her songs were over, she wondered to Lord Haynsworth's proposition and if he would prove to be like other lecherous Lords, or if perhaps this was something far different.
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As usually, whenever he made his appearance in town he was the thing of spectacle. Many of the townspeople where always curious to devise the mind of the lord whom rarely made himself known. As he stood before the woman whom seemed to be fluster from the fact that he’d appear he simply offered her the kindest of smiles. There was something about her which made him feel reminiscent of his earlier years. So within the girl he found himself thinking of the home he left behind. The father whom he never got to see grow old. The Mother who wept and wondered and pray to God to return her son. All those things were lost the moment he became a denizen of the night and so as he heard the woman speak again he reached into his pocket.

He’d always carry with him money. The knights templar had accrued a considerable amount of wealth which was lost to the darkness of history. Rumors had it that was the reason why the were betrayed and tortured by the kings and queens which they swore and oath to protect. However, he, Lord Ceil, had taken a portion of the wealth and the smallest of small portion was enough to live off of for the next thousand years to come. Such was the vastness of the knights templar’s reach and control. [b “Hold out your hand.”] He commanded her softly as he removed from his pocket a leather pouch.

As she would do so, he’d pour into her hand several gold coins. Well enough wealth to pay for her night at the Tavern for more than a month’s time if she so choose to stay. Biting his lip, he heard her name and he nodded in acknowledgment of it. Even after learning of her purpose for being here, he still kept on looking at her with those eyes which filled with kindness.

Most women, upon standing in his presence for so long, fear him and tried everything to get away from him. Yet, here she was introducing herself and explaining he reasoning for being. So, in turn, the male would repay her kindness with his words and a request. [b “Welcome to my town, Nuana. I was lost in thought of the time I once traveled with a group of Gypsies when I was still new to this world.”] How she took that was of no concern.

[b “I, and I believe the people of my town, haven’t had a stranger visit for such a while. People tend to believe in fictious superstitions and stay clear of this town for they’ve heard that the lord of the land is monster. Of course, as you can see for yourself. I, Lord Ceil Haynsworth, am made from flesh, blood, and bone.”] As he spoke that, his sharp ears heard whispers of people questioning that. Some where even accusing him of trying to cast the poor woman under a spell, whilst others were curios as to where this would lead.

[b “I also believe that we’ve not had our full of your beautiful voice. The coins I’ve given you should afford you a bed in this place till the months end. So please, wont you sing for us some more songs? And once you’re done.. I’d like to proposition you something. ”] He asked of her stepping away and moving to take his place back in the crowd.

Despite the wealth he possessed he was still a prisoner to that of the sun. The cloak he wore around his figure was heavy and made of dark materiel to block out the sun. But he’d forgotten his gloves at his manor and therefore wouldn’t want to risk feeling the sun upon his skin. So, before the night would end he’d would want to hear once more the songs of his childhood. Previous songsters he housed knew not the songs of the gypsy people. So; he was more than happy that one had found itself way into the lands which he was lord over.
[font "Times New Roman" Nuana usually would get lost into her songs, giving them emotion, life, as if she was remembering the story from being there instead of telling the story of someone else. Her tones rang from one song to the next and as she sang, the crowd would grow. What she had not expected was that her final song would bring her face to face with such a man as the one that stood before her as her last note hung in the air of the tavern as it now filled with the hushed mutters of surprise and fear as the people began to give this man a wide berth.

She wasn't sure why, though she could hear the hushed whispers. It was the Lord of the land. He looked as though he could very well be the Lord of the land. He held an air about him that not even the Nobles in the tavern could copy, no matter how posh. But what confused her was what he would want with her. Was it so surprising to draw such a crowd? Or was it because this town didn't much get people in the way of strangers to come looking for the town.

He spoke up, claiming that he couldn't remember the last time this size of a crowd was conjured and she felt a sudden lick of fear like ice in her veins. Was he angry with her? But then wouldn't he have stopped her song if he was angry. She glanced around to the other people, not even the Innkeeper moved from his place behind the bar. Her eyes fell to him once more and she offered a bow of respect where she stood on the raised stage.

[#0000FF [b "F-forgive me, My Lord, if I had caused any problems in your town. I was short of coin for a room, and made a deal to provide entertainment in payment of my room for the night. I had not realized that I would draw such attention....."]] She spoke up, softly. She lifted her gaze to meet his a moment before something inside her told her to avert her gaze, and she looked down.

There was something about him, a pull of some kind. Something told her to reach out to him, but something else told her to run. With both instincts pushing at her, she could do nothing but stand still. She didn't even dare step off the stage, and in such she continued to stand higher than the crowd, and so remaining in the spotlight of attention.

She could hear the murmurs of "Why did the Lord come to visit them this night?" and "What does he want with the stranger?" There were other speculations like perhaps she was to become his new song bird, or maybe he would force her out of his town. She wasn't sure what voices to listen to, but she did know that she felt a sudden surge of adrenaline and her heart was pounding in nervousness within her chest.

There had been stories of this town. Stories that spoke of a beast that lived within the town and preyed upon flesh and blood of those that crossed it. She hadn't seen any signs of a beast or creature, and she hadn't had a chance to ask any of the townfolk that would speak with her. But she was sure that nothing she found would set her on such an edge as the Lord of the land was doing just now with only his gaze.

Why was she feeling this way? She had done nothing wrong, she had not caused any problems, and if she had, surely some authorities would have taken her before she finished her songs. She thought a moment to try and remember respectable manners and with another bow of respect, though not as low this time, she spoke up softly. [#0000FF [b "Forgive my rudeness. My name is Nuana, my Lord. I do not mean any harm..... I was.... only chasing stories..... curiosities of your town...."]]
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[center [u 1191] ]
He’d been a young devout Christian in those days. Before he’d found himself as a being of eternal night. His heart was set on reclaiming the holy lands from the infidels which had no purpose being there besides to pervert the land with their heathen ways. Foolish and easily swayed, the male believed in the noble cause of the King of England and followed without question his orders till the faithful day which would soon become his last day as a man. It was the day where he’d order his men to put to the sword over 2,000 women and children whom had been captured to be used as bargain tools for soldiers which had been capture by the Turkish Army. Negotiations had broken down between the sultan and the king of England. Which led to him wanting to set an example of how he’d not be made a mockery of.

“Lord Ceil.” Coming to him an hour before the midday sun the King Richard the lionheart looked at him as his soldiers were lining the prisoners up on a hilltop. His voice came out low and dark as he stood overlooking the city and the army of their enemy. “Tell you men that as soon as they’re done lining up the prisoners; they are to put them all to the sword.” His voice came out firmly and as he spoke he looked at the male who stared back at him in disbelief. It couldn’t be true. He surely was jesting. His orders meant that even the children would be put to the sword and the women would loose their lives to. Men he could understand for men could kill. But children and the weaker sex was something Ceil felt uncomfortable murdering.. However. As his king stood firm, he realize that there was no way out of it.

“Do it.. Now..”

[center present day]
Whilst waiting for the sun to rise; the Lord of the land felt himself being tormented of dreams of his pass. Nearly a hundred or so years pass since he’d lost his human life and stumble upon a being of immortality which granted him the same curse. But instead of wallowing in the lost of his human life, he’d use it to his great advantage and had amass wealth which now he owned land and from that land grew a town and now people worked his land and lived on it whilst he stay in isolation. Occasionally, a foolish person who wonder in and he’d make a deal with them in exchange for money they’d become his food source. Eventually, though, as another person would come wondering in, he’d send the previous person away to a foreign land and thus the towns people would never see or hear of them again.

He’d grown to loath human company. So the rumors about him being some, blood drinking demon from hell bother him none. He, himself, wasn’t quite sure what he was but through his travels he’d heard myths of vampires and so he took to calling himself by that term. With the sun setting, the male found himself wanting to go out and see how those under him were doing this evening. Every once and a while he felt it apt to show himself so that the people remember that he was alive and not just some myth.

Downing a coat he took his horse and went into the town. By the time he’d gotten there he happen upon an interesting scene. One of the inn of the town was brimming with people and a voice could be heard singing. The song was foreign to his ears, just it was just as lovely and beautiful as he’d ever heard. That voice reminded him of his old human life, the markets in the middle East which he travel through and the gypsies which had taken in him when first he’d lost his human life. So, pushing past the crowd he found himself getting closer and closer and by the in of the song he was standing within the front row before the girl.

“My, my..” His voice came out by the end of her song. “You’ve drawn quite a crowd. I’ve not seen these many people gather in quite some time..” It was than that the voices of the people started to jumble and mess together. It seemed as if by his voice, people started to realize just who was among them. The lord of the land. [i the lord].
[font "Times New Roman" Nuana watched as the land passed by from the back of a hay cart. Her bare feet were up on the cart, and she loosely hugged her knees as she watched the scenery change. Over the weeks she'd watched the mountains become forests, and the forests were slowly becoming the next town of her adventurous journey.

She'd learned of many creatures in the world. Fairies, sprites, pixies, ghosts, and some others that were not so nice, but she'd also come across the one fact that tied them all together.....

She had not seen any creatures.....yet...

She refused to give up on her quest, destined to learn of any and all creatures she could before she left this world. When she'd heard the rumors of this next town, she was giddy and excited, but getting to the town had proven difficult. No one would give her proper direction, or take her there. Too many feared the town. She had only happened upon this ride because the man who owned the cart lived in the town, and he did business with other towns from his farm. He had thought the young woman insane, but decided that she would find her way to the town anyway, and agreed to give her a ride.

She hadn't realized how long the ride would take. She felt stiff and sore, needing to stretch out, but if she did so too much, she'd knock things off the cart. Finally as the sun began to set beyond the forest's ridge, they came upon the town. It was large, with wonderous buildings, and beautiful homes, as well as a busy marketplace. The moment the town came into view, her cheery excitement came back to life in renewed vigor.

The man took her to the town square and dropped her off. She took up her small pack and checked her coin purse. Thankfully she had enough for dinner and a room. The problem was where to find one. She tried to ask a few people, but in this side of town, apparently the people were too posh to address her.

This town had nobles, people who owned the farmlands, or the fishing port on the other side of town. But it seemed that anyone beneath them wasn't worth their time. Nuana stepped into a Dress shop to try and ask for help, and immediately had been shooed away, claiming there was nothing she could afford inside. She scoffed at the door when it closed on her. [#0000FF [b "I hope your attitude improves!"]] She cried out at the door with a growling sigh before shaking her head and turning back to the busy city. [#0000FF [b "Is it so hard to answer a woman trying to find an inn?!"]] she growled out, earning odd looks from other people on the street.

One man, dressed to impress and show off his money came up beside her then. [b "Poor thing.... are they being rude to you? Not many of the upperclassmen here are open to strangers.... You are looking for an Inn? Business or pleasure?"] he asked with a purr as he dark eyes roamed over her. She was not so naïve as to think the man only wished to help her, not with that look. [#0000FF [b "I am only passing through.... I am looking for an Inn to get a meal and a room during my stay here."]]

The man seemed to purr at the thought. [b "Are you staying long?"] he asked stepping too close for her comfort. She tried not to roll her eyes. [#0000FF [b "No, not long..... as I said, just passing through. I just do not know the town very well...."]] She could have kicked herself for that last bit. He smiled a grin that could put a wolf to shame. The man tried to wrap an arm around her and lead her off, but she held her bag closely and muttered a curse at the lecherous man and darted off through the crowd, not stopping until she was sure the man was too far from her.

It was then she found an Inn. The price for a meal was fine, but it left her with nothing for the room. She asked if there was any work that could be done to earn the room and the Innkeeper mentioned cleaning, dishes, and possibly entertainment. When she started to curse at him - with very unlady-like words - he held up his hands to show he'd not meant it that way. He had referred to singing for their guests. So as the night came over the town, she would sing songs she had learned from her home, as well as songs and shanties from across her journey the last several years. This Inn held those of wealth and not together, and she sang uplifting melodies of sprites and fairies. She sang of dragons and heroes. But what enchanted the night the most, was a song she sang of the Moon Called lovers.

A story of a forlorn man in love with the Lady of the Moon, every night bringing her gifts until one night she finally took the man, giving him her love, and making him one like her so they could live forever in love. This song always held a haunting melody that Nuana thought brought the night to life in its own magical way. And it seemed to be true the way the people fell hushed to listen to her melody. Women tearing up at the emotions she gave, the men's eyes gleaming with a deep loving affection at the thought of such a beautiful woman to love. It was a song that stirred the night and had even drawn a crowd from the street outside, causing a large gathering in the Inn's main tavern until there was barely room left to stand.
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